Skills Edit

  • Accomplished Freighter Pilot
  • Proficient at small-arms
  • Makashi / Soresu Duelist
  • Experience with the criminal underworld

Background History Edit

Life as a Slave Edit

When most people see a Gamorrean, they think of big, porcine humanoids that are only good for menial tasks at best. Most people would be right, but not many people would think that of Grr'ash. A reasonably successful trader in building materials, Grr'ash amassed a small fortune trading on the Outer Rim colonies and would spend his gains quite lavishly. Only a fine starship and the best clothing, wares and slaves would please his lust for the high-life.

Not many were aware that his insatiable appetites included trading slaves on the side, not even a Twi'lek clan leader who enjoyed the odd high-stakes game of Sabacc. Across the table, a Gamorrean would generally be an easy mark due to their reputation as a slow and dim-witted species. So when the Ani clan leader came home with his head in hands and a sizable debt on his shoulders, trading his eldest daughter seemed like a sensible way to help manage it. Young and fairly beautiful, she was eagerly snatched up by Grr'ash as a down-payment on the debt and bought the clan leader time to gather the rest. Big is beautiful to Gamorreans and Grr'ash was no exception, so he was pleased that a genetic mutation on the female side of the Ani clan had gifted Tayla with a larger bust than most as well as considerably long head-tails. It wasn't enough though. He decided to keep her as his own instead of selling her off, so he set about educating her in the ways of slavery. Her long, slender legs were good tools for instilling discipline at first, as they broke so easily in his application of strength. She quickly learned her place, yet to keep her sweet and docile these punishment sessions needed to be continued. His insatiability took on a new edge as he found himself enjoying these torture sessions.

Over time, he grew to be more creative. Her screams of pain were growing boring, so he had to think up new and exciting ways to punish his favourite slave. His favourite was to tie her hands behind her back and raise her up in a rope sling until she could only balance on her toes. Force pikes were a good tool and he found it satisfying to shock her on increasing settings when she was in so vulnerable a position. Big is beautiful though, so he hired an illegal doctor to 'alter' her to enhance his favourite punishment. It amused him greatly to watch her look on in horror as she screamed in pain from the cocktails of drugs that he had injected into her, only to have her weight cause her agony from being suspended from the ceiling of her cell. She spent many nights almost hanging from the ceiling as drool ran from her mouth to drip on the floor, her body aching from the beatings and shocks. She would often pass out in a drug-induced stupor though and that was inconvenient during one of his punishment sessions.

Escape Edit

He grew bored of torturing only her, so his interest drifted to his other slaves after some time. Her screams would often unsettle the other slaves and they tended to keep their distance from her, even when she was carrying out her menial daily tasks. She would often struggle as her swollen chest struggled to fit into what pitiful clothing Grr'ash gave her, much to his delight of course, but her clumsy nature on her disfigured legs was an irritation to him. She grew depressed, having nothing to hope towards other than a night in her cell where she wasn't beaten or tortured. Eventually she stopped speaking altogether, save for when her legs were broken again. After years of brutality in her life, she had resigned herself to dying aboard his ship in her cold cell. So it came to some luck when she found her cell door unlocked one day. Grr'ash always locked it, so it was extremely odd. At first she was afraid, namely from another torture session. She didn't think that she'd withstand another set of injections and shocks, so she timidly eased her way out of the door and crept down the ship. They had landed somewhere and the ship's service ramp was down. No one was to be found in the ship as the other slaves were safely locked away. She thought nothing of them, as they had shunned her for years, so she carried on outside. The scenery of the starport was mediocre for most people, but it was the first that she'd known of anything outside the ship in many years. She was entranced by it, even if it was only Correllia. She lost herself in some alleyways before Grr'ash could notice, stumbling and staggering through the garbage-filled streets and learning to survive on refuse. She tried to keep her disfigurements unnoticed, but it was often difficult with what scraps of fabrics that she could find.

While foraging around in a refuse bin outside a storage yard, she attracted the attention of a burly Correllian trader who chased her away at first. After another later attempt at trying to feed her empty stomachs, she became ensnared in a trap for her. Instead of alerting the authorities or having her taken away, he took pity on her and fed her for several days. Eventually, he managed to get her to speak, not because she didn't want to but because she had forgotten how to. It amused him that she had copied his thick accent, having never heard it in a Twi'lek female before, so he took her under his wing and she ended up looking to him as a father figure. Basic survival skills were on the table, so the first thing after learning to talk properly in his version of Corellian was how to handle a blaster, then piloting a ship. She proved to be a natural at piloting, often surprising him with seemingly outlandish stunts that he didn't think were possible in a freighter. They became a team and her share of the profits were saved until eventually she could have her legs reconstructed. After years of being broken repeatedly though, the doctors had to make some guesswork during the reconstruction but after the procedure she found that she was several inches taller. Her new height threw her off for quite some time and took a lot of getting used to. She would often bang her head on the inside of the ship or simply trip over something that she couldn't see, as she didn't have the credits to have her breasts reduced. She had grown used to them though over the years, so she paid them little thought unless she was shopping for new clothes for outfits that were damaged during a firefight or working on the ship.

