The following documents were collected in the book, The People's Galactic Alliance

Chapter 1Edit

End of the SenateEdit

Coruscant news flash:

In a startling move Empress Regent Talmerith Jael and now former Chacellor for the Senate has officially removed Imperial support for the Senate.  a recording from the meeting eariler this evening follows.

Talmerith Jael stands and looks around at the gathering “I see after the mess of last meeting not many have decided to come.  So be it.  I have a announcement to make to those who are here”

When I was approached about the idea of the Empire hosting the Senate I welcomed the idea.  There has never been, in my time, a forum for open communication between groups and I wanted to encourage it.  To build relations with other plates and factions.

There was some success in this.  However more and more this forum is being used only as a way to spread propaganda and misinformation.  Never was this meant as a voting body and yet some hold the illusions that is should be.  That this is a republic.  It is not.  The Republic died a death that sent the galaxy into chaos and I am not going to repeat that mistake.

The Empire is not going to mire itself in bureaucracy in order to appease those who would ask for something to be done, and yet balk when true action is taken

There for The Empire is officially removing it’s support of a senate as of today.  We will hold a Imperial Council which will serve as a forum for other groups to speak to the Empire on neutral grounds.  You are all free to send a request to be part of this council.  It will be made clear however while the empire will listen, we will not be bound by the decisions of others.  We will do what we have to in order to secure stability for the galaxy.  There is a brighter future.  But it requires order and discipline.

That is all, this is not open for discussion.  You are all free to go.  As of now the senate will no longer exist on Coruscant.

Perlemian Trade RouteEdit

"On behalf of the Empire, a business has opened for the sake of civil neutralities between the people of Coruscant and Onderon. After an endless discussion between Onderonian Monarch Hyacinth Janick and the Imperial Empress Talmerith Jael, the two individuals decided to open up a trading route business between Coruscant and Onderon. The business will be availible to any citizen looking to earn a plentiful credit salary on both Coruscant and Onderon. The conflicting political tension between Coruscant and Onderon has lessened significently due to this newly founded business, allowing citizens of the industrious Coruscant and the ever-wild Onderon to travel as freely and safely as possible between the two planets.

Political hostilities will remain at bay between the Imperial Dictatorship and the Onderonian Monarchy for the protection of its citizens. Turning the Imperial embassy on Onderon into a trading route dropoff area for incoming ships, the Imperials have already come to graciously remove its remmnants--emptying out the building for another construction project to begin. The business will open in a week and it will be called the Perlemian Trade Route.

Imperial Attack on OnderonEdit

Reports have been coming in of a major attack by the Empire of Coruscant upon the Planet of Onderon yesterday.  According to sources from both sides the confrontation began after Knight Master Atticus Jetaime was detained by Onderon royal forces on charges of terrorism.  It is said Empress Jael herself went to Onderon to demand the release of the high ranking Imperial officer however the request was denied by the Onderon royalty.  With Jetaime set to stand trial Imperial forces descended on the planet in a devastating attack that has left parts of the Palace in Iziz in ruins and left many who defended the city dead or wounded.

An obviously distraught leader of the Onderon royal guard who did not want to be named had this to say:

"It wasn't an attack, it was a massacre- mass slaughter. They stormed in, destroyed everything, and left. The Queen is dead, and her daughter is missing.  Survivors like me are witness to the atrocities we've predicted the Empire would use upon those who opposed them. I just hope the suffering of Onderon will enlighten the leaders of other worlds who wish to be free."

The Empire released an official statement on the incident by Empress Jael:

“The actions of the Empire have not only been justified, but necessary.  These rebels had the audacity to imprison a high-ranking member of the Empire.  The Onderon royalty could have ended this bloodlessly by simply handing Jetaime over to the Empire.  Their blatant disregard for Imperial authority demanded a severe response.  Chaos is a state that we cannot afford.  The Empire does not have the luxury of tolerating the actions of rebels against the order we are creating.  Only through that order will the galaxy have peace again.  So in defense, the Empire destroyed the source, ensuring it could no longer violate what we worked so hard to achieve.”

The Empire also confirmed reports that Queen Janick was killed in the fighting after refusing to surrender.

In the aftermath Coruscant remains under a strict military lock down while a large portion on the Imperial fleet remains in Onderon space in order to “Prevent any further outbreaks of violence”. 

This attack marks a major change for the Empire which had in recent years avoided major confrontations with all but the Sith.  How this will end for all involved has yet to be seen.  However with the escalation in violence by the Empire and the death of Queen Janick, peace seems an unlikely outcome.

Chapter 2Edit

Holonet StatementEdit

~Hologram of Security Chief Jilea Legionary appears~ I, the newly appointed Viscount and Security Commander of Onderon hereby confirm the safe return of the Princess of Onderon. With the aid of Rebel and Exchange forces the Coruscant detention center was over run, and the princess was safely escorted from the clutches of the Empire. I herby decree that the Onderon Royal family, and it's beloved people will not be opressed nor harassed by the Empire. The Empire's tyranical rule of opression is soon coming to end. For over time the Empire has grown stale and rotten, and seeks to enslave the galaxy and enforce it's harsh laws and conducts upon the people. We the Royal Police force teamed with the Rebllion and other allied forces seek to liberate all who wish to escape the wretched grip of the Empire. Make no mistake our resolve will not be broken. Tonights events have shown the Empire understimates it's foes. Together we can unify and shred the bonds of tyranny, and live as a free world once again. A fresh vision of a New Republic waits idly on the horizon. The EMpire has forced our hand. It is time to rise up and embrace a future of freedom! ~Hologram Fades~


Selkisto's voice can be heard over a hijacked holonet. "People of Coruscant- your Empress is gone. The warlord, Ardonis, who has taken her place, is a Sith. We have evidence that he went so far as to use force lightning on his own fiance, who has willingly joined us. To civillians, do not fear- we target only proponents of the dead regime which lords over you. To the Empire- We are giving you a chance to stand down and surrender. Prisoners of war will be treated to the full rights accorded to them under Republic domain. Some will be tried for war crimes. Others will be freed and supported. We understand the difference between following orders and being a warrior of evil. We will not kill anyone who is simply doing their duty. Those who are responsible will be held accountable. This is Selkisto, of the RLF. We will not be defeated until the Republic returns, and peace pervades the galaxy. We will not rest until we succeed or die. Prepare yourselves, for this is your opportunity to serve the greater good.

Chapter 3Edit



From generation to generation, there is one truth that cannot be ignored - the people desire freedom and democracy. For too long, the Galactic Empire has imposed their will on the people of this galaxy with the false pretense that we the people are not to be trusted having a representative government…that only the hand of the Empire can protect civilization.

Such thinking leads to corruption and war. The People's Galactic Alliance is the rebirth of the Repbulic…true representative government where the people have a say in how we move forward. Already, a family of planets have joined this cause, making the Republic a reality. And although the Empire still have hold of several buildings on Imperial City, the majority of the citizens on Coruscant are with the Republic. The Empire will have to understand that fact and either become a part of this new history...or fade in isolation.

Together we will prove the critics of the Republic wrong. Together, we will stand against the forces of injustice and bring peace and prosperity for all. Join our cause…be a part of the future.


Atticus Jetaime

Message to the Citizens of the PGAEdit

Selkisto Horten's face appears in a holovid played throughout the People's Galactic Alliance. "Citizens of the PGA... Interim President Atticus Jetaime is stepping down. The elections begin now. Any citizen can run, and any citizen can vote. You may propose to run yourself, or propose a vote for another. The elections will run for three days after the first vote is cast. Also, senatorial elections are to begin- same rules apply. Planets, systems, or any significant body of citizens who wish to be represented may elect a senator or representative to attend the senate in their stead. Choose wisely, and vote. The fate of the Republic depends on this."

Selkisto's Speech, Post BattleEdit

Selkisto Horten stands at the balcony of the Imperial Palace, pulls out a small holorecorder, and sets it up next to the helmet, facing him. He pulls his commlink up to his face and alters it to record, and project through the nearby APT's speakers. He clears his throat.

"People of the Galaxy, and my fellow citizens of the People's Galactic Alliance. I want to thank all of you who participated in this battle, to all of you who have fought in past battles, and all who have supported us any time from the beginnings of the RLF to now. But what you have just witnessed was not a victory. True; Ardonis has finally fled from Coruscant, and the Empire's remaining forces, and their mercenaries, were soundly defeated. But the Empire has already been defeated. Men and women fought and shed blood in a battle that did not need to take place. Stormtroopers and Imperials- good people- are now left without a government, without a nation. This was not a war against the Empire- the Empire used to strive for peace, peace through order, and power. It was a war against the corrupt man who lead it, who held onto it with an iron grip, and caused the suffering of many; even those who looked to him for leadership. The people of the galaxy have spoken- it's time for a new peace, a peace through harmony, through negotiation, through the equal distribution of rights and the ensuring of protection for all. But at the same time, the highest officials of our government are held to the same laws as the most downtrodden denizen of the poorest sectors of our galaxy. No one is a god, and no one is alone. There will be justice, but there will also be mercy.

"And so, in the spirit of mercy, I am asking all citizens of the PGA to reach out to Imperials and former Imperials. Do not descriminate against them when they look for work, and do not harm them if they speak their minds. They are entitled to the same rights as any being born into this universe. And they fought for what they believed in, not unlike many of us. They will be respected. They will not be oppressed. And if they wish to become citizens of the PGA, they will be welcomed with open arms; but if they do not, they are deliberate non-citizens, same as anyone else who willingly choses not to.

"I am aware that there are Imperials who are now homeless and jobless. This was not our intention, and it is now something we must work to solve. My first proposal to the PGA senate, once it is formed, will be legislation I call the 'Stormtrooper Clemency Act.'"

Shiri Tuum creeps forward along the walkway, moving behind Selkisto to inch her head into the recording. Her blue mopped features appeared to be floating in from the side of the camera, she stared down at it absent mindedly. /

Selkisto Horten blinks and grins, then turns to Shiri. "Could you please step back?"

Shiri Tuum looks up to Selkisto with a blank expression on her face. "Y.. Yeah, sorry.." she replied in her quiet childish voice. Inching back.. On camera it looked like she sort of floated side ways out of the shot in a very cartoonish fashion.

Selkisto continues, " I propose that a program be created to spread awareness to all Imperials and former Imperials; they are to be offered citizenship, and even if they do not accept it, that they are to be offered housing, veterans benefits, and entry into an employment program.

"If the Fel ascendancy returns, or if any man or woman can legally accept reponsibility for leadership of the Empire, and they do not pose a threat to the PGA, and are willing to coexist peacefully with us, then we will support them, in the pursuit of peace. If they wish to join the PGA, they too will be welcomed. But until that time, I declare the Empire dissolved. The war is over. If any still fight for the Empire, they are criminals under the People's Galactic Alliance.

"If any listening have questions, they may now ask, and I will do my best to answer them."

Ronet Korr steps forward, "What is happening with the Empress?"

Selkisto pauses, "The Empress is missing, presumed dead."

Ronet Korr nods "And Ardonis?"

Selkisto Horten shakes his head. "Disappeared. He is considered the People's Most Wanted, and is to be considered an Enemy of the Republic. He is to be met with lethal force if he is ever seen in PGA space, by members of the PGA Armed Forces."

Ronet Korr asks, "So you are not willing to give him a fresh start in the PGA? Or even giving him the chance..."

Selkisto Horten shakes his head again fervently. "Ardonis had his chance. He used that chance to go back on a treaty he agreed to until he declared control over Coruscant."

Ronet Korr continues, "But at that time wasn't Coruscant still under empire rule...considering the PGA wasn't and sitll isn't fully up..."

Selkisto says simly, "Coruscant was not truly under Imperial rule, not since the Empress tried to meet with, and join, the RLF, now PGA. The PGA is now established, but senatorial elections are still in progress."

Zenn Occidian steps forward, "What will the PGA do now?"

Selkisto Horten thinks for a minute before responding, "The PGA, as far as I'm concerned, will not go on a Sith-hunt, chasing the Imperial remnant to the ends of the galaxy. We will focus on improving the quality of life for our citizens, and those in PGA space while increasing security. We will hold senatorial elections soon, and then Vice Chancellor Kohime will chair the first Senatorial Congregation."

Zenn Occidian nods, "Thank you, Chancellor."

Selkisto Horten smiles, "Thank you, Zenn. Are there any other questions?" He glances around before leaning forward after a violent fit of coughing is heard. "Are you alright?"

Zenn Occidian with a grunt, he says, "Yes, Chancellor, I'm alright."

Selkisto Horten frowns and nods slowly, "If there are no other questions... thank you for listening. Goodnight, peoples of the galaxy. I hope you will join me in efforts for a brighter future." He steps back, and the recording fades out.

Deuce's SpeechEdit

Deuce shrugs and takes the commlink to speak into it. His gravely, monotone voice was unsure. "I'm Deuce... A clone of Jango Fett. Ardonis sprung me out of the freezer years ago and I served in the Storm Corps for a long time, eventually becoming Colonel and holding the Corps together with high standards and discipline. I've seen the corruption in the Empire. I can fight it, but I need your help. I need everyone's help so the Empire can start on the right path again, back to prosperity."

PGAHN News: AssassinationEdit

  • Music Plays, a giant PGAHN Logo is displayed before a Human and Twi'lek sitting at a desk appear on the screen* This is the Peoples Galactic Alliance Holonet News (PGAHN) Special Report. Just moments ago the Ex Jedi Master Jilea Legionary, on transit from the CSF prison center, was shot in the chest by a sniper, skimming the heart in a fatal wound. A PGAF Medic arrived soon after, and declared him dead.

The shooter's location was never verified. Even now PGAF Pilots are patrolling the skies searching for the shooter. The Secretary of Defense Church, had this to say. *Church's head appears in place of the reporters.* “I was very near Jilea when the shooting happened, from the looks of it the shooter was aiming at a different man, who sensed the shot and jumped out of the way, where then it hit Jilea. I am confident we will have the shooter into custody soon.” The reporter asked questions of other Jedi on the scene, such as a Jedi by the name of Owyn Graves said “No Comment” to our reporter. In other news.... *The Holo Report fades out*

Vice Chancellor's Comments on the AssassinationEdit

Kisho stands before the PGA building where the assassination took place and speaks to the gathered reporters.

"My fellow citizens. "*sighs deeply, the tears welling up in his eyes can be seen as he fights back his emotions to continue the statement* "As has been reported, there was an attempt on my life tonight.. right outside our very own holding facility. Jilea Legionary, son of Soline Legionary, former Jedi Master of the Jedi Covenant, former Jedi Knight of the Actrayth Order, and Former Chief of Security for the Onderon Security Force, was being transferred from this facility to a long term facility to await trial for actions against the Galactic Alliance. Among these charges were two counts of terroist activity, six counts of assault with intent to kill or cause serious bodily harm, and two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of two civilians that were in the area when the explosives went off. I had to add these charges to the record because both victims succumb to their wounds as I was speaking to Jilea in his cell. For all his faults, for all his misgivings, the man I knew was still a good man at heart, but like so many of us, he lost his way.

As was reported earlier, several shots were fired tonight, and the investigation thus far has concluded that these bolts were for me. I had no recollection of what was going on, I was talking to Jilea as we awaited the transport ship and then I was laying on the ground. Jilea pushed me out of harm's way and took two bolts to the chest, which is what ultimately caused his life to end. For that single act, I am eternally greatful. Let this be said now and for the record... The individual responsible for this death WILL stand trial, he is not to be harmed or hunted. The security team that is investigating the attempt on my life has also been charged with bringing this shooter to justice... to that end I am officially stepping down as the head of the Prosecutor's Office until such time as this is resolved. I can not, and I WILL not under ANY circumstances allow my emotional connection to this case cast a shadow of doubt over the trial that will follow. To the family of Jilea Legionary, I thank you, and I promise you that justice will be served.

reporters begin asking a flurry of questions as the PGA PR rep steps up and cuts them all off "The Vice Chancellor does not have time for questions at this time. ANy and all inquiries can be passed to him through the Public Relations Office located at......"

