Birth & NOJ Edit

I was born to Daneus Tran and Lasia Jewell. My father is a Jedi Master. I am not sure about my mother. I have older twin sisters. Rayven and Crimmson, who are one year older than me. I was born in Naboo and I lived there all my life until I came to Yavin IV.

When I was one year old, my father left us and went on a 'Great Mission'. My mother told me and my sisters that he would be back, but until he came back we had to practice being one with the Force and strengthing our abilities. My abilities were being able to foresee things with my eyes and by touch. At that time my eyes were a brilliant blue. Until I was four, this is what my sisters and I did. I was young but my dedication and determination to make my father proud made me work hard every day.

Then one terrible day, when I was four years old, Sith came looking for my father. My mother did the best to protect us, but it didn't work. When the Sith couldn't find my father, they killed my mother, and kidnapped me. It turned out that the Sith had made the plans to go to our home and act like they were looking for my father just to kidnap me. Killing my mother was not in their plans, but they got very angry that she was protecting me and my sisters, so naturally, they killed her.

I was young, but I was smart, strong, and determined.

The Sith told me that I had no choice but to use my abilities for their evil plans. because of my strength, determination, and smarts, I kept them from using me to their advantages. They did everything they could to make me, but I wouldn't let them.

The Sith decided that since they couldn't use me to their advantage, no one else would be able to use my ability to use my eyes. They poured a chemical into them to seal them shut. I was with them for one year while they tried to force me to their advantages.

After that one year, they sold me into slavery. From the time I was five years old until nine years old, I was passed between slave masters. This was a time in my life that I don't remember. There were too many slave masters to remember. I do remember at least being afraid to use the Force while I was with the slave masters. I was afraid that if I tried to use the Force to get me thru my daily chores, the Sith would come back and kill me for that. So I went from day to day, loosing touch with the Force. When I was almost ten years old, some how my grandparents on my mother's side, found me. I'm not sure what they did to get me back, but they did and they saved me. Because I wasn't sure if they were my grandparents, for about the first year I was with them and my sisters, I stayed to myself. I didn't venture far from the house because, of course, I couldn't see and I wouldn't use the Force. I stayed close and I meditated a lot. Sometimes my sister, Rayven would come with me on these meditations and she would try to console me and get me to realize that I was with family.

One day she got angry with me because I was still afraid to believe she was family, she walked up to me and made me touch her. I did my best to fight her because I was afraid of what I would feel but she finally made me, and I was very happy that I did, for when I touched her, I saw our short childhood together, the leaving of our father, the killing of our mother, the kidnapping of me. After that, I didn't stay to myself anymore. I was glad that I was with my family again.

Things happened so fast after this. My family started teaching me to use the Force again. I explained to them that I was afraid to use it because I was afraid the Sith would come back and kill me, but they didn't care. They started to get me to use the Force. It was difficult at first. I hadn't used the Force since I was very young and I kept remembering how I would use the Force when I was little, and it was difficult to use the Force without the use of my eyes. Slowly I finally learned how to be able to use the Force without my eye sight and I was doing well, but I felt that my grandparents had concerns about me. They started taking journeys and leaving me with my sisters at home. When they came back they wouldn't tell us where they had been. They would just say that we need to concentrate on our learning not on what they were doing.

Then one day, when I was around the age of 13, my grandparents came to me and told me that they had found a doctor that they would like to take me to, to see about getting my eyes open. So I went with them. I could use the Force without my eye sight, but they wanted me to be able to have my sight again. The doctor knocked me out and did whatever he did, to get my eyes open. When I came to and opened my eyes, the first thing I saw were my grandparents and then my sisters. They all looked at me as if something had scared them tho. I asked them what was wrong but instead of them telling me, they handed me a mirror. I looked in it, for the first time since I was four years old, and I gasped and dropped the mirror. My eyes were black. I didn't know what this meant, and neither did my family. The doctor couldn't explain it either. My grandparents took me home and told me to continue with my training. After a couple of weeks, my sister, Rayven, got angry with me again. I couldn't figure out why. She told me that I was freaking her out. I asked her how and she told me that when my moods changed, so did my eye color. I told her that that was impossible but she said it wasn't. She forced me to sit down, hold a mirror in front of my face and then she would do what ever she had to do to make me change my moods. She was right, they did change with my moods. My grandparents talked to the doctor that opened my eyes, but the only thing he could say is that he tought the reason for my eyes changing was due to the chemical that the Sith put in my eyes. He said that it was a chemical he had never seen before and that he had no clue what the name of it was or how to treat it.

