"Much like the Shepard watches over his Bantha herd, I watch over the Jedi Order. "

— Shepard Dreamwalker

Shepard DreamwalkerEdit

Shepard is a black Lepi from Chandrila. He was born and raised in a farming family and was soon sent off to the Chandrila Shadow Jedi Academy at a young age for showing strong Force Sensitivity. Upon being brought to the Shadow Jedi Council, he was accepted into the order, but throughout his time growing up in the Jedi Order, he was never accepted as a Padawan. Instead of focusing on saber tactics, he focused on medicines, healing techniques, etc.

One day, during a mission with some of his friends from the Jedi Order, he was preparing to set up shop and prepare to heal anyone that might get injured during their mission. However, the Sith Fleet owned by Emperor Validus arrived at Chandrila and bombarded the planet. Only Shepard and his friends escaped in a transport, but the transport was heavily damaged escaping Chandrila, and so it crash landed on Ruusan, killing all passengers but one; Shepard.

Shepard limped to the Ruusan Jedi Temple after the crash landing, seeing the lights off in the distance. Upon arriving to Ruusan, he said to one of the locals, "I'm looking for a Star Map," and as soon as he said that, he passed out right in front of them.

What will happen to him now is uncertain.


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Shadow JediEdit

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Personality and TraitsEdit

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OOC InformationEdit

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Note: I don't care about the fact that Lepis weren't cute looking and they weren't black in color. Canon has to be modified to suit the player's abilities in Second Life, because Second Life was not built to be a Star Wars game, so the avatars available (including Lepis) are not 100% cannon, and even so, not all players can afford spending all the money that some sims require you to spend to make yourself look cannon. I'll stick to role playing on sims that allow my avatar than role playing on sims that will not. If you want to role play with me, you need to broaden your horizon and open up to the fact that Second Life is not cannon.