Maximillion Riaxik (Synyster)


Early LifeEdit

Synyster  was born in the richer, more wealthy portion of the imperial controlled planet of Coruscant when the Empire reigned supreme over all. At birth he easily picked up talk and speak of the imperial government being so that his father was a senator at the time. He became interested at a very young age in politics and forms of political power. His mother, human as well, played a big part in raising her son to be different from her husband. She strived to teach him at a young age of right and wrong. His sister, force sensitive from the beginning knew there was something wrong at a very young age, that things weren't what they were supposed to be at the present time.  Syn's family was highly imperial based upon how much money his father brought home and the life he provided his family was more than average. He could have anything he wanted. At the very young age of 10 years old, his mother and father were both assassinated at a dinner get-together by assassins. Later that night, Synyster was taken from his home and placed with other family. His sister who at this point was older, ran away and escaped the planet at the age of 19 and was never seen again. 

Next StepsEdit

Synysters childhood at this point was a bit different, he didn't have all the luxury he did before. He had his toys and certain gadgets but other than that, he was sent to a private school and placed with an entire new group of people. At the time, the boy never spoke. He had no words for anyone other than the people who caused him so much pain. He simply blended in with the rest, he didn't care to make friends or associate with anyone, he sat in the back of the room most of the time. When he came home, he spent most of his time toying on a Datapad, toys and physical matter really didn't hold his attention for very long. Although he hated associating with other people, he enjoyed how the school system worked, how everyone wore the same dark blue clothes. Everyone was in uniform at all times, not like other schools where students run rampant. Through high school he made one friend who in fact was as quiet as he was, she never spoke. She was the only person he really spoke to. Soon she grew on him, so much that one day she slipped her hand inside his. 


A day that came soon after, Syn stopped holding her hand, he didn't like the fact that someone was with him at almost all times. He didn't like the fact that other students talked about them when they had never spoke to or met him. Certain popularity came around and rumors spread as all high schools do. She went home that day, she told them she was feeling sick, her parents came to get her. Syn glared at the other students, almost daring them to defy him. Her heart was smashed into pieces, the one person she ended up liking who had so much in common, thrown aside as if she was just another someone. He finished school and graduated with everyone else but assured to lose contact with everyone from the school for he had darker plans for his future, a reputation could not be built so early. 

Stray the PathEdit

He was alone at this point, just the way he needed it. A dark smile appeared on his face as he used the money from graduation and other funds to purchase a speeder powerful enough to jump anywhere he desired. He used the remainder to enrol in the Imperial Academy at the time. They bored him with countless lectures, none the less he finished his work and went to class on time, assured that some sort of certification would be required for his internal quest of thirst. Various students attempted to speak to him in this time, which he refused and ignored, his class barely knew his first name, he refused group activities in class and suggested working alone. Teachers or professors never spoke to him as they did not need to. His academics were flawless at this point and later down the road. In refusal to make friends or associate with anyone, he had to find someway to get out of the house and have some sort of external objective. In his admiration of space craft he enrolled in extra classes after school hours to begin to fly. In the next three years he would learn to fly higher class fighters effortlessly. Although this was a mere hobby, an escape from the everyday walk to class. A hobby he kept even through his progress towards a degree.

He always loved politics, the heat of a debate, attempting to prove someone wrong with factual information based upon research. Merely an interest that started to grow amongst his studies. He attended multiple student government meetings and eventually became a member. He smiled upon the power that was given to him even though a rather small amount, it was more than what he had none the less. His blood started to heat up as he could locate an argument in any conversation and most times rally victorious. Other members of the student body began to enjoy his company as even though they did not agree with him in his political opinion, mostly Human Authoritarian, they viewed him as a communist and eventually disbanded him for his over all hunger for power and disagreeing with almost every proposition that was presented to the group. 

Within the next year he graduated after multiple major changes to his classes;  to become a Naval Star fighter. Soon with this he would plan on combat with anything that stood in the empires way, defending his fathers honor but that was not the case, Endor had fallen and the rebels had basically removed the empire from the existence. He looked to the Imperial Remnant but after a few years had past the Rebel Alliance had most of the Empires older flagships. He refused to press against other imperial made ships and looked to the force for options. He, force sensitive as his sister was, pressed on to research both sides of the force, he spent most of his time in his smaller apartment studying. He looked to the sith based upon their association with the empire and his need to avenge his father, also associated with the empire. Soon he started to feel the temptation of the darkness and followed willingly to it's teasing seduction. He departed Coruscant to find something more, he followed the path the darkness presented to him and found his way to Byss, where the Dark Lords of the Sith were located and inquired as to becoming an apprentice. Little did the boy know that true power resided here. He could feel the aura of the dark tempest press on his lungs slowly. This caused his breathing to accelerate, his heart beating faster to keep up. This was only the beginning. 

