Starbase Alpha (abbreviated as SBA) is a Second Life sim, later accompanied by SSA (Star Station Alpha), allowing space travelers to dock their ship few hours (even the large one) after few formality. Docking a ship for a long time is also possible.

The sim doesn't enforce a Star Wars background, some other science fiction theme involving ships are also allowed.

Original Birth Place of Obsidian Dominion, who organized their campaign using two capital ships the "Slightly Dangerous" and afterwards "Pandoras Box" then moving to Sith Space and Planet Roon.

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Starbase Alpha offers an innovative way to use their sims for vehicle rezzing.

  • Pay a monthly fee for the right to rez 'x' number of prims on the sim while you are in the sim
  • Pay a monthly fee for the right to rez 'x' number of prims on the sim, and keep them rezzed.

The difference between the two prices is significant. The former being in the lower thousands per month vs. the latter being in the 30k range.

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