How he came to existEdit

Riving sounds echoes out from the darken room, small crackles from torn electric cords flashes each time they sway across the floor. One set of burning yellow orbs lit up inside the ruptured spaced dark and a low growling came from its now harden throat.

Hands lifted out before his gaze and he could not seem to remember where or even who he was.An crimson red shimmer came to glare back at him in the reflection of broken glass shattered across the room. Eery burning yellow eyes gazed about the area, twisted metal and crates laid shattered all over. His eyes twitched as some bright lights glared back at him, it was the reflection from a few metallic pieces he could see the yellow eyes starring back at him, eyes he didn't recognize hands he didn't know feet scraping across the floor with giant claws.

An urge drove up from within a deep sensation of desire and hunger, his large ill formed head turned towards the radiating dark entity within the room. By instinct and blank mind he fell on his knees before the Lady and knew his existence was not his but hers. Bit by bit his muscles were still forming before his creator and as instead of sending his will through connections in the Force he begun to fed upon, and drained the darkness at a very slow pace which dampened his desire to feed and stilled his mind. He could not talk but instead his mind fused with the force to his new Mistress.