The General is a character of the ESCAPE movie.

First Apperance: Arrival Part TWO

Last Apperance: Code 14-90

Before the crashEdit

The Imperial General is a mystery to the story. He seems to have been on Titan One for a number of years. Nothing else about the General is known, but he doesn't age.

After the crashEdit

Gave out the orders on what to do with Lyder once Hypt brought him to the Temple. He was in charge when James arrived many years previosly. The General's true name & identity are a mystery to the story. He confronted Lyder & Malaki on the beach prior to them leaving, remarking that "He'll Be Back".

After the rescueEdit

Once Lyder had left he returned to the Temple where he ordered Hypt to activate Code 14-90. He remained within the Temple during the movement.

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