Starships are vehicles from the Star Wars universe, used for interstellar travels.

Type of ships Edit

The ships are very present in SWRP, several types of ships can be distinguished.

Physic based ships Edit

This is small units able to move fluidly in Second Life space, up to 4096m hight.

The Second Life limitation on this ship is the amount of prims, pilots and passengers, the additions of all of them having to be less or equal as 32.

They can be used a fighters if equipped with a Combat System or as shuttle from a place to another. They also can be displayed as sim background decoration.

Large ships Edit

This ships are still movable and intented to be seen but go beyond the limits of 32 objects or avatars linked. Their move is much less fluid and, the objects moving my small jumps.

If the ship is made by more than 256 prims and passengers, it has to be splited in multiple parts, which move separately like a train, which can look very odd in a lagging environment.

Large ships are used as larger transport device for roleplay or as home or small base for groups.

Ship areas Edit

This are very large ships where inside counts more than outside. This ships are usually not intended to be seen from outside. All the object composing such ships are not linked together, preventing any move of the ship in Second Life, even if their move can be roleplayed.

They are used as full Roleplay areas or as sim entrance, or both, the visitors coming in the planet by this ships.

Implicit Ships Edit

This ships are not displayed, however they are used implicitly when people transport from a sim to another, or at far distance. Even if the transport is instant in Second Life teleporters, the time of travel in Star Wars hyperspace can be roleplayed.

Implicit ships also abound as backgroup of Spaceport or large town themed sims.

See Also Edit

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