* The Kilthor Rune: Rune of Power

* Force: Light Side

* State: Spiritual

* Traits:Direction, Defines Potency of Rune

* Power: Strong

* Direction: Matriarch

* The Gaarn’vel Rune: Rune of the Mind.

* Force: Dark Side

* State: Spiritual

* Traits: memories. [Used with other runes the user can destroy, extract,create or erase the memories of the being the rune magic is used on]

* Power: Medium

* Direction: Patriarch

the potency of the kilthor enhanced the power of the gaarn'vel three fold , effectivly removing all memories.

as the rune is manifested with the force and the rune magic is utilized and not drawn, destroying said rune will not destroy the power or bring back said erased memories as it will only look like a burn mark that will fade though the one on his skull under his skin is permanent.

This was done by chaos, one of the eldest of the sith.

there is no turning back..

Kodo tugs on the stranger’s body, a wince or grunt with each strong yank. By the time he turned the corner, he was sweating profusely under his own armour and mumbling curses. “This…” he huffed in between pulling, “... is something … you don’t do … everyday”. He’d shake his head a few times, stopping in the centre of the room, straightening his back and then pulling off his helmet. “Phwa!” he exclaimed, wiping his brow.

Darth Apparition frowned a bit,"We will talk about that later dear, each Master needs to have something to do." He nodded to her but then he let go to move and turn around as he sensed the arrival of others,"What do we have here.." He whispered, tugging at his wife's arm for her to turn around as well. He watched Kodo's dramatic entrance with a curious look on his face.

Nemu Isabella Rosenkreuz's eyes moved to her father then lowered to the mando. "This is the one.. I don't want him killed if possible, I want to watch his mind crumble and shatter.." it was unlikely she'd been so malicious before, her fued with her older sister was more competitive then viscous, this mando seeming to be the first one to cause her to truly hate.


Arman T'ad was not exactly 100% conscious, but as he was dragged by the Sith agent, his head lolled to the right and what he saw, caused his stomach to flip in disgust and terror. Death Watch captivity had been bad enough....but this...? Siite had even fewer limitations than Kyr'tsad.. to be in their clutches ever, let alone right after fighting them in the Casino...and with Nemu...his buy'ce didn't show it, but he was downright terrified. There was an old saying that to feel no fear you'd have to be either obscenely stupid...he was beginning to understand why that was...

Dark Lady Chaos is calmed , her shoulder bandaged and her own nasty bit of healing remedy running through her and giving her a light rush.  There might have been some narcotics in the syringe to ease the pain of her shoulder too, but her own drink mixtures were far worse.  She had time to change and refresh, return to the nobility that apprition got her spoiled with.   Her clothing was expensive and long gone was the tyrant that was hiding within, the deadly witch with burnin eyes.. just the half zeltron nesting cozily against her mate as she read into the old book of shadows her first master gave her... she spoke to her mate " but you have something to do.." she won't argue in the end...she will get what she wants in some form as she always does when ones will is for the whole.  She turned as well as she eftl the tug..turning to see kodo tugging along a huge amored being...that was..adorable to watch if kodo wasn't so dangerous you would find him endearing.  she eyed her daughter and she bared her teeth under her veil, to say she was humanoid was a slight oversight ...she growled at sight of the colors on this mando.. "Put him on the table and take off his helmet" is all she says.

Nemu Isabella Rosenkreuz would fold her arms again glaring at the mando that she had been unable to aid Kodo with much in dragging him back here.. she would limp up and order to try to roughly yank Arman's helmet off with little consideration for any pain the roughness caused him in the process.

Arman T'ad weakly protested as his helmet was yanked off, the suits hood coming with it as his heart rate sped up, his cybernetic eye quickly inspecting the room, searching for a way out

Darth Apparition blinked a little as he moved his gaze over each of them and as his wife ordered the man to be moved to the table he just narrowed his eyes some,"I am not a fan of his kind being here, the last time we had a base we put their heads and helmets out on display in front of the base." he nodded with a smirk. His arm around his wife to held her be stable and comforted as she was still injured, waiting for the man to be brought to them as requested.

Kodo fans himself with his hand a moment; his face flush in colour; small beads of sweat sliding down his pale jawline. He figured now would be a good time to get out of his armour and freshen up, given that he hadn’t had access to such accommodations in quite some time. However, first… to the table with the stranger, as ordered. He went back to the Mandalorian, found a suitable grip, and pulled him towards the table. “Ghh!” he grunted, “… eat too much … *inaudible curses* … phh’Mandos”.

Arman T'ad normally would resent that remark and have a witty one-liner but he felt no cause for one-liners....He gulped as consciousness seemed to come roaring back as adrenaline started to shoot through his system, blood dripping from the crushed gauntlet on his left wrist. he had no idea what this contraption was but whatever it didn't look like it was meant to be pleasant for the person in his position.