Report: Sith Fold Before Successful ASA RescueEdit

Sith Fold Before Successful ASA Rescue Republic Holo News

I'm here with 501st Captain F-8-4-9-2, "Fawnz" to cover the recent military action against the Sith on Korriban. "Fawnz," what can you tell us about the incident?

The clones looks into the camera, "GAR's 501st lead this operation. Whilst recovering a crashed clone gunship that was assaulted by sith fighters, the rescue team was attacked by sith fighters and retaliated, downing a sith fighter and several sith on the ground, they managed to destroy the gunship wreckage and evac safely with no casulties on the clone side. One fighter was destroyed but the Clone pilot survived and was picked up. We didn't start anything, the Sith fired on our escort ships and dropship. This is following a defeat of Sith Forces by the 501st Legion of the Grand Army, who only lost one casulty, eradicating the sith."

How many SIth do you estimate were defeated?

The clone says robotically, "Conservatively, around nine Sith."

Thank you Captain. Well, it appears the ASA is actively combating the Sith threat, and proving its determination to 'Leave no man behind.' This is Republic Holo News signing out.

Interview with the Executor of the Imperial RemnantEdit

This is Kyr Kittaj of the Galactic News Network. Recently I was invited to Onderon for an interview with what is known as the Imperial Remnant. A faction of the Empire lead by Executor Ardonis Commodore, which split from the Empire on Coruscant recently.

I was able to sit down and have a talk with the Executor and the woman Jade, a paladin of the Remnant about current events and their place in the galaxy. There where some rather shocking revelations about the reason behind the split of the Empire and Remnant. As well as an explanation for how the Remnant was able to take Onderon back from the Sith.

  • holorecording starts*

Kyr Kittaj takes a seat on the bech taking out her holorecorder and activating it "Yes of course that would be fine. I have actually been very interested in getting an interview with you. So much has happened since the last one"

Ardonis Commodore nods. "Indeed it has. I suppose you have a list of questions already set?"

Kyr Kittaj: Yes, actually first I would like to get your comment on what happened on Coruscant and at the Rendili ship yards with the attack last night

Ardonis Commodore: I'm sorry, but I honestly have no current knowledge of that. I've been busy most recently. What happened on Coruscant?

Kyr Kittaj looks curious "Sith forces attacked the main city on Coruscant, there are also conflicting reports that they have taken the Rendili ship yards

"Jade" (Taffa Markova) chimed in. "there was a news report on that. pirates stole a shipyard or something. Couple of the 202 were in the system and offered aid."

Ardonis Commodore frowns, staring at her for a moment before turning to Jade. "It would seem I need to watch the holofeeds more. Or hope that my intel people are more on their game on current events. Forgive my ignorance in the matter. Once I have more knowledge on the situation myself, I will gladly update you."

Kyr Kittaj nods "One of the main questiones people have right now for you, is how exactly you were able to take control on Onderon here. It had been under sith control briefly before from my understanding"

Ardonis Commodore nods, sitting up slowly. "Quite honestly. I came to them, and told them that I wanted them off of Onderon. The Sith Dynasty was spread thin between Onderon and Korriban, so I told them simply they could not afford a battle for this planet as it would cripple their numbers. The Dark Lady agreed, and pulled her people out. I did promise political asylum for a few select members of her cabinet should she choose to do so, but she never stepped forward with her people so we have been Sith free all this time. I also demanded the release of Queen Astra from the Sith as well. I'm not as violent of a man as people believe me to be. Yes, it would show that intimidation was used as a tool, but it saved lives, and avoided major damage to the city and its people."

Kyr Kittaj: It is usual for a planet to be given up so easily. Was there any sort of terms to this agreement or did the sith simply leave?

"Jade" (Taffa Markova) says 'There have been stragglers every now and again, but every effort is made by us, and by the 202nd clone battalion to keep the planet as safe as possible. Residents ahve been returning quite comfortably. People here are happy to host us."'

Ardonis Commodore: No terms. I merely said they were not my focus at the time. And they seemed to think that was enough. As it stands, we're currently focused on the Republic. They have a hatred for the Republic as well. They tried to talk me into a form of an alliance, but I made it clear that this was only a temporary cease in my mission against the Sith threat. Perhaps they thought they could use this to their advantage, who knows. But I made no agreements to help them or trade anything with them.

Kyr Kittaj nods "there has been a great deal of speculation about exactly why this spit happened in the empire. Would you care to give your view of what happened?"

Ardonis Commodore: The great divide of the Empire, yes. That.... is quite a long story. I'll admit, I did do some wrong, but not to the extent I'm being accused of.

Ardonis Commodore: I'm sure the public is greatly aware of the threat known as Wraith. We had him in custody for a short while. We came to find that there was another spirit inside of the host body. Known as Simus. In my.... less then stable state of mind at the time. I sought the ends to a problem, and the answer to my serrogate daughters anquish. I employed Simus to aid me in killing Wraith, as well as bringing back a fallen comrade from the dead. A fools move you could say. But a father will do anything in his power to see his daughter happy again. I gave Simus a new body to host his spirit, and as he was bringing back our friend, Wraith woke to early. During the process of the resurrection, a strong blast of force energy knocked me across the room, causing my head to hit the wall. I later found out that it caused a mild concussion, temporarily imparing me. Wraith got the jump on Simus, slaying him in his new body, threatened to kill me and the newly living Jonas if I resisted him. In my impaired state, little choice but to let him out of the room. I sounded the alarms on the ship afterwards, but it was to late. He managed to escape still. From there, the man currently claiming to be Emperor took it upon himself once he found out what I had done, and called the Republic in to arrest me. This should have been dealt with as an internal matter, and investigated at least to some extent. But instead since he felt that I wronged him in bringing back Naja's former fiance, he went direct to the Republic to have me taken down. Many people saw this as an act of treason. He's done quite a few things in his time of service, outside of his duty or his power. Gone against the Emperess' orders. My attempted arrest was the final straw for certain people within the Empire. From there, we began to form up, and create the force that resides here on Onderon. We're here as a peace keeping force at the time, aiding the Onderon Royalty while they reform their Guard."

Kyr Kittaj pausing for a moment sorting through all the information "You fully admit that your actions with this Wraith were for personal reason though. It sounds as it endangered others

Ardonis Commodore: No, not just for personal. I had full intentions of killing him. Had he not woken up to early, he'd be dead, and we wouldn't be in this situation now. If we want to go into self sacrifice, why I didn't attempt to kill him afterwards and die trying, the same should be asked of Azlum. He could have ended this long ago. If the sacrifice of a life would have solved the problem, he could have sacrificed his own.

Kyr Kittaj: but it was actually this incident with wraith that caused this spit to happen? There had actually been no report of it before. Only that you and the current Emperor had differences

Kyr Kittaj looks down as her datapad blinks at her she quickly scrolls through the incoming report "oh... my"

Ardonis Commodore nods. "Indeed. Jonas, the man that I had brought back, was the former fiance to the Emperess. He was struck down by Sith assassins before while doing his duty to protect her years back. Talking to her less then a day before, she admitted she was ashamed of what she would give to have him back. So, I tried to make her happy. By doing so, it seemed to insult Chris, and in retaliation over 'betraying' him, and letting Wraith escape in my weakened state, he tried to have me taken out of the picture more or less."

Kyr Kittaj slides her datapad across the table to Ardonis "I am sorry to interupt but you should see this latest news"

"Jade" (Taffa Markova) herself rolled her eyes and sighed. "Ardonis, it appears that Novastar has declared war upon us. And it also seems he's named Naja's unborn baby...

Ardonis Commodore slowly looks over to the datapad, both brows raising high as he looked it over. "These words are lies, and they will not go unpunished. If the boy wants to declare a war, then he shall have a war. I gave them a chance to do this peacefully, didn't want this to turn to war. But as always, they chose to fight first, not me."

Ardonis Commodore: As for the false accusations made my Chancellor Horten about the assassination attempts on the Emperess made by the Remnant, that is also a lie. I have fought for nearly a decade to keep the Empire alive for her. Why the kriff would I have her killed? The lies and propaganda of the Republic, as well as the False Empire, know no bounds. They will do anything to ensure their corrupt hold over the galaxy it seems.

Kyr Kittaj taps her fingers on the table "that is a great deal of conflicting information. what will your reaction to this declaration be?"

"Jade" (Taffa Markova) folds her arms, "The remnant wants nothing short of the security of the galaxy and the preservation of diversity of government. If the empire wishes to crush democracy under lies. then we will fight for the right of every free citizen of every world.

Ardonis Commodore: My reaction is this. We, the people of the True Empire, will do what we must to ensure the soverignty of the systems under its jurisdiction. The final preperations are made, we can only hope the others will follow."

Kyr Kittaj: I see. Do you believe this declaration will result in direct fighting between the two factions. Would you be open to diplomatic solutions if offered?

Ardonis Commodore: I have offered diplomatic solutions already my dear, they refused. Unless they're willing to counter my offer with something of similiar nature, then I doubt there will be any comprimise.

Kyr Kittaj: I am sure in light of this announcement you are a very busy man Executor. Do you have anything to say in closing?

Ardonis Commodore nods, slowly standing up. "I do. I hope that the young man claiming to be Emperor will see this interview, and wake up. I once thought he was a bright young man. We even spoke not long ago about rejoining the Empire to its former glory. But I cannot sit idly by while he usurps the throne. And to the Chancellor, I hope he'll see this, and know what he faces. Free people, unbarred by his corrupt government, willing to die for what they believe in."

Kyr Kittaj stands picking up her recorder "Thank you for the interview Executor"

Ardonis Commodore bows slowly. "Thank you for comming so far out of your way. Have a safe trip back home."

  • Holorecording ends*

After this interview ended I was able to talk to an anonymous source who had some interesting commentary on the Executors comments. Many questions remain. Was this split in the Empire truly due to ideological differences, or was it a battle over the late Empress Naja whom Emperor Christopher married and whom Executor Ardonis considered a daughter. The Executor himself attempted to interfere with the wedding between Christopher and Naja, and clearly did not approve of their marriage. Sources note that before Chris and Naja’s romance began the now rival Executor and Emperor had good relations with each other.

War is never good for the galaxy. Is this conflict over who can bring order to the galaxy? Or a jealous spat over a woman? It is a question which we may never get an answer to now that the Empress is deceased, should it be true however these men may sacrifice many lives for the sake of their personal conflict. Perhaps only history will be able to judge.

Declaration of IntentEdit

Declaration of Intent.

We the people of the True Empire, hereby declare the self proclamation to the title of Emperor by Christopher Novastar unlawful and unjust. The Peoples Galactic Alliance has interfered with the affairs of the Empire far too many times and must be stopped for their crimes against sovereignty. Their corrupt standing and intervention in politics not under their control has gone too far. We demand that the Republic officials involved in this action be brought to justice for this illegal intervention, and the false Emperor step down from the throne.

As the standing military body of Onderon, we are restricting all access to Republic and Coruscant Imperial personnel unless the parties involved in visiting declare themselves as free citizens not involved with the Republic or Empire. Officers and high ranking officials of either faction must send communications before hand of their visitation plans and intent for being on Onderon, in the interest of peace and safety of the planet of Onderon. Any Republic or Imperial member caught on Onderon overtly, will be detained for an unspecified amount of time before being sent back home or instead to a penal colony of the magistrates choosing. Repeated actions against the laws set on Onderon by Imperial or Republic personnel will result in war against the offending faction.

Signed Duke of Onderon, Commander of the Remnant Imperial Forces, Ardonis Commodore

The Fel Empire Declares War on the RemnantEdit

As Emperor Reagent of the The Empire, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense, that always will our whole Empire remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated war against the Empire, and the People's Galactic Alliance, the Fel Empire, in it's righteous might, will win through to absolute victory. I believe that I interpret the will of The Fel Empire, my son, and it's citizens, when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make it very certain that this form of treachery, and tyranical "goverment" shall never again endanger us. Hostilities exist.

The Remnant may claim that I am not the "true" Emperor. Am I a Fel by blood? No, I am not, there is no denying this. However, my son, Selkisto Fel, is the True Emperor, he is a Fel. The throne is his, by right of birth, and by choice. When he is old enough to rule, I shall willingly hand over the throne to him. I will then step back down to Grand Master of the Imperial Knights. But I must ask both the Remnant, and the people of Coruscant this. If the Remnant is truly loyal to the Fel Line. Why do they insist on going to war with both The Empire, and the PGA? If they were truly loyal. Would they not throw down their weapons, and give their allegiance to us?

There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger. With confidence in our Imperial Storm Corps, The PGAF, and with the undaunted determination of our people, we will inevitably triumph. The Force help us, we shall triumph.

PGA Pledges Support to True Fel EmpireEdit

A well dressed reported adresses the screen, "This is Wiger Toods with Republic Holo News. I am speaking to Chancellor Horten currently over commlink to get an official response to the declaration of the Remnant. Chancellor Horten-"

He interrupts the reporter, "Selkisto. Selk, if you want."

Wiger blinks and continues, "Err, Selkisto, what is your response to the Remnant's declaration?"

The Chancellor clears his throat. "Well, we will honor our Alliance with the true Fel Empire. As the Remnant claims to be a 'remnant' of a government which is clearly established and recognized, the Fel Empire, the Remnant is not recognized as a sovereignty or its own government... they're pretty much fancy terrorists. In addition to this, they're lead by Ardonis, a man who the RLF removed from power due to his abuses of it, and his repeated attacks against the RLF, finally bringing peace to Coruscant and the galaxy... however, Ardonis' terrorists have conspired against the Fel Empire, having attempted an assassination of the Empress, and assaulted Emperor Reagent Novastar, in our own embassy on Coruscant. He requested that the Remnant commander who did both of these be held in our prison, and we complied. Usually, either of those is an act of war, but as the assault was in the PGA embassy, it was in PGA space, and the Remnant later assaulted the embassy itself to free the man we captured for the crimes against the Empire I mentioned. The Remnant has comitted acts of war against the Empire, and acts of war against the PGA. I am not authorized to declare war on the Remnant, it is a power held solely by the senate which is on the eve of its completion. But we are obligated to honor the treaty we signed with the Empire, that the Empress and I personally wrote together. It calls for the PGA to aid the Empire with security forces where crimes against the Empire have been comitted, and the PGA's assistant is requested. We have been asked to aid the Empire, and so we will provide security forces to do so. As the Remnant has comitted acts of war against the PGA, I will be authorizing a crackdown on any activity in local space, and will present to the senate, upon its hastening completion, a strong recommendation to declare war."

The reporter pauses for a moment before asking, "So you will not be declaring war on the Remnant?"

Selkisto clears his throat again. "No, as Chancellor, I do not have the power to. But I will be assigning security forces to aid the Empire in my role as Commander-in-Chief of the PGAF."

Wiger Toods nods, "Thank you, Chancellor."


The Reporter ends the transmission and shares a moment of silence with the viewer. "It appears the terrorist group, known as the Remnant, has comitted acts of war against the Republic and the Empire, and the Republic and the Empire will be working together to remove the threat they pose to the galaxy. This is Wiger Toods of Republic Holo News. Back to you, Kadra."

Chapter 4Edit

Official Communication from OnderonEdit

    • Intercomm** Let it be known that Jade Jetaime ( Megan Congrejo ) has turned her back on Onderon and is no longer a member of the royal court or family. She has decided to throw her support to the Empire .. abandoning our fair world...

Jade Jetaime ( Megan Congrejo ) will be escorted off this world if she tries to return to Onderon.

