T3-C9 in all his glory

T3-C9 is an old T3 model droid that was restored to functionality by Lady Kimmie Aeon. He is working relic of the old republic days and often surprises people that he still functions after so many years.

General Information Edit

Kimmie Aeon was given T3-C9 as a gift from her squadron mates in Rogue Squadron when they learned she had become a Jedi Knight. After months of tinkering and scrounging for spare parts she was able to restore the droid to functionality. Unfortunately the years were not so kind to the little droid. Decades of rust build up are seen on his chasis and he occasionally suffers from processing errors that cause his system to crash. Despite this flaw, T3 is very functional and is a welcomed member of the growing family of droids around Ruusan.

Usage Edit

T3-C9 is a utility droid and his primary function is to assist in repairs to Lady Aeon's Delta 7 and other starships owned by NOJ members. He also serves as a messanger and frequently runs messages between NOJ members if the commlink systems are offline or jammed. He is equipped with a utility arm on his chasis, and a small blaster that is hidden inside his dome. He is also fitted with added security features to prevent slicers from hacking into his system. T3 is also a master slicer himself, a trait that the T3 model was known for.

Personality Edit

T3 has developed his own personality due to his lack of memory wipes over so many years. He is extremely nervous and if disturbed while he is consumed with his work lets out a loud scream and shows his blaster as a warning. His programming however keep him from harming sentients unless they attack him or someone else. T3 is very polite to those who are nice to him. He does not appreciate being called old, rusty, or being told it is ready for the scrap heap. T3 also does not like people who harm others needlessly and when he learns of people committing such actions he will sometimes let out a string of obscenitys in droidspeak.

OOC Info Edit

T3-C9 is an alternate avatar Kimmie Aeon uses at times when she gets tired of being Kimmie Aeon and wants to take a breather. They are the same avatar but just use different tags and personalities.

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