Sooner rather than later he found a few sith that admired his potential and accepted him as an apprentice. Although he never had a teacher to guide him, they only instructed him to read. He spent hours in the archives attempting to gain all the knowledge he could, eventually sleeping in the archives for weeks on end. He grew tired of being idle for so long, now that he felt what the darkness could offer his thirst only grew to lust. Without sleep for days his mind finally broke and attacked one of the lords that resided on the planet and was not so fortunate, the dark lady he confronted impaled him in multiple regions in his chest and legs, impairing his movement. She left him to die in the archives alone where he managed to crawl away to the hangar during nightfall. A woman that appeared to be some sort of smuggler saw his condition and flew him to Bakura for healing. Corrupted by the Sith, he refused, kicking and attempting to escape the ship as he could, wanting revenge for the Siths actions; the woman refused and continued him in one of the cells for transport located on the small frigate. 

They arrived at the Jedi Temple on Bakura where they gave him medical aid, allowing him to stand and eventually walk again, he ended up feeling better, thanking the droids and medical staff for their work and dedication to get him well. For this he was in debt, at least in his mental standpoint where he needed to give back. He left the temple and ended up staying on Nar Shadda for a while. Social drinking and lounging at various clubs, but this grew on him, he hated being in one spot for too long, one night attending a race there on the same planet. He met someone guarded by two men, she was very beautiful. He inquired her name, where she was from, the men allowed him to speak to her, she expressed she was the Tetan Empress. It was here that Syn could speak about various politics and eventually grew fond of her company. He made the decision to fly back to Bakura where they treated him so well and inquired as to training.  

Redemption and FallEdit

Synyster managed to snag a spot with the Tetans. They admired his knowledge of the force and his eagerness to learn more. He studied and helped train even young jedi knights at the temple and sadly almost corrupt some with his view of power. He showed them magic tricks. Something he was always good at. They grew to his play and jokes and even played some on each other. His path of a Tetan Knight slowly rolling forward as he attempted to rid himself of the darkness, introduced him to General Starstrider. This man took interest in the boys potential and after a dis-agreement and a scrap with a certain detective he was imprisoned by the general for 4 days. Four long days of tests of the mind and morals. He passed this on the brink of insanity. A spirit appeared him and offered two choices, suffer and achieve all the power desired. Or redeem himself and change for the better. He reluctantly picked the latter. Satisfying the spirits. This pleased the General, he was granted Knight Errant at this point. Eager to serve the empire. 

Serve he did, for a while actually. Not his typical run of things. He eagerly wanted to dip into some of the politics but as further discussion ensued many would notice that Syns views and plans if he were to be within political power would create chaos and anarchy. Plans of war, decimation. Removal. Building of an army with one purpose; to destroy everything in his path so that there will be no obstacle when he reigns supreme. Most scoffed at his views. He was very Communist and a bit of a Tyrant if anything. He wanted more than he could grasp at, and eventually it would lead him other places that he would never return.

Day after day he plotted and conspired to be all powerful even after the Generals treatment and training. It ate at him, something inside him was almost a voice telling him to slay everything so there would be nothing left. He wanted power. He craved destruction and the utter annihilation of worlds. Something he could not have. Sooner or later these views and thoughts got him into trouble. A fight with an outsider, one he was far from winning. He was weaker physically and at the end was his downfall. Broken bones. Grave injury. His body was left to rot as his anger consumed him, screaming in a desolate desert with no one to help him. To his fortune a recon ship managed to find him and get him to medical care as soon as possible.

After being returned to his rightful home he was taken care of by many medical droids and staff, sadly enough; his bones and organs could almost not withstand it's own injury, some of his bones impaled other parts of his body. Bleeding and agony spread across him as he laid there enduring tinkering and moving for his bodies repair. In a fit of rage he used his familiarity with the force to destroy the droids, strangling the people trying to help him and left him screaming in the operating room. Another medical staff member managed to induce a coma during the nightfall. He fell into darkness. His mind prey to dark energy. Auras of his past haunted him. Doctors and other medical personnel tied him down so that if he could wake he would be restrained. They placed him in a cryogenic sleep to help repair his broken body. He was frozen solid for medical and security purposes.

In an effort to save the boy and provide him the best medical support possible they sent him on a medical frigate to his home planet, the imperial city where he was born. He finally awoke months later with a fully healed and repaired body scars outlining different contours as he came to life once more. He smiled at his revival, coughing as his lungs were disabled for so long, he walked out of the chamber and slumped to the floor, more coughing followed. Soon he would board his own ship that resided in storage for so long and made way to Krayiss II. Returning to aggression and darkness once more. Leaving Bakura and it's inhabitants behind in absolute betrayal.


He hunted for the darkness once more. After leaving Bakura and it's state at the time. Flying to Krayiss II was prime objective for him at the time. Upon landing there he met with the Sith that resided there. Multiple dark artefacts decorated the temple. That feeling of constriction on his lungs returning with a vengeance. Here resided the New Sith Order, along with an obelisk, something very rare and very dark in power and aura. His teachings here would be minimal as he was so used to leaving the darkness, returning was very difficult. After around 2 months of his training, the NSO started to rattle with conflict, the navy was nearly destroyed at the time. That nightfall he left this place, fearing the same as the Dark Lords, ultimate downfall, complete decimation of the faction. Something he did not want to be a part of. He was uncomfortable with the darkness at the time but it soon left him when he left the hangar at nightfall. He then made a course for Bakura once again, to admit his guilt and pay for his crimes of betrayal.