Overview Edit

Shadows of the Triumvirate [SotT] was a Sith Order, headed by the Shadow Lord Darth Aran, and his Elite Council; Shadow Hand Darth Marcus, his Executor, Darth Nefarious, and his Black Guard, Darth Lilith. Born from the ashes of the formerly prestigious Order of Rowe [OoR], SotT is a small Order, based on the swamp planet Xagobah, until it was disbanded (July 2009).

Last Active Members Edit

Leaders Edit

Shadow Lord - Darth Aran ((MGDGuy Dod))

ShadowHand - Darth Marcus ((Marccus Ludwig))

Elite Council Executor - Darth Nefarious ((Alakar Sonnenkern))

Sith Council Black Guard - Darth Lilith ((Remy Placebo))


Darth Star - ((Star Ohmai))

Darth Kyron -((Kim Akselbrad))

Sith Lord Edit

Lord Arcana - ((Nicodemus Dreamscape))

Lord Umbra - ((Lusciousgoth Aristocrat))

Lord Kyrloth - ((Aeon Aeghin))

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