Dark Lady Chaos smirked.. "oh lovely memories, a worthy battle but taking his head off at the end was worth the fight".  poor Anvindr his death was almost as legendary as him, waiting as kodo dragged him over and she was surrounded by powerful old holocrons, runes would be all over the place protecting from intruders both physically and mentally.  " thank you kodo" she would look at him as he was restrained and strapped in.. " well.. they are not monsters under there...always surprising to see a human" she blinked.  " well then...since daughter dear will not let me remove his head..I can simply make it so there was nothing left... I suppose that wont' be hard they don't strike me as scientists " her hands lift and what looks down at him is not the same as what he was fighting earlier... " dont will hurt less" she grins it's both lovely and wicked as something flashes in her icey orbs.  her fingers press to his temple and skull and the power of the force flows around her , more so as the holocrons all light

Nemu Isabella Rosenkreuz stood rather transfixed on the scene, eyes glued on the mando and her mother, she'd not miss the chance to pick up what she could from watching what her mother did.. nor miss seeing Arman in any distress.."He cannot suffer if he dies.." she'd speak up regarding her reasonings for not wanting the mando dead. "If he losses everything he is.. his Clan, his armor, his name.. he will be as he should be.. nothing."

Kodo distracts himself with the business of his effects. He had never been one for interrogation – having been on the receiving end far too many times, and, having the scars to prove it.  He would stick to the side-lines during the gruelling ordeal, even stealing a chance to put on something a little more comfortable.

Darth Apparition crossed his arms over his chest as he watched his wife to see what it was she was up to. Watching the holocrons light up at once he smirked a bit as he had an idea. He looked over to Nemu,"Are you alright dear?" He asked her with some concern, then looked to Kodo,"Its been ages since I've seen you and you're still small and young, doesn't your species age?"  He grumbled,"I am sure we have something to cause age..." he chuckled a bit.

Arman T'ad began mumbling a bit as he looked around, trying to see what she was talking...He tried to jerk his head away from her fingertips, growling weakly "get your hands off of me, witch." as he started to try to struggle, to no avail, against his bonds. oh kriff no, not his mind...they could tear him apart and put him together again, recarve the scars that he'd had anything...but mess with his head..damn Siit...damn force whatever it was they used now....was kriffing unnatural was what it was! sweat beaded down his face, dripping onto the metal of the table as he continued trying to look for a way out of this nightmare.

Kodo tugs on the bottom corners of his uniform, the snug contours pulling straight what folds might have disrupted his near perfect appearance. He’d sniff once and run a hand through his hair. “Let’s just say I’ve had… an extended…” he replied and paused for a moment, “… out of body... experience, My Lord.” He gave a diagonal nod, eyes occasionally glancing at the main event. “I am… honoured to return to duty, sir”.

Dark Lady Chaos smirked as her daughter spoke" keeping a new pet nemu?  better hope this one is house trained"  she tried to ignore what apparition said or she would chuckle as well, it was time to get down to business as it were..." shhhh" she spoke to arman her fingers pressing lightly on his temple and skull.  Her form would almost glow with her aura as it grew more powerful, what would begin is a weave of unnatural energies that flowed into his head from her fingertips like small roots that would burrow into his brain.  she would be whispering as she manifested the chaotic power and force, and it would be like hot spider like webs boring and buring into his brain ...this was only the connection.  "iv jen' ir hadzuska anas kash natura mes valia vykti salini visa anas kash " this force connection would weave upwards , her hands would  slide upwards holding this connection fully till her fingertips reached his forehead.   she began to manipulate the forces and tap into a lovely harmonic wave, using light, sound, and force she began to draw an image on his skull...she didn't cut it was formed out of the dark force but will be much stronger.

Nemu Isabella Rosenkreuz was so fixated on the event that she hadn't noticed her father's question at first, she'd slowly shake her head as she seemed much more interested in seeing Arman's mind torn apart then to admit any weakness in front of anyone, especially those outside her immediate family.. she'd do her best to keep her posture upright despite the soreness throughout her body.

Darth Apparition nodded to Kodo,"Good to have you back as well, we are in the process of forming a small military. It would be good to have you take part in it, with updated uniforms of course on the way." He smiled a bit thinking about it,"Then we'll have an official position for you, depending on if you'd like to take charge and be able to manage others." he'd gaze now to his daughter then to his wife to watch what she was doing as she spoke in the old language, making him smirk as he felt everything that she was doing through their bond.

