Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Speculative Writer was born at the Anzat Spaceport on a stopover for fuel while his parents were travelling to Coruscant. However, plans for the family changed as his father became close friends with an Anzati elder and took up a position working at the spaceport.

Exploring Edit

When Speculative would visit other worlds were the only times he ever got into any real trouble. Many freighters and passenger craft passing through the Anzat Spaceport gave great opportunity to stow away with the cargo and travel to bigger spaceports and planets. The trip out of Anzat was always an easy one as he knew the boarding and loading procedures of the spaceport well. The trip back was the tricky part. As he attempted to board small freighters back to Anzat Spaceport, Speculative was often caught by the authorities and detained for quite some time while he tried to talk his way out of it.

Work Edit

Freelance reporter working from the Anzat Spaceport. Speculative still loves to travel and often takes off in search of a story. Hoverbikes and Speeder races are always worth a visit. Moving from Anzat Speculative now works for the Mos Espa News office and can bee seen wandering Mos Espa looking for stories.