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The Altisian Enclave is a group of Lightside Force Users and Non-Force Users that follow the ways of the Altisian Jedi Order, formed by Master Djinn Altis in around 120 BBY. The Enclave was the first Altisian outpost to be formed on Coruscant, set up after the exiled Jedi Knight, Katherine Corsh, returned home after travelling to Bespin to learn the ways of the Altisian Order.

While they consider themselves to be Jedi and Protectors of the Galaxy, they hold several precepts frowned upon by the orthodox Jedi Order, including the taking of multiple apprentices by one master, allowing families, using their Lightside emotions to strengthen their bond with the force, and allowing non-force users equality and training in the ways of the Jedi..

History Edit

Formation Edit

The Altisian Enclave was formed in the year 256 ABY when Altisian Knights Corsh and Mie Beck traveled from the Bespin Order to Coruscant and set up a home in the Undercity there. Shortly after this they were joined by the Jedi Knight, Kessia Jahar, and her Padawan, Taviana Nadir, as well as the former Jedi, now Mandolorian, Sek'nos Fah. With a handful of initiates, the group established themselves in a garage while building a hidden bunker for living and training far below the Undercity.

The Enclave quickly opened a kitchen, feeding the homeless on the street in front of the garage, and shortly after they turned one of the two garage buildings into a Homeless Shelter for those in need. Finally they would rebuilt the office of the garage, converting it into a fully operational Soup Kitchen for the needy of the Undercity and using this as a way to teach their initiates the true meaning of being a servant of the people.

The Imperial Wars Edit

The Altisian Enclave was the only group of Lightside Force users to survive the entire Imperial Wars on the Sith occupied Coruscant. While many of their people were harmed and lost during this time, the group managed to survive and work against the Empire whenever they were able to without raising suspicions, even through a battle between the Jedi and the Sith which almost destroyed the Soup Kitchen and two Imperial Raids that failed to locate the hidden entrance to the bunker below.

Tasked with protecting the knowledge gained by the Jedi in case the Empire proceeded with another purge, the Altisians built a hidden storehouse and filled it with the Knowledge of the Jedi as well as any Artifacts that they could recover.

Altisian Enclaves Lower City Mission

The Altisian's First City Mission and Soup Kitchen

They were responsible for a number of ambushes of Imperial Troopers in the Undercity, as well as the unmasking and neutralizing of one of the Empire's notorious Red Agents.

When asked to help to liberate the people of New Alderaan and cleanse the Jedi Temple there, they responded in numbers, playing a prominent role in the mission, and they worked beside the Imperial Remnant to help destroy the first of the Sith's Hypergates on the planet of Mustafar. 

Gaining knowledge of the Imperial's supply lines, they were able to wreak havoc on the freighters that were shipping Imperial weapons and supplies, diverting them to Alliance friendly worlds that were in need instead.

It was around this time that they conducted an audacious raid against an Imperial convoy, destroying an Imperial Nebulon-B Frigate, and capturing a Nebula Class Star Destroyer, which they would later refit and rename to the Reason.

They took the lead into battle when a distress call was received from the Altisian Order Temple on Askaj. After scouting the planet, the Altisians organised a rescue mission comprised of their own forces as well as those of the Jedi Order, The Alliance, and the Imperial Remnant. Together they successfully rescued the besieged Altisians, destroyed the Imperial blockade, and then freed the planet itself by forcing the Imperials to flee the system.

Not all of their exploits during this time were against the Empire however, and after a storm uncovered a thirty thousand year old Rakatan ship wreck on Tatooine, the Altisians were prominent in preventing the awakening of an ancient terror that could have consumed the Galaxy.

With the Sith Empire collapsing due to the influence of the Phobis Device, and with gangs and people driven mad by the device roaming the Undercity, the Altisians determined it was time to step out of the shadows and they took control of the sector their home was based in, erecting barricades to keep out those that would commit violence and maintained patrols to keep those in the sector peaceful and safe.

The Restored Republic Edit

AltisianBase 001

The Altisian Temple in the Undercity on Coruscant

With the restoration of the Republic, the Altisians are far more open than they have ever been. Acquiring and renovating the old Jedi building in the Undercity, they were to leave their bunker and open their doors to any that wished to visit them. They still run the Soup Kitchen and Shelter and keep watch over their sector, however they are now allied with the Republic and also help them to maintain the peace across the Galaxy, often working alongside the Jedi Order. They are also aligned with the Coruscant Defense Forces and work with them to keep the peace in the streets of the Undercity, while training their new Initiates to become the peacekeepers of tomorrow.

Beliefs Edit

The Altisian Code Edit

Emotion, Yet Peace
Ignorance, Yet Knowledge
Passion, Yet Serenity
Chaos, Yet Harmony
Death, Yet the Force.

The Altisian Creed Edit

Jedi are Guardians of peace in the Galaxy
Jedi use their powers for knowledge and defense, never to attack
Jedi respect all life, in any form
Jedi serve others rather then rule over them, for the good of the Galaxy
Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

The Three Pillars of Strength Edit

The Force Edit

The energy field that permeates the Galaxy and gives the Jedi his power. It is created by life and connects all living things together.

Knowledge Edit

This is considered one of the most important things for a Jedi. They must always be seeking to gain more knowledge and never to act in hast or ignorance. Knowledge should be built up and treasured. but also shared and taught.

Self-Discipline Edit

A Jedi should be disciplined in both body and mind, always seeking to improve themselves and train hard. A Jedi is thoughtful, does not rush to rash actions or allow their emotions and passions to sway their decisions.

Views on the Force Edit

The Altisian view on the Force is that in its pure form it is the life giving and generated energy field that is referred to as the Lightside. This is, they believe, the true form of the living force and as such the Darkside is an unnatural corruption of the force. They believe that the emotional state of the people of the Galaxy is what feed the force and when there is happiness, love, joy, and hope that the Force is feed and healed and becomes strong with the Lightside, but where there is fear, anger, hate, and pain, the Force is poisoned by these emotions and is corrupted to the Darkside.

Altisians are taught that as Jedi they are able to heal the Force by harnessing their Lightside emotions when they use their powers. Not only will it strengthen the Force by feeding it those emotions, but it will also strengthen those emotions in the user, and in doing so create a far stronger bond between the Altisian Jedi and the Force. Likewise they believe that those who use the darker emotions poison the Force more, strengthening the Darkside in both the Force itself and the one using the Darkside. For this reason user of the Darkside are seen as enemies of the Altisians.

Views of Relationships Edit

Because of their views on the Force and emotions, Altisians believe in the strength of family and relationships, as this is where many good memories are formed, allowing the Jedi to tap into their Lightside emotions. All members of Padawan and above may form a relationship with any other person, including same sex couples, and those of Knight are actively encouraged to do so. Children who come to the Altisians are encouraged to maintain a bond with their home's and families, and initiates and Padawans will often leave to visit with their family for extended periods of time when there is need. The only forms of relationship which is frown on is should an Altisian form one with a known Darksider or should a Master and Padawan become involved with each other while the later is still the former's student..

Altisian Rangers Edit

Altisian Rangers are Non-Force Users who have joined the Altisian Enclave and are trained in the ways of the Jedi. For the most part these members are trained in technology to overcome their lack of the force, as well as learning methods to both work beside and to combat Force Users. They are treated as equals to the Force Users of the group with their own Masters able to sit on the Enclave Council.

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