"Ah'm an explorah. Ah travel teh galaxeh ta see what Ah can find out thar."

— Sketch Wanderthorn

Sketch WanderthornEdit

Sketch Wanderthorn is a 17 year old white male Squib from Tatooine. He was formally a Sergeant First Class of a militaristic Recon squad called "Ghost Recon" and currently works as an Explorer, researching and exploring the far reaches of the galaxy. When he was in Ghost Recon, he was renowned for his ability to draw up images of scouting locations, terrain, etc. for future planning. He would be able to draw where Tusken Raider camps were hidden, the type of land they lived around, and how far away they were from his home location. Sketch is, quite simply, an astounding artist. He is able to draw perfect images of creatures, buildings, people, etc. in mere minutes with his specialized drawing pen and a number of drawing pads he carries with him.

Aside from his keen ability to explore and draw, he is also a skilled fist fighter, and even knows how to handle a blaster and a melee weapon. He has studied extensive martial arts techniques and melee techniques, and so he prefers fist fighting and melee combat over blasters. Sketch has amazed people, everywhere he goes, with his unique drawing ability, and has most recently landed upon Ruusan, where he has impressed a number of Jedi as well. He has found the Jedi to be a very interesting group of people, with strong discipline and honor everywhere they go. He currently resides on Ruusan, taking a break from exploring, to get to understand the Jedi even further. He has taken a liking towards the healing process of the Force, and hopes to learn more about that in the future, but ultimately, Sketch will never leave behind his ability to draw and explore.


Early LifeEdit


Sketch Wanderthorn was born into a militaristic family that lived on the outskirts of Mos Espa, on a Moisture Farm. Sketch was a very fussy toddler in his time as a baby, often causing his mother, Morgan, to stop and take care of him a lot. This eventually created the setup that the Wanderthorn Farm had stuck with for the rest of their existence, and that is Morgan would take care of Sketch, the house, and the meals, while Sketch's father, Eric, would maintain the perimeter and scout for any nearby Tusken camps, and finally, Sketch's brother, Riley, would maintain the farm, as he was strong enough, and disciplined enough, to do it. Sketch grew up with a keen sense to learn visually. He would often be seen playing with his mother's crops and extracting liquids from them to make images on the ground. Sketch was always getting into trouble, and he couldn't sit still in one area for very long, but aside from his multiple flaws, Sketch was very, very friendly, even as a toddler, often cuddling with his parents, or brother, if he noticed they were upset or having a bad day.

Wanderthorn FarmEdit

As Sketch grew, so did his ability to visualize what his parents asked of him, and he would often draw images for his parents to see what he wants, rather than verbally speaking. His parents began to wonder if Sketch would ever talk to them, or if he would just draw all the time. Sketch continued to be his overly friendly self, often greeting strangers or traders with a firm hand shake, instead of the common bow. The traders and such thought that Sketch had some kind of mental issue, and perhaps they were right, as Sketch did display some rather unusual traits.

One day, Sketch decided to start talking to his parents, quoting, "Bein' quiet all teh time gets borin', it does. Ah'll start talkin' ta ya guys so we can get stuff done faster, k?" It was with that one sentence that Sketch's father, Eric, decided it was time to teach Sketch how to do minor chores around the farm house, now realizing that Sketch was capable of interacting with others besides drawing all the time. Sketch was 7 years old when he finally started talking on a regular basis, though his way of speaking was... strange, at best.

Sketch spent a lot of time helping his mother with chores around the house, and even occasionally, when he was finished, would go help Riley, as he looked up to Riley. Sketch was always asking Riley questions about the farm, wanting to learn more and more every day. Riley was a major asset to Sketch's ability to understand things quick, because Riley would always answer with really complex answers, or really scattered answers. Sketch had to learn on his own what his brother meant, some times, but when he got it, he was overjoyed that he finally understood what was going on.

One day, Sketch saw his dad and a few of his dad's friends getting ready to go scouting. They decided to form a group called Ghost Recon, which would work like a regular military group, but perform recon instead of fighting.

