Shaka the Hutt was born of the Jiramma Dlugacz Clan of Hutts, located on Nar Shaddaa .

Emerging from the pouch, he was put in the care of a sentient android who, ordered to keep the Huttlet quiet and out of his parent's way, did so so well that Shaka's existence was nearly forgotten by the Household except for the serving slave assigned to them and menials.

Shaka learned to read voraciously and to study languages, attempting to mimic the more common ones and all the while, learned of the outside world through the never ending supply of stories and history supplied by his guardian, who had once served alongside Jedi and fought in the Rebellion against the Emperor Palpatine. The slave girl, a Bith, was simply happy to have a benevolent Master and added nothing to his education being content to hide out with them. Under this lonely influence, Shaka lived quite happily until the day his parent happened to remember his existence.

Thrust out of the only palace he had ever known (however little of it) with only his slave girl to uphold his dignity, and his trust fund, Shaka nearly died within the first hour. His Bith died instead a few weeks later, taking a fatal shot by pure accident on his behalf.

Shaka fled, found sanctuary and guards. A small palace of his own. But he did not forget.

Joining the Hutt Council of Nar Shaddaa, he watched and learned. He replaced his majordomo with the first female that caught his desperate attention, Morrigan Wemyss , and created a business in the field of mining, the criminal pursuits being wholely dominated by the Hutts of the Council. Shaka did the only thing he could. He became a legitimate business Hutt.


Shaka was created in December 2013 in Second Life.

His proudest achievement remains rescuing the Chancellor of the Republic, Baccus Altus , seven times.

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