Skyli Naidoo was a Holonet Repoter who was the host of a program 'Rapid News' which targeted the young adult demographic... She was known for being somewhat eccentric and confrontational with her interview subjects once blasting a Senator from Bakura for being a 'boring prude' in Skyli's words. As of late she worked briefly as a Hostess at Lysis Casino but left to pursue a role in a yet to be released holofilm based on the conflict between the Pantoran's and the Talz several centuries ago.

She is also the stepdaughter of Pantoran Assembly spokeswoman Bree Naidoo, who also served on the People's Galactic Alliance Senate as the Senator for Rothana at a time. Her father was one of the top politician's in the Pantoran Assembly but died under mysterious circumstances.

She is also known as Elly Omizu, her reason for the two identities has yet to be discovered, though as Elly she can add several occupation's to her resume including scientist, therapist, and exotic dancer.