Tusken RaidersEdit

One day, when Sketch was almost 10 years old, he decided to sneak up behind his dad while they were scouting. As Sketch was a visual learner, he would watch how his father ascended rocky walls and dangerous cliffs, then do so himself when his father and his friends made some distance away. As he was following his father, he miscalculated how they were walking and he slipped and fell right into a Tusken Camp. The Tusken Raiders were preparing to release their hounds onto Sketch, but just before they did, Sketch's father jumped down and came to Sketch's aid. As Sketch tried to hide from the hounds, the Ghost Recon squad took care of the Tusken Raiders and the hounds together, proving that they are capable of combat. However, when they turned to get Sketch, he was gone.

Sketch was so terrified that he fled into a cave, which was filled with Tusken Raiders and their hounds. Sketch was captured and beaten for several hours before the Ghost Recon squad found Sketch in the cave and killed the Tusken Raiders.

Sketch took months to recover from his torture, with several broken bones and major cuts. He had learned his lesson to never follow his father on the scouting nights, and so he never followed his father again. Instead, in the mean time, he continued to draw pictures, drawing those terrible memories of what the Tusken Raiders looked like, along with their camp and their weapons, and even some of their hounds. While he would take a break from drawing, he would learn how to fight with his fists and feet, teaching himself martial arts based off some information he received from a Mos Espa trainer over the Holonet.

10 years old and already nearly killed in a curious accident. Sketch spent several months cowering inside of the house, avoiding contact with anyone.

Ghost ReconEdit

Some years later, Sketch asked his father if he could join Ghost Recon. His father told him to ask again when he turned 15, and he did so. By this time, Sketch was still overly friendly towards those around him, but he was a bit more serious at the same time. He would often take into consideration how others were feeling and he would try not to be a pain in the arse. Along with this, Sketch had also mastered martial arts, and so he was a terrifying sight when it came to hand to hand combat with him. When he joined Ghost Recon, he was given a simple blaster, in case he had to do some kind of ranged attack, so he started doing target practice with that on the week nights.

Tagging along with his father, Sketch was well known for being able to draw up territory, scenary, and encampments as to where Tusken Raiders were staying, how they moved, what areas were suitable for them, and where they could attack from. Sketch was very, very helpful towards the Ghost Recon squad, so he was easily promoted to Sergeant First Class and his father even rewarded Sketch with a special hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. Sketch wears his hat, with rank, at all times.



After spending a year with Ghost Recon, Sketch approached his mother and father and informed them that he wanted to see the galaxy more; he wanted to be an explorer. It was a very quick decision, from both his mother and father, to let him be an explorer, but for the first few months of his career, Sketch would be forced to stay on Tatooine and report his findings to his parents. His parents wanted to ensure that he would stick with it, rather than do it for a week and be done. Sketch ended up proving to his parents that exploration was a passion to him, and even provided drawings of such things as the Krayt Dragon Graveyard, the great Sarlacc pit, the ruins of Jabba's Palace, and so much more. His parents provided him with the funds to go buy a ship to take him off the planet.

Aside from his interests in drawing, martial arts, and exploration, Sketch also had an eye for antique ships, and so, even if it was a relic as compared to most ships of his day and age, he would be eager to crawl aboard said relic and, if he had permission, tweak the ship a bit to make it more suitable for this day and age.

So with the money his parents provided, Sketch went out and bought an ancient, and rather beat up, YT-1300 Corellian Transport. He refitted the ship to be able to support life in space again and even made some of his own special modifications to it, with the spare money he had left over. He took his relic ship and traveled the galaxy for several months, exploring such places as Chandrilla, Tython, Naboo, and even Dathomir. He managed to dig up a few other relics in his time exploring as well, including ancient blasters, some ship remains, and some jewelry that he even managed to clean up and sell. Sketch loved the idea of being on the move and using his hands to get through stuff, so being an excavator, so to speak, was also one of his favorite things to do.


It was not long before little Sketch discovered the planet of Ruusan, just before his 17th birthday. He came to the planet with the same eagerness as he had with previous planets and, in his visit, he managed to get to know several of the residents of the Ruusan Jedi Temple. One thing about the Ruusan Jedi Temple that interested Sketch was this Force thing the Jedi spoke of. He had never heard of it, but he wanted to learn more about it and, if possible, draw it.

