Sek'nos Fah, later Sek'nos Fah Solus, was a human, male Jedi Master, Ambassador, and Nature Master (Head of teaching Alter Environment at the Jedi Order), later a member of The Lost, of the Jedi Order located on Coruscant. Master Fah was a practitioner of the lightsaber forms Niman and Soresu which he blended for a more personal style and specialized in the force abilities of Alter Environment and Consitor Sato. He also had a huge affinity for languages, a trait which contributed to his diplomatic proficiency. His peers described him as well respected, caring, extremely serene, passive, and defensively restricted pacifist. He was well known among most all Jedi Initiates and Hopefuls, as a skilled but relaxed instructor, and among outsiders as fair and reasonable, willing to hear and try to resolve the problems of all people. He was sometimes called

'The Face' of the Coruscant Jedi Order.

Later in Life the man left the Jedi Order to pursue a life among Mandalorians, rising to leadership, as Runi'Alor'ad and esteem, as an Ori'Ramikad, among them also, however not without contention from former peers and enemies. Eventually, Sek'nos joined the Cabure, and after service on Dxun, and Uvena Prime, attained the position of Al'verde (Commander), which he currently served for over a year.

In later life, the man retired into obscurity, spending most of his time on the outer rim, interacting with strange characters, however has recently returned to galactic happenings, wandering the streets as a hermit, and a Jedi when needed.

Character BiographyEdit

Early Life Edit

Sek'nos was born on Lythos IX, a Corporate Sector Agricultural World. His parents were killed in a territory war between grain cartels along with the destruction of his hamlet. He gained his notable scar in the raid, a vibrobayonet wound. After that raid he escaped off-world, by means of a smuggler, giving the boy passage.

Sek'nos spent the next three years on Silver Station, tagging near a mercenary group, comprised of multiple Mandalorians from various aliit, and other vagabonds.

He left Silver Station on strange whim, trading what remained of his credits for passage on a small jump freighter. He commandeered an escape pod on another whim and landed on an isolated moon, where he discovered a downed praxeum fighter, previously attached to an ancient carrier.

Sek would spend the next four years of his life reading, studying, training off of the vast datacards stored there, until he reached his potential, and set out upon his saberquest, feeling the need for a natural Lightsaber Crystal. Sek achieved his saber construction with much attempt, spending over a year in the tuning and alignment phase without a hand to guide him. With his self realization at hand, Sek would be a Jedi in his own right, wandering the Outer Rim, dispensing justice to lawless planets. Sek fought against the Revenant Armada as a fighter pilot, scoring only two kills, but vowing to never pilot another fighter in his life, the killing being too impersonal for him. He made a token appearances on Bakura, but eventually would fade to the outer rim once more where he felt at home. Sek also fought in the Krayiss War as a mercenary, not raising his lightsaber in anger, he would however contribute in other martial areas.

Early Order Entrance Edit

Master Fah returned to Coruscant, and be inducted into the Coruscant Enclave, serving under Knight Aran until passing his trials, the fastest transition in Order history. Sek'nos quickly transitioned into Order life, making fast friends with Jenneva Firus, who would continue to be a lifelong friend for Sek'nos until present day. Sek saved Jenneva's life, the day he returned to Coruscant from a suicide bomber, and the bond was instant. He would grow into a positive father figure for the younger Jedi, and she would serve as a guiding influence towards grounding, and compassion for the Master. Sek'nos was a quick study in Knightly duties, and went fast on his way to taking his first Padawan, Leda Swann. Leda was a wrothful and impulsive Jedi, previously apprenticed to Azlum Grimmlock. Sek'nos saw a challenge in the younger and less mature Jedi, and took to training her. He was often too slack with the student, and was often criticized for this. However as bond grew, and expectations narrowed, Master and Student both grew, and Leda Swann shaped into a professional if not ideal Padawan. She would accompany him to fight the Sith Race Master Ra'teth, who in pursuit of Force Crystals, kidnapped Jenneva Firus to lure Sek'nos into a trap. Young Master and Padawan would go on to lead a diverse group of troopers and mercenaries to rescue the young Initiate, fighting Ra'teth's horde of spawn and buying enough time for Jenneva to escape. Many of the party were wounded in this encounter, and Sek'nos faced the Sith Lord alone, a daunting task for any young Knight. The Knight dueled spectacularly, but was eventually incapacitated and his right hand was taken at the wrist. Sek'nos completed training of Leda Swann, but on the scheduled day of her first trials, the Padawan absconded, not to be seen again to current time.

