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The Binary Star Cantina is a highly popular bar, hangout and dance club located within the Endor orbital trading station.

Facilities include a well stocked bar, event noticeboard, dancefloor and the much loved chillout pod. There are regular events held at the cantina, see details below, and everyone is made welcome. This is the regular haunt of your popular DJ, Leanne Karas, who brings her unique mix of wit and music.

Events scheduleEdit

Currently there are three regular events at The Binary Star Cantina.

  • DJ Leanne Karas - Every Friday at 2pm SLT
  • DJ DanielJames Baroque - Every Sunday at 1pm SLT
  • The midweek chill - Every second Wednesday at 2pm SLT


The current cantina is now in its third incarnation. Starting out in a rather derelict dustbowl in a distant township of Tattooine many moons ago, progress was made and large container ships transported much of the cantina to its current home above Endor. Recently rebuilt and refurbished following a horrific accident which saw several people killed and half of the cantina engulfed in flames, the new Binary Star has won the hearts and minds of those who enjoyed the previous incarnations.

Further informationEdit

The Binary Star Cantina, and DJ Leanne Karas, are both available for private functions - all booking enquiries should be directed, in the first instance, to Leanne Karas in-world.

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