"It is what any person should do for another human or species. I'm just doing my job as a creature of a galaxy that I wish to imporve. I believe that if you wish for change to happen then you must go out and inspire change. That is why I wished to meet with you. Every encounter someone has with another person changes them in some way. I just hope that I change people for the better."

— Ta'kara, Regarding a conversation held with Senator Sunamoon on Naboo

Whispyr "Ta'Kara" Darkmoon is a Firrerreo woman from the planet of Coruscant. She was raised on Bengat for most of her life. She then decided to move at an early age to attend school to gain a degree. She moved back to Bengat when her dearest childhood friend asked her to return and take up the mantle of Senator. Once the Queen became ill she was asked to take over day to day operations and act as Governor of this beautiful resort world. With acceptance into the Republic Senate, Ta'kara ( as she is known ) strives to make the galaxy a better place for everyone. She was also currently elected to the office of Vice Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

The Known YearsEdit


Not much is known of the womens years on Coruscant. She spent someof her dys growing up playing in the middle city. She attended school there for the early childhood but when she becme 15 her parents decided it would be best to remove themselves from a Republic world. They took the fmil business of repairing machines with them. However on the other hand Whispyer does enjoy making wine from scrtch and does so often with the land that her parents left her upon the soil of another world.


Her prents traveled to the planet of Bengat to make some new friends and expand their family business. She never liked the family business so she made her money from the business they left her when they passed on as well aas her own wine making business upon Glova. After some time of grieving from her parents death she decided it was time to leave Bengt and do some traveling. Thus she did.

The Unknown YearsEdit


Not much is known about where she went while out of touch with anyone. She just baasically disappeared off the rader andcould not be reached. This becaame bothersome for Serenity because shewaas trying to rech her. One dy the messge wsa recieved.

The MessageEdit

Queen Sukio sent Whispyr messge about meeting her in person upo the surface of Bengat. She greeted her old friend with open arms nd then they got down to business. Queen Sukio ( Serenity ) wanted to place Whispyr into a political position. This was not new for her becaause of all the time she spent with Serenity as a young girl. Whispyr agreed and then became known as Ta'kara.

Coming HomeEdit

The RepublicEdit

Ta'kara worked hard to meet with people once she entered the application for Bengat to join the republic. It was a joyous day for their people when the anouncement came that they had aquired admission into the Galactic Senate. She septent a little bit of time as the Sentor before Queen Sukio suddenly fell ill. When this haappened Ta'kara was then appointed to Governer of Bengat so that way the day to day administration could be continued until possibly a commission or another government could take over. On April 22, 230 ABY Ta'kara was sworn into office as ViceChancellor of the Galactic Senate. She vowed to make a difference.