I would ask that all Loyal citizens of Onderon, and it's allies, make the effort to shun her as she has shun us.

Her name will be removed from our Familial Scrolls , removing her access to our protection and funds. Any and all passwords and encryption codes formerly given to her have been revoked.

Signed by Our Hand,

Astra , Queen of Onderon Daughter of the Nine Moons Heir to the Holy Rings of Gensry

Onderon Royal Family Exiles Benevolent DuchessEdit

A well-dressed Korun reporter faces the holocam. "Hello, I am Wiger Toods with Republic Holo News, here to interview former Duchess Jade Jetaime, recently exiled very publicly by the Onderon Royal family." He turns to the woman, standing across from him in a hangar. Wiger Toods: So you were exiled because you did not support the Remnant? Jade Jetaime: I was exiled because when the Queen returned to Onderon, nobody but myself and Ardonis was there in her eyes to seemingly support her. The Queen is a great woman, but of course she believes that the Remnant saved Onderon from the Sith, when in truth the Sith handed it to Ardonis like a gift between friends. WT: You think Ardonis is in league with the Sith? JJ: I have my presumptions, but no cold facts. And will not say that he is definatly in league with the Sith unless there are those facts. But the way he got Onderon doesnt seem right to me, or many other people in the least bit. WT: Why is that? JJ: Ardonis had been at odds with Sith for many years... they were enemies.. why now would the Sith just give him a planet? WT: That's a good question. Did you interact with Ardonis yourself on Onderon? JJ: I have met him a few times, he carries himself in public very well. And I don't have anything personal against the man himself.. but I can't go along with his beliefs. WT: What beliefs do you mean? JJ: That his way of running the galaxy is the best way of course. WT: What exactly is 'his way'? JJ: Complete control, a dictatorship if you will.. taking the freedom away from the people WT: So Ardonis is a dictator, and wants the whole galaxy under his reign? JJ: That is my opinion yes. Tell me Wiger... would you like to be under the rule of Ardonis? WT: No, certainly not. I am quite happy to be a free and represented citizen of the People's Galactic Alliance. Speaking of which, did you hear of the first meeting of the People's Galactic Alliance Senate? JJ: Yes I did, and it is good that they are making progress like that. Hopefully a fully functioning Senate can take alot of the pressure off the Chancellor WT: Yes, we're all hoping for the same. Do you know what the Remnant, or the Onderon Family, thinks of it? Jade shakes her head at that Question.. "Obviously the opinion of the Remnant about the PGA is well documented. As for the Queen's personal Opinion you would have to ask her." WT: We would, but even associating with the Republic on Onderon is a crime, isn't it? JJ: As per order of Ardonis. WT: Yes, of course. And this extended even to you, a member of the royal family? JJ: Of course, what kind of example would that set if it didnt WT: So would you say that Ardonis, in a way, reigns over the Onderon Royal Family? JJ: I would say he has more influence then he should, but no, he doesnt. WT: Yet, Ardonis' rule has caused you to get kicked out. JJ: No, I left on my own choice, nobody else's. I fully understood the consquences of what my actions would be, and accepted them. Hopefully it can be mended over time, but that is for the future to decide. WT: The Queen claims you were exiled.. JJ: Yes, and she warned me before hand about what would happen if I made that choice, and I accepted her decision without arguement. She doesn't mean to hurt me, but she has a difficult time trusting anybody right now. WT: Why is that? JJ: She was kidnapped by the Sith and kept as a slave, would that not hurt your ability to trust others Wiger? WT: Of course it would. But after treatment like that by the Sith, I wouldn't turn my planet over to someone who seemed on such good terms with them! JJ: Yes but as I stated earlier.. she doesnt believe the Remnant is on good terms with the Sith WT: Why not? JJ: Because when the Sith returned her, the Remnant appeared on Onderon to be the group who saved them from the Sith WT: That does seem a little convenient, doesn't it? JJ: Perhaps, but the only true fact in all of this is that Queen Astra is the real victim, and she needs the support of all factions more then ever. Every decision she makes is what she thinks is best for her people, often at sacrafice to herself. WT: So if Queen Astra is the victim, do you think the Ardonis and the Sith are the ones who preyed on her? JJ: Thats a theory I suppose, but there are many out there. The only true way to know is through a throrough investigation. WT: An investigation which, of course, would be difficult to conduct with Ardonis still in power, would you say? JJ: Very, which is a big reason why I have chose to aid in the fight against the Remnant. WT: Thank you for your time, I and everyone at Republic Holo News wish you well. JJ: You're welcome

Onderon MessageEdit


Astra , Queen of Onderon, has fully Reinstated Jade Jataime as Duchess of Onderon.

She has brought Astra much new evidence about the Fel Empire ...

Interview with the ChancellorEdit

Interview with the Chancellor

Kyr Kittaj with the Galactic News Network. I was invited to the home of the new galactic senate on Rhen Var for an interview with Selkisto Horten Chancellor of the People Galactic Alliance.

We spoke of the newly constructed Senate, its goals and the challenges the PGA faces in moving forward. As well as discussed the conflict between the Imperial factions on Coruscant and Onderon, with a take on the Countess Jade’s return to the Onderon Royalty.

  • Holorecording Begins*

Kyr Kittaj nods taking a seat pulling out her holorecorder turning it on "As I understand it you already had the first senate meeting. I have seen the vid of it unfortunately I was not chosen to attend

Selkisto Horten shakes his head, "We just submitted the senate hall's holovids, we didn't have any reporters there for this meeting, we're still figuring everything out. Future meetings will be open for observation.

Kyr Kittaj smiles and nods "I would be happy to record any future meeting for the Galactic news if I am invited to return"

Selkisto Horten nods.

Kyr Kittaj: I was eager to get an interview with you chancellor after being able to Interview the Executor on Onderon. Did you see that news report?

Selkisto Horten: I did. It was pretty amusing.

Kyr Kittaj perks one ear a little "What do you mean by amusing?"

Selkisto Horten shrugs. "Usual basic empty insults and accusations, while claiming good intents. Honestly, I'd say the accomplishments of the PGA and Fel Empire speak for themselves.

Kyr Kittaj: What is your opinion on the current split of the Imperial factions? The PGA has been clear in its support of the Imperials on Coruscant under the Emperor is that correct?

Selkisto Horten nods, "As far as the PGA is concerned, they are the only true Imperials. I said the day we kicked Ardonis off of Coruscant that if a true Fel returns, we would fully recognize them and their Empire. Well, she did, and we did. The Remnant is supposed to be the 'true Fel Empire,' but it seems kind of stupid to say that when your whole existence is based on resisting a government led by a true Fel.

Kyr Kittaj: What do you believe is the reason for this split in the Empire?

Selkisto Horten: Ardonis wants power. Jade herself said this in a previous interview- Ardonis wants to have a dictatorship, where he's in charge. That's why we ousted him- because he was imposing his will on us, when he has no right to. We believe in freedom, especially freedom from oppression. A lot of people fought for that, a lot of good people died for it. I'm just thankful those who did die didn't die in vain."

Kyr Kittaj: As I understand Countess Jade has actually returned to the royal family on Onderon and is now working with Ardonis.

Selkisto Horten: She's also fallen to the dark side. Makes you think, huh?

Kyr Kittaj: Fallen to the dark side? What do you mean by that?

Selkisto Horten: As most people know, as with the previous Republic, the Jedi have been an integral part of the PGA. We're aware of Sith and the threat they pose to the Republic. The Jedi have been the Force-sensitive element of our defense forces, the other of course being GAR, and the PGAF. Shortly after her exile from the Royal Family, our allies among the Jedi discovered that she had fallen to the Dark Side. After that, she returned to Onderon- curiously, to open arms.

Kyr Kittaj: You are saying that Countess Jade in in fact one of the Sith?

Selkisto Horten shrugs. "Would you believe she would so vehemently oppose Ardonis, change her mind overnight, and do a one-eighty and return fully embracing his dictatorship?

Selkisto Horten: She was willing to face exile for what she believed in, now she isn't. What the Jedi have uncovered is consistent with her behavior.

Kyr Kittaj: The executor however has stated that he does not support Sith and forced them off of Onderon

Selkisto Horten: Actually, in that interview, he didn't seem to have 'forced' them so much as said, 'I'm more worried about the Republic than I am of evil Sith like yourselves." He seemed pretty friendly to the idea of joining them to defeat us. Friendly compared to our reaction, which would be more along the lines of 'Hell no.'

Selkisto Horten: It was actually more of a deal. Ardonis would get Onderon if he let the Sith roam free.

Selkisto Horten: Seems a step backwards to me. Even Talmerith's Empire that occupied Onderon removed the Sith who tried to come into the city.

Kyr Kittaj: The deal as he stated to me was that the Sith would have to leave Onderon the he offered to have a list of ones who would have amnesty however no list was ever completed Selkisto Horten: Yet one of the Remnant was kicked out after trying to arrest a Sith. They went through with the deal.. which is unthinkable.

Kyr Kittaj: Who was this member of the remnant?

Selkisto Horten: A Riley West. He now works with the Jedi.

Kyr Kittaj: I see. Now the position of yourself and the PGA against Ardonis before has been quite clear. However the feud between the new Emperor Chris and the executor seems mired in a personal dispute over the deceased Empress Naja, do you have any comment on that? Selkisto Horten leans back. "It's funny, I watched the whole thing from the beginning. Ardonis and Chris were close.. Ardonis apparently said Chris was like a 'son' to him. But after Chris started getting close to Naja, Ardonis started getting underhanded.. Chris also found out a lot about Ardonis.. and then he made that deal with Wraith... who we destroyed, by the way." He points out the window, "Not far from here. Another mess Ardonis made, that we had to fix."

Selkisto Horten: Finally he attacked Chris and Naja on their wedding. We responded quickly, subdued him, and Chris asked to have him held in PGA prisons, as he could get out of the Imperial ones. He was blown out of prison and we haven't seen him since."

Kyr Kittaj nods "Alright on a more positive note How do you feel about the results of the first senate meeting? Before this there had been a great deal of criticism over how long it was taking the PGA to establish the senator

Selkisto Horten chuckles. "A lot of that criticism came from the Remnant- there's a lot of obstacles.. economic, logistic, political.. where were we going to build it? Where would we get the resources, and who would pay for it? Then there's the issue of getting all the senators together, safely, not to mention setting up elections for them. A lot of time, a lot of effort, a good deal of funds.. these things don't happen overnight. But it's finally done.." he waves a hand around, "And here it is."

Kyr Kittaj: How many senators do you have now? And how often do you intend to have senate meetings? Selkisto Horten: We have four senators, and three representatives.. the Intergalactic Banking Clan may join soon, as well as Bakura.

Kyr Kittaj: What planets do the current senators and representatives come from?

Selkisto Horten: Barlok, the Talz World Clan, which represents Alzoc 3 and Orto Plutonian, Kashyyyk, and Velmor.

Selkisto Horten: There's representatives for the United Jedi of the Republic, the PGAF, and the Fel Empire.

Kyr Kittaj: How are groups or planets able to join the senate?

Selkisto Horten: Well, senators need to be elected by their constituents, and while those constituents don't need to be PGA citizens, the senators themselves do. The elections also need to be verified by the PGA. Selkisto Horten: No one in a position of power in their local government can be a senator, also- so for instance, Emperor Fel could not run for senator of the PGA.

Kyr Kittaj: And how are representatives chosen? what groups are eligible for it?

Selkisto Horten: Representatives may be appointed, to represent groups that are either defense forces within the PGA, such as the Jedi and the PGAF, or strong allies of it, such as the Empire. Selkisto Horten: However, while senators may vote on legislation, representatives may not.

Kyr Kittaj: What right now are the greatest concerns for the PGA now that the senate has been established?

Selkisto Horten: Growth, and defense- that is, economic growth to increase the overall standard of living within PGA space, as well as including planets and systems which voluntarily wish to join the PGA and are willing to uphold its bill of rights and other general laws. Defense would be strengthening the military and the security of the PGA against the Sith and the Remnant.

Kyr Kittaj: You do not intend to take any offensive actions right now then

Selkisto Horten: Outside of direct security, offensive actions need to be approved by the senate.

Kyr Kittaj: I see. Now there were some conflicting reports recently about an attack at the Rendili ship yards. Is it true they were taken by force?

Selkisto Horten: It's still being investigated.

Kyr Kittaj: You.. are not certain who currently controls them?

Selkisto Horten shakes his head, "Like I said, it's still being investigated. I'm not currently at liberty to divulge what has so far been uncovered."

Kyr Kittaj gives a pause "I believe that is all the questions I had for you at this time. Do you have any closing remarks for the public?

Selkisto Horten nods. "We have removed Ardonis, we have fostered the rise of a just Empire, with whom we toppled the Organization, we have repeatedly kept the Sith and other enemies at bay, and now have destroyed Wraith and created our senate. Our Republic is young, but it has established itself as a force for good.. it has made me proud, and I hope I have done justice to my office and made you all proud as well."

Kyr Kittaj nods to him and stands up picking up her recorder "Thank you for taking the time have this interview with me"

  • Holorecording Ends*

An interesting take on the current events of the Galaxy. Is it true that Countess Jade has joined the Sith, and this caused her return to Onderon? For her to denounce the Onderon Royalty and then return so quickly appears quite unusual. Should this be true it brings into question if Executor Ardonis did in fact force the Sith to leave Onderon. Or does he even know the truth of her allegiance? Or is the PGA only reaching for reasons to condemn the Imperial Remnant?

A new Galactic Senate has finally held its first meeting since Empress Jael disbanded the Coruscant Senate years ago. This time not under an Empire but a Republic. Whether it can survive and grow in the current turmoil of the galaxy we will see in the coming months and years.

And finally what really happened at the Rendili shipyards recently? Even though weeks have passed there are still no confirmed reports about its status, and government officials will not comment on who now holds it. What does the PGA not want us to know?

Interview with MorpheusEdit

Kyr Kittaj with the Galactic News Network. Following the recent Interviews with Executor Commodore and Chancellor Horten, I was contacted by Morpheus of the Sith Dynasty on Korriban to come hear their side of recent events. I was about to get an update about the current Sith hierarchy and their goals for the future. As well as news about the nature of the deal between the Executor and the Sith for Onderon.

  • Holorecording begins*

Kyr Kittaj taking out her holorecorder and placing it on the table "well shall we get down to business?"

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'Of course...'

Kyr Kittaj clicks the recorder on "I'm afraid I am not entirely familiar with who you are. Could you first tell me a little about yourself and your position?"

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) smiles at her, 'Of course...what is your name?'

Kyr Kittaj: Oh I am sorry. My names Kyr Kittaj. I had thought you already knew

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) smiles, 'Sorry about that...Kyr...beautiful name. Well, Kyr, my name is Morpheus. I am a Sith and I serve as a Master in the Dynasty Order. Twin brother of one Atticus Jetaime, a Jedi.'

Kyr Kittaj: Now the Sith Dynasty is the group currently in control of Korriban, is that correct?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) nods, 'Yes, that is quite right, Kyr. This is our home.'

Kyr Kittaj: And this position you have of Master how does that fit into your ranking system?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) grins, 'Well there is the Empress,' he scoffs, 'the Dark Lady....a beautiful one if I do say so myself,' he winks. 'Then the Shadowhand...after that there are the Masters. We get our instruction from those above us....and are in charge of separate areas within the order. Below us are Darth, Acolyte and Adept.'

Kyr Kittaj perks one ear a little "Empress? I had not heard of a new Empress taking over. Actually I have heard very little on the current events here on Korriban.

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'It is recent...our Emperor died recently and a former Dark Lady came back to fill the position. But this is really a big family...we all work together for the order.'

Kyr Kittaj: What is the name of this new Empress?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) grins, 'Lady Dolor.'