Arman T'ad it was a good thing that he was heavily restrained, or Arman would have likely arched in such a way that his spine would have broken...or at least been injured. his natural eye and cybernetic would lock onto the ceiling as the boring and burning sensations in his brain began, eliciting a yell of agonized terror, trying to focus on something, anything. He began to mumble the resol'nare as his mind was entered. fully rested and ready, he would have been able to withstand a little more but he was exhausted, physically wounded, and low in energy. He didn't stand a chance the moment Nemu had found him. why hadn't he just fried her when she walked in...was he afraid it was going to be someone else? these questions were erased as the pain struck again, eliciting another bellow of pain.

Kodo bows his head to Apparition. “I live to serve, My Lord…” he replies, taking a step back and folding his arms to observe the painful sequence before him – his ambiguous gaze taking in all of the minor details.

Dark Lady Chaos the screams from him were lovely but she had no time to enjoy it...what it looked like to those that can sense the force was an intricate weave of glowy spider web like lattices that were coming out of the mandos head and wrapping upwards into a small flat ball in the center of his forhead.  the weave of force and slight tug of the chaotic forces that connected the reality would give her a better chance of success if one could feel the chaotic force flow and then bend a little.  she was chanting, whispering it was echoing in the shadows near and it was a lovely harmonic sound like a strange song.  the trio needed to manifest the runes properly as it was manipulated through force , and slowly drawn over this ones frontal lobe.  She is extending alot of her energies through the ritual and manipluations, the holocrons near started to become blinding the other runes one the floor and walls would glow horribly bright.  Her eyes were almost white and the pain..the pain would be ungodly "tave valia kash skystas tave dvasi kash sesie niekas kairys kad jri tuscias jen' vykti salini visa anas valia buti ir kesti nuo visa amzi" the runes were etched and burned ...though the skin would heal the mark under his skin into his skull would not as it seered through.  The runes were intesified by her power, the link to the force and the holocrons she had near.  the kilthor was drawn first and etched as it powered the next, the gaarn'vel was the last and it took time... so much painstaking time but the finaly lines were traced with her skilled hands she started to wane and weaken as she finished.   the mind would slowly fade away and already the skin would heal.  the lattices vanished the pain would subside...

Darth Apparition would move behind his wife now as he felt the drain on her from her ritual. He would make sure she wasn't going to pass out as he would channel some of his own energy through him and into their bond, allowing her to at least have something to allow her to stand and not fall,"Finished?" He asked her, still unsure of what she was doing but had his ideas. If she wouldn't access the Amulet around her neck then he would. Through their bond he would tap into it, allowing it to glow with a purple hue as it too would give her energy and strength to slowly replenish what she had used up.

Arman T'ad's armor would rattle against the bindings as the pain intensified, tears streaming from his eyes and his teeth would grind against each other as he tried to not scream, but still the agonized bellows could be heard through his gritted teeth. When the pain began to subside, he panted, hoping that was all...this was.....this.....he shook his head a bit, having lost his train of thought a bit, but it seemed to be the last....whe....where was he......what was this place....who was around him.... and what was this bulky armor he was wearing? "wha....what is this place?" he groaned, feeling like his head had been stomped on by a Hutt.

Dark Lady Chaos she has done this many times, and had many classes training many sith over the years teaching this same thing.. but this was the use of almost all her power.. she shivered as her hands moved away and she simply fell back..almost passed out if not for her husbands the fight, the creation and use of the runes and rune magic and her own form more or less being posessed by the power in the holocrons and the force, the combined manipulation did her in...even she as old as she is with all her knowlege has it's limits she still fell back against him the glow of her aura and eyes faded..." nulis" she needed rest badly...

Arman T'ad groaned, "wait.......Damned Siit. What did you heavy.....can't move....head feels like it' it's....NO! I swear, I'll kill all of you, even if I have to do it with this damn sash!" he jerked against the restraints before seemingly calming down once more, his eyes seeming to dull as he went silent.

Nemu Isabella Rosenkreuz would smile coldly as she noted Arman's reaction to what her mothr had done, the technique's seemed very advanced to Nemu and it would be many years before she could learn something like that but she did take note of the basics that she had observed.. she'd normally show concern for her mother's condition but she was too fixated on the mando's torment that she barely noticed how weakened it had left Chaos. "Be silent.. You fell, you became injured.." she'd wave off the slipping mando with a hand. "I'll have one of the guards get rid of that armor.."

Arman T'ad  would quietly whisper, the last shred of Arman crying out inside, "'s not can' can't do this to me..." with that last shred of coherence and a single tear rolling out of the corner of his eye at the loss of himself, there was no Arman T'ad...there was no Socarras verd....there was no Mandalorian...there was just a man on a table with nothing. No family, no friends, if he was lucky, perhaps a few of his skills might have made it with him...nothing more of the man that was .

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