The Taris Upper City Cantina is one of the most active and long running cantinas in SWRP. It consists of 4 rooms surrounding a central hub room. It is based very closely on the Taris Upper City Cantina in KOTOR. It is managed by Furia Freeloader.

Many SWQS NPCs can be found inside, including Ajuur the Hutt, Capt. Dax Vando, Xana, and a mysterious cloaked individual.

Ajuur the Hutt

Ajuur the Hutt in the Hutt Room.

Hutt Room Edit

This room is the home of Ajuur the Hutt, the starting NPC for SWQS quests. It also features computer terminals that track swoop races.

Taris Cantina Hub

Central Hub room.

Central Hub Edit

This round room features social space, and houses two NPCs.

Taris Cantina Masquerade Ball

The Taris Masquerade Ball in the Party Room

Party Room Edit

The party room is where the Sunday Taris Upper City Cantina parties are held, every Sunday at 4pm SLT. Many special events have been held here, ranging from a Masquerade Ball, to a glamorous wedding ceremony, to games and dancing. In addition to featuring dancing and special effects, the SWQS NPC Xana can be found here. This room is often redecorated for various party themes!

Taris Cantina Bar

The Taris Upper City Cantina Bar

Bar Room Edit

This small room features a bar, a space chess table (part of a SWQS quest!) and a doorway to Furia's office.

Entrance Edit

The entranceway features a Sabaac Table.

Cantina Roof Edit

This is where the weekly Taris Building Contests are held, every Sunday at noon SLT.

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