Ts116 001


TS-116 is the 116th model of the short-lived IDTA (Interactive Diagnostics and Technical Assistance) droids which were produced by a local droid builder on Caluula Orbital Station above the world of Caluula during the time leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong War. TS-116 recalls that 'he' was only a few days completed when the Vong attack, destroying the station via ychna. While many escaped to the surface of the world, TS-116 did not as the workshop was to be consumed by the great best. However, a portion managed to escape the beast's initial gorging and TS-116 was thus sucked out into space by vacuum.

The small droid then took to the orbit of Caluula during remainder of the war and would remain their for many, many years until it was picked up by a passing salvager ship. Having long since deactivated, TS-116 seemed destined for scrap and was subsequently sold to a junk dealer on Nar Shaddaa soon thereafter.

After much labor, the junk dealer managed to reactivate the droid who subsequently expressed an odd sense of displacement and other quirks. Regardless the droid was serviceable and remained with the junk dealer for a number of years, providing diagnostics on goods coming into the store and keeping everything in more or less working condition.

Not long ago, the junk dealer came under the attention of a low-level crime lord and was killed when he refused to respond to extortion. TS-116 hid during that scenario and afterward abandoned the shop before the goons returned with others to loot the place. It has been avoiding salvagers through the use of its small size ever since.

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