During his time on Ruusan, he got to know the Jedi, learned a little bit about them, then, just as he was preparing to leave, he was approached and told he had potential by a dark figured person. Sketch assumed it was a Jedi Master trying to keep himself concealed, so Sketch returned to the Ruusan Temple and applied to become a Hopeful.

However, it was not long after his application went through that he had to return to Tatooine over something rather grim.


His parents called him, telling him to stay away from Tatooine; to get as far away as possible. Ignoring their requests, and wanting to help them, he returned to Tatooine only to find the entire moisture farm destroyed, and his parents laying against a moisture vaporator with gashes against their backs. There was a datapad hanging out of his father's pocket, so he picked it up and read it. He discovered that his parents were, in fact, ex Jedi that decided to leave the Jedi Order to settle down and be a family. His father let Sketch know, on the datapad, that they loved him and that they hope he will not try to avenge them, as that is against everything they stood for.

Sketch took a few minutes to cry before he buried his parents and fled Tatooine. He found no remnants of his brother Riley, so he could only assume that he got off the planet safely, or at least managed to get away from whatever killed his parents. He assumed it was the Sith, due to their recent interest in conquering the galaxy, but he didn't want to get ahead of himself; he wanted to honor his parents' wishes and not go after who did this to them.


Upon returning back to Ruusan, Sketch got it into his mind that if he was constantly sad about his parent's deaths, he would be an easy target to those who seek power over others, and that would not make him a very suitable Jedi. So in an effort to avoid such an issue, he cancelled his application for the Jedi of Ruusan and fled the planet, seeking other ways to learn about the Force without worrying about being declared a Jedi or Sith.

The Path of the JediEdit


Though Sketch continued to explore the galaxy, he always had constant wish that he could be a Jedi. It itched at him like a bad rash, so eventually, some months after leaving Ruusan, he decided to start visiting libraries, information centers, and even Jedi Temples around the galaxy. The libraries supplied him with a lot of information about the Jedi and their ways.

One day, Sketch was flying through space and he decided to explore the planet of Thule, despite how dangerous it is. He discovered a Sith base, but it was relatively empty when he got there. He decided to go to the library there and he learned a great bit more about the Jedi through the Jedi sections in the Sith library. He ignored any Sith information that he came across, not wanting to risk becoming interested in it because he knew what it would lead to. Sketch was young, but he wasn't stupid.

As soon as he discovered that the Sith were just off on a training mission, he immediately rushed back to his ship and took off, leaving the planet. He knows for certain that the Sith more than likely knew his presence, but he hopes they don't care, as he was, after all, just an explorer.

Personal TrainerEdit

Some few days after his departure from Thule, he came across an old holonet article about something called the Shadow Jedi. It showed a video of a Jedi killing a Sith Trooper from the shadows, then two other Jedi killing the remaining Sith Troopers in the area. The first Jedi spoke into the holonet feed saying, "The Shadow Jedi have returned."

Interested in finding this Jedi, Sketch returned to Ruusan and, by luck, managed to find that same Jedi working for the Antarian Rangers of Ruusan. His name was Tyrav WhiteWing. Sketch spoke to Tyrav and pleaded that Tyrav train him, in secret, in the ways of the Jedi. Tyrav agreed, but only because Tyrav was also without an order, so he knew how it felt.

Some few months passed and Tyrav had taught everything he knew to Sketch, and Sketch absorbed all of it like a sponge. Tyrav nominated Sketch a Jedi Knight, though Sketch had not truly earned it through an order, he was more than skilled enough to deserve such a rank.

Sketch eventually bid Tyrav farewell and left to explore the galaxy again, now understanding the Jedi and their behaviors and teachings, Sketch wanted to learn more about the other orders out there and their practices, and also possibly join a real order.



