Early LifeEdit

Born on the Squib homeworld of Skor II, Winder as he's known to most, grew up in his family unit of junk dealers and black market weapon vendors among other things.

He was always fascinated by what most people considered to be junk or useless trash and had a knack for taking broken droids and equipment and rebuilding them into useful if crude devices.

Life on Nal HuttaEdit

At a relatively young age he left his home planet on a Squib Needle ship named The Reclaimer as part of it's crew in it's mission to recover trash from ships as they jettison it between jumps, at one of these stops they jumped in to the middle of a space battle between space pirates and the freighter they had been shadowing.

Caught in the fire-fight they fought off the pirates by throwing the larger hunks of scrap in their cargo hold but were forced to make an emergency landing on Nal Hutta, after dealing with the local Hutt crime lord Dunka for a slightly used freighter, Winder decided to stay on Hutta as both an agent of the Squib Merchandising Consortium and as a junk dealer and black market front for Dunka after convincing him he needed one.

Destitution and life on New AlderaanEdit

While on a trip to the planet New Alderaan to see if he could secure some needed resources for Unubunko, he learned that the gang had suddenly collapsed for reasons that weren't quite clear to him, now effectively stranded on New Alderaan he decided to make the best of a bad situation and started seeking out a small living, often digging through refuse piles and collectors and fixing and selling whatever he could, sleeping in alleys and under bridges when the weather was bad.

Rescue from the streetsEdit

While seeking out a life on the street's of New Alderaan, he was stumbled upon (quite literally) by a Jedi who after talking with him briefly, sensed his connection to the force and invited him to come to Bakura to possibly become a member of the Jedi order, when he arrived there after being taken there by the Jedi's Padawan he was tested and found to be close to the force and was taken in by the order after accepting the offer of being trained in the ways of the force.

The Jedi OrderEdit

In the beginning..Edit

Shortly after being accepted into the Jedi Order he was placed under the tutelage of the Jedi Yirit Maruti, beginning his training on Ossus and receiving his first lightsaber there and while slightly shaky at first, but quickly took to the teachings of the force and saber combat and shows lots of promise for the future.

Battle for UmbaraEdit

His first formal assignment as a Jedi was to the planet Umbara which had come under attack by New Sith Order forces, in the battle above the planet he and two other Jedi he had been assigned along with engaged a Sith boarding party that had boarded their ship, in the ensuing battle he cut the leg off of the Sith apprentice that had accompanied the boarding party just below his knee but they were forced to retreat as the battle outside the ship had gone badly for them.

Upon escaping from the ship with his comrades and linking up with Republic 3rd Troop elements, he was reassigned to a small strike force to protect the backup generators and AA turrets from Sith assault, while the troops were successful at defending the AA guns and taking down the Sith bomber wing that was heading for the capital the team was largely decimated in the fighting, however Winder managed to hold his own against the Mandalorian known as Akaan and a nameless Sith trooper he was wounded in the fighting and shortly afterwards engaged the Sith lord known as Darth Apparition who had been part of the strike force sent to take out the generators and AA turrets, in the short fight that ensued he was kicked hard in the chest and sent flying but due to the intervention of another trooper who had come across them managed to crawl away from the battlefield and was picked up by Republic troops and treated for his wounds.

After a month of fighting on the planet, in the final skirmish outside the Umbara capitol, he duelled once again with Darth Apparition where he defeated him in an act that surprised even him, however it was a short lived victory as his apprentice took the opportunity to stab him in the back, as the battlefield was cleared the Republic 3rd Mechanized medical corps flew in, medevac'ing them back to New Alderaan after losing the planet to the Sith Empire, and upon arriving back home were rushed to proper medical facilities where he was placed in a bacta tank to recover, though his close encounter with the dark side may have left a deeper running wounds in him then could be healed with bacta and first aid, only time would tell however..

Constructing a lightsaberEdit

After the final battle for Umbara had been lost, he had fallen unconcious from the wounds sustained in the battle and being evacuated had his lightsaber kicked away on accident by the republic forces evacuating the wounded from the field.

Upon arriving back and being de-briefed by his master on the events of Umbara he was taken to the planet Dantooine by his master Maruti after choosing it as the site to look for his lightsabers crystal, after asking the local Jedi enclave members about the location for a force crystal cave they departed for the settlements outskirts working their way around to the entrance of the crystal cave, there Winder looked around and found a crystal that he felt was calling out to him, a cyan crystal growing in a pool of water.

Afterwards he set up a small place on the rocks and assembled his new lightsaber using the force to align the parts together and assemble it.

Afterwards he engaged in some meditation at the suggestion of his master, he had a hard time finding his center though from the almost overwhelming pulses of the force crystals in the cave and the dark presence the sith artifact in the fields outside the cave created, in his visions he saw the various sith he had encountered and engaged on and above Umbara as well as the whispers of the dark side calling out to him, his meditation was broken when he saw a flash of a dark masked face he had never seen before.

Disturbed by this he and his master departed Dantooine and traveled back to Umbara however the vision's he had on Dantooine weighed on his mind on the trip back.

Further action against the NSO on Nar ShaddaaEdit

Winder was part of a small strike team sent to ambush a sith scouting party on Nar Shaddaa , though the scouting party itself turned out to be an ambush of it's own.

He held his own against the NSO sorceress Lady Nuria and defeating her, taking advantage of her lapse in attentiveness to take her down.

The skirmish was a bittersweet victory though as one of the other padawans on the mission was critically injured by Darth Apparition, though the NSO forces were ultimately routed from the scene after N-Sec officers arrived on the scene to assist them.


Winder took part in a Jedi raid on Endor when it was rumored the NSO was looking for any ancient artifacts from the Death Star II that may have belonged to Palpatine.

He engaged a sith he had fought earlier above the planet of Umbara and defeated him by force throwing a rock straight at his forehead, knocking him out with it but he had dropped his guard in the process and was stabbed in the left shoulder by the sith's compatriot.

After it became apparent the battle was inconclusive Jedi Master Hoggil Torok came to Winder's aid and helped the wounded Squib back to Bakura, leaving behind a battlefield where Ewok's had joined in on both sides of the conflict fighting each other, he would recover from his injuries for the next two weeks.

Traits and personalityEdit


Generally friendly with others even those that he doesn't know, speaks galactic basic better then most other Squib's by way of interacting often with humans and other native speakers at a young age, fluent in high squibbian and the more common squibbal and often records business transactions and personal notes in them for reasons of privacy and security.


Force sensitive, while not a common trait in his race there have been those born with sensitivity to the force, while himself not generally aware of this gift he has on more then one occasion he's accidentally thrown something across the room with it, though he attributes this mostly to some freak accident or either bad or good luck depending on the outcome of what happened, mostly bad though.

Prefers others use his shortened name "Winder" when in conversation or doing buisness.


A bit taller then average for his species at 1.4m in height, gray furred with some facial tattoo's.

Average build for his species.

Scars on his left side torso from a blaster bolt and back in front from a saber stab that he received in combat on Umbara while fighting the Sith and their allies.


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