Truth of the Sith Enigma Edit

Rank is for the weak, there can only be chaos.
We stand as one with our brethren,
We share passion, pain, love, and hate as one.
One blade, one voice, one force.
Then, and only then,
will the force truly set us free.

History Edit

The Sith Enigma were a powerful, but short-lived Sith entity that existed mainly on Dantooine. Nearing the end of his career with the Sith Legends, Darth Knave excavated a small underground cave containing an abandoned Jedi library under the surface of Dantooine. This library housed ancient texts containing many long-forgotten secrets, both light and dark force knowledge. With the Knights of the Old Republic nearby, Knave kept his discovery quiet. He quickly became obsessed with the texts that he had discovered, and he eventually left the Sith Legends, taking his closest brethren with him. And thus, the Sith Enigma was born.

Members Edit

The library, soon to be called Enigma Sanctum, was also the main base of operations for the Sith Enigma. The group itself was made up by no more than 15 or so members. The most notable members being as follows:

  • Darth Knave (Lucifer Kirkorian)
  • Dark Lady Neko (Annexis Childs)
  • Dark Lady Despair (Devlin Eusebio)
  • Darth Enigmas (Dazar Perun)
  • Darth Neurosis (Nad Warrior)
  • Darth Arsenic (Gabriel Nosferatu)
  • Dark Lady Sikozu (Selene Beeks)
  • Darth Saevio (Kristoph Leandros)
  • Dark Lady Lamiai (Dayz Hutchence)
  • Abaddon Fujin Kirkorian and Hecate Kostolany Kirkorian

The Sith Enigma also saw brief appearances by Darth Zen, Dark Master Chaos, Darth Malice, Darth Ptas, and some others.

A Unique Vision Edit

The concept of Sith Enigma was based on the tight-knit brotherhood that Knave had developed during the beginnings of the Sith Legends, to which he applied even further to the Sith Enigma. This was an exclusive, elite culture of brethren that existed without rank, each one of them simply known as Dark Force Master. Darth Knave, while he was considered to be the leader, treated every one of his brethren as his equal. This faction moved, spoke, and fought as one.

The purpose behind this unique style of leadership was based on Knave's belief that the traditional rules of rank, apprenticeship, and order was the cause for division between Sith that would otherwise stand united. Knave's belief was that by removing these divisions, he and his brethren would essentially share their force abilities, making each of them stronger as individuals, and possibly unstoppable as a whole. This union of force brought about new possibilities for Knave and the Sith Enigma. Some studied the ability to defy the laws of gravity, some could defy the laws of physics, some could control the elements, and some have even defied death itself with their combined force.

The sharing of force abilities proved to be a double-edged sword for the Sith Enigma. When one was injured, the entirety of the group would feel pain. When one had lost spirit, morale was low all around. One member was even discovered to be actively sapping energy from the collective for their own personal gain. The only solution to this was to keep membership as low as possible, and acceptance of new members required unanimous agreement.

It should also be noted that the logic behind this style of dark force mastery is said to have come from ancient teachings of the Massassi, the original Sith race. These claims have yet to be verified as the texts said to contain these teachings has since been destroyed from the Great War of Dantooine.

The Great War of Dantooine Edit

The Sith Enigma takes the credit for by far the largest and longest running single RP event of 2006 (with the aid of Cellmaster Alexander). The Great War of Dantooine broke out when a Sith shuttle craft piloted by Darth Despair crash-landed into a government office building in the capital city.

Seeing this as an opportunity to destroy the Knights of the Old Republic, and take Dantooine for himself, Knave rescued Darth Despair from capture, and responded to the KOTOR threats of imprisonment with a declaration of war.

The war that broke out was fierce, the entire galaxy fought over this planet, orders from both sides making alliances for the sake of their common interests. Eventually, Darth Knave and the Sith Enigma were overthrown, and power was restored to the neutral landowner Cellmaster Alexander. The battle had been won by the side of good, but the war was far from over.

Another battle ensued, the already suffering Knights of the Old Republic were slaughtered by the enraged Darth Enigmas, under the control of his sword. The specifics of which remain a mystery. Once the KOTOR had been put to death, another battle broke out. This time, it was considered to be a cleansing by both Jedi and Sith alike. Enigma Sanctum was invaded with a surprise attack, which ended with Darth Neurosis controlling the element of fire to destroy the place and everyone still inside.

After the destruction of Enigma Sanctum, and the leveling of the capital city, the Sith Enigma are considered to be disbanded. However, their connection with each other still remains more than a decade later.

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