Sem Talgal, also know by his Stormtrooper designation TK-612, was a Mandalorian born into the Tal’galar Clan on Concord Dawn, left to become a stormtrooper, but returned to his inherent mercenary ways and set up residence in Mos Eisley. He had quite a number of brushes with death, one of which left him with amnesia and, subsequently, back serving as a Stormtrooper. This, however, was short lived and he soon returned to his life as a mercenary. As many Mandalorians before him he had big ambitions and declared himself leader of the Tal’galar Clan.


Early lifeEdit

Sem was born on Concord Dawn in 108 ABY and was brought up, along with his twin brother, in the Tal’gala Clan. The brothers were both taught in the ways of a Mandalorian Warrior, but Sem was the most dedicated and went on to join the Mandalorian Protectors.

Sith-Imperial WarEdit

In 127 ABY Sem and his brother left Concord Dawn to fight in the Sith-Imperial War. Both joined The Imperials as Stormtroopers. In 130 ABY Sem felt continuing to serve as a Stormtrooper was not honorable, in the Mandalorain tradition. But leaving the corps wasn’t that easy, so when the opportunity came he killed his commanding officer, faked his own death and went AWOL.

Sem Talgal 02

A young Sem Talgal on Ord Mantell

Becoming a mercenaryEdit

Sem based himself in Mos Eisley, on Tatooine, to work as a Mercenary. Because of the high concentration of competition work was initially slow. One of his first clients was The Weldorian Spacecraft Corporation. During his last mission for The WSC his JetPack malfunctioned, sending him flying out of control. During these early days as a Mercenary he was accepted into two other Mandalorian Clans. Firstly The Dxun Clan which,unfortunately, was soon whittled down to only a few members. Probably by some in fighting or, as Sem suspected, because of the cursed Jedi. Soon after this he was recruited by The Socarras Clan. After this work pick up and soon Sem found himself traveling the galaxy working for anyone from Hutt Gangsters to Cloned Sith Lords. A good place to find work was Ord Mantell. It was here, while working with a fellow Mandalorian, he had an encounter with a Jedi Master that nearly cost him his life. After this he tended to favor working alone. It was after chasing a bounty in Ord Mantell Sem was returning to Mos Eisley when he was confronted by members of the Thu'zad Clan. They had mistaken him for a member of the Fett Clan and challenged to a duel. He was out gunned and left for dead on the streets of Mos Eisley. A stranger found the mortally wounded Sem and dragged him to the medical facility were he was left in a Bacta Tank. Several days later he awoke with no memory of whom or where he was. His helmet, Jetpack and weapons were gone. He was left only with the remainder of his armor, splashed with blood. After leaving the medical facility he found a cloak and a mask to cover his now scared features. Being weapon less he had to keep a low profile until he managed to scrounge some old weapons from a corpse left for the Womp Rats.

Sem Talgal 03

Sem Talgal being questioned by Stormtroopers

Sem Talgal 04

TK-612 with fellow Stormtroopers on the streets of Mos Eisley

Return to the Imperial ArmyEdit

After a short time Sem was picked up by Stormtroopers, from the local garrison, on suspicion of being a smuggler. During his interrogation he insisted he had no memory and mind probes proved this to be true. The Garrisons General checked the old Imperial records and found Sem was a Stormtrooper, with the given designation TK-612, reported as missing in action – presumed dead. With no memory otherwise Sem joined the Garrison and once again wore the armor of a Stormtrooper. Unbeknown to Sem he would once again be working alongside his twin brother. Life at the Mos Eisley Garrison was a busy one. Sem often found himself dealing with protesting locals, arresting and interrogating Smugglers or fighting Rebel factions. An encounter with one of these factions, in the Dune Sea, again left Sem wounded and unconscious. This time when he awoke he had regained his memory and once again absconded to return to his residence. Luckily for him his fellow Stormtroopers believed he was dead so he was able to pick up his life as a Mercenary, as long as he kept a helmet on.