Kyr Kittaj: Oh I see. Yes I have spoken with her before. Though I believe she had been reported as dead. I take it this isn’t the case

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) laughs, 'She has been reported dead many times...death just can't seem to keep its clutches on that....beautiful thing. No she is very much alive. Bit of a kath hound, but alive.' He laughs, 'I am joking, she isn't a kath hound. She is a lovely leader.'

Kyr Kittaj: Now the question everyone has been asking lately about the Sith, is what exactly happened on Onderon? How was power turned over from the Sith Dynasty to Executor Ardonis?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) chuckles, 'Yes, I can imagine that is on everyone's mind, Kyr. I am sure this will be torn apart because there is a bias against the Sith. You see, Onderon was becoming a handful. And Ardonis came to the then Dark Lady...Imida. He was saying how he needed a base of operations against the 'false' Empire and PGA. Ardonis is a man with a huge ego...and much darkness in his heart. He hates the Sith, but would make a deal with us if it meant it would give him his power back. Well...we didn't want to get in the middle over a planet that we had no stake in. So we made a deal...we give him the planet, he treats the Sith with respect. He held his side of the deal for about a few months.'

Kyr Kittaj: You’re saying that from your perspective the executor asked for control of Onderon. Rather then how it had been stated that he essentially intimidated the Sith into leaving

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) laughs out loud, 'Oh...that is rich. I am sorry, Kyr, they do love to manipulate the press. No, we were not forced out. We merely handed it over to him.'

Kyr Kittaj: Were there any conditions to this deal? what do you mean by he would have to treat the Sith with respect?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'You see...we have been targeted by the PGA and Empire on Coruscant. They have an arrest Sith policy there...sort of goes against a free society right? Well, we didn't want to see that on another planet. So...our condition was that the Remnant would not arrest Sith merely for walking around.'

Kyr Kittaj: Speaking of Coruscant. Do you have any comment on the battle that happened there recently? Reports state that the Sith attacked the planet.

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) shakes his head, 'I don't know...I wasn't there on Coruscant. There are other Sith besides Dynasty. Here is the thing, Kyr, there are bad apples in any group. Being Sith is not evil....nor is it being in any group. is how the individual decides to live their life.'

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'The PGA calls themselves a democracy...yet they arrest people whose beliefs they do not agree crimes committed. And it took them eons to get this 'Senate' up. You have an Empire and the Remnant fighting over one person...the departed Empress, Naja. They are willing to kill thousands because of a squabble between two men. Then you have Ardonis...Ardonis who does not care for the people...only regaining his power he once had. At least the Chancellor of the PGA BELIEVES in something...even if it is misguided.

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'Evil is a relative term, Kyr.'

Kyr Kittaj: If you feel that strongly about Ardonis why did the Sith allow him control of Onderon?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) smiles, 'I do not lead this group. I only give my advice. I told them he would backstab us...and he did. But they did not know him like I did. People sometimes need to make mistakes to learn a lesson.

Kyr Kittaj: And you’re saying the Sith Dynasty was not involved in the battle on Coruscant?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) sighs, 'As I said I do not lie. I believe a few members did join the cause. but it was not Dynasty sanctioned.'

Kyr Kittaj: Do you have any idea what the purpose for the fight was?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) shakes his head, 'I wish I knew, Kyr. I do not like being in the dark on these matters. But the PGA and Empire have done all that they can to isolate the Sith...I am not saying it is right, but they have been operating like we are in a state of war for so long.'

Kyr Kittaj: And what of the Rendili ship yards? On the same day there were conflicting reports about it being attacked. I have been unable to get solid information about what happened

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) smiles, 'Yes I heard about that. I don't know the facts on it so it would be wrong for me to speculate.'

Kyr Kittaj: what about recent events on Onderon? It seems the planets government is in a shifting state. Queen Astra had been reported to be kidnapped but has apparently returned. do you have any comment?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) nods, 'Yes, I heard she was returning. My comment is that things have gotten out of control on Onderon. Ardonis does not care about the people of Onderon, nor the royal family that resides there. He has used Onderon as a base of operations to retake Coruscant… that is a fact.

Kyr Kittaj: And what about Korriban and the Sith Dynasty. what are your plans for the future?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'Our plans, Kyr, is to continue to make this planet the best it can be. And to be honest, we want to have a leadership role in the galaxy. But not as people might be lead to believe...we don't want to 'conquer' planets. We just feel we have more to offer the galaxy than the PGA or Empire. Or the Jedi for that matter. It is funny...some of the most peaceful times in this galaxy's history was under Sith government.

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'My thing, Kyr is this...'

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'The PGA, Empire and Remnant are in this ego contest on who is best for the people...but instead of putting their views forth to the people to decide, they go for war. And war won't hurt that will hurt the people they say they are protecting in the first place.

Kyr Kittaj: I take it you do not have any faith in the new galactic senate under the PGA then

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'It remains to be seen...I do not trust the authority that created the Senate at in the first place. I remember when the PGA was forming...Selkisto said he was not running. Yet he always comes back to power.

Kyr Kittaj: Does Korriban have any intention of attempting to have a seat on the senate?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) laughs, 'There are those who have thought about it. But Selkisto would never let that happen.'

Kyr Kittaj: I see. Well I am sorry to cut this short however I have heard there is a trial for Countess Jade of Onderon going on, on Talus.

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) frowns, 'She is on trial?

Kyr Kittaj: The details released have been very unclear. which is why I intend to cover the event. Before I go did you have anything to say in closing?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) sighs and forces a smile, 'I hope she is alright....well, Kyr, I just want to say that life is a little more complicated than our leaders want us to believe. It is not as simple as good and evil. Everyone has their own motives and ideals that make this galaxy a complicated...chaotic place. But I will tell...the true evil in the galaxy is blind ambition. The quest to put ones version of what is right over all others. I also want to say, thank you for hearing me out, Kyr. You are an amazing interviewer. And lovely to boot.' He winks.

Kyr Kittaj smiles and stands up picking up her holorecorder "Thank you for the interview"

  • Holorecording ends*

Yet another side of the current complex issues of the galaxy. The Sith are considered a threat by many other factions. The PGA and Empire on Coruscant go so far as to arrest Sith who are found on their worlds. Have the Sith truly brought any more trouble then any of these other groups? Or have they simply become an easy target for others to blame the woes of the galaxy on. With wars brewing good and evil become terms of convenience. Then again is the friendly face shown to this reporter only a façade to cover the Sith’s true actions?

The situation on Onderon becomes even more mired in conflict as it seems who is in control is changing every day. Reports now say that Queen Astra is once again in charge and that the Imperial Remnant is on uncertain terms with her. It seems that Executor Ardonis did indeed make a deal with the Sith originally for control of the planet, though the nature of it still remains debatable. How much of this did the Queen know?

Countess Jade of Onderon faces trial for poisoning Queen Astra. Though Jade pleads guilty to the charges the result of the trial has yet to be announced. Expect a full report on the proceedings within the day.

The fate of the Rendili ship yards remains uncertain.

Chancellor Responds to Sith HypocracyEdit

A well-dressed woman stands before the holo, "This is Kadra Gall, with Republic Holo News. The Sith 'Morpheus' recently issued a statement about the senat emeeting. We're here with a live feed from Chancellor Selk-"

"Just Selkisto."

She clears her throat, "...Selkisto. Recently the Sith issued a statement regarding the PGA as 'hypocritical' for its stance on Sith. What is your response to this?"

"Well, he claims that the Sith merely want peace and freedom. Then I ask, why did they then kidnap me shortly before the war, torture me, and then dump me on Korriban? I'm not the only one, either.. Jedi, even Imperials, have suffered the same. They tend to attack anyone who enters their territory. Why did they attack, and take over, Onderon? Why did they make deals with the Remnant, which Ardonis himself has admitted to... and then there was the recent Sith attack on Coruscant... he claimed I want to 'have my cake and eat it too,' but what he's proposing is that the Sith be allowed to not only get away with all this, but also to be afforded the same rights and privileges as law-abiding people of the galaxy. And I haven't even touched on what the Sith are known for in the past... the Massacre on Dac, orchastrating the takeover of the galaxy... and then there was Darth Caedus, and of course.. Emperor Palpatine. Historically, can you name any Sith who has contributed to the preservation and well-being of the galaxy?"

Kadra blinks, realizing he had expected a response, "Uh, no, sir, I can't."

"But you can list many examples of their having caused the galaxy to suffer."

Kadra nods, "I would say that anyone with a cursory knowledge of galactic history could."

"That's right. If it was merely a belief system, it wouldn't be a problem- but it is more than that, it is an organization, a group, with the goals of galactic domination, a group that gains power through the suffering of others. And not only does it have these intentions but it has, repeatedly, acted upon them."

Kadra takes the opportunity of a pause to ask, "The Sith compared themselves to the RLF-"

"And that's outrageous. The RLF repeatedly pursued peaceful negotiations even after the Empire was discovered to be spying on Onderon's communications. When the Sith kidnapped me, they were trying to get information out of me, what the RLF's plans with the Sith were.. and do you know what the RLF's plans were? A diplomatic meeting. The RLF never even fought until the Empire invaded Onderon... and then the Empire nearly killed the members of its constitutional convention. We never targeted non-combatants, and most of our battles were purely defensive in nature... defending territory, rescue missions, resisting Imperial aggression... and the same planet we 'invaded' is the planet we just handed back over to the Fel Empire, which was decided by our senate... if the RLF was terrorists, so was the Rebel Alliance, and the Galactic Alliance, but they brought law to the galaxy, and freedom, and they had the same policy about Sith that we do. The Sith is an organization of dangerous people, with a well-known record of causing many tragedies to the galaxy, people who have demonstrated repeatedly their desire and capacity to cause suffering to others, even other Sith. They have proven they do not deserve the same rights and privileges afforded to the rest of us, to the free citizens of the galaxy who don't hurt others, who don't attempt to subvert others or control them. They have made conscious choices to be Sith, and to be Sith is to be an active participant in an erosion of a Republic."

Kadra blinks a few times after the tirade. "Thank you Chance-Selkisto."

"No problem, Kadra."

Kadra nods her head, "Well, we have just heard the Chancellor's passionate response to the Sith's hypocracy. It seems prudent to ask how much the words of acknowledged Sith can be trusted when they rely so much on deceit to attain their goals of galactic domination. This is Kadra Gall of Republic Holo News, signing off."

Sith AttackEdit

"This is Kadra Gall, Republic Holo News. In a concerted effort, combined PGA and Imperial forces fought off an all-out attack by the Sith on Coruscant. Visible from the ground was a suicidal frontal assault on the PGA and Imperial Navy protecting the planet, as all of the Assembly of Darkness' meager space fleet threw itself recklessly into an all-out space battle. The entire AOD fleet was destroyed, with only few PGA and Imperial casualties.

"Meanwhile, having broken the blockade during the fight, the AOD's forces of Sith, monsters, and bounty hunters attacked the PGA embassy and the Imperial palace. After a brief period where the PGA and Imperial forces regrouped in the embassy, the Sith forces took the Imperial palace moments before the combined PGA/Imperial soldiers swept in and wiped out the AOD group.

"I contacted Lieutenant 'Vampire,' of GAR, PGAF, about the battle. Lieutenant, what can you tell us about the attack today?"

The clone responds efficiently, "The battle was a victory, although we lost a couple of my finest troopers we still did an amazing job. The joint- defense operation with 501st and Imperials was completely successful. However the biggest success was not just saving the city, but building stronger ties with the Imperials. Those who have died will not be forgotten."

Another clone close by adds, "The battle was hard fought but what matters is.....we got ration bars in the end."

The reporter nods, "Thank you, Lieutenant. I'm making my way over to an Imperial Knight.. what's your name, sir?"

The Knight turns to the holocam. "I am Vilan Narrth."

"What would you like to say about the battle?"

He pauses, thoughtfully, before responding, "Many died by my blade; I only wish there was more to kill."

"I.... see. I'm getting reports from RHN Central that another attack was conducted in the Rendili Shipyards. Preliminary reports are vague.. but I have just gotten in contact with a clone pilot nicknamed 'Green,' commander of Emerald Squadron, via commlink. Commander Green, what can you tell us about the Rendili attack?"

The clone's voice is tinny over the comm feed, "We fended off the threat very well. There were no casualties for my pilots and a few newbie flyboys nailed a few bogies. We destroyed our objectives in an effective manner... the boys did some things that they never thought they could before, and most importantly, we all got out safely."

The reporter asks, "What can you tell us about the nature of the attack? Was it Sith?"

The clone answers after a pause, "I do believe they were pirates. We have no intel as to whom they are affiliated with but I will say, their fighters had some wicked 'firaxa shark teeth' decals on them. Heh, heh."

Kadra nods, "Did the Imperials assist you at Rendili?"

Green fades out a bit before his voice returns, "-es, the Emperor himself assisted us, and he and one of his Knights went with our boarding party to defeat the pirates."

"Thank you, Commander. It would appear the PGA and Imperial forces worked efficiently together to end the threat posed by pirates and Sith against the free galaxy. This is Kadra Gall, wishing you good----"

Static follows before the transmission resumes.

"Takaki here... I'm sorry to interupt this lovely new report... but I felt the galaxy at large should be made aware of the events that took place..."

"The battle on Coruscant...was a feint, the Assembly's fleet was out of date, old rusted bulks that I am clever enough to know had no hope of threatening the mighty fleets that orbit Coruscant... the troops landed, a mere distraction, a force intended to busy the Republic and Empire. While this battle waged on a pirate fleet struck the Rendili shipyards, destroying all their defensive emplacements. The fleet then docked, and unpacked facility scale hyperdrives that I had built there to the main bulk of these priceless state of the art facilities... They were clever enough to suspect foul play on my part... and these hyperdrives took some type to make operational... during that time the PGA managed to send their strike force... but in the end the facility was mine," a harsh laughter sounds. "Good night galaxy, and now back to you Kadra..."

Static resumes for a moment, and the regular transmition takes hold of the broadcast.

Kadra seems rather irritated as she converses with someone out of sight of the camera, then her head returns to the center of the screen, a serene smile on her face. "Republic Holo News apologizes for the techical difficulties we just experienced, please disregard that interruption. This is Kadra Gall with Republic Holo News, wishing you a good night."

Kohime TestimonyEdit

(Taken with permission) [22:09] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* ah, yes.. we had a bit of a conversation in the Talus cantina yesterday.. he didnt like me telling him to butt out of my reasons for not attending the Senate Meetings [22:10] Selkisto Horten: Comm- I'd actually like to know those reasons too.. apparently you looked quite well. [22:10] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* I told you, that was one of the first times I could move about [22:11] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* You werent told why I took sick leave... were you? [22:11] Selkisto Horten: Comm- No, you just said you were taking sick leave. [22:12] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* Remember, about a year ago, you asked me to go out and start meeting with different people from different systems to try to get them into the senate? [22:12] Selkisto Horten: Comm- Yes. [22:12] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* One of my last stops was Nar Shaddaa [22:12] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* Thats where I ran into Takaki, and how I ended up getting sick [22:12] Selkisto Horten: Comm- When was this? [22:13] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* about two weeks before I became seriously ill [22:13] Selkisto Horten: Comm- What happened with Takaki? [22:13] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* he and one of his SIth Spawn decided they didnt like me being in the area and trying to ake ammends with the local government [22:14] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* So they attacked Serenity and I, and I ended up getting stabbed with some kind of hypo laced with a form a sith alchemy [22:15] Selkisto Horten: Comm- *grows angry* Do you realize what could have been prevented if you had reported this? How many lives could have been saved, property maintained?! He stole a shipyard! We have no idea what he's doing with it, and we have no idea what he's up to now. We didn't recognize him as a threat... an attempted assassination of the Vice Chancellor.. that would have been grounds for pursuit. [22:16] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* Things got a lot more complicatd that than Sel.. you had just come out of a war [22:16] Selkisto Horten: Comm- Kish, you said you would work with me. [22:17] Selkisto Horten: Comm- Not against me. [22:17] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* I was trying to protect you, and the PGA [22:17] Selkisto Horten: Comm- You made it more vulnerable. [22:17] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* If you had chased after him, many MORE lives would have been lost [22:17] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* Needlessly [22:17] Selkisto Horten: Comm- And you don't know how many more would have been saved. [22:18] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* I am one man, my life or death is inconsequencial compared to the billions who would have been put at stake [22:18] Selkisto Horten: Comm- Your job is not to keep secrets, especially not from me, and the senate. [22:18] Selkisto Horten: Comm- This was not your call. [22:18] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* It was a choice I made, and one that I stand behind... right or wrong [22:19] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* I did what I did with the best interest of the PGA, and you... in mind [22:21] Selkisto Horten: Comm- I'm going to present this to the senators. [22:21] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* I knew my actions would have repercussions [22:22] Kishoshima Kohime: *C* I will be in my home under self imposed house arrest until you cmoe for me [22:23] Selkisto Horten: Comm- I'll be seeing you, then.

