Emperor Arzjah's Sith Chalice

This particular sith chalice belonged to Emperor Arzjah Radek or possibly to Darth Chimera ((Desirae Carter)), Viscountess of Korriban. Originally kept in the Assembly of Darkness main temple on Vjun, the Emperor's chalice was transferred to Korriban by the command of the Sith Emperor after the fall of Vjun and housed deep in the main tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords where it lay undisturbed for some time.

Thought by some to have belonged to Emperor Palpatine himself, the chalice was stolen twice while housed on Korriban. Once the sith relic was stolen by the Jedi Master Kimmie Aeon, but the sith artifact was easily recovered with some minor negotiations with the Jedi on Ruusan. However on the second theft it was stolen by a clone trooper whose purpose on the planet was deemed highly dubious. Somehow the trooper had avoided all the traps set in the main tomb by using an unknown entrance. The trooper himself had no idea what he had stolen and thought it a worthless cup. The artifact was unabled to be recovered by the Korriban Sith and thought lost for all time.

The chalice's exact location is unknown but there are some rumors that it resides with the Dark Lords of the Sith on the planet Byss in the Deep Core.

References Edit

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