Order Life Edit

After the disappearance of Leda Swann, Sek'nos was not content to train another student immediately, and became quickly involved in the political affairs of Coruscant. He made a quick study of diplomacy, and helped mediate Corellian interests and Hapan interests with the Senate, serving at the behest of the Chancellor Bok Suthra, and the Vice Chancellor Shenda Dao, Shortly after this, Sek'nos was appointed to serve as a Special Envoy to the Vice Chancellor, taking on missions in the direct interest of the Republic. The first and only of these missions, was the setup mission for the so called "Bakura Incident", the incapacitation of Remnant Shield Generators on a station holding the Bakuran leading monarch. The mission was successful, however the following day's mission to rescue the Bakuran Queen was botched, with the suspectly timely arrival of the Imperial Remnant forces leading to the arrest of Master Yoshimo Kol, and a political scandal. While the scandal was eventually settled, the Jedi Order's faith in Vice Chancellor Dao, to properly utilize Jedi assets was shaken, and as such the Jedi Council removed Sek'nos from his Special Envoyship, and instead appointed him to the Order Ambassador, the youngest in history. It was about this time he would take a second Padawan, a Cathar named Sari.

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Shortly after this appointment, Sek'nos would go on to charter the Jedi Governance Acts, the first formal response to Jedi Bill 004, that outlined the Republic and Jedi's separation of power. These acts solidified Jedi autonomy, right to train, and right to exist on Coruscant, ushering a new era of Jedi Peacekeeping for Coruscant and the galaxy. Sek'nos would go on to find another lifelong friend, John Garm (Arman), a then RDF Lieutenant that would later rise to the rank of Colonel, who would aid him in a plot to free Eva Lekach from the Exchange gang, and eventually settle the war that this incident incurred.

Sek'nos would Captain the RSS Bulwark in the Hapan Fleet Engagement, with the fleet forces of Darth Dolusian opposing.

He would go on to carry the field there, leading the Republic Forces in absence of Commodore Keto or Mulic, personally commanding the pilots of Yellow Squadron, from the bridge of the Bulwark, he would impact extremely heavy losses on the Sith Forces, with minimal losses on the Republic side, losing only one Corvette, for huge losses on the Sith side, including two Destroyers and a number of support ships.

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Sek'nos was appointed to the Defense Council, and to the Senate as a result of the Representation Clause of the Jedi Governance acts, serving diligently on both, and growing close to the Chancellor Bok Suthra, who he would go on to serve as protectorate to. It was this position that led him to save the Chancellor's life, the day of the Senate Bombing, that claimed the lives of Kashykk and Dac Senators. He would go on to broker peace with the Imperial Remnant, and with the aid of the SIS, capture the suspect at large. Sari shortly disappeared after the Senate bombing, never returning.

Later Order Life Edit

Sek'nos was appointed to the Jedi Council at the rank of Knight, at the call of the Jedi High Council, a largely unpopular move, however he would fill the position faithfully and with a strong sense of duty, taking up the position of Temple Instructor, focusing on his specialty of Advanced Force Techniques, and more specifically Nature Techniques such as Consitor Sato and Alter Environment, which he would go on to master fully later in life.
Sek'nos Fah 001

Master Fah on New Holstice.

Sek'nos would be raised to the rank of Master by Councilors Lynna'seinn and Yoshimo Kol, invited to join the peerage of Mastership by these two. He would take on a third Padawan, Evey Rain, who he continues to teach now. Sek'nos would champion the cause of Empire and Republic cooperation throughout his career, working to settle differences between the two for the Kuat Campaign, personally leading the offensive after both the Imperial Prince, and Grand Admiral were incapacitated. He would go on to Carry the field, and retake the planetary palace for the Empire, winning the Republic use of Kuat Shipyards, and a lasting alliance with the Imperial Remnant. In the battle preceding the final retake of Kuat, Sek'nos and a party of Jedi were ambushed and defeated by powerful Sith forces, and in the process of allowing time for his party to flee, Sek'nos was incapacitated, and in the following interrogation for information, his left hand was torn with a Force Grip, from his wrist, and his left thighbone shattered, he later received cybernetics to replace both.

Sek'nos would reach a point of reflection, where his personal views and Order views clashed heavily, and as a result would resign all posts, taking leave of the Order for personal reflection and questing with his Padawan, who he continued to train with the permission of the High Council.

Return to the Jedi: Edit

Master Fah would only remain in Exile for three months, the conflict on Dathomir growing too large to ignore, the Jedi and Republic deaths. He would return to Coruscant to be appointed the Executive Minister of the Republic, given command of the 8th Detachment of the 14th Roving Battle Line, raised to the rank of Commodore, and being placed in command of the RSS Kenobi, a Strident Star Defender starship.

Master Fah later resigned the Ministership, in favor of serving the Order once more on the Jedi Council, where he continues to serve. Master Fah continues to train his Padawan Evey Rain, who has recently constructed her lightsaber and is rapidly approaching her Knighthood trials. Master Fah continues to serve as Ambassador to the Chancellor and a close friend to Bok Suthra, as well as retaining his Navy command, and active involvement in politics. It is said that his true passion is for instructing, which he continues to do for any and all students.

