"So,you offer to pay one million credits in exchange for Mand'alor's Head and expect me to let you live? Ha! I guess I will just bring your Buy'ce home then, Aruetii!!"."

— Te'ca after she defeated Nu'uk'adu, who offered a Bounty on the Mand'alor

Te'ca Ori'ne'tra Dra'kyral was a Human female, born as Ty'Nynir Ca'adu on the Planet of Mandalore to Ca'Adu Alor Solus Teroch and Dral Hettyc, Leaders of the Ca'adu Clan, as their first Child. (Aliit Ca'adu)


Early LifeEdit

Born into a Family of skilled warriors she quickly learned how to be one thing. A spoiled, stupid Toddler. Yes, despite her Families energy to teach her value meanings in life she never adjusted to her parents mindset. Te'ca was a little slower, a little more violent and a little more demanding than others, driving her Father, Alor Solus Teroch slowly into madness.

Her Mother, Dral Hetty'c on the other hand, beeing far from happiness in the relationship encouraged her on the way down that Road to become one of the most antagonistic children in the Aliit and probably on Mandalore at this time.

When Te'ca was five, to get his daughter into a more decent mood, to teach her some basic skills of surviving and to shut her up for a few hours, demanded by Solus,  the Family traveled to Tatooine, where they could teach her far away from home. But the Story took an unexpected turn to the worst...

Accidents happenEdit

Te'ca had a bad day. Not that she ever had a good day. But beeing stuck in the Heat of Tatooine, no shadow in sight she kept crying and screaming unceasingly. Her mother in an atempt to comfort her, wrapped her into a few blankets to protect her from the Sun and  put her into a Hammock aboard the small Sail Barge, while they traveled towards the Argona Outpost in the Jundland Wastes where they had planned to stay for basic Training as planned by Alor Teroch who, like his wife, grew up on Tatooine. But they would never arrive.

It happened unexpected. Tusken Raiders attacked the Barge and although they were quickly faught off by Solus and Dral, they lost an engine and the Barge crashed into a nearby Canyon. Both Mandalorins quickly started to put up a defensive, knowing the Raiders would return soon. Te'ca was hidden inside the Barge and demanded to keep quiet while her parents prepared for the upcoming attack although they hoped the released emergency signal would  be received by the Outpost and someone would come to their aid. the Signal was heard indeed but not only by the Outpost. A Mandalorian  in heavy attire named Ta'Roa caught the Signal recognising the voice he had not heard in a long time. He mounted his ship and rushed off the Port of Mos Entha towards the Signal.

As the Sun settled, temperatures dropped yet none of the Mandalorians lit a fire. If the Tusken haven't found them yet they wouldn't attract them with a fire. Te'ca was wrapped into more blankets, sleeping in her Mothers arms while Solus stared into the darkness through the nightvision visor in his Helmet. Then, they came. Not one or two. But about ten Tusken Raiders.  Te'ca woken up by her mother was hidden in a tight ventilation shaft, gestured to keep quietly. The emergency signal device tucked into her blankets. This was the last time Te'ca would ever hear her mothers voice again.

She would allways remember the screams of the Tusken, the howling of the wind in the alley and the smell of burned flesh and hair. She could see her parents shooting at the creatures who seemed to came from every direction. Te'ca started to fumble on the ventilation grid, eager to get out and help her parents. But she failed to free herself off the blankets that were wrapped around her tightly and kept her neryl imobile. She could see her mothers Helmet flying through the air, followed by her fathers screams in agony and exessive Blasterfire. She saw some of the Tusken flee the scene, struggling once more to get out of the ventilation.

Shortly after, a ship arrived and Te'ca held her breath watching the vessel land in front of the Barge a heavily armored Mandalorian rushing down the ramp. Te'ca couldn't see her Mother anywhere but her Father was laying by the ship, still alive- fireing at another Tusken who fled as well as the Ship landed. The young girl watched them, the other Mandalorian took off his Helmet while he walked towards Solus, his Rifle pointing at the man on the ground. Te'ca wanted to scream but her voice was numb and her throat dried out. She continued watching the two men. Then, the other mandalorian leaned down to Solus, Te'ca hoped he would help her father but instead he took off Solus's Helmet, pointed his own rifle at his Head and shot.

Te'ca stared at them wide eyed. Not able to make a sound. The other Mandalorian vanished from her sight for a moment. Then she heard him. Screaming, crying...When he returned she saw him holding her Mother in his arms, carrying her away. Te'ca felt her heart clenching as she saw her mothers emty eyes, beeing carried on board the other ship. She struggled against the blankets again as the Engine roared up. Her screams unheard as she finally managed to crawl out of the shaft, brushing the blankets off. Te'ca ran outside, as the ship lift off, screaming her small Lungs out, crying unheard in the dust and wind of the depearting ship. Unheard by the Pilot, whom she would never see again. Unheard by her dead Father, laying on the ground blank eyed, killed by the Man he once betrayed. But not unheard by the small Band of Tuskens that kept returning to the Bargewreck to continue their loot. Te'ca sat down in the sand by her Fathers legs, crying, Not understanding what happened and for the first time of her young life she grabbed the blaster from her fathers hands and raised to her feet, tears still running down her freckled cheeks then stumbles through the dark Desert...unable to realise that she was beeing followed by a young Tusken Warrior who had been on his first Loot, together with his Clan.

Life as a TuskenEdit

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A new FamilyEdit

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