Empire Liberates NagaiEdit

A well-dressed woman faces the holo in front of the Imperial City medical bay, "This is Kadra Gall with Republic Holo news. For several months, the planet Nagai has been under siege by the Tof pirates. A lone, brave Nagai pilot ran the Tof blockade to bring news of his planet's plight to the core. That pilot, Vir Kos, returned to his home planet with a full detail of Imperial Guards, and Knights, to take out the Tof fleet and destroy their flagship. After a successful operation, the boarding team has returned without the noble Vir, who remained on his home planet to oversee reconstruction.

"I'm here with Imperial Knight Hei, who was in the boarding party that captured the command ship. Sir Hei, what can you tell us about the operation?"

The Knight shifts uneasily, obviously uncomfortable in front of a holorecorder. "Well, this operation was not easy in the first place. The whole thing started out as a battle in our transport with some of their fighters. We did great for a gunship and managed to shoot down a couple of their fighters, but our ship was hit and crashed into the Tof Command Ship. Once we got onto the ship, we tried to find the Tof commander. We searched deep into the flagship, until we found the blast doors to the bridge. We knocked them down, but when we did we spotted the Tofs and that is where all the bloody krieffing mess had started. Our men were taken down one by one. I was still hanging in there with an Imperial Knight Intitiate Vir and a stormtrooper. Sadly, the stormtrooper went down and it was just myself and Vir left. But we were able too take all of the Tofs down and the mission was a success. Nagai is safe now."

Kadra nods enthusiastically, "That is a pretty heroic story, and I am sure the people of Nagai thank you for your deeds."

The Knight nods silently and shuffles away to attend to the wounded in the Imperial City medcenter.

The woman turns to a man clad entirely in armor, "This is Captain Ganoes Paran of the Imperial Guard, Captain, do you have anything to say about the operation?"

He faces the holo and answers crisply, "Yesterday, the Empire won a great victory, by the grace of the throne. We have made the galaxy a safer place, by destroying a threat in space known as the Tof Pirates, killing their admiral, and putting their small fleet into disorder, chaos, and destruction."

"Thank you Captain. Well, it would appear the Empire pulled off a sound victory against the Tof menace, bringing freedom and protection to the Nagai. PGA relief supplies are already on their way to the ravaged planet, and the combined efforts of the PGA and the Empire will no doubt see a quick return to the Nagai's traditional, honorable, and free way of life. This is Kadra Gall with Republic Holo News, wishing you goodnight."

Imperial Invitation: Council MeetingEdit

A life-sized holo of the Empress flashes to life before you, her young voice rings clear despite the electronic hum.

"I would like to extend an invitation to the Republic's Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. I'm calling an Imperial meeting this coming monday at 5 pm to discuss military tactic and approach. The Empire is going to lead an offensive movement against the Revenant but as you see, I asked for the Republic's help at the senate. If you could come to this meeting, that would be very helpful--bring your thoughts and best military tactic. If you decline, then I wish your Republic well."

-- Empress Fel

PGA Chancellor StatementEdit

The Chancellor stands in front of an Aurek, the PGA's space superiority fighter. Buffed and shined, the Chancellor is glowing with light from the bright sun behind him, silhouetting the numerous weapons strapped to him. He stands confidently, slightly above the eye level of the holocam, appearing large, dominating the screen. He faces the viewer.

"This is Chancellor Horten of the People's Galactic Alliance. Hours ago, our forces attempted to capture a Sith that comitted grievous crimes against the PGA, including conspiracy to destroy or overthrow the Republic. This attempt was foiled by an ambush. During the ambush, I was shot, stabbed, and captured."

He holds up his hands to show the newly minted, gruesome burn marks on them. "I was tortured mercilessly by Sith interrogators of the Revenant Armada. I was stabbed, burned, and subjected to incredible pain." He points to the expressionless visor of his helmet, "But this is the face of the Republic. It does not falter, or waver, or show weakness or fear. The Republic is strong. The Republic cannot be defeated. If I die, then another will take my place, and become this face." He points at the viewer, "And it is your face. You who live free, those of you who fight for freedom. Freedom was bought in blood for our Republic, and sometimes, it must be defended with it. The Revenant has threatened our Republic, it has attacked our Republic, targeting its chancellor. We have been at peace. We have grown and prospered. Now it is time to fight. Time to utilize the infinite resources that we have gained through our hard work, and dedication. I have returned, thanks to our Imperial allies, and I assure you that I am as well, and prepared as ever. Our forces are the most expansive and powerful in the galaxy. Alongside the Empire, we are unstoppable. The Revenant has cast down the gauntlet. We will repond in kind. People of the Republic- prepare for war."

He pauses for a moment. "This is Chancellor Selkisto Horten of the People's Galactic Alliance. You have seen fit to place your security in my hands through the democratic process that defines us as a force for peace and justice in the galaxy." He holds up his scarred hands once more, "I assure you are in good hands. I will do whatever I can to protect this Republic, as will our forces. We are united. We are strong. We will prevail. We are the People's Galactic Alliance- out of many, one."

Morpheus on the ChancellorEdit

Morpheus stands in front of a peaceful lake. A light wind wisps through his hair as he smiles into the camera.

"Greetings, this is Morpheus of the Sith. I have talked to you, the people before. I felt it necessary to respond to the recent disturbing message you all received by your...Chancellor.'

He sighs and shakes his head.

"In front of a ship of war wearing many weapons, he talked as if he WAS an agent of peace. Trust me on this...he is and has never been someone who has wanted peace. He has lived for war. Just look at how he dresses...ready always for battle. And what about that mask of his? Do you really want a leader that hides his face from you?"

He smiles taking a deep breath.

"No....great leaders show their faces and do not need images of war or propaganda news reports to boost them in the eyes of the people they serve. Great leaders follow their hearts and make the tough choices that best serves the people who elected them. And you who are citizens of the PGA did indeed elect him...long ago it seems. And there have been no more elections. No opposition party to debate the ideas...and opposition is the cornerstone of any TRUE democracy."

He spreads his hands.

"Think of the Sith as this opposition party. We do not hide our faces. We will tell you exactly where we stand...for the betterment of the galaxy. As for those scars on the Chancellor's hands, he obviously had SOMETHING happen to him. But there was no gauntlet thrown down to you, the people. The Chancellor has made many enemies through is dictatorship....through his hatred of anyone different than him...through his unjust arrest of people merely for having a religion...through his ego. Republic? My people, you cannot see the recent induction of the Chancellor's DAUGHTER as the Empress of the Empire and still believe you are part of a Republic. wants POWER. Nothing more! You must rise and stop him and take your freedom back! Yes, you must unite. Unite against the corrupted government of the PGA that holds secret Senate meetings, redacting passages from the minutes so that you the people will never know what they are REALLY up to."

He takes a step to the camera and smiles again.

"We are the Sith. We do not need to show that we are strong. Nor do you. Take back your freedom. Demand that your leaders be held accountable. Thank you for listening to me, my friends."

The holonet cuts out.

Ruthless Empress - HolonetEdit

A holo of the Empress flashes to life, it's a tiny version of her - her voice booms over the electronic hums and whirrs. Her chosen tone is a taunting one.

"Revenants - so, you've escaped with your darling Finis - your darling failure of a Sith and person. But I'm compelled to inquire, how precious is your Riley West? How close is he to your black little hearts? Tomorrow when the palace windows are gleaming under the high noon sun, your beloved Riley West will be dead. And I will be there to watch the life leave his eyes. I will recieve the satisfaction I desire, he has taken my forgiveness and twisted into something ugly and deformed. And he will pay, oh he will pay - I, with my ruthless heart, will be there at his execution - savoring his last moments. I will be there on behalf of my Imperial citizens, who've suffered through your hellish bombardments. And I will be there to represent the greater good, I will restore order and justice and I will take on any force that wishes to stand in my righteous path."

-- Empress Fel

An Anonymous Message: Riley's ExecutionEdit

  • The Picture is first fuzzy, though slowly begins to become clear, you see a black-armoured man, it seems as if he is in a Med Bay of some sort, wearing the Revenant Marauder Armor, with his head looking straight at the device, he remained silent, then sighed*

"This is Lieutenant 'Preacher' of the Revenant Armada, and I would like to say we are.....shocked that you actually did it. And when I mean you, I mean you Empress Calli Fel. It seems to me that you are going down a path that you can't dig yourself into, like....becoming like us," he chuckled briefly.

  • He walks to the left, the recorder panning in perfectly on his whole body, continuing to walk as he speaks*

"There is no little fancy scenery here, no ships of war, soldiers, nothing as you can see. Just me, and you, Calli Fel."

  • He stops, staring at the device*

"The Execution of Riley West, a Revenant Marauder Corporal, and a Comrade among our Ranks was either of two things. One, Real, or Two, Fake. I have reports that you moved the Execution from public eye into somewhere secluded, out of the Lobby," he stated, then, he chuckled. "What we think is that you either actually killed him, or you didn't have the courage to do so, for if you really wanted him to suffer, you would have shown the Galaxy, humiliate his name, and show us that you are not just a little girl who uses her father in every chance she gets to have a advantage."

  • He walks up to the recorder slowly*

"You thought you made us cower in fear, intimidate us, crush our spirits in the thick mud of the plans we fight for what we believe in with simple propoganda or mere speeches can make us afraid of the Empire? Haha! You.....You are wrong indeed," he says in a cold manner.

  • He stops as the Camera shows Preacher from the waist and up*

"And, you think we'll just lay down our weapons and surrender? Kissing the ground you walk on!? I don't think so! You proved to us that you are not Ruthless, Intimidating, nor Smart. You think of us as mere fools, but,"He stops, chuckling darkly,"Think of yourself as the Prey.....and us as the Hunters."

  • The Live Feed Cuts for a quick moment, blacking out. But....suddenly, another clip comes up, you see a very dark one with white hair, being held by her hair, a Ubese. She looks defeated, but, when you think nothing happens, a lightsaber goes right through her stomach. She gasps, though the lightsaber goes straight up, stopping to her neck, then, jolting up. With her sliced in half, orangish-blood flows right out of her, steam rising up from the heat of the lightsaber, then, she falls to the ground on her knees, then, completely on the floor. All you see is a blood-red saber and a man in the same armor as Preacher, the feed ends, and goes back to Preacher with the current recording*
  • Chuckling is heard as it fades back in to Preacher*

"High Inquisitor Koven Shen'la of the Fel Empire's Inquisitorious didn't survive......all because of her husband Bardo, Imperial Director of Intelligence. Lying will not get you anywhere.....not a single step Empress. That has been proven millions of times in the Past and Present, like what you saw."

  • He turns his body around, and starts walking off, his hands behind his back, though, he comes to a halt when he makes a turn into a door, and looks over his shoulder*

"Since you have had your Execution, we shall have our.....'Executions.' Deliver us the Body of Riley West or......Riley West himself, as proof that he is dead. I would love ot see if you actually mustered up as much courage as you said........Koven was just the start. There will be more blood shed......a lot more."

  • He turns back to the Camera, the Recorder going straight to his helmet*

"And, if you don't. Then, like Bardo......You....have Failed."

  • The Recording Immediately turns to static, then, blacks out.....*

Departing Notice from Empress FelEdit

"Imperials, I've left you with this note because - it isn't my wish to be directly followed. Your Empress has sacrificed herself to the Revenant forces in order to save countless lives. They want Riley West's body and they refuse to cease their bloodshed until they have what they want. As an exchange, I've offered my blood for Riley's blood. What's more valuable than an Empress' blood? I will suffer for my people and it will be written in blood. I don't seek the luxurious and materialistic values of playing Empress, I look for good leadership and justice - tears, sweat, and blood is what I desire.

Chris, I love you. I know you'll come looking for me but I beg of you - if you do, becareful. But if anything is to happen to me, you're the next best thing - you'll need to serve as Emperor again. I'm leaving you everything I have. You're a wonderful man.

Kidara, I need you to stand in my place at the memorial service this thursday. Please don't worry about me, I can handle it - you know I can. I love you, dearly - you've helped me through so much. I will bleed for you, my darling.

Pankaja & Questi, you're like fathers to me - I love you both so deeply, I cannot even express it in words. You've made me who I am today."

-- Empress Fel

From the Desk of Ardonis CommodoreEdit

Holonet Feed:

Audio Only:

Source Location, Kuat:

Citizens of the Galaxy. This is the Executor of the Remnant Imperial Forces, Ardonis Commodore. I come to you today, saddened at the news and propaganda that’s being thrown around since the recent attack on Coruscant. There are many people to blame for this unfortunate event that has taken place. Namely yourselves. You allowed this. You let this happen. You allowed the Republic to force their way into your lives, force themselves into Coruscant to fuel their own greed. You then allowed a False Emperor to reign over Coruscant, who is little more then a Republic tool. And now, when they have failed to protect you, failed to keep their promises, you search for answer while you flee for your lives. Well look no further citizens, the fault is your own.

At this time, I am declaring the forces of the Remnant Empire at war with forces of the Revenant Armada, and the Sith Orders of Korriban. While the fleets of the False Fel Empire, and the Peoples Galactic Alliance lay crippled, limping to recollect from the recent battle, our fleet stands strong, ready, and eager to fight the evil forces in place of your previous so called protectors. Should they feel the urge to fight at our side, so be it. But we will fight until the last man.

We do not ask for your money, your power, or your loyalty at this time. Merely that you stand out of the way, and let us do what is needed. We will cleanse the chaos the Republic allowed to happen. We will bring back Order to this Galaxy once again. Each day that passed while we sat back, silently waiting for our time, our forces have built, our fleet has grown, and our resolve has only become stronger. So fear not dear citizens, we will do what is necessary, as we always have.

Takaki Adresses the GalaxyEdit

The image of Takaki occupying the Imperial throne room's dais fills the screen. Behind occupied thrones filled proudly by battle worn Sith the banner of the Revenant Armada hangs over the Imperial sigil. All around Maruaders pilots and assorted Sith stood by, vigilantly claiming their hold over the mighty heart of peace and freedom in the core worlds, and perhaps the galaxy.

The news was flooded by reports of the incidents that happened over the past 8 hours. The arrival of a massive Armada fleet was reported in orbit over Talus, engaging the PGA fleet there and drawing additional support from the orbit of Coruscant. It was discovered too late that a massive portion of the fleet's presence was indeed an illusion of dark side energy; spells long ago weaved by Sith sorcerers in eras past.

The news was soon followed with hysteria; the Armada's fleets bore down upon the Coruscant system from their port of origin, the Empress Teta system. A mighty battle ensued in the skies of coruscant, Imperial and Revenant warships alike trading mighty broadsides of turbo laser fire.