After the Order: Edit

Sek'nos recently after his return, left the Jedi Order, in pursuits of other teachings, and some rumor for extra-order relationships. With whispers of scandal, Sek'nos retired from the Order in good grace, and slipped back into the company of old friends,

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Jemma Solus Goran, and Arman Socarras (later Solus). He would return only to see his Padawan, Ahvéya Rahyeén raised to the rank of Knight in the Jedi Order. She would not follow him into his new life. Sek'nos would adopt Mandalorian teachings, and following his Cin Vhetin, became a full Verd of clan Runi, where he remained.

Mandalorian Life: Edit

Sek'nos settled into his life with Runi quite easily, free of the restrictive lifestyle of a Jedi, he would seek to better himself absent the use of the Force. He vowed to no longer use the Force outwardly in any manner, cease the carrying of his lightsaber, and adopt all the customs of his new-found people. He'd find new guidance in old friends, Dral Solus, and Arman Soccaras (Later Solus

), as well as new family ties in Jemma Solus, Runi Alor'ad, and the adoption of long time dependent Jenneva Firus (Later Fah).

Given little time to adjust, the war for Uvena broke out in full force, and given impressive performance in marshaling Mand'alor's naval forces, was named Admiral for the campaign. He would go on to lead multiple groundside combat missions, and act as XO for the final mission for the execution of the ruling Council, who were later discovered to already be dead.

After the Uvena Campaign, Sek'nos would meet his wife, Aayla'ven, a female Twi'lek. They would grow close even with Sek'nos' frequent absences from the planet due to contracting work, and later the Dxun campaign.
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Sek'nos would serve with distinction during the Dxun campaign, acting as a platoon level commander, and recon scout for the stranded mission, engaging and killing opposition fighters, coordinating defenses, and aiding in the killing of a Tarrentak. The combination of these actions, and previous exemplary leadership actions led to the reception of Jai'g eyes.
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Sek'nos would go on to marry Aayla'ven (Now Aayla'ven Fah Solus), and adopt the son of close friend, Ori Gra'tua (Later Akalenedat Ordo, later Akalenedat) after he was relinquished by the man for the boy's safety. Named James 'Jim'ika' Fah Solus, the pair would grow greatly around the raising of this child. Through genetic engineered blank egg treatment, Sek'nos and his wife are now parents of hybrid twins.

Sek'nos was named to the Ori'ramikade (Super Commandos), shortly after service on Dxun, fighting Socarras rebels, a conflict short lived as dissidents were slain, Sek'nos taking a personal hand in this act: beheading a Socarras Lieutenant, or receded into hiding.


Cabure: Edit

Sek'nos on Mandalore 1.1

Sek'nos would assume the rank of Commander of the Cabure, after holding an Officer's rank for the campaigns of Uvena, and Dxun. In the immediate following, Akaan'tal Vau was declared dead, the wreckage of his ship being located by So'tyr the Gambler, and Sek'nos, accompanied by several Ori'ramikade. Challenges ensued, and resultingly, Silas Ward was proclaimed Mand'alor.

Silas Ward would begin implementing changes in Mandalorian society, including a full draft of Mandalorian Warriors to the Cabure, placing dissenters in penal batallions, and militarizing greatly the machine of Mandalorian Culture. These moves proved supremely unpopular among the clans, and soon several challengers emerged, including Cort Ne'haryc, who was slain in challenge, and Akalendat, who would defeat Silas and leave him paralyzed from the neck down.

In the ensuing chaos following Silas' hasty removal from power, Sek'nos would act to preserve culture, by declaring a state of marshal law, backed immensely by the swaths of new recruits enacted during Silas' short reign. He would strip Akalendat of his title as Mand'alor, and call for a Council of Clans, in which a new candidate for Mand'alor would be chosen.


During this bombing, Sek'nos suffered a catastrophic injury, resulting in the loss of his left arm, shielding the new-made Mand'alor from a bombing carried out by a Death Watch agent. Through this process, the current Mand'alor, Miron, was chosen, who continues to preside, and employs Sek'nos as close council.

Pantera 001

Recently Sek'nos has returned to restructuring the Cabure, enacting new training and recruitment processes, to combat the rising Neo-Death Watch threat, and has taken a personal hand in training a young defector, Tabia Aeshi Varad. He continues to carry out contracts for the Sith Empire, serving as a mercenary army to bolster their forces, and handle specialized missions, often with his trainee close by.

Retirement: Edit

With the resurgence of the Death Watch, and the maturing of his sons, and dying connection to the Force, Sek'nos felt it was time to take a back role to the galaxy, to allow the up and coming talent to have their turn. With this in mind, he left Coruscant, with his son, and two daughters, to live out life on a Runi Farm, and raise his children, returning only to galactic life when an incident of importance required his presence.

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In later life, the man retired into obscurity, spending most of his time on the outer rim, interacting with strange characters, however has recently returned to galactic happenings, wandering the streets as a hermit, and a Jedi when needed. Recently he has spent time around Ossus, and even Byss, for purposes yet undisclosed.