<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Transmission started>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Connecting to Main HoloNet channel>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Connection Secure>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • A picture of a women appears on the screen the women is holding a data pad…she turns to the holorecording and says* “Greetings Citizens of Bakura and of the Galaxy…I am Sally Kleiber bringing you a special report. Today we bring you a top story this story Is about the kidnapping of a Senator and the impersonation of this Senator. All this right now. *She takes a breather then continues in a more dramatic voice* Senator Ronet Korr was found Yesterday walking around Salis D'aar in nothing but his under garments. He also had grown a beard during the past day of him not being on the HoloNet News or in public. When questioned about this he had replied “I was kidnapped by a man in Red Mandalorian armour! Someone get me another government official!”. In a statement from the Senators office they have announced that the Senator is in good health and is in fact the real one. A warrant for the arrest of one Red Warrior has been set up as well as any information containing the location of this man is wanted a reward is included in this. The Bakura Minister of Defence was contacted he had this to say "We have several leads, but we're not disclosing any information regarding the investigation of the Senator's kidnapping at this time. We're offering a substantial sum to the providers of any information that assists in the capture and conviction of the suspect."

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Disconnecting secure line>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Disconnecting from Main Holonet channel>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Transmission Ended>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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