Return to the mercenary lifeEdit

The first thing he had to do was track down his missing helmet, Jetpack and weapons. It didn't take long before he found a young human male called Jaster Wirefly, wearing Sem's things and trying to get work as a mercenary in the local cantina. When Sem challenged him Jaster swore he had only found the items and not stolen them. Sem believed him and ended up taking Jaster under his wing and training him in the ways of a Mandalorian. Sem wasted no time getting back into his mercenary work, but it wasn’t easy for him to pick up were he had left off. Also the Socarras Clan had expelled him. One customer was a Force-Sensitive who called himself Qui-Jun. Initially Sem suspected Qui-Jun and his group to be Jedi, but these individual called themselves The Potentium Knights. Neither Jedi or Sith, light or dark. Sem had his suspicions, but a job was a job. Sem next did a job for a Sith Lord who called himself Darth Ramer. When the job was done he told Sem he would soon have a lot of work for him and suggested Sem rebuild his Clan. Although Sem suspected The Sith Lord was only interested in his own personal goals but the seed was sown in Sem's mind.

Freeing Suki DarkstarEdit

Some time after their first meeting Darth Ramer called upon Sem and Jaster to work for him again. This time however Sem turned on Darth Ramer and killed him (or so he believed) to help free a slave girl called Suki. Sem thought Suki was beautiful like a star but had a dark side. Because Suki had no memory before becoming a slave she did not know her full name so she called herself Darkstar. Suki was very strong willed and a good fighter so Sem took her to Mandalore to train her as a Mandalorian.

Sem Talgal 05

Sem on Anzat

Tacyn'la Clan Alor'adEdit

When Sem returned to Mos Eisley he found the balance of power had (temporarily) shifted to the Sith. Also there was an increased number of Mandalorian Clans present. Soon after his return Sem meet with the Tacyn'la Clan Alor named Fenn. During the meeting the balance of power on Tatooine and the growing number of Clans was discussed and Fenn put it to Sem that he and his small band of Mercenaries should join with the Tacyn'la Clan. Sem thought about the offer for some time before agreeing. When they joined the Clan Sem was given the title Alor'ad. Sem fought alongside Fenn on numerous occasions before Fenn’s disappearance. After this the Clan went the way of so many before.

Clan Tal'galar AlorEdit

In 135 ABY Sem declared himself Alor (Leader) of the Tal’galar Clan and decided to use the Clan name and banner for his small group of Mercenaries. The newly rebuild Tal’galar Clan was to be based in Mos Eisley.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Death will always get you... The question is when."

— Sem Talgal tells an unknown Jedi his thoughts about death

Sem was foremost a Mandalorian and tried to live by the Mandalorian Code. He had little to no trust of the Jedi and had several confrontations with them. He would work for them, for a price, but it’s been told that he would accept a lower price to work against them. Although over the years he had been part of many Clans and factions he still preferred to work alone.

Armor and weaponryEdit

As with many Mandalorians Sem was known to wear traditional Mandalorian Armor (also known as Shock Trooper Armor) constructed from duraplast. This he customised over time. The color scheme was mainly black, although at some stage before 135ABY he stripped the armor plating back to a matt grey finish. He also painted the shoulder and knee pads a deep red. On his left shoulder pad there was a Mythosaur skull symbol, on his right shoulder pad was the Mando Dagger insignia and his right chest plate displayed an emblem of the Neo-Crusaders, in red. This is also the insignia of the Tal'galar Clan. For a time he left blood stains over parts of his armor. Most of these were removed after becoming Alor, except for a hand print on top of his helmet, leaving some to believe the print must have been made by someone special to Sem.

"I've only killed one person with this sword... A long time ago."

— Sem Talgal discuses his sword with an unknown girl

On his back he wore a Mitrinomon Z-6 Jetpack, containing a large missile, and a sword. It's believed this sword was made using a cortosis weave, but its unknown where or who it was obtained from. He used an aray of blaster weapons including: EE-3, E-11 and DLT-19 Blaster Rifles, and an assortment of other blaster type weapons that he probably acquired during his time as a Mercenary. On his left he occasional wore a shoulder mounted blaster cannon that tucked down behind his shoulder when not in use. His left gauntlet housed a Czerka ZX miniature flame projector and his knee pads were equipped with rocket dart launchers.

Behind the scenes ((OOC Info))Edit

  • The character Sem Talgal is played by Semyaza Enoch.
  • Talgal derives from the Clan name Tal'galar.
  • Tal'galar is a Mando'a verb, which means "to spill blood/to bleed".
  • The Legacy era timeline was chosen because it’s the timeline in the Little Mos Eisley Sim.
  • The early life and Sith-Imperial War paragraphs are the characters background. Everything that follows is based on role-play within Second Life.