Senyi Xue was a Coruscant born Space Pirate and the older sister of Azumi Xue better known by several alias.

The Exchange.Edit

Senyi was one of the founding members of the restored Exchange first on Onderon and later controlling undercity on Coruscant. She was often at the side of the Boss, Hulio... never one to be shy in insulting and shooting at anyone who rubbed the Exchange the wrong way, a hardline enforcer and an adrenaline junky as well as an addict of about any narcotic substance she could get her hands on. Her aggressive and over-spoken nature caused her to have few allies yet she'd form an unlikely friendship with Lord Occidian a Rodian Sith who some believed was the one really behind the Exchange... When Hulio vanished the Exchange would quickly lose influence and Senyi would return to her routes as a Pirate.

In Search of..Edit

There was little that has caught Senyi's interest since the fall of the Exchange, she took on a few jobs as a member of House Morane and has mostly kept out of site.. Though she was said to have been taken into Imperial custody prior to the RLF invasion of Coruscant.. Several years later she would eventually resurface, strangely enough having attended the Imperial Academy at the urging of Vladimir Tarkin the 6th, after a few years of relativly mundane assignments she would be elevated to the status of High Admiral of the Black Sword Command naval fleet.. Seeing the former space pirate in an Imperial uniform has without a doubt turned a few heads for those who knew her in the day's of the Exchange..

Empire Day.Edit

Admiral Xue took part in the Imperial's blitzkrieg like assault on PGAF forces spread across several worlds. When task force's were split up with seek and destroy missions on Bespin, Nar Shaddaa, and Alaris Prime she would lead the fleet into the Kasshyk System and deploy with the ground forces.

On Alaris Prime the mission was a bit different as they had intended to recover a corpse and a base that the PGAF had allegedly assaulted. The Imperial's quickly stormed the base but Senyi and Grand Moff Takin 6th as well as one other Imperial soldier were at the rear when a wookie came out of nowhere and attacked them without warning despite attempts by Admiral Xue and Grand Moff Tarkin to communicate with the wookie. The wookie was quickly felled, though they would halt their advance to give it medical treatment before moving on.. Inside the base there was another confrontation with a wookie though beyond that they met little resistence to their surprise attack and reached the corpse they needed to recover. As Admiral Xue and the rest of the Imperial forces left the base there was a confrontation with an unknown clan of Mandalorian's, reports on who fired the first shots vary but chaos quickly followed as the Imperial's hunted down the Mandalorian's.. there was also a confrontation with an armed man who Admiral Xue ended up chasing into a deep underground cave in which the Imperial's ran into an assortment of Jedi including the former Empress Talmerith. There was a brief exchange of words between the Imperial's and Jedi, ending in the Imperial's leaving them unharmed.

The fleet would then move to orbit Bakura and again a task force would be dropped that Admiral Xue would accompany as they rushed through the streets of Bakura. The clone's they ran into seemed confused if anything and Admiral Xue was able to talk her way past them while the rest of the Imperial's failed at their attempts to slice the front door, eventually it would be shot out by a fighter ship.. They then stormed the palace and located their objective.. the PGA Chancellor who was meeting with the Queen of Bakura. The Imperial's demanded the Chancellor give himself up but the Queen went on some rant then drew her lightsaber.. meanwhile PGAF soldiers had seized the lobby of the palace as the other two Imperial task forces moved in. A couple of PGAF soldiers would eventually raid the room that the Chancellor was in, the Imperial's then jumped the balcony to regroup at which point the battle began. Admiral Xue was pretty tired by this point and the battle would wage on for what seemed like forevor, the smaller PGAF forces were eventually defeated though the Imperial's had taken some loses.. Admiral Xue however was unharmed for the most part, her biggest injuries had taken place when she had jumped down into the caves on Alaris, breaking her left arm. She'd then return with the rest of the Imperial's to celebrate their victories.. though she would publically blast what she saw as the PGAF misleading reporters in the coverage of the events on Alaris, citing that two wounded wookie attackers who were immediately given medical aid did not consitute a massacre, and pointing out that the witnesses shown on the holonet weren't even there when the two or at the most three wookies were wounded.

Ongoing Imperial CampaignEdit

Admiral Xue would then take part in the next two battles in the Imperial Campaign (of Spring 2010). After the initial Blitzkrieg the Imperial's under Grand Moff Tarkin 6th would make two more devastating assaults. First the PGA had been making advances in trying to secure Bespin as part of their alliance, they found an ally in the leader of a Jedi-like organization called the 'Jedi's Jewels Alliance' who would attempt to enter Bespin into the PGA despite it have being under Imperial control for the last couple hundred years. When PGAF soldiers were spotted on Bespin the Imperial forces would launch an assault force to quickly purge them from the area. Following the battle the local 'Jedi' would confront the Imperials, the Imperials would not recognize the 'Jedi's' position as in their own words the 'rulers' of Bespin so just shrugged and wandered off following the decisive victory. This event added quite a bit to Admiral Xue's distaste for the Jedi, believing them to be nothing more then self-important politicians with lightsaber's. Those she had met that claimed to be lightsiders such as the Queen of Bakura, and the Jedi's from JJA had all been heavily invested in politics and control and in her eyes seemed incapable of the task. She'd have a drink in honor of Order 66 that night.

The next battle would be a return to Alaris prime in which another chaotic battle would take place, though Admiral Xue would be engaged in in naval warfare and only reached the moon towards the end of the costly victory of the allied Imperial and Droid forces. Though the Imperial's won this battle as well they suffered a higher then acceptable casualty rate. Alaris would continue to be a hotbed of war activity as another battle took place between a faction known as the 'Metus Imperia' and the PGAF, the PGAF being able to heavily outnumber and defeat the Metus Imperia according to reports. Admiral Xue's Black Sword Command Fleet remains near the heavily contested Kasshyk System routingly patrolling it for any further signs of PGAF forces. Senyi at the point of the second battle of Alaris has never spoken much to any member of the PGA or PGAF and has little care to, her passion for the war being do far more to her nature as a thrill-seeker and her loyalty to the Grand Moff then a hatred of her enemies, though she has come to dislike force users in general with the exception of an Imperial who saved her skin in the first battle of Alaris.