Shinta Fiertze is an Amaran who was born with force-sensitivity. He currently resides in the City of Mos Eisley on Tatooine.


Shinta Adrius Fiertze was born on Dantooine to his father Hector Fiertze , a Gray Jedi, and Septra Fiertze , a Dathomir Witch. Not long after his birth, his parents wernt both around for him, Septra raised the kit for the first 3 years of his life before handing him over to Hector and leaving back to Darthomir. For the next four years Hector trained his son reinforcing many of his force abilities which seemed to come along naturally and even taught the kid for as young as he was to construct and create his very own lightsaber . By the age of 7 Hector left the the kit to travel on his own to find his mother giving his son directions to travel to Tatooine.


Apon arrival to Tatooine, Shinta was lost and scared on a new planet where the climate was unforgiving to the small child. He wandered aimlessly through the streets of Mos Eisley with nothing but the directions given to him by his father until he came apon a small building near the entrance of the city. Nervousily he knocked on the door to the building and to his surprise was greeted by his mother, after the heartwarming reunion Shinta met the other members and was greatly accepted into Starwind where he essentially made a new family and home.

Shinta found many influences throughout Starwind

  • Gryff being the leader of the clan.
  • Specter, Gryff's son, became a father figure to the impressionable kit seeing as his own father couldnt be around as much as he would have liked.
  • Falk Redden, for a short time was Specters mate, was a teacher of sorts
  • Arun, which at a later date would become Shintas Jedi master

​Things went well for a while despite the neglect from his parents. Shinta spent much of his time with Specter and the other members of Starwind getting into a more physical training than what he was used to and finding entertainment in whatever he could find usually getting him into some sort of trouble.

A few weeks after his arrival, Starwind was attacked by the remnants of the New Confederacy, a smaller battle took place upstairs where a bounty hunter had broken in from the roof and made his way downstairs specifically looking for the kit to use as leverage to get to his mother over some personal conflict, there Shinta fought against the assailant with the help of another Starwind member and was forced to use his saber for the first time on another being. Although the kit won the battle out of luck, the bounty hunter didn't die and the kit was given a choice by the leader of Starwind to either have the bounty hunter killed or spare his life, Shinta couldn't bring himself to let the bounty hunter die, it would go against everything he was taught, so the members of starwind healed the wounded man and sent him on his way.

Over time very few kids were ever in Starwind, and he was the first brought into the clan, he had few friends his own age one of them being Axion, a young Shistavanen from the GRAE. The two groups didnt get along and denied Axion into Starwind until the two kids managed to bring them together in a sort of peace treaty. Among the other kids that were present Terrell was another close friend to him. Terrell was Specters son that had dissapeared after Specter was forced to give him up and he searched for 5 years until Shinta picked up on a pressence out in the dunes outside of Mos Eisley. The clan set out in search for the mysterious presence and stumbled apon an abandoned Tusken Raider camp where terrell had been living on his own for 3 weeks. The latest friend Shinta had made was a teenage Amaran named Noel Reynard. Durring this time with Noel, Shinta spent much of his time back on Dantooine with Noel, because Noel was training to be a jedi with the DJE. Along with Noel Shinta looked up to his friends and considers them as his brothers.

Back to the HomeworldEdit

With the rising stress levels at the starwind base. Gryff and the rest of Starwind traveled from their base on Tattooine to the Planet of Amar, a homeworld for all Amarans. They set up an outpost on an island whose main inhabitants were outcasts from the culture. During this time Septa was mated to a black furred Amaran named Rikko, that would grow close to the boy for several months as they grew to become a normal family, but it all seemed irrelevant due to the future ramifications. Septra was due to give birth to a child while living on the planet, after rikko was attacked by a carnivorous creature indiginous to the planet, Septra used her Darthmirian magic to sacrifice the unborn child to keep Rikko from perishing.

Following TroublesEdit

After some time, Starwind returned to Tattooine and began to pick up from where hey left off. but everything from Shintas life seemed to get worse. Septra, Shintas mother was deemed unfit to keep her child after several suicide attempts, some even infront of the young Amaran, so for his safety Gryff banished her from Starwind, forcing her to give up Shinta. Soon after that Shinta began to experience an unknown illness that plagued him most of his childhood. He grew a heavy fever that kept the kit bedridden and isolated, only after something was caught on fire due to this illness it was able to be determined that this illness was caused by the kits inexperience to control his abilities. to make matters worse Starwind during this time had broken up through opositions in leadership, causing a brief civil war amongst its ranks until the group separated and went their own ways. Gryff tried his best to keep the kit safe and happy as they worked on a way to cure the childs illness, but remained uneffective. With no other choice Gryff did the only thing he could and sent the child to live with his stepfather Rikko, seeing as they might have a better chance in finding a cure.

==A New Beginning== Following the years as they past by, Shinta returned to Tattooine, to Starwind when he turned eleven. Though Gryff was glad to accept the child back into his home, he was displeased to hear that Rikko had abandoned Shinta. from that time on Shinta decided to pick a new name for himself so he could try and forget his past, so he then named himself Tai in place of his former name.

The Era of GalesunEdit

Finding out that leaving his past behind him was difficult, Tai then started up a group of his own, a group of street urchins, kids that were runaways or just unwanted by society so that they would have a place where society would not have them. this group however forced all involved to become pickpockets and thieves just as a means to survive. Gailsun recieved some publicity from a large news network, but Tai didnt feel this to be nessicery, if only to spread the word of his cause. The fame the group recieved seemed to spread across Tattooine to the Hutt cartel. Tai and one of his members Xenaris Rikk, a fifteen year old Togruta were called before the Hutts, more importantly Anda the hutt who had an offer for the children, to go to Dantooine in the spirit of generosity so that they may both receive a better life other than the one they had, and after some persuading they went. Rikk had no problem fitting into the planet, Tai however still held onto the trust issues caused by his neglectful parents, but none the less waited to try and be accepted into the DJE on Dantooine.