After this discovery, I lived happily with my family for the next four years. My sisters and I continued to train ourselves to use the Force and help our grandparents. My sisters and I were happy on Naboo with our grandparents, but we started feeling that Naboo wasn't what we needed anymore. Our father had not returned and the Force was pulling us away from Naboo. We weren't sure what we were suppose to do, so we sat down and talked to our grandparents. They told us that if the Force was pulling us somewhere else, then we had better follow it and see where it lead. They also told us to find our father while we were on our journey of finding ourselves and he could explain more to us than they could.

When I was 18 and my sisters 19, we said farewell to our grandparents and we started our journey. We followed the Force and ended up here on Yavin IV. The Force was so strong for us here that when we got here, we could sense that our father was somewhere near or he had at least left a trace of him here, hoping that we would find him.

My sister, Rayven, talked to someone and next thing I know, she's part of the NOJ and became a Padawan. Soon after she became a Padawan to Master Helion Dragonash, we found our father and our aunt, Master Cherek Elswit. We are so happy that we found them, but we did not know our aunt was a Master Jedi. We didn't even know we had an aunt. We thought our journey would just have us find our father, but we are very happy to have our aunt in our lives also.

Then Master Helion invited me to the NOJ, and a couple days later, I became part of the NOJ family. My sister, Crimmson has been invited and is now part of the NOJ family.

I am a Padawan, in the order of NOJ. Master Aerion Utu was training me, but when we lost Yavin IV as our home, he disappeared. I waited as long as I could, for him to come back, but he did not return. I now have Helion Dragonash as my master and my training is going well. During the time of waiting for another master, I was pregnant with twins. I have had them since. There was a boy and a girl. The girl died at birth. The boy, his father took him and went to a farm on Tatooine. The father gave me my son back. I wish to become a Jedi, to follow in my father's and my aunt's footsteps. I wish to follow their footsteps, not fill their shoes. Their shoes are too big for me to even try to fill. I wish to help people, whether it be by healing, listening, or teaching. I wish to do great things, but the most important things that I wish to do are getting to know my family better, to learn balance with the Force, to bring peace to galaxy, and to become one with the Force.

I believe I will be a great Jedi, but I can not get there by myself. I need training, determination, and my families and friends help. As for my sisters, one has left the order, the other is still with the order, but for how long, I'm not sure. My son, Dako-ta, is now a member of the NOJ and I hope that he becomes a great Jedi.

Alot of things have happened to me. I have been poisoned by a Sith from Darth Rowe's group.

I am also blind. My father and I are not exactly sure as to how I became blind, but I am sure he will figure out if there is a way to cure the blindness or not.

I am now a Knight with the NOJ. I was Knighted on 8/13/08. I feel very honored and priveledged to be a knight in this order. My eye color meanings: Dark Blue-Peaceful Black-Worry Yellow-The Darkside Brown-Training Mode Bright Blue-Happy Green-Envy or Jealousy Orange-Meditating Red-Anger Purple-Excited

Sith Poisoning (Written by Danues Tran) Edit

After the Attack on several Jedi, by Darth Rowe, Darth Dolor and their friends, I had travelled to Ruusan, and went to check on Storm who was injured there. Upon examining her, I further cared for her wounds, and found that she had the symptoms of a disease thought gone for 300 years.. having conducted tests and confirmed this I synthesized an antidote, and it seemed to be going well.. however, as it cleared, further symptoms became apparent…

The poison has been Genetically Designed to target her father’s DNA ~ Daneus Tran

It is believed that the poison was given to Storm by Sith at the age of 4 when she was taken by sith seeking to take her father, and held a year by them.. the poison, altering the DNA gradually causes bodily systems to break down or to work differently from their normal functions.

The poison was removed completely, however the poison had been created and bonded using Sith Alchemy, so with the right trigger, it reformed within her with a larger amount then the original …

1st Theory, It affected family members due to the similarity of their DNA. I conducted Tests on Storm’s Son, Dako’s Blood and intend to on her daughter’s blood and my other daughter here, Crimm’s Blood to check if it will affected them also.

