"Hey Pal there are only two kinds of people in this galaxy! those with the credits and those who want to take them from those with them"

— Shug Core

History Of Shug CoreEdit

"Its funny the things we remember and the things we forget, I can't remember for the life of me my own mothers face but I'll never forget the smell the first ship I piloted"

-Nixieus Lorkess to Naakla

Some would have said shug core was a trouble maker or even a thief and even though to most people it would appear that Shug was indeed a thief there is more to the story then just that. Shug Core spent the better part of his young life on an orphan on the streets of Corellia. Shug had very limited memories of his biological family and those memories he did have were glimpses and fragments but he knew two things for sure his age and his name but he did not know how he knew. Shug was part of a small street group of orphaned children on Corellia. This group called themselves "The family" and they were expert pickpockets, Thieves and Con Artists.

The Children would make up random scams to con the rich out of there money when they were not pickpocketing. Shug had a dream one night that set in motion the rest of his life, the dream was so significant to Shug that he believed it was not a dream as much as a glance into the future, he dreamed that one day he would be a great pilot and live among the stars and planets and In the later years of Shugs Youth Shug met a well known pilot by the name of Que'lic Tomallis who everyone called "Que" . Que'lic who had also grown up as a street child met Shug during one of the Scams Shug was pulling but instead of becoming angry at the child he took him under his wing and after discovering the boys natural talent for piloting and working with tools began to teach him the skills of piloting and Mechanics.

at first Shug would meet the man once a day for his lessons but after awhile Que revealed to Shug that he would soon be leaving. Que asked Shug to leave Corellia and come with him helping him on his ship and in return he would pay Shug a small salary and he would continue teaching him. Shug knew he could not say goodbye to his friends or they would kill him for wanting to leave the family but he also knew this was his opportunity to follow his dream and missing it seems more to him like an even worse death so late in the night shug gathered what little he owned and snuck out to the streets making his way to the port where Que was waiting and together the two Left Corellia.

It did not take long for Shug to become a great pilot and Gunner and after a very short time under the teachings of Que he became the co-pilot to Que on his small ship. Shug Not only learned the in's and out's of piloting but he also learned from Que the In's and out's of Smuggling. Que was a well Respected Smuggler among the other Smugglers and Shug soaked up everything Que had to teach knowing that one day it would all come in handy.

One day while Between Jobs Shug and Que rented a small place on Coruscant. Shug was amazed at the City, its Tall permacreat structures spanning up as far as he could see and deep down into the darkness but what caught hold of Shug attention even more then the structure of the city was the Sharp dresses Imperial Troops. Shug had heard many Stories about the Imperial Pilots and had often dreamed that he was a pilot fighting for the Empire. Shug Visited the Imperial Recruiting office Using a fake ID by the name of Nixieus Lorkess. Shug was awe struck by all he saw and heard and decided at that moment he would join the Imperials. Shug said good bye to Que the only way he knew how and on the night before they were to leave Coruscant on for the Hutt system Shug took his things and left looking back to whisper his goodbyes to his good friend Que.

That same morning Shug Enrolled into the Academy under the name Nixieus Lorkess.

Over the next 4 years Shug worked very hard in the Academy climbing the imperial Ranks and finally finding himself after much hard work and dedication a Respected Pilot among Imperial peers.

One night while off duty shug met a beautiful young lady named Naakla while having a drink. Later Shug would find out that Naakla who was a Lieutenant was also the daughter of Mandalorian and she had run away from that life style and joined the Imperials. Shug won Naakla over with his good looks and charm and it did not take long before Naakla and Shugs relationship developed.

One night while out on a date together Shug asked Naakla to marry him and Naakla said yes.

a few weeks later Shug finally made the rank of Lieutenant. Everything in Shugs life seems as though it could not get anymore perfect he was finally a Lieutenant and he was about to marry the women of his dreams.

However a dark cloud was about to cast its shadow on shugs perfect life. After finding that Naakla was the daughter of a mandalorians the Empire accused Naakla of being a spy undercover as an Imperial officer. Shug was interrogated and found guilty with a sentence of death. Shug had a huge decision to make, on one hand he had his career and life long dreams and on the other hand he had love. Shug decided to rescue Naakla which he understood would effectively kill his career.

Now on the run from the Empire Naakla and Shug turned to Naakla's Mandalorian family who she had not seen in years. for a while Naakla's father did what he could to help the couple but soon the two were on the run again when the empire caught to them on the back water planet of Arami. Naakla and Shug made there way to a planet in Hutt Space named Nar Shaddaa where shug fell back to his old lifestyle and was able to find work smuggling.

One morning Shug woke up and even before he opened his eyes he knew something was wrong. he found in the small shamble of an apartment he was renting a pile of credits a letter form Naakla and Naakla's Necklace with the Mandalorian Symbol that she got form her father when she was a little girl, Shug held the necklace in his hand and let a tear fall to the floor as he read the note that said " My dearest shug If love was enough then nothing in this galaxy could touch us, If it wasn't for me you would never have had give up your dreams. I see now that I am no good and I am holding you back. Please forgive me my love I will never forget you" Naakla had made her way back to her mandalorian family and eventually became quite the honorable mandalorian.

Shug waited for hours hoping that Naakla would change her mind and come running through the door wrapping her arms around him but that was not that case. finally pulling himself to his feet Shug took Naakla's necklace and put it around his neck Shug stuffed his pockets with credits and left never returning to that apartment again.

Days turn to week and weeks to months, shug lived in a drunken haze crawling form cantina to cantina wasting away what money he had, not caring about life anymore.

finally finding himself a mess in the gutter streets of Nar Shaddaa out of credits and out of hope shug crawled out of the gutter and began to walk, endlessly Shug walked and walked until his feet could no longer move and his legs could no longer hold the weight of his body.

Shug finally pulled himself out of the gutters and began to clean up vowing that he would never love another woman again he would never allow himself to be hurt again love was not worth the pain and shug wanted no part of any of it.

Shug began smuggling again for the Hutts embracing his new self.... his new life... leaving everything behind Shug took on a new philosophy "me myself and I" nothing else mattered. But still no matter what happened Shug never took off Naakla's Necklace.

lost and feeling that he had no where to go Shug left Nar Shaddaa running spice from system to system until one day shug wound up on Kashyyyk, Something about the planet filled Shugs heart with a calm since of wellbeing that he had never felt. The wookies welcomed Shug with warmth and shug found himself feeling very at home among the wookies. Days Turned weeks and weeks into years and before Shug knew it 6 years had come and gone. Shug had made Kashyyyk his home and Wookies his family being almost adopted by a Wookie named Dalewalla who enjoyed messing with shugs now long matted corellians hair.

Needing a good pilot to take on a mission the wookies turned to shug and not wanting to disappoint his newly adopted family shug took on the job for the Wookie Clan.

Shug left Kashyyk for the first time in almost 7 years. one job led to another until Shug found himself smuggling again full time and it didn't take long before word got back to the hutts that the famous shug was back in the smuggling scene again.

Ending up on Tattoine in the famous Mos Espa space port, Shug found work working for the Desilijic Hutts and other well paying organizations. Mostly working in between Nar Shaddaa and Tattoine Shug became a well known pilot and smuggler in Galaxy once again.