"In my life, I had mastered the Dark Side... now, in my death, the Dark Side has mastered me."
The Cursed Spirit is a phantasmal being that is forced to serve as the Guardian of a Sith Holocron for the rest of eternity. It inhabits the Cursed Temple on Yavin IV.


Almost nothing is known about the Cursed Spirit's time as a living being, except that he had been seduced by the Dark Side, and that, during his life, he had everything he treasured taken from him at one point or another. The Spirit has also spoken of how exactly he died, saying he fell into a trap while trying to steal the holocron he now guards from the temple.

About the CurseEdit

According to the Cursed Spirit, the curse was put on him as punishment for trying to steal a Sith Holocron from a temple on Yavin IV.

"I found the holocron I had sought, and learned its secrets. Had I just left it at that, I would be fine now... but, I lusted for it's power, and so decided to try and take it from the Temple. Of course, the Temple was not pleased."

There are several terms to the Spirit's curse. First and foremost, he must guard the Holocron he tried to steal. If it is stolen, he will descend into Hell. Also, the Spirit must remain in the Temple during the day, travelling out only at night.

The third effect of the curse, although this may be more of a side-effect than an actual effect, is that the spirit is damned to loneliness. Being a mere phantom, the spirit cannot be loved, nor do most people care to hang around it.