On her own Edit

She was left devastated one day when her adopted father was killed in a reactor explosion, itself having been triggered by an accident involving a drug-influenced speeder driver. She was left on her own again and struggled to keep the business going while she lingered in her grief, the only kind person to her in her life was dead. All that she had left of him was his illegally-modified Gundark pistol and his ship, an ancient YT-2000 named the 'Dumb Luck', which she found were left to her in some outstanding notes from his accountant. She only had enough money for a few tankfuls of fuel, so she quickly set up her own small-time cargo haulage business to keep food on the table. She enjoyed being 'out in the black' as her mentor put it, despite the long weeks of boredom on runs. Occasionally she carried passengers, so she had the ship outfitted with a passenger module from a YT-1300 to cater for them at the expense of some cargo capacity. She began to frequently find the ship in a mess after the occasional nightmare at the hand and rope of Grr'ash though, which she thought odd but became accustomed to after the first few instances. Her piloting skills gradually improved, up to the point where she had an uncanny knack for 'guessing' where pirates were going to fire an ion cannon shot at her in an attempt to board her, or where they would try and out-manoeuvre her ship. She grew a reputation as being reliable, almost always getting her cargo to it's intended destination, although with a few scars on her ship's hull from raiders.

It was on one night on a cargo haul when things changed. Her nightmares shifted from her usual torture sessions of Grr'ash, to one of her mentor being blown up in that reactor core explosion. She dreamt of him hiding something in the electrical bay on the ship, a curved device that looked like a hydrospanner that had been bent, but much more ornate in it's design. In the morning she decided to check behind that panel, a feeling guiding her just on the off-chance. It was there that she found that strange device, just as her dream had foretold. She started to study it, finding a power socket on it's base as well as it extending slightly. It sparked a few times out of one end, but she assumed that it was out of power. After a few modifications to one of the ship's power converters and nearly blowing it out in the process, she had recharged it. Extending the shaft on the device, a vivid orange blade of plasma streaked out of it and almost made her drop it in surprise. She had heard about these, a laser sword that could cut through anything, but why did her mentor have one and how long had it been hidden in there? She began researching it, eventually finding some answers on the Holonet that called it a 'lightsaber' and some references to the Jedi and Sith. She carried out her cargo runs, after all they were the only thing paying for her ship to keep flying, but she carried on her research into what it all meant.

Coruscant Edit

When she arrived at Coruscant, she first took up a few jobs to get used to living in a big city. Cargo hauling and the odd passenger jobs were fairly easy to come by, but she fell in for working with the Black Sun Crime Syndicate for a while. When she wasn't behind the controls of her ship, she spent her days flying the club's bar serving drinks and waiting tables while continuing her research into this 'Force' thing. Eventually, she plucked up the nerve to visit the Temple, and despite some odd stares from a few of the robed individuals, she managed to talk with one of the Knights, learning his name as Knight Yoshimo Koi. She liked his acceptance and the fact that he listened to her as she talked of her wild dreams and her strange occurrences, deducing that she was in fact Force sensitive and offered her a chance to apply with the Jedi. She felt eager and happy at finding some sense of acceptance so tried her best to apply, which turned out to be difficult. She resorted into enlisting the help from a protocol droid to write her application for as she dictated for it, due to never being taught how to read or write at all, never mind in the odd lines and squiggles of Aurebesh.

She found this to a serious hindrance while studying in the Archives and resorted to watching holovids, listening to recorded lectures and studying the Holocrons as best as she was able to. She attended lectures from the Knights and combat instruction from a Wookiee Knight, later finding out that his name was Gryvokk, who was gruff with her at first but warmed to her presence after noticing her determination. She struggled at first to be noticed by a Knight or a Master due to her appearance and for almost a full year she studied diligently and practiced her skills until she was taken on by a Consular Chiss Jedi, Knight Ulmiq Sol. He taught her how to construct her first lightsaber from the pieces of the one that she had found, with the crystal it contained bonded to her through intense meditation. Sadly, he was called away on a long-term mission, so Jedi Master Holt Mo'in took her on as his Padawan to continue her training. She learned how to use the Force along with her innate flexibility to good use during combat, to make up for her physical limitations that made it difficult to use a combat form that required two hands on her lightsaber. She focused on developing her own variant of the Makashi form, mixing it with some Soresu to make up for it's difficulty against ranged weapons, eventually becoming proficient with her adapted form of combat.

She was unknowingly taking the trials during this time, as she started to use her experiences and skills as best she could for the Jedi, so it came as a surprise to her when she was Knighted. Donning a suit of light combat armour, she began applying and adapting her previous skills into assisting the Jedi as an Investigator and Sentinel in training, seeking out criminals and bringing them to justice while working alongside the local branches of the Republic Military as a Jedi liaison. after months of becoming accustomed to her role, she found an eager but thoughtful spirit in an Initiate, Lance Wright, and took him on as her Padawan Learner. Her activities with the Republic Security Forces brought her into close contact with a Major Shannon 'Scyk' Moore, growing into a loving and accepting relationship, which bolstered her confidence and finally allowed her to accept herself as she is.