Early news footage showed vast arrays of drop ships descending across the city surface of the world, unloading Marauder and Sith forces to all levels who took to the streets with no mercy and hatred known only to feral beasts.

"I laid the threat at the feet of the Empress. She boldly scoffed at my claims to seize this world, to rob all held dear to their tyrant Empire. Here I sit, with Sith and soldier alike, proclaiming our victory to the Galaxy abroad. Let this be a warning to other worlds that would hide in the shadow of such weak protectors. Strength is a virtue we have proven today, the Sith no longer cower, no longer scrape... this is only the beginning of the warpath we will carve across the face and beliefs of such corrupt rulers as the Fel Dynasty, and the fledgling naive senate... Surrender now and accept the protection of those who can truly guarantee it. "

The image changes again, showing Marauders securing the streets as they march past piles of flaming debris. already supply vessels descend between the skyscrapers, unloading supplies and fresh troops while the dark shadows of the Fang craft fighter squadrons pass over head.

"I Takaki Rejkus declare myself Darth Abyssus of the Sith... I claim this title in challenge to any who might wish to oppose it, Sith and Jedi alike.... Coruscant will remain under the rule of the Armada until a proper government can be raised. The enemies of the Armada will find no welcome here, and will be treated as they once greeted our kind on the streets of this world..."

Then the transmission ends.

RHN: Chancellor's Speech, Post InvasionEdit

The Chancellor's helmet appears on a grainy, low-quality holofeed. He backs away from it, so that his helmet and shoulders can be seen. "Citizens of the galaxy," he says in an even tone, "The Korriban Sith have claimed to be peaceful. They have claimed that they wish to defend you. That they wish to protect you, and your rights. The Korriban Sith have just been fought off from the embassy of the People's Galactic Alliance on Coruscant. Morpheus, a man you may be familiar with for his holo releases, usually to slander the Empire or the PGA, personally leapt down into the hangar of our Embassy while we tried to evacuate civillians, brandishing a lightsaber against us with a handful of other Sith. After a failed attempt to capture, and likely assassinate, the senator of Velmor, they attempted to seize the embassy. In this they also failed."

The camera is turned away from the Chancellor to pan across an open window. The Coruscant skyline is red with flames, and the city is littered with debris. The devistated, smoking remains of Imperial City reach helplessly to the sky, as if pleading for an end to the suffering of the planet.

-"Today the Revenant Armada sent a message to the galaxy. That message is this; 'We are a force of evil. We will take what is not ours and claim it as our own. We will destroy your freedom so that we can use you to do our bidding.' Since this assault, there have been no speeches about returning power to the Fels, as the PGA made. There are no reconstruction efforts underway, no effort being put into civillian institutions, besides those that will bring them money, as the RLF immediately began after its liberation of Coruscant. They are not establishing security forces to keep a just peace. They are not providing medical aid to those affected by this attack. And they have not, in the least, been provoked into an attack by the Empire. They are bragging, though they used treachery and deception to gain victory. They are referring to this as a conquest. This was a premeditated invasion."

The camera slowly turns back to durasteel face the Chancellor. He settles onto the floor next to a stockpile of medkits, bacta stims, power packs, micro-generators, and a mountain of LAVS anti-vehicle launchers and other weapons. Behind him, clones blow up data banks and wipe archive storage drives while Jedi tend to wounded. "To the citizens of the free galaxy; prepare to defend yourselves. The People's Galactic Alliance will rise to protect you from the evil Revenant Armada and the Sith of Korriban wherever it can. To those of you on Coruscant, hiding, under seige in your own city as we are, rise and fight. You outnumber the Armada. You cannot be defeated. Coruscant is not lost forever. It will be reclaimed, as it has time and time again. but you must live to see its liberation. The PGA will help you. The survivors of the Empire will help you. Do your duty to yourself and your family- to your husbands, wives, and daughters who were murdered in this invasion by a merciless aggressor. Fight back. Take up arms. You will be victorious."

The camera shifts as the Chancellor stands back up. "I recommend an emergency meeting of the Senate. Chancellor Selkisto Horten, out."

Preacher Adressing the ChancellorEdit

  • Black and White Static goes through the HoloNet Feed, then, slowy but surely, a picture starts to come up. You see a Black Armoured Marauder showing his back to the Recorder as he looks out a Window of Coruscant from what appears to be a ship. The Surface of the Planet scarred from the battle, floating debris from ships fly all around space. You hear the man sigh, a rather long and drawn-out one, then, he begins to speak*

"Victory Over Tyranny.....The Empire.......The Jedi......and the People's Galactic Alliance.....defeated."

  • Then turns from the window, looking right at the recorder*

"They have lost their Crowning Jewel. The Center of the Galaxy! Coruscant itself! But........The Almighty Chancelor Selkisto Horten already sent out a little HoloNet Messege to the Citizens of the P-G-A. 'We shall Combat EVIL! We will destroy the Sith! Rise up! Fight Against These Bastards! Citizens! For We Shall Use You As Cannon Fodder!'"

  • He sighed sadly*

"That, is what he was asking 'his' Galaxy to do. This is Captain 'Preacher,' and Chancelor. Let me ask you a question, and yes, this is retorical."

  • He walked over to a console where a man was controlling hitting various buttons as multiple sounds came from it*

"Why is it that, when you run your mouth over this little 'Net of Holo Messeging,' that you forget some details?"

  • He then whispered into the man's ear, the man nodded, then, he looked at Preacher, his mouth opened widely, having a look of shock on his face. The man stared at Preacher, then, you hear whispering from Preacher. The man then had a grim expression over his face, nodding to him, responding,'Yes Sir,' then, following orders*
  • Preacher then moves back infront of the window, looking at the HoloRecorder*

"Now, you know that little Embassy you have? I remember you still controlled that......while we have the system, the planet, and Local Space, you have a little buildling."

  • He nodded to the man, then, an alarm went off, you could hear the shifting of gears, the sound of turrets moving in place. Even through the window, you could see the turrets on the ship move towards a single location, looking at the exact same location*

"Say we.....well.....blew it up? Those 'citizens' of your's die, because of your Kriffin' Arrogance? And in each of their graves will be ingraved....'because of the Hypocrit of the P-G-A, Selkisto Horten.'"

  • Then, he started to chuckle, coldly and maniacly*

"What you have fought for decades ago was not Liberation!"

  • He pointed to the Window at Coruscant, smoke arising from it, scarred, and beaten*

"This! Is! Liberation! The Sith are free to roam the streets now! All because of the Armada's Efforts and the Grand Admiral and Marshal themselves! We have Liberated Cinnigar! We Have Liberated Coruscant! Now! We shall Liberate the Galaxy!"

  • After his little outburst, he looked down, taking a few deep breathes*

"The P-G-A Senate, cowering in the dark corners of Rehn Varr, not fighting for their 'Beliefs' of their Homeworlds, of the People's Galactic Alliance, a Fake Purpose. The Moff Council, retreating to Heaven's No What. Cowardice. I have no reports of any of the Leaders of the Fallen Empire. Not that I know of atleast. Maybe One or Two, but not all. They were probably evacuated. But, our own Leaders came down to the Battlefield and killed off all our Enemies with the Marauders! So have I! These Factions that are known as 'the Good Guys' are nothing more then corrupted, power-hungry Kath Hounds! I could give a kriff about the Spine-less Weaklings known to the whole Galaxy as the Jedi. They fought in the P-G-A Embassy, they have won, though, what happened on Talus?! They were crying as the sun was blotted out! By a Karking Illusion! Fools!"

  • Then, walked up to the HoloRecorder*

"Now, This little HoloNet coming to an end. Keep it to the Battlefield, Tyrant Selkisto Horten. Your Demise, with the Empire's and Jedi's, is coming to an end."

  • The Transmission Turns to Static......Silence...Again*

Morpheus's RebuttalEdit

Morpheus stands in front of an ocean as the sun rises over his left shoulder. He has a fresh blaster wound across his right cheek. He gives a bow and smiles.

"People of Coruscant and the galaxy...Selkisto Horten certainly loves the dramatic, does he not? First is first. Yes, I fought in Imperial City alongside my Sith brothers and sisters. But we were fighting those in the PGA and Empire who choose to ignore your problems. Those that keep you in the dark...those who in a corrupt system have benefited while the common people as yourself have seen their freedoms trampled upon."

"And you might not get this from Horten's address, but the Sith WERE victorious on Coruscant. The Revenant Armada and the Sith of Korriban have liberated Imperial City.'

He takes a deep breath.

"As Darth Abyssus has said, the Sith do want a proper government to rise on Coruscant. That is no joke. We have heard your disgust of the Empire and the PGA...basically the same group...and have freed you from their clutches. It is now up to you, the people, which road to take. Is it more of the same? Or do you take your freedom and say 'FOR THE PEOPLE...FOR THE PEOPLE WE WILL BRING CHANGE AND HONOR.' I hope it is the later."

"If you study Selkisto Horten's addresses, they are always about HIM. He is your face, etc. One man cannot be the face of the galaxy. And the is just that. A totalitarian regime run by a weak man who also cares only for himself. And the Jedi? They Jedi of Talus recently united with those on Coruscant. The very Jedi who are in bed with the PGA. The Jedi who were lead by the DAUGHTER of Selkisto Horten. And as I mentioned previously, Caliope is also a daughter of Selkisto, which makes Chris Fel his son in law. Quite the family business indeed. My friends, these people do not care about your well being."

"I mean what I am about to say. I CARE what happens in this galaxy. I WANT things to be better for EVERYONE. And I firmly believe that under the steady hand of the Sith, WE CAN enter an era of peace on prosperity. It is up to you."

Morpheus gives a formal bow as the sun fully rises. The Holonet cuts out.

Senator Tiffany Vandergraff's StatementEdit

[The hologram begins. It is a little fuzzy at first, but then comes into clear view. In the view, you see a gorgeously appointed room in an unidentifiable location. A woman lies on a bed in the center of the camera. She is obviously a noble woman, but she is also quite battered. Her face has several bruises and there are a few bandages in view. It is obvious that she is in pain, but she tries to hide the fact. She looks up at the camer and begins to speak, calmly and elegantly.]

This is Senator Tiffany Vandergraff of Velmor. Some of you may know me and some of you may also know that I was, in fact, in the embassy when it was attacked. These transmissions from the Sith try to tell you that the system is corrupt, that the Chancellor is the only face of the PGA. Well, I have to disagree, for we are all the face of the PGA.

I will not lie to you about these wounds. I was in the embassy trying to wait out the battle in order to have an audience with the Emperor. The matter that I was going to speak with him about was merely on the economic situation in the Galaxy. It had no relevance to the war or to the Sith. I now see, however, that it was my mistake. While getting ready to be evacuated from the planet altogether, the embassy was brutally attacked and an attempt on my life ensued. I fortunately survived, but not without some loss.

This loss I speak of, it is not any of these injuries on my body or any type of emotional or mental pain. It is of the men who gave there lives to protect me.

I did not ask to be attacked, and I did not wish for anyone to give their life and limb to protect me, but they did all the same. I give my utmost repect to those who sacrificed themselves for my own survival.

This is not just another propaganda message. Many others would have me say that the Sith are wrong and the PGA and Empire are right. I am merely here to present you the facts.

The fact is, that these men and women who fight in the PGAF, the Empire forces, or the Jedi give their lives to protect you. They have given up their own existence to ensure that this galaxy will stay free and protected. They are the reason you can walk down the street and sleep safely in your home. They are the reason that you are not enslaved by any tyrannical force, forced to labor until you are too sick to continue.

She becomes very passionate at this point and is almost yelling into the recorder. At the height of the speech, she doubles over in pain, grasping her side. Immediately, several attendants rush to her and try to turn off the recorder, but she waves them off and orders them to leave, leaving the recorder on. She breathes deeply and continues, a little shaken, but more determined.

"I will remind you, that if such tyranny existed in the PGA as the Sith suggest, then our government would not be one of democracy. You have elected the Chancellor and you have elected your Senators. They have not been placed because of favoritism. Your Senators are the ones who decide the laws, and you do have say in this process. You can contact any of them at any time to help give your opinions and better the process. The Chancellor only heads the PGAF during times of crisis and oversees the Senate process. There is no head of government, no one specific person more powerful than the others. The power is divided equally.

"Now, I shall leave you with one more point to ponder. Think of what freedom is. In order to have freedom, one must sacrifice protection. The same applies in reverse. This is what we give you. You must sacrifice a little bit of your own personal freedom, in the form of laws and codes of conduct, in order to protect yourself and your families. Sacrificing this little bit of freedom is a small price to pay for protection from such forces that seek to destroy you. This is no one faction or person in particular, only your fellow beings. With absolute freedom, people are free to destroy each others' lives, physically and mentally. No one wants any of that, only to live in peace. So one must give up personal freedom in order to stay safe.

"At this point, I ask nothing more of you than to stand behind these men and women who fight for you. They are noble hearted and their lives are worth more than mine, the Chancellor's, or any other person of political clout alive today. Support your protectors and we shall be victorious, for there is no worthy fight without something to fight for. This is Senator Tiffany Vandergraff, bidding you farewell."

With that, the recorder turns off as several aides rush back in to help her recover from the previous passionate speech.

Imperial Address: Ganoes ParanEdit

  • An Image of a face that has solemnly been seen on the Holo-Net News Screens, Seated before you, a wounded man, with a blindfold over his face, scratches, bruises, and cuts all along his upper torso for all to see.*

“My people.” He begins, before coughing a bit, “I am Sovereign Protector, Ganoes Paran, for the billions of you, across many Imperial Worlds whom do not know me.” He says, before looking away from the camera and giving a curt nod, before, looking back to the Camera, “Today... Tonight... The Capitol Planet of the Empire... No the Galaxy, was attacked by the Sith; the bane of the Republic and Empire alike.” He says before pausing for a few moments. “A surprise attack, in which Millions were slaughtered by the Sith, including hundreds of valiant Imperial and Republic soldiers defending our home.”

  • He breaks down for a few moments in a coughing fit, as another person, in robes of a surgeon comes forward, injecting a medical chemical into his arm, where then he takes a deep breath, giving a nod, to the man, then the surgeon moves off screen.* He looks back at the camera, “As you can tell I, and many other soldiers of the Imperial Guard, Storm Core, and our valiant Navy have been wounded, or killed.”
  • He takes yet another breath, before continuing.* “I, and members of the Brotherhood, and sisterhood of the Imperial Guard, were among the last to leave Coruscant. We fought and left with only our lives, and we consider ourselves lucky, to not have been slaughtered in the first attack.” *He says then giving yet another painful sounding cough.* “Our home, the Capitol of our Nation, of our Empire has been stripped from our hands, and taken by our Enemy. Fear not, Citizens of the Empire, and our allies, for it will not be for long.” *He says coughing a bit more as his voice grew stronger and stronger.* “I charge these Heretic's with the murder of Millions of Citizens of the Empire. I charge these Heretics, those who call themselves the Revenant, with the death of Millions of Imperial and Republic Soldiers.”
  • He takes another Deep breath, before continuing on what looks tiring for the middle aged Moff.* “For all of you who have lost someone, parts of entire families, fathers, mothers, sons, brothers, Worry not, they will be avenged. This I pledge.” He says his face solemn. “In the Name of the Empire, those who have done you wrong will come to justice. For we are the Shield of the Empire, though in this instance we have cracked, worry not. The Hammer of the Empire and the mighty arm behind it will sweep upon our home, and it will be retaken!” *He nearly shouts, you hear others in the background give a mighty cheer.*

RHN Update: Sith HypocracyEdit

A single holo-image of a headless, lifeless body hung from a crude cross, clearly designated as being the now deceased Riley West, which stands alone in front of the Imperial palace. "Citizens of the galaxy," A man's voice says evenly, "What you see is the body of Riley West, a body now displayed like an ornament on Coruscant. You now know that he was never killed by the Fel Empire, that there was no execution. His only death was at the hands of the Sith.