Sketch's Disguise for Onderon

Upon reaching Onderon, Sketch was prepared to explore as he always had, but the locals explained to him, in a harsh way, that his kind of Squib Sub-species is not liked on the planet, so he was asked to leave. However, prior to leaving, a strange Merchant sold Sketch some kind of device called an Ooglith Masquer. The device was dirt cheap, and Sketch sensed there was some kind of catch. He didn't realize the catch was that the Ooglith Masquer attaches to each pore in your skin and is extremely painful to put on. However, Sketch managed to survive the process and now wanders Ruusan disguised as a young human male.

In his time on Onderon, Sketch has acquainted himself with a Jedi Order called the Ac'Trayth, and has learned to like the Order in his short time being there. He has decided to spend more time on Onderon to get to know the Order's members a bit, so he rented a house nearby. He even found a young woman, within the Ac'Trayth Order, whom did not have a home to live on, so he's allowing her to live in his apartment. Sketch has always felt that nobody should have to sleep on the streets, and Sketch has experience roughing it, so Sketch happily allowed the woman to have the bedroom while he slept on the couch.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Sketch is, as his name suggests, a sketchy character. He can't sit still for very long and is easily distracted. He's overly friendly, so instead of the generic Jedi bow that most Jedi will do to strangers, Sketch will approach said stranger, firmly grab their right hand, and shake it frantically with his common phrase, "Allo thar, Ah'm Sketch. Pleased ta meet'cha!"

Aside from his outgoing behavior and overly friendly actions, he's really quite serious when the time calls for it. During his time in Ghost Recon, along with his exploration and being in danger a lot, Sketch knows that there's a time for being silly and a time for being serious.

Sketch also loves to draw things he's never seen before, or knows he never will see again, so it's not uncommon for him to approach people and ask if he can draw them.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Speed Artist (Can draw very professional looking images in only a few minutes)
  • Explorer (One of his favorite things to do in life is to explore the galaxy, so he knows how to get around)
  • Martial Arts
  • Medicine (Sketch is rather good at healing himself, but he's never had to heal other people until his visit to Ruusan)
  • Observant
  • Witty
  • Careful
  • Overly Friendly


  • Can't sit still for very long
  • Easily distracted
  • Very hands-on (He doesn't like to be lectured about something, then not doing something to show he knows what he has been taught)
  • Overly Friendly
  • Loss of his family (emotional issue. He's working to bypass it)



Sketch is almost always seen wearing his Ghost Recon outfit. Due to the fact that he is the last surviving member of Ghost Recon, he wears his suit with pride to represent that which Ghost Recon once was. He carries, in his traveling case, several drawing pads (similar to electronic tablets, but work like paper), a special pen he carries that looks like an old, overused pencil, and various bottles of water and refridgerated blue milk that look like bomb canisters.


The Searching HeartEdit

As Sketch always had a heart for being an explorer, the idea of calling his ship the Searching Heart seemed a perfect name for an explorer that enjoyed exploring more than anything else. It is a relic, a YT-1300 Corellian Transport, refitted to fit his personal interests.

OOC InformationEdit

There are a few things I take very seriously when it comes to my Star Wars Role Play experience.


1) No mutilation / dismemberment - I do NOT like to have body parts removed from my character. I like looking the way I look right now and I'd rather not change it just to entertain someone in RP.

2) No perma death - I will NOT let my character die off because a player is too bored to figure out what might be killing my character, or is enjoying killing my character. If I have to, I will void the RP if I feel it's gone too far.

3) No Meter / Tag Meta Gaming - If you see "Jedi" in my tag or meter, then say "I sense light energies around you" then I will ignore you. My character is a Jedi, yes, but he has not learned many powers yet, and even behaves more like a civilian than a Jedi, so sensing his light aura would be very challenging at best. If you do ANYTHING to meta-game that I am a Jedi, including calling me out because of how I dress, then I will ignore you and possibly mute you if it continues.

4) No FFC God Moding - FFC is a challenge for me, and lately, with my internet going slow, I've been forced to resort to FFC. Just because I'm not good at FFC does not mean I should lose to a Sith Master simply because of 'rank' or 'affiliation'. It just doesn't work like that. So if people dodge every attack I make and never take damage, I will void the combat and leave.

5) Kidnap / Slavery - I'm okay with this stuff, but it needs to be discussed with me first.