The Imperial Inquisitorius is one of the main Intelligence Agencies of the Sith Empire of Byss. Its personnel consists primarily of Force-sensitives, but specialists of diverse origins are accepted on occasion. The organization engages in all kinds of intel-gathering to secure the Empire's interests. The Inquisitorius focuses mainly on acquiring informations about all kinds of enemies to the Empire and works closely with the Imperial Sith Military (ISM). Their loyalty is with the Empire and its people. All Agents undergo thorough training to be prepared for their assignments. It is run by Director Clana'thaly'nuruodo after her predecessor, Equitus, fell in disgrace.

Rank StructureEdit

The Organization is run by a triumvirate of Directors, the Grand Inquisitors, all important decisions are made by them and all lower ranks report directly to them, whereas they report directly to the Emperor or the Dark Council in matters of Imperial Security. Field Agents are known as Inquisitors and Interrogators. Initiates to the Inquisitorius start as Acolytes and work their way up under the guidance of an Inquisitor assigned to them. Informants or other outside associates or temporary allies are referred to as Imperial Assets.

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