"Perhaps you remember our friend Morpheus. Perhaps you recall his feined consternation at the PGA's alleged 'support' of West's 'execution,' some time ago. As you know Morpheus, there was no execution. There was no death to support. We did nothing of the sort- the 'death' was staged to draw in Revenant forces, and it lead to a defeat of their forces. And now, the blood is on the Sith's hands, and all over the ground in front of the Palace. Not only did you kill him, you show him off like a trophy. How do you think Liz West, a woman you so eagerly supported for her vehement protests on her husband's behalf, now feels seeing her husband headless and rotting before the whole galaxy? Look what you support Morpheus, what you condone, while you accuse us of the hypocricy you wallow in. Repeatedly, the Sith, and the Revenant Armada claim to work in the interests of the people, to yield truth and clarity. Yet again and again they prove that they are forces of evil willing to deceive, with no concern for life, or for the well-being of others. This could be any one of you on display. The Sith are lying to you. If this holo is not evidence enough, you need to open your eyes."

The voice pauses, "Stay informed. Stay alive. Live free."

Bunch of News ReportsEdit

- Mandalorian Clan fueds seem to continue and perhaps even on the rise.. The Clan divides seeming to stem from the self-appointment of one to the title of Mandalore. The action being disputed by several of the Clan's..

- The former Fel Empress Calliope Fel recently posed for Huttler! She did remain clothed however, albiet scantility. Her father, the PGA Chancellor had this to say, "No Comment," any surprise there?

- Rumors persist of an elite Sith Order which remains hidden from public knowledge, allegadly several prominant officials in the Armada may belong to it.

- Gen Morane became Emperor of the Empress Teta System by way of wedding the muuuuuuch younger Empress Xera Keto. It remains to be seen how the well known Bounty Hunter's role there will effect Armada plans. Inquisitor Finis had this to say "

- The PGA Senate recently formed several committees, a diplomatic one headed up by Senators Tiffany Vandergraff of Velmor and Zahri Yven of Bakura, an economic comittee headed by Senator Bree Naidoo of Rothana, and a legislative comittee headed by Senator Eressea of Talus.

- Darth Abyssus killed Riley West in a duel held at the memorial on Coruscant.

- The Armada's Grand Marshal Lord Occidian has not been seen since the Coruscant invasion. Could he be a casualty? Could the rather visible Maruader Captain known as "Preacher" be poised to replace the Sith Lord?

- Atilla the Hutt's pirate fleet recently tried to raid Velmor but were fended off by PGAF forces. The pirates had previously raided another Republic world in Rothana.

- Insurgant attacks on Coruscant continue though seem to be making little progress against the iron wall that is the Armada.

- Cantina's, Clubs and the like seem to be taking a fall down the spiral! Even the Twisted Lekkku, and the Upper City Cantina, home of the Freeloaders, seem to have hit slow seasons. The only Cantina that seems to be operating above a red line right now is the Hutt owned one in the slums of Nar Shaddaa. Where's a girl gotta go to have some fun?

- The ever questionable Duke Speedwell of Onderon reportedly had all his assets siezed by the state.

- Could rumors of Anzatti be true? Or are they fairy tales spun by deep space travelers. Armada officials claim that there was indeed one, and that she was murdered on Coruscant. As she was allegadly burned to death there was little left to examine apparently so no proof could be gained of these bold claims. Inquisitor Finis of the Revenant Armada identifies these enigmatic Anzat as a woman named "Vhada". When questioned about her death she responded with "I feel it is a gross injustice and her killers need to be punished. She was alone down there, and she was burned to death." she would also add about the character of the woman "She acted against her interests, against her instinct to kill. And I can tell you that she had seen quite alot of suffering in her two-hundred and forty years of life. She didn't deserve to die like that.". I went on to question Imperials, PGAF, and Jedi's about it but most either claimed to know nothing or had no comment, a Jedi Eva Lekach had this to say "It makes me kinda sad she was treated like that.. like an animal.. jus'..I don't know if she was harmless or nothin' but I couldn't help but feel somethin' for her.. s'far as the Anzat thing goes, no comment." So no real proof to the theory that a "snot vampire" may have existed.. What a bummer!

- Senators Missing?! The Senators of Dac and Barlok are said to have been suspisciously absent! Much speculation has fallen on the work of assassins.. especially with PGA Senator's seemingly under fire with events like the abduction of Senator Zahri Yven on Bakura.

- Boonta Eve Knockout! has been being held on Nar Shaddaa, the winner of the first event was a Twi'lek dancer by the name of Be'Ri which I believe gives her a place in the final round a few weeks from now.

- The Fel Empire has almost vanished from site, having fled to Talus, Rhen Var and other planets following the invasion of Coruscant, few have even seen the Imperial Executor Chris Novastar.. Could this be the end for the Fel's? Some Imperial Guards remain optimistic, such as Imperial Royal Guard Jon Threll who had this to say: "We are not happy with the advances of the Revenant, and while we wait, we will be ready to take back what the Revenant has wrongly taken by force."

- Bakura and Velmor's Senator's faced quite a bit of danger when Armada Maruader's staged a midnight infiltration on the planet, killing several clones, destroying a building and managing to capture Senator Yven. I asked Inquisitor Finis about the alleged terrorist-like attack and she had this to say- "I would say that this is a War, and there's no nice way to wage one." I asked several clones as well as Senator Yven about the incident and the only thing they had to say was "No comment" so the big zzz this edition goes to the PGA and their tendency to not want to comment on anything!

Victory on KorribanEdit

  • The holo net feed appears, and the camera pans to show many wounded and decapitated people lying on the ground, and revenant soldiers walking around everywhere. A figure with a black mask and red pulsing visor appears, lightsaber one hand, pistol in the other.*

He speaks with a raspy, altered voice. "We.. the Revenant Armada, have won a great victory today. These... impostors, if they are even worthy of that word, have challenged us. The Dark Jedi Zerafon's threats to the armada were like an infant spitting in the face of its mother. Justice... had to be done. We have done this, to show our resolve. Many times has Korriban insulted us, and affiliated themselves with all manner of cowards. *motions around* Look around you. This is the fate of all those who would oppose us. My name... is not important. What is important, is that no one, Not Zerafon, not any of these Korriban whelps, can use their words to challenge us. Our will is stronger. Give up, servitude is the ONLY option."

  • fires his pistol into one of the wounded, shrieks can be heard, then turns back to the camera*

"Zerafon, look at your temple. Wherever you hide, come out, and challenge us now. *speaks very slowly* You... are.... nothing."

Morpheus and Malcia's AddressEdit

  • Holonet switches on revealing Morpheus and Malicia on a balcony*

Morpheus: Citizens, my wife Malicia and I have officially left the Sith. We see that their goal, under the insanity of Takaki, want nothing more than to prey upon the innocents.

Malicia nods....

Malica: The carnage the Armada has left in their path sickens us both. Unless the Armada is neutralized quickly and efficiently, it will only get worse, and it's effect will spread across the Galaxy.

Morpheus: So we say to as we have done and stand up to these Sith. Takaki wants nothing more than death and suffering. Rise up and take Coruscant back. Thumb your noses at his tyranny.

Morpheus takes Malicia's hand

Morpheus: We have both made many mistakes. But we stand together now to right past wrongs. We stand together to say directly to those who follow Takaki...think for yourselves. Do the right thing and leave repression and savagery behind you.

Malicia: We are not asking you to trust us, but to take a look at what you're giving yourselves to. They hide behind voice-altering masks and want you only for what you're able to provide them. Servitude is -not- your only option. You have a choice.

Malicia and Morpheus bow.

  • The Holonet switches off*

Public Address: Fel EmpireEdit

      • A grainy video link buffers and begins to synch up.***
      • Various scenes flash in a montage.***

The viewer will see varying scenes in which large clusters of Jedi, Imperials, and Clones crowd around a specific place of note. Arguing.

An authoritative baritone begins a voice over to the mixing of clips.

"What you see are the best of the Republic,"

Imposing Jedi and well adorned clones are flashed through a shaky helmet mounted recorder.

"and they have decided the galaxies fate."

An avian eye's view reveals the Revenant forces consolidated in the Memorial, defiling it with lewd and capricious ornaments.

"The Republic refuses to advance any further. They have gained as much territory as they wish...informing the Fel Empire it is our responsibility to seize the Palace."

The view switches to a compilation of Imperial Forces fighting Revenant Marauders.

"Without Republic reinforcements, taking points of interest were hard pressed. Though through the sacrifice and blood, our people seized the generator of the Palace."

The tone becomes slightly sardonic and wry.

"It is then that a PGA colonel enters the room, and sabatoges our efforts. Insuring the Revenant taking control of the point once more. You see, the Reublic has no intentions of ending the Revenant threat once and for all. Though all are followers of the light side of the force, they have decreed in their collective wisdom that the Fel Empire would be far worse than the murderous and rapists of the Revenant."

"The last two adages to describe the Revenant are in no way an exaggeration...they have literally recruited extensively from Fel prisons. How then, does the Fel Empire garner the worst opinion, yet remains the only faction solely focused on ending the Revenant threat."

"I implore all PGA citizens, to demand answers from your leadership. We, shall continue as we have. We will not rise to PGA saber rattling and deliberate ambushes on our troops in the field. We remain fixated and determined to ending the threat of the Revenant, and indeed, all slaves of the Dark side."

    • The feed is cut immediately***

Chancellor's Address Regarding Coruscant BattleEdit

    • A video feed appears on the HoloNet news. It shows Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff, composed as usual, behind a lavishly decorated desk in a similarly decorated room. She, to match her surroundings, is also lavishly dressed in a full gown adorned with numerous, but not too many, jewels.**

Citizens of the PGA and the Galaxy. As you are aware, we are currently engaged with the Revenant on Coruscant. We had thought that the Empire was allied with us, but it would seem that we were mistaken. The PGA has said no such thing about the Imperials being the only ones to seize the palace. We have done nothing but cooperate in this skirmish, but it would seem that the Empire has other plans. Many people have forgotten exactly what started this in the first place.

It began in the throne room, when a few radical Imperials rushed in - alone, I might add - to try and take it. They claimed that the planet belonged to them and that they must do all they can to claim as much of it as possible. A few of my men followed them merely to assist if Revenant forces tried to assault them, but they were met with more than hostilities from the Imperials. My men did only what they were told, to assist in all captures possible. The Imperials have shown their true colors. They claim that they are assisting in taking back Coruscant, but they are trying to take every square foot of Coruscant, and they could not succeed if they were to refuse cooperation.

First of all, they are not the Fel empire. Ardonis Commodore is their leader, no emperor involved. He is no Fel and does not hold the same ideals as the Fels. Second, if they are so adamant about seizing the planet, why do they turn and run? They are only shooting themselves in the foot and ruining all chances of success by doing so. I can tell you right now, that I have not even *once* considered pulling back. We shall remain in this fight until the end. The Coruscanti people deserve to hold the planet in their own hands and we shall bring them their liberty!

As for the Empire, we will answer their question. We have never, and will never, stab any, and I repeat, ANY of our allies in the back. I will not stand by and watch as other try to besmirch our establishment. This government was created on the basis of equal rights for all, and that will extend to all citizens of the galaxy, rich or poor, young or old. We are the PGA! Long live the PGA! Good night.

    • The feed shows her relaxing slightly on camera, giving it a pleasant look before the feed cuts**

Ardonis's FarewellEdit

From the desk of Ardonis Commodore:

Faithful people of the Empire, citizens of the galaxy, it saddens me that this day has come. For this day, in the best interest of the Empire, I hereby resign my commission of Head of State and Grand Moff. Before I leave, my last order promotes Admiral Halycon to the rank of Grand Admiral, and my replacement. Other necessary promotions will be made accordingly before my commission ends.

I can no longer serve the Empire best in my current position while the Republic holds their vendetta against me. I can only hope that my successor will inherent better diplomatic relations then I. I regret nothing, and will not apologize for anything I’ve done for this Empire.

I will continue to serve the Empire, but in a more modest capacity. As the regional Governor of the Kuat System, I will not abandon the Empire I’ve helped build up over the years.

A Ran Dathers ReportEdit

"Hello citizens of the Galaxy, Ran Dathers here on scene in the Upper City of Imperial City. Reporting in on the Imperial City land campaign. I have spoken with several eyewitnesses, commanders, and various soldiers on the battlefield what occured here. I first spoke with the PGAF Reprensenative for the Senate, and the Secretary of the Army; General Vampire of the Galactic Alliance armed forces."

  • Ran Dathers approaches a man in black colored armor, a variation of the RLF Armor used during the days of the RLF-Imperial War. The General would give Ran Dathers a nod, and proceed to speak*

"The Coruscant Campaign was a good idea to begin with. We started strong and had an alliance withthe Empire that quickly turned sour. It seemed they used us as meatshields, so in turn we did the same and stayed neck and neck with the Revenant, neither being able to pass the Frontline. However when Captain Church was given command of Clone forces we lost everything due to his incompedence and his lack of respect for others and following the rules. This I believe is the solid reason as to why The Republic wasn't able to drive the Revenant completely off. Captain Church should in all fairness and that which is right, should be removed from duty.

Secondly the troopers of the People's Galactic Alliance Forces, and that of the Grand Army of the Republic fought well, despite Captain Church. I would however, like to commend the actions taken by Colonel Novastar and Lieutenant Green. For they are the sole reason why were were able to do what we did." Is what the General stated, shaking his head as he walked away from the reporter.

"Well you heard him folks! The words of the General himself." *Ran Dathers takes sight of Lieutenant Khenotski, an officer in the Galactic Alliance Marine forces. He ran towards him, waving the man flag* "Sir. If we I could just have a moment of your time, to ask your opinion of the Imperial City campaign."

  • The Marine Officer would turn around, replying with the statement*

"I've witnessed the courageous deeds of our Republic's stalwart warriors, and I can say that with well-preserved certainty that I am proud of them all and inspired by their selfless devotion to our cause. Yet, I sorrowfully regret the mistakes a few of them made, which...ultimately denied us a higher rate of success that we had hoped for. All of you men and women out there watching, we're not giving up, we're going to fight even harder to keep your freedoms secure." he blushes slightly, looking at the ground, then glancing back at the camera, "And Angela, I love you, sweetheart, send me pictures of our baby boy when you get the chance." he looks like he's beginning to tear up, but he walks away from the camera to address something to a Sergeant.

  • Ran Dathers gives the Marine Officer another nod, looking back at the camera after the man said his piece.* "This was a statement from one of the Brave Marines taking part in the battle. Hopefully they shall have better luck with further pushes against the Revenant Forces." Ran Dathers began to scour about the cantina, taking sight of Chris Novastar and immediately running towards him. "Christopher Novastar himself! Christopher Novastar, can you PLEASE give us a statement about the land campaign, and the push against Revenant forces"
  • Chris looked up at the reporter, standing up from the bar stool. "As far as a statement goes, I shall try to speak my mind to the best of my ability. We have thus proven that we are making progress when it comes to Coruscant. We have secured a beach head for future battles, and I must say that I am proud to serve beside of the best soldiers I have ever seen. The Galactic Alliance Armed Forces, and the Grand Army of the Republic. We shall win this war."
  • Chris proceeded to turn back around, taking a seat at the bar once more. Ran Dathers began to make his way out of the cantina, looking into the camera directly* "This is Ran Dathers, with the Holo-net news. Back to you, Wiger Toods"

Revenant HoloNet Broadcast on the InvasionEdit

  • A Revenant News Fleet-Wide to Holo-Net Broadcast Is Shown, the black flag with the blood-red insignia dead center in the middle shown in the picture, with words in Aurebesh that read, "Honor Is A Dead Fool's Prize." Then, after a moment, it turned to darkness, a few seconds later, the familiar man in his black and red armor with multiple Revenant Crests on his shoulders, chest, and helmet, the one being gold, was in front of the camera with multiple Red Fleet Officers and HoloGrids of the battle behind him, yelling and chatting amongst themselves as they coordinate the battle on the ground*

The Man looks back, clearing his throat, the room falls silent, whispering to each other that was barely inaudible, the Man looked back at the Camera "Ladies and Gentlemen. Citizens of Coruscant, the Grand Marshal of the Revenant speaking," he said, the camera zooming out.

