Qarlo Tek, a Skakoan Potentium Follower

Skakoan is a scientifically advanced species of the Star Wars Universe, originating from the planet Skako. They are tall, gaunt humanoids who evolved under immense atmospherical pressures, and who have to wear a protective suit when they leave their homeworld, which happens rarely.

Skakoan avatar Edit

The longest part to make a Skakoan avatar is arguably designing the pressure suit he will wear. It's basically a metallic chest armor with a "robe" covering most of the Skakoan's body, endowed with a 'Steam-punk' design and simple lines. If you feel like it, you can add a quiet humming effect and small smoke emitters on key parts, to render an heavy, mechanical feeling to the ensemble. A breathing mask with goggles comes to complete the outfit.

Skakoans are usually tall and thin, with a green skin that can vary in tones. They also have a large skull, with four protrusions placed into a crown of sorts atop their head. Their eyes are tiny and sunken, and full black in color. Their face is usually flat, with a non-existent nose and a thin, toothless and lipless mouth, but those features are most of the time unseen. If you need inspiration, take a look at Wat Tambor, Foreman of the Techno Union, on Wookieepedia. (Leysha Jehangir)

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