The Tetan Legion is the entity of Teta's military, encompassing all divisions and branches of the armed forces. The Legion splits into several divisions that represent the soldiers role such as the Royal Navy and the Vanguard.

Recruits involved in the army go through training and then undertake the first steps of their career as privates. After achieving the rank of Corporal members may join one of the Legion's various divisions. While the navy recruits immediately begin their careers aboard one of the ships in the navy and may request to serve within certain battle fleets or squadrons depending on their careers.



Legion VanguardEdit

With the formation of the Tetan Legion to act as the armed forces the Legion's signature Vanguard quickly gained recognition. Originally a small platoon under the command of Lieutenant Tavik, that reached several critical successes in full on front line combat. They were granted further resources and recruits until they eventually became a division under the command of the General after Tavik's death.

The most durable, tenacious, and violent of recruits tend to sign on with the Vanguard for the appeal of it's missions. With the increase of its recruits and influence it was recognized by High Commander Richter, becoming the favored infantry for the legion and growing into a Corps. The Vanguard troops have the lowest expected lifetime in consideration to their assignments, but those who sign up are ready for anything the galaxy throws at them.


Vanguard Emblem

Legion AdventEdit

A theory pioneered by the High Commander and approved by the Empress. The Advent is a branch of the legion dedicated to military force users, unlike the Covenant order that serves the force the Advent serve the empire. They are trained throughout their career with similar dedication as any order's apprentice with focus entirely on their skills at war.

The program is open to any force sensitive member of the legion since enrollment, they will begin reserve training with the privates before they can officially join at the rank of Corporal. Advent are usually deployed strategically alongside other armed forces to support them or into missions that call for their specific skills.

Their training in particular focuses on the force to use as much as to understand how to fight against, making them valuable against force empowered enemies. They also learn to wield the famous light saber and are offered a variety of programs for training beyond the standard ideals of the force. 


Advent Emblem

Legion Royal NavyEdit

The Royal Navy acts as the Legions reach through space. While Teta may lack a large fleet it provides the funds for very advanced ships, making each one the envy of it's enemies. Sometimes members of the navy may not set foot on the surface of a planet for years at a time.

The navy was built with some of Teta's own ships along with a few stolen from the Revenant Armada at the time of the splitting, and ship's gained through R.E.C, VMEW and the shipyards at Dac. Consistently trying to increase this to hold up against the Revenant and other threats to the Empress Teta system's security the Tetan flagship, originally intended for use by the Revenant, was completed and sold to the Empress instead. The Star Dreadnought was dubbed "Starbreaker" by the Empress and commissioned into service as the High Commander's.

Royal Navy

Royal Navy Emblem

Veteran StatusEdit

Those who have served the Legion actively for a long time, their potraits hang in a wing in the iron citadel as well as the option to change the color plating on their armor from the standard gold.


In uniform legion members Sgt Hanzar and PFC Voix with Empress

Commander Richter.

Lt. Lekach.

Lt. Soze.

Sub-Lt Black.

Sergeant Major Botan.

Staff Sgt. Bellic.

Sergeant Hanzar

Sergeant Kurao

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