Shione Tao, is a togruta female born on the planet Corellia who trained as a Jedi Apprentice during the Obelisk of Power crisis between the Dantooine Jedi Enclave and the Disciples of Ragnos, and later during the Obelisk of Power Reborn crisis on Dantooine itself. Tao was originally assigned to Jedi master Ce'Nendra Isma'ren. After Ce'Nendra's mysterious disappearance, Tao spent many years studying and practicing her skills at blaster deflection with her lightsaber. Tao remained without a master for a large part of her teenage years, and often her training neglected due to her clumsiness with the force, a trait many Jedi found to be dangerous, and often refused to teach her. Because of this, Shione often had a lack of confidence in her abilities and had considered herself to be a liability to the Jedi. It wasn't until Jedi Master Sha'ira Luroon took Shione Tao as her Padawan to continue her training that she began to build more confidence in herself. Tao pushed herself in her training of Soresu and the Force and in her later years as a Padawan, began to blossom. Tao often teams up with Jedi Guntai Haj'ra to complete various missions for the Jedi Order, as well as receiving additional informal training. Tao eventually completed her Padawan training and became a Jedi Knight.

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Early LifeEdit

"I'm from Corellia. Humans there can be hateful to those that aren't their race, so I found friends in my fathers droids"

— Tao to Seely Akina


Young Shione Tao on Corellia.

A Togruta from the planet Corellia, Shione Tao live in Coronet City where her father made a living in the lower levels as a droid mechanic.Tao often found herself feeling more friendship in her father's droids than she did any of the other children, which were mostly human. Tao found herself often at the brunt of prejudice of the human population. She was discovered by a Jedi Master at the age of Nine during a mission to Corellia and was taken to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

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