The Somnium Combat System (for short SCS for now) is a combat meter designed for SWRP by Maabus Dryke and is right now used on The Italian Sim of Zonama Sekot mainly. But its community of users grows steadily and you can see the meter more often in other sims as an alternative to RCS or FCRS.

System Edit

The combatsystem of SCS is very similar to other meters used in SWRP. It is compatible to all Lightsabers and Melee weapons on the market which are also compatible with DCS and it supports Blasters from various makers as well.

It features different classes and and can host custom guilds (which can act as jedi/sith order or army or whatever the group of users need).

In Developement Edit

Right now the system is in development but fairly stable in its latest release 0.9.3. It included the first draft of Force powers with the promise to inlcude non-force-user powers soon.

Scs poster

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