Sennex Pirates (aka Sennex Slavers) a rutheless group of pirates.

Pirate symbol

Sennex Pirate Symbol

The crew is not very large, but nonetheless sinister. They don't focus on any political standpoints or military ideals. The Sennex pirates main area of expertise is slaving. They are also known to accept mercenary positions when money was low. Led by Captain Meridius Decibal, they go on many slave raids on different rims of the galaxy, searching for men and women. Their newest venture has become jedi hunting. Sith will pay out the nose for a jedi thrall. The Sennex Pirates don't care what job needs done as long as there are credits to back it up. They live by no code of honor, such as the mandalorian, which is what makes them so treacherous and perfect to get the job done. They work under major crime lords and rich entrepreneurs. A small band of pirates, yet dangerous as ever.

History Edit

Galactic Gladiators Edit

The Sennex pirates were performing their job well. Slave orders were being met and notoriety was building with their increase in slaves. However, Captain Meridius was greedy and wasn't content with simply making an ordinary slaver's wage. He developed the idea for the Galactic Gladiators. The Sennex then sought out business agreements with such organizations such as the Byss Empire, the Revenant Armada, and the Hutts. He wished to take their unwanted prisoners and slaves and turn them into gladiators for the Anzat Arena. The pirates first sought to make an agreement with the Byss Empire. Azeul Qel-Droma, a jedi padawan of the New Order of the Jedi, was captured by the Sennex pirates and made a slave. As a sign of good faith toward the Byss Empire, the pirates sent the jedi slave as a gift to Darth Validus to show their good faith. Later it was noted that Azeul was Rescued by Jedi Knight Halvy-Wan Kenobi.

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