Stray is a Bothan Jedi born and raised on Bothawui. Out of a family of 8, he was the only force-sensitive child. His father, a member of the New Jedi Order, taught him the ways of the Jedi since his childhood. Though his father has passed away, he continues to teach Stray the ways of the Jedi. Stray's father often talks to him through meditation, along with other visions Stray sees when he meditates. What visions Stray sees when he closes his eyes are known only to him...

Though his real name is not Stray, he is called this for a reason. He often skips planets, wandering the galaxy to whatever ends. It is said that his adventures are part of his training. Stray does not belong to any Jedi order, but this does not stop him from standing next to Jedi in defense against the Sith and the Empire. Though Stray often tries to talk his way out of confrontation, in the eye of threat and hate he has the courage and self-lessness to act out in defense against any oppressors, and would willingly make difficult decisions that better the lives of those within the system.