2nd Theory Though Daneus Tran’s true race/species is not known, this still needs to be discovered ((the rp to do it was interrupted and well now will need redoing)) the adaptability of the DNA raised a concern, so I conducted tests on several visitors that came, their own DNA would be much further removed from Daneus’s own DNA, however it was found it would affect each of them, .. having already realized it had been genetically designed to target Daneus’s DNA the theory is that due to the adaptability and… certain factors of Daneus it assumes ANY target to potentially be Daneus, therefore affecting any it comes in contact with….

Cured of Poison Edit

I was cured of the poison by one of the last original Massassi Sith. In the curing of the poison, he also transferred the powers that he had to me. They started out weak, and I didn't test them or try to make them stronger. I felt that when the Force thought it was a good idea, then I would test them and strengthen them. Until then, they have been left dormant.

From NOJ to CJO Edit

Storm Memel was made a knight, two days after her Master had left the order. During that time, Storm went about her daily business, trying to help everywhere she could. After about five years from when her Master left the order, she began to notice that the place she had called her home and family for so long had changed. There seemed to be much corruption among the Masters. She worked dilligently to restore the order she hand known, refusing to give up hope, until on day, nearly ten years later, a well known Jedi Knight arrived on Ruusan after having been thought dead.

He did not come alone. He had betrayed the Jedi and led the Sith to them. Storm and the Jedi of Ruusan fought valiantly for close to a year as the Sith continue to bring in more troops in an effort to wipe out the Jedi.

Realizing that this war could not be won, Storm chose to freeze herself in a secluded and well hidden natural area that was strong in the light side of the Force. She knew that she would safe there and would one day awaken to begin to rebuild the Jedi. She did not know her Masters fate or the fate of the order she called home, but she felt the deaths of many Jedi before the cryo sleep took her thoughts and her feelings for the long deep sleep that lay ahead.

Storm awoke many many years later, in the same place she had froze herself, but the scenery had changed considerably. For quite a few days, she stumbled around the planet she was on trying to find food and water to get her strength back up. Her entire time of roaming the planet she was on, she never encountered any Basic speaking life forms. Her mind was tortured with the last feelings and thoughts she had of the Jedi on Ruusan before she was frozen.

On day while she was walking around, she heard a noise and went to investigate. She still had her lightsaber from before she went into her long sleep, but she hadn't tested it to make sure it still worked. She was hoping that it did just in case.

As she rounded one of the high boulders that she hadn't seen in her days of being awake, she saw what looked like a ship. She went over to it and realized that the noise was coming from it. She investigated the ship more and saw that it was in complete working order. She then decided that it was time to go find other force users. She knew they were still out there because she could sense them, she just wasn't sure as to where to go.

She got into the ship and took off, thinking that maybe her first stop should be Naboo. It was her home planet after all. She thought maybe she could find someone there that could tell her all that had happened.

When she got to Naboo, she put her lightsaber in her boot and cloaked her aura, trying to hide who she was. She went to the cantina to get something to drink. As she walked there, she thanked the force mentally for having her stash some credits on her before she went into cryo freeze.

She walked into the cantina and looked around, then went and sat down. There were many things in which she could sense, but there was one thing that she could sense more than anything. Her senses picked up on a force user, on that she had known a long time before, one that she had called friend. She ordered a drink and looked around carefully. As she looked around, she saw a man across the room. He was dressed in white, with short sandy blond hair, a goatee, and blue eyes. She could see his lightsaber on his side. As she looked at him, she realized who he reminded her of.

Next thing Storm knew, she was standing in front of him, looking into his eyes. He tried to move past her, but she grabbed him by the arm and stopped him, she hadn't spoken a word since she had gone into cryo freeze, so her vocal cords were a little rusty.

She tried to implore him with her eyes, to let him realize who she was, but his face just looked blank, then she opened her mouth and only three words came out of her mouth, "You're......alive?.......How?" and she then slumped to the ground.

She awoke a little bit later, but she was no longer in the cantina. She was in, what looked like a medlab. She looked around and saw wires attached to her body. There was someone near, but she wasn't sure who it was. "Hello?" she called out.

The person she had sensed, walked into the room and came to her. She look at the girl, seeing flashes of her face through her mind as she did. The girl started checking the wires, making sure they were all in place. "You took a nasty fall in the cantina. What's happened to you?" Storm felt as if an anvil had hit her. The voice, the face, she knew this girl, "I know you," she said, "I know you from long ago. How is it that you and him are here?"

The girl looked at Storm and smiled a little, "The same as you are, Lady Storm. Cryo freeze. We chose to go into it here in Naboo. Where did you go?" Storm looked around, shrugging a little, "I don't remember. I will tell you this, there wasn't any food or water there."

