TWINE LIGHT MEDIA is a Second Life machinima company run & owned by Kerian Twine.

They are the people behind the amazing complex stories of ESCAPE and various other pending projects.

Twine Light Media filmography:

  • Star Wars Escape Part 1 - Feature Movie
  • Star Wars Escape Part 2 - Feature Movie
  • Star Wars Escape Part 3 - Feature Movie
  • Music Video for Escape Movies
  • Star Wars Escape Series 1 - SWG Series
  • Star Wars Escape Series 2 - SWG Series
  • Star Wars Escape Xmas Special - Code 14-90 - SWG Series
  • M : The Movie (Si-Fi Horror)
  • Doctor Who Series (currently 3 episodes with David Tennant)
  • Doctor Who Second Life (Written by Kerian Twine, John Hutch, Hannah Wollason & Matthew Chambers) 13 part, begin Xmas 09
  • Tribute Videos for Doctor Who the real series

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