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The Order of the Krath is a cult that follows the teachings of Aleema and Satal Keto. In past times they were responsible for the assassination of Tetan nobility, as well as orchestrating the rise in power of the Revenant Armada in the Empress Teta system. One leader of the Krath Circle is known as Darth Prazen, whom they called "High Priest."

The Krath operate on the theory of Chaos. In all aspects of the Order and Rituals, Chaos will be a crucial belief taught. "Only the strong survive." is the fundamental theory and only through Chaos will beings be forced to evolve to survive.

Guardians of fate and merciless enforcers of metaphysic injustice, the Krath orchestrate Illusions and direct the flows of the collective will within the force. 'Knowing' is a way of life for the Krath.

The Krath CodeEdit

"To 'know' is to directly perceive,
Perception is the key,
Power is an illusion,
Defeat the enemies of knowing,
or be defeated in ignorance."

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