The girl looked at Storm and smiled, "I can tell. That's why there are wires hooked to you now. What did you think you were doing cloaking your aura while you were in the cantina? That's too much work when you haven't eaten or had water for nearly 150 years."

Storm's jaw hit her chest as she heard how long she had been in cryo freeze, "150 years? Oh my. That was very foolish of me. Tell me your name. I seem to not be able to remember it right now.""Shyla Hastings. One of Master Helion's padawans. You are Storm Memel, another of his padawans."

Storm nods to Shyla, "Yes. Do you know of his whereabouts? Or anything that has happened to him?"

Shyla then shook her head, "No. Arinu and I have no clue where he is or what happened to him." she then sighed, "I'm afraid that he may have died as the rest did."

It was Storm's turn to shake her head, "No, he didn't. I can still sense him through the Force. We must find him. He's alone." "Storm, even if we could find him, we can't go anywhere with you in this condition."

Storm started to get up, having a reason to hurry up and get back on her feet, but Shyla wouldn't hear of it. "Please Shyla, we have to find him." "Storm, don't make me strap you to this bed. You get strong enough to make a journey to find him and then we will go. Until then you lay there and get better."

Storm sighed and looked out the window, knowing that what Shyla said was true, "Where's Arinu?"

Shyla went out of the room and returned a few minutes later with Arinu. As Storm looked at him, she realized that he hadn't changed in the 150 years since she had last seen him and then she realized, she probably hadn't changed either."Storm! It's good to see you. What were you thinking? Cloaking your aura when you weren't strong enough. I thought Helion had taught you better. Anyway, where have you been? Where did you go into cryo freeze at? What on earth are you doing here?"

Shyla interrupted Arinu's stream of questions by answering him, "She wasn't thinking. She didn't know it had been 150 years. She doesn't remember where she was during cryo and I haven't found out what she's doing here yet." "Same Arinu, hasn't changed. What she says is true. I am here because I felt the prescense of force users but I didn't realize I would run into you two." "Well, I'm glad it was us and not someone else.........."

Storm grabbed a hold of Arinu's wrist at that time and pulled him to her, "Arinu, he's alive. I don't know where he is, but he's alive." Arinu looked from Storm to Shyla and back again, took Storm's hand from around his wrist and turned to Shyla, "Who does she think she is talking about?"

Storm looked at Arinu in disbelief and sighs, "I'm talking about Helion." Arinu's jaw hit the floor as he heard her words and he smirked at her, "You're wrong. I haven't sensed him since before I went into cryo. He's not alive. I don't know what you are talking about." he then looked at Shyla, "Maybe she's hallucinating."

Storm was starting to get aggravated at this point and she set her mind, she started pulling off the wires from her body, making the equipment in the room start beeping, "I'm not hallucinating or loosing my mind, Arinu. He's alive and I know he is. We have to go find him. Now if you won't help me, I will go by myself."

Arinu and Shyla watched Storm in shock. They didn't know what was going on or what Storm thought she was doing, but at this point they weren't going to stop her.

Storm looked at them and sighed, "With your help or without?"

They both shrugged and nodded in agreeance.

"Good. Arinu, I know you have a ship. Go get it ready. Shyla, come with me. Arinu, give us what credits you have. We need to get supplies." Arinu handed Storm his credits and he went to his ship to get it ready. Storm and Shyla went to get supplies.

Later that day they were bound for Ruusan, this being the last place that Storm had sensed Helion on. They got there, saw what was left of the city, searched around for supplies and then left, continuing their journey to find Helion.

Sometime later, after searching every part of the galaxy that they could, Storm sensed a force users prescense in the Yavin Prime system. She asked Shyla and Arinu if Yavin IV was still there. They told her it was, but it had been abandoned. She had Arinu fly the ship into the Yavin Prime system near all the moons, trying to pick up on the prescense she had sensed. As they got closer to Yavin XIII, Storm put her hand on Arinu's arm, "Here. Someone is on that moon. We have to see who." she said, a little excitedly.

Arinu landed the ship on the moon of Yavin XIII in the only clearing that he could.

Storm grabbed her lightsaber and put it on her hip. She motioned to the others to grab their lightsabers as well, just in case.

As she stepped off the ship, she could sense the prescense much closer and she smiled, knowing it was him. She told the other two with the Force that he was here, but she didn't want to rush away from the ship, just in case it was a trap.

