The Luv Shack (original)

The Original Luv Shack

The room of Luvbutton Moonsoo when she was a Padawan at NOJ. Close friends, Cherek Elswit, Cindy Kellner, and DiTo Delgado decided to decorate her room and surprise her. During the decoration, it was decided to call the room, "The Luv Shack" after the B-52s song, "The Love Shack". The room became a big hit and became known as the hangout. It was the most popular place to be on Yavin IV. The Luv Shack quickly expanded to a larger room and her close friend, Cindy moved in with her. Due to the larger room, parties were frequently held on the weekend. It was during the second Luv Shack that The Luv Shack Pack was born. The third Luv Shack was two stories, and the fourth Luv Shack expanded yet again when Cherek moved in. The moving in party of the fourth Luv Shack was by far the most memorable party. It was a toga party but everybody was to stay in character, "after much research", it was discovered that the Roman parties were called, "Orgies". By far, it was the biggest Orgy NOJ every had. That party also included a live concert and marks the high point in the Luv Shack's existence. Finally, the 5th and final location of The Luv Shack existed on a secret piece of mainland. Luvbutton, Cherek and Cindy purchased it together and built a house. Eventually, Luvbutton and Cherek sold off their portions of the land while Cindy kept her portion as her private place to go to so nobody can bother her when she's scripting.

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