A self taught light side user that wanders from system to system in search of more knowledge and understanding of the Force.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Ski Helle was born on Rodia. As a child, he grew increasingly restless and knew that he was meant for greater things. Driven by this restlessness and tired of the violence of his own people, he stowed away on a freighter at the age of fourteen. He eventually hopped ships and systems until arriving on Coruscant and spending a great deal of time in the Jedi library, soaking up the vast knowledge therein.

Companions Edit

R5-D9 Edit

Ski's R5-series astromech droid, R5-D9,accompanies him on most ocassions. Found beaten and battered in a junk pile on Coruscant, Ski managed to salvage him and restore and update many of his functions. Also tweaking his personality matrix to fix the factory glitches the R5 series was well known for. Outdated as he may be, R5-D9 continues to be a very reliable droid to have around.

Xzara Edit

Ski Helle on Tatooine SWRP 001

Ski and his Varactyl mount on Tatooine

Xzara is a female Varactyl Ski came across on Tatooine. Exactly how she arrived on the planet is not known. Ski had heard some noise while wandering through the Jundland Wastes and discovered a group of Womp Rats raiding Xzara's nest and feeding on her eggs. He managed to disperse the rats but, all the eggs were destroyed. The Varactyl mother soon came back to her nest to find Ski waiting. He managed to use his Animal friendship Force ability to comfort and befriend the beast.

Force Abilities Edit

Ski Helle's Force abilities remain limited and underdeveloped due to the lack of formal training. His powers include Force jump, animal friendship, limited the Force pull (can only use on small objects such as Lightsaber hilts nothing much bigger), Force healing, and limited form of Force absorb (can only simply deflect energy from such souces as blaster fire not being able to truly absorb it).

Lightsabers Edit

Ski Helle on Talus SWRP 001

Ski trains on Talus with R5-D9 keeping him company.

Ski wields dual lightsabers. The green blade being constructed using a yellow crystal and a rare blue Permafrost crystal. And the other being gold which was constructed of three crystals,one Barab Ore Ingot, a Dark Yellow crystal and a Light Yellow crystal. The latter two crystals were used to maintain the cohesion of the blade produced by the first. Both blades use a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse so they do not short out underwater and the hilts were designed with pressure switches in each so that they would extinguish if dropped.

Out of Character Edit

I am fairly new to the SWRP scene in Second Life. However, I have been a Star Wars fan for many years. My knowledge is pretty much limited to the movies and timelines make my head hurt. Please be patient if you meet me, I am still learning.