Arinu came off the ship last and the only thing Storm heard from him was him complaining about being in space for far too long.

Storm chuckled a little and looked around. As she did, she saw a figure come running towards them from the trees, and she got a huge smile on her face.

The next few days they sat around the fire and talked like old times. They spoke of what had happened before they all went into cryo freezing and the friends and family that they had all lost. Helion told them of his idea of starting the Corellian Jedi Order and they all fully agreed that they wanted to join him. He had the right idea and they wanted to be part of it.

Many years later, they had finally gotten their home built on Yavin XIII. They travelled to near by systems to get what they could to build and to have supplies.

After everything was built, they set out on their journey to search for force sensitives and to rebuild the Jedi.

Finding Storm's Bloodline Edit

After finding Helion on Yavin XIII and building our town and the order, Storm realized that she still didn't know her race. She had had time to heal from the effects of the cryo and was very glad that no one had to give their blood to help her, considering she didn't know what her race was.

She decided one day that she would have Valcanis Seetan, one of the Knights in the order and a healer help her find out. Their medlabe was lucky enough to have different types of blood in it, gathered from around the galaxy to help in case they needed blood to help others.

Storm and Valcanis went to the medlab and Storm told Valcanis what she wanted to do. He understood and they started the tests.

Valcanis went thru every blood in the medlab, taking tests from it and matching it with Storm's. It wasn't until about a week later when Valcanis woke Storm from a nap and told her that he thought she may be Zeltronian. Storm was confused to this, considering that she wasn't sure what a Zeltron was.

She searched high and low for information on the Zeltrons and she finally found it. She compared herself to them, realizing that she wasn't full Zeltron, but half Zeltron and half Human.

While she was looking for the information on Zeltrons, Valcanis was still testing her blood to the Zeltrons blood to see if it were possible.

Storm gathered all the information she could and took it back to Valcanis. He read it and agreed that she was half Zeltron and half Human.

At last, Storm had found out what she was.

Storm's Enhancement of Powers & Blindness Edit

A few weeks after finding her bloodline, a Sith, by the name of Xiax showed up on Yavin XIII. Xiax, as she had come to find out, was the son of a Sith that had trained one of the CJO's padawans in the Force. Xiax had a vengence. He wanted to kill Voren for killing his father. While on the roof, the Sith left with a warning that he would send Lumine, the Kiffu Queen Mando'ade to assassinate Voren. Lumine arrived and in the fighting between Valcanis, Voren, and Lumine, it was revealed that Lumine had a Sith Crystal embedded in her hand. After Valcanis knocked Lumine out, she was taken to the medlab for her wounds. During the time of healing her, she took a knife and cut the crystal out of her hand, throwing it into the corner of the room.

Storm picked it up with full intentions of disposing the crystal later, setting it in her pocket.

During the next couple of days, Storm started feeling weak. Helion begged her to do away with the crystal, but she kept forgetting about it in her pocket, never disposing of it as Helion had begged.

Then Xiax came back again, about a week later. Storm was on her way to the Academy when she felt dizzy and almost fell down the steps leading to the roof.

Once on the roof, she she started to feel light headed. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in a bacta tank in the medlab on Yavin XIII. She found that she could talk to anyone in the room without having to concentrate on using the Force and she also found out that she was blind. She could sense everything around her without trying as well.

Helion told her of how Valcanis had said that she was in a coma and that he had to bring her out of it. Storm didn't remember any of this, but knew that Helion told her the truth. Storm was let out of the bacta tank, but told to lay on a bed. As Storm lay on the bed, she made sure that Valcanis was laid on a bed as well, since he had passed out from the process of trying to bring Storm back out of the coma.

After being released from the medlab, Storm found a quiet place to meditate. While in her meditations, she found out that her powers were so strong that she didn't have to rely upon the Force to use them any longer. All she had to do was have a fleeting thought run thru her mind and her power would do what she wanted it to. This disturbed her, due to the fact that she was a Jedi Master. She didn't want to scare anyone or to hurt anyone with her powers not being controlled. Any time that her powers got out of her control, she would leave the area if there were people gathered there. She realized that she must learn to control her powers to keep from doing harm and to gain the knowledge of when she should use them and when she shouldn't.

She has meditated continuiously on her powers being enhanced and has decided, at least for now to wait until she had more time to develope and control them as she didn't want to harm anyone or herself.