Growing up as an orphan, he set off to find the killer of his parents, watching them die at the age of 5, His heart was cold through his childhood. Living in the streets, he did what he had to do to survive. At the age of 14, he went into training as a bounty hunter, thinking it would someday lead to the murderer of his parents. In his travels, he hunted many down, never knowing if they were the one or not. The thoughts of his mind wondered more and more as the days past on until he was 22, when he was on a bounty for a jedi. When reaching Yavin, there was a woman that was hunting him instead, an epic battle took place that would change his life forever. He found himself doing what no bounty hunter ever done, befriended the jedi. After that day, he swore to protect and help when needed, he was no longer a bounty hunter, he became a protector. Sworn to protect the younglings of Yavin, he resides living in the ruins, helping when needed. Watching over them, and waiting.....

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