Silchas is a human Dark Jedi and mercenary who travels the galaxy. An exceptionally gifted Force user and former Jedi Knight, Silchas discovered a holocron from which he learned a technique for transferring his essence into another body, very similar to the technique that Darth Bane and Set Harth studied in the era of the Old Republic. Despite his powerful Force connection and relative immortality, Silchas has thus far remained solitary and on the move, finding that he seeks to ally himself with neither the Jedi or the Sith.


Early LifeEdit

Born on Tatooine a short time before the Clone Wars and discovered to be Force sensitive, Silchas was taken from his father, who was a mechanic in Mos Eisly, at a young age to be trained as a Jedi on Coruscant. Though he initially felt resentful toward the Order for removing him from his father's care, he soon took to the Jedi training and proved that he had great potential. Excelling in both advanced Force techniques and lightsaber combat, Silchas quickly attracted the attention of a Klatooinian Jedi Knight named Droork Kavlas, who took Silchas as a padawan. The relationship between the two proved successful, though volatile at times, and Silchas quickly distinguished himself among his fellow Padawans, which fed a growing sense of arrogance within the young Jedi. At one point, he challenged a Jedi Knight named Gahlan Doraj to a duel, only to be beaten handily by the much more experienced Knight.

In the Clone WarsEdit

Though he was still young and relatively inexperienced, Silchas' advanced skills and the Jedi Order's need for Jedi leaders during the Clone Wars led to his being Knighted shortly after the Battle of Geonosis. This only fed his growing arrogance and made Silchas more convinced that he was destined to become one of the greatest Jedi in history. Alongside his former master, Silchas aided the armies of the Republic in numerous battles, most of them sieges of Separatist-controlled worlds. During this time he demonstrated a high level of charisma along with his Jedi skills, leading the clones under his command with commendable tact.

Besides honing his skills in battles with the CIS, Silchas often came into conflict with his old rival, Gahlan Doraj, who was assigned to many of the same clone detatchments that Silchas was. This rivalry grew over time, and eventually became an obsession for Silchas, who often made reckless decisions in an attempt to outdo Doraj. In one instance, the two came face-to-face with Asaaj Ventress, who escaped a Jedi trap by convincing Doraj to attack Silchas in the middle of the battle. Though his lightsaber was sliced in two during the duel, Silchas unleashed a torrent of Force lightning on a crazed Doraj, hurling him into the fleeing Ventress's ship. Doraj was badly wounded by the lightning and fled, leaving Silchas to contemplate the implications of the forbidden power he had discovered by instinct.

Doraj went into hiding on Nar Shaddaa while Silchas continued his duties as a Jedi through the end of the Clone Wars, by which time he was and accomplished General and Jedi Knight, well on his way to the rank of Master within the order. In his final mission of the War, he was sent with a detachment of clones to aid Master Yoda against the CIS forces attacking the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, though he would never make it to the planet.

Order 66 and Hiding on CoruscantEdit

On approach to Kashyyyk, the clones aboard the ship Silchas travelled on received the infamous "Order 66", and attacked the Jedi. Though caught off-guard, Silchas gave into his desperation and anger, killing nearly all of the clones aboard the ship in a dark frenzy. However, once he came back to himself, he realized what he had done and jettisoned an escape pod, landing on Trandosha for fear of hostile clones on Kashyyyk. After assuming a false identity and learning of Palpatine's betrayal, Silchas travelled to Coruscant in pursuit of the Jedi beacon calling the survivors home to the Temple. After learning from Obi-wan Kenobi that the beacon was a trap, Silchas retreated to the lower levels of Coruscant, surviving as a thug and small-time bounty hunter for swoop gangs.

During his time in hiding, Silchas continued to learn new skills. Having lost his lightsaber during the crash on Trandosha, Silchas became a skilled marksman with blasters of different variations, though he focused mainly on smaller, hand held weapons. He also learned to use a force pike, which proved almost as deadly as a lightsaber, but less likely to draw the attention of the newly formed Imperial Inquisitors.Silchas also met a spice dealer name Dessiah, who he fell in love with despite his bitterness and regret towards the galaxy at large.

His love proved to be his downfall, however, when it was revealed that Dessiah was an Imperial spy helping to ferret out Jedi and Republic loyalist on Coruscant. After Silchas admitted his past as a Jedi to her, she turned him in to the Inquisitorious, who tortured Silchas until he finally agreed to join them.

Imperial InquisitorEdit

Once trained as an Inquisitor, Silchas had abandoned any remaining bits of his Jedi life. As skilled as ever, Silchas proved to be adept at hunting his former allies, becoming a respected and feared member of the Empire's Jedi hunters. He took a personal interest, however, when it was discovered that Gahlan Doraj had resurfaced on the Smuggler's Moon, leading a small Rebel cell within the planet's criminal underworld. Leaving Coruscant to finally put an end to his rival, Silchas set out on a journey that would lead to his eventual discovery of a path to immortality.