-"First, I would like to mention a couple of things. One, trade has stopped due to this.....'Liberation.' Though, it will escalate again in a couple days and medical supplies with be delivered to every medical facility and health clinic to help those that have been severely injured due to the forces of the Empire and Republic."

  • The Man then brought his hands up to his helmet, taking off, revealing his face, the semi-long and slicked back hair, scars upon his face, and his thick facial hair shown clearly*

-"Second. We apologize that some sectors of the city have been lost to the insurgents, we will try our very hardest to reclaim each sector and wipe out the infestation that plagues the streets, the Republic."

He takes a deep breath, then, continues -"Citizens of Coruscant, we have tried to limit the casualties, both of the Revenant and of the Citizens. We aren't exactly sure what the count is, but, we, the Defenders of the Center of the Galaxy, say sorry if those of your loved ones were harmed or killed."

Bringing up his hands, he starts to crack them, slowly, and individually about three times on each

-" message to those that call themselves the Galactic Empire. You are nothing more then cowardice bastards. You flee from your work, why didn't you finish? I've read the Naval reports, I know you didn't engage our Fleet until our ferocious ships from the Empress Teta system came and attacked. You are mere womp-rats to the Revenant's Iron Fist! I gave you a chance Ardonis, to join up with us, but you have blown that chance into pieces."

Preacher shifted a bit, shrugging his shoulders

-"The Republic. I have some respect for you, fighting in the frontlines. Such a worthy opponent indeed. Though, I will not stop until you have been completely decimated off the face of the Galaxy. But," He stopped, looking down at the ground. "I will say something to a 'friend' of mine."

Avekto then walked up closer to the camera, it zooming out even more until you could see from the waist up.

-"Christopher Novastar. I haven't heard that name since my reign as Captain. It is good to hear that you are back in this battle. Though, you shouldn't have shown your face again. Fighting for Selkisto's Child known as the P-G-A? I feel so bad for you. Too bad he isn't ruling the corrupted system anymore," he chuckled. "Though, if I remember correctly, you recieved Calliope back on Talus. She was in pain last I saw her in our jail cells, not even breathing. I hope she died slowly, because I sure as hell gave her a beating when she was talking back to me."

The Grand Marshal smiled wickedly, after finishing cracking his knuckles, he his hands behind his back

-"Since your stepping down as Emperor of the Empire, it is lead by fools. How does that make you feel? Don't you...Juuuust wish that you could have stayed to prevent such things?"

He turned around, looking over his shoulder, hands still behind his back* -"Spirits 'CAN' be Broken. Nothing lives on when it withers up and dies. This...Armada, is turning into something else. Something that will unite this Galaxy, protect this Galaxy, SAVE this GALAXY!"

Facing the Camera now, he raised his hands up parallel from each in some sort of praying formation

-"We! Are! An Empire! A Empire for the People of this Galaxy! Not just any Empire! But the Revival of the SITH EMPIRE! Nothing can stop us now! Nothing!"

The Transmission ends, going back to the screen of the black and red banner with the first line of the Marauder Code upon it, what did this mean...

Report from Del VelmorEdit

  • You're watching an entertainment news program when a huge exclamation point pops into the screen*

It seems we're getting in a new report from our correspondent on Del Velmor, the capital of Velmor. To you Jocelyn?

  • The feed cuts to a woman with *FAR* too much makeup on*

Hello James, this is Jocelyn Trilia with the latest report from Del Velmor. Even though last night's sudden violent storm took us all by surprise, what happened on the top floor of the Vandergraff building, the tallest structure in the city, sent shockwaves through the capital. In this video feed, provided to us by a civillian at the scene, Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff is shown at the edge of her balcony seemingly having harsh words with Vice Chancellor Eressea Karsin. Here's the feed.

  • It cuts to a video feed of the two women having heated words on the balcony of Tiffany Vandergraff's penthouse apartment. Tiffany throws her arms up, and suddenly falls, Eressea reaching out to catch her. The crowd around the camera person gasping as Tiffany is able to catch Eressea's hand. After a few minutes, Tiffany can be seen trying to reach for something on Eressea's arm. She suddenly drops again, this time loose from Eressea's grip. She screams as she plummets, the crowd bustling around in horror. Suddenly, Eressea can be seen throwing something to her as she falls. Almost instantly, a sports aircar catches Tiffany in her fall and brings her back up to the penthouse, where the two women disappear.*

And there you have it folks. This raises more and more questions about the encounter. Why were they having heated words that caused the Chancellor to run out on the balcony? These questions, as it seems, will only be answered by the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor herself. Back to you James.

Tiffany Vandergraff's ConfessionEdit

  • The holo-feed cuts to Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff. She is sitting at a finely crafted desk, papers neatly organized around her. The woman herself is dressed in a black gown with gold trim and purple gems sewn into the hems. She is obviously depressed, the lack of her originally vivacity extremely apparent. She looks up at the camera with dreary eyes before she speaks*

Good evening, citizens of the galaxy. I'm here tonight to relay to you a story, one that should have been confessed eons ago. It is a story that has recently come to light in some circles and I fear that it may only escalate if I do not stop it here and now.

  • she clears her throat*

It all began on Onderon. I was a young girl at that moment, the PGA was still fledgling, not containing provisions for senators, etc. I did not know of this organization, neither did I know of the Sith. It was at the cantina that I overheard three Sith talking to a *as I presumed* a Jedi. I was frightened by their speech and fled past them to the solace of the library. It was there that one of them, a man, came across me and spoke to me.

I did not know the name of this man at the time, but he did, in fact, allude to killing me. I was afraid for my life, so I complied to his request of waiting for him to contact me. I did in fact wait, and while I waited, I sought to protect myself. But all the money I had inherited, all the power coming with it, could not keep me from this man. He could find me anywhere, as he demonstrated when I next saw him.

It was on Coruscant in the Upper Residence gardens that he found me. He finally demanded something of me, openly threatening to kill me if I did not comply. He demanded that I... *She pauses for a moment, tears beginning to well up in her eyes* that I buy hyperdrives. He demanded that I contact Ikest Industries, order hyperdrives, and have them built at the.... the... (*she tries to collect herself*) the Rendili Shipyards.

Yes, it is true.... I was the one who ordered the hyperdrives that were used to start the Revenant. (*The tears begin to fall down her cheeks. She tries to keep her focus on the camera, but cannot) I was arrested by the Galactic Intelligence Bureau, an institution long gone. I was arrested for conspiracy and association with a Sith and was brought to the PGA headquarters for detainment and interrogation. It was at that time that I met Selkisto Horten, Founder of the RLF, co-founder of the PGA, and the finest Chancellor this government ever will see (*for a mere second, she smiles, her former self returning for merely a moment) . He immediately questioned me on my detainment and set me free, as the GIB had no authority from any specific power, acting on their own accord. Selk.... Mr. Horten talked to me and asked me why I could have possibly been taken into custody. Then the trouble began.

I told Mr. Horten of my relationship with this Sith and of the deal he had forced me to make. He told me it would be alright, and I was right to trust him. It was at that moment that I became a spy for the PGA, specifically to find out what this man wanted. I met with Ikest and ordered the hyperdrives, but we spoke over a secure comm-link about the incedent, and decided to make the hyperdrives faulty.

When this man came back to check in on my progress, he was much more amicable. He still hinted at threats, however. I merely played along and and appeased him. He ended up going through with his plan. He stormed the Rendili Shipyards and stole the schematics for ships along with the space station when his team was able to repair the hyperdrives. It was Mr. Horten's team, however, that was able to destroy the schematics before the station went to hyperspace. This mysterious Sith we do, in fact, all know. Some know him as Takaki Rejkus, other know him as Abyssus. He is currently leading the Revenant crusade against all that is good in the galaxy.

I have revealed this to you, because if I do not, I know that the details will be released by enemies of the Republic, spun to slander me, and to discredit myself and the PGA. This is the reason for my behavior last night. This is why Vice Chancellor Eressea Karsin and I were having harsh words. I will not go into the details, as they will make themselves known within a short amount of time, but I do implore you, do not give up on me. I know that I have only led you for a short time, but I am not, in any way, hindered by this. I will hope that you will trust in me to continue serving you as Chancellor. I have erred and wronged in my past, creating this monster that I not only wish, but vow, to exterminate once and for all. I plead you, citizens of the PGA to have trust in me; to keep your faith in me. I have done wrong, and well all have at some point, but we all have fixed our problems. Now let me fix this one. (*she pauses for a moment. She then says in a quiet, but firm, voice*) Long live... the PGA.....

  • She looks at the camera as she says this, the tears having dried and been lost to a look of pure determination. The feed cuts and returns to the regular news program.*

Vice Chancellor Eressea's ResignationEdit

To the citizens of the People's Galactic Alliance,

Those who know me will understand the brevity of this message. It's purpose is to inform you all that I will be stepping down from the Vice Chancellor's seat. I can no longer represent the Alliance and her people with her government in the hands of those I do not believe in. I simply lack the strength, and I'm sorry.

To the people of Talus,

Your kindness and open heart do you and the galaxy a great justice. You took a lost and lonely young woman, a girl with no home, and made her your own. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly wish I could continue to represent you in the Senate, but this war has turned an idealistic young woman into something different.

To the Jedi,

You have been some of my strongest supporters and my closest friends. I would say more, but something tells me you know it already. You have and always will be the best hope for the galaxy, don't break the faith people place in you.

Eressea, Former Vice Chancellor of the People's Galactic Alliance Former Senator of Talus Former Captain of the Ankarres Guard Once and Future Vagabond Spacer

I know who I am and I know where I'm from.

Chapter 5Edit

A New Vice ChancellorEdit

A Holo-Video emits from your device. Two well known News Broadcasters appear.

-News Caster(Male): "In todays PGA Senate meeting, the Senate was called to a vote. Nominee Senator Rimzy Baudin of Bakura was called before the senate. She was nominated to the position of Vice Chancellor. The Majority of the Senate voted in favor." he said looking directly into the recording device. "Welcome Vice Chancellor Baudin" -News Caster(Female): Appeared before the screen, obviously over done with makeup, her typical cheery voice. "We have footage of a few words with Vice Chancellor Baudin, happening while she was exiting the Senate Building."

  • Footage appears, of the familiar face of Rimzy Baudin, now Vice Chancellor Baudin, she is walking down the planks of the Senate Building, heading towards her vessel*

-A small woman runs up to her NewsCaster :"Greetings Vice Chancellor, how do you feel about the new position, what will you bring forward to the role of Vice Chancelor?"

- Rimzy smiles, widely, obviously excited about her new career. "Greetings" she said rhythmically, her expression genuine. "As a Vice Chancellor, and a previous Senator, and Diplomat. I'm able to bring all forms to the table, providing new experiences to each role."

- The Newscaster smiled widely "Certainly, how do you think your people will react to the sudden change in the Bakuran Capital Sector?"

- Rimzy continued to smile, her reaction was instantly "Well, as a fellow Bakuran we are strong supporters of The Republic. As for my citizens, I'm sure they will be proud that the Vice Chancellor in the PGA, the governing body of the Republic is a fellow Bakuran." she smiled warmly

-Newscaster: "Thank you Vice Chancellor Baudin" she said as the Vice Chancellor climbed aboard The Holo-video continues to play, watching the Vice Chancellors vessel leave the planet.

  • Transmission end*

Recording of Nar Shaddaa InvestigationEdit

[2010/05/01 20:27] Zaloth "You must be the gentleman who contacted me, yes?" [2010/05/01 20:27] [Voice disguised] looks up at the woman and nods, "I am. May I ask your name?" [2010/05/01 20:27] Zaloth "I am Zaloth." [2010/05/01 20:28] [Voice disguised] offers his hand, "Hello, Zaloth, I am [omitted] Is this building secure?" [2010/05/01 20:28] Zaloth "Very." [2010/05/01 20:30] [Voice disguised] nods slowly, "Good. Would you mind if I did a quick scan for bugs and other listening devices?" [2010/05/01 20:31] Zaloth "Be my guest." [2010/05/01 20:33] [Voice disguised] nods and lifts his gauntlet. A small holographic beam emits from it and he waves it around the room a few times, scrutinizing the readings on the datapad. [2010/05/01 20:35] Zaloth "You wont find anything i asure you." [2010/05/01 20:39] Zaloth "I assume you are here on behalf of the PGA Council, yes? I've been expecting Chancelor Baudin to send someone." [2010/05/01 20:40] [Voice disguised] nods slowly, "I am representing the PGA. I am an investigator for the PGAF moreso, however." [2010/05/01 20:41] Zaloth "And if i pass your investigation? [2010/05/01 20:42] [Voice disguised] shakes his head, "The judgement is not up to me. First I would like to be direct. You have been witnessed threatening Jedi who come to Nar Shaddaa. Can you explain that?" [2010/05/01 20:44] Zaloth "I have been under a great deal of stress and frustration. With the death of a great Asset of mine, Huttilla the Hutt, continuing my work has been...problematic and dificult. I was on the planet and this individual was evasive to my requests to seek someone in charge. I became upset and threatened him, not one of my better moment." [2010/05/01 20:45] [Voice disguised] nods, "Alright. How was Huttilla an asset?" [2010/05/01 20:48] Zaloth "Huttilla was actually listening to me and willing to find a way to help the people of nar shadda, where as the current hut is hyper focused on his own personal profit, and our relationship as businessmen has been shaky at best since he uses his guard to speak for him." [2010/05/01 20:49] [Voice disguised] nods slowly, "What business do you run?" [2010/05/01 20:50] Zaloth "Trade work mostly. Trading credits for medical supplies, resources, ect." [2010/05/01 20:51] Zaloth "ive been working toward increasing our moon's mercenary forces since the fight. I need people who are around to keep things like that happening. That is going well i think." [2010/05/01 20:51] [Voice disguised] tilts his helmet. "Mercenaries? Are you running background checks on them?" [2010/05/01 20:51] Zaloth "I am working on improving our cantina's with proper entertainment." [2010/05/01 20:51] Zaloth "Yes of course." [2010/05/01 20:52] [Voice disguised]: What's the purpose of raising these mercenary forces? [2010/05/01 20:52] Zaloth "Protection." [2010/05/01 20:52] Zaloth "I dont want to be the next Huttilla." [2010/05/01 20:53] Zaloth "and frankly, as the trust in me is very small, my trust in others is small as well." [2010/05/01 20:53] Zaloth "but, i dont want my people to think i dont care." [2010/05/01 20:55] [Voice disguised] tilts his helmet in the opposite direction. "What do you mean you don't want to be the next Huttilla? Also, how does a mercenary force encourage people to think that you care, and about what?" [2010/05/01 20:55] Zaloth "Our safety." [2010/05/01 20:55] Zaloth "About order." [2010/05/01 20:56] [Voice disguised] "So you're hiring mercenaries to enforce safety and order for yourself and the civillians?" [2010/05/01 21:00] Zaloth "Yes." [2010/05/01 21:00] Zaloth "Right now i only have a few people working directly with me as my personal guard." [2010/05/01 21:01] [Voice disguised] nods, "So are you planning to take over the moon with these mercenary forces?" [2010/05/01 21:02] Zaloth "They are there for defense purposes if i should need them." [2010/05/01 21:02] Zaloth "But thus far, The newly appointed Hutt Lord