All public and private record of the existance of Thio Atahom have been erased from all legal databases.

Thio AtahomEdit

 Thio was born in the outskirts of Nal Hutta. Like most of the greats, he was orphaned at birth. His parents gave him up for adoption because they couldn't afford to raise him. He never found out who his parents were, nor did he ever want to. He had a great childhood growing up in the orphanage, and by the age of 18 he had already established his own little gang of criminals, stealing from the rich to provide for themselves. Thio always had a natural affinity toward computers. He would spend most of his childhood writing codes, and finding random codes to slice. He even became good enough to slice into small, independent banks and rob them blind without stepping a foot in the door. He started to make a name for himself in the sliver community by slicing into a lot of controversial databases and releasing information, or just messing around in it. He never had any sort of goal with his slicing other than fame and money, but he put on the guise of an activist to gain popularity. 

   When he was at the age of 20, Thio tried his hand at slicing into a much larger bank on Coruscant. He was able to transfer over 2 million credits to his account before the authorities finally caught up with him. Most of the money was returned to the bank, and Thio was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his crimes. The case became rather large news in the slicer world. By then people knew who Thio was, and were surprised he even got caught. The case also got the attention of the Disciples of Twilight, (a renegade for using group formerly based off the moon of Dyspeth. They've since relocated and changed from a balance keeping secret police force to a secret order of infiltrators for hire.) After only 4 days of jail, Thio was broken out by the Disciples of Twilight. All records of his stay at the prison, and the court case were 'lost' and Thio vanished off the grid. 

Death of Thio / Birth of Tango - 8Edit

 After being freed from prison, Thio was dubbed Tango 8 and was taken to a remote, secret asteroid base (new refuge and HQ of the Disciples of Twilight) somewhere near Hoth. He was trained to use his force abilities to hide himself and others in the shadows. He was taught a martial dueling style called Teräs Käsi, and quickly became a master at non-lethally disarming, and disabling opponents. Since he already naturally gifted with technology, he was taught the rare practice of force technopathy. He soon out skilled even his master, (Benvolio Hoard) but after his training was nearly complete, he left the order. He decided the Disciples of Twilight weren't a good fit for him. He was in it for the money after all. Now he roams the galaxy as an infiltrator for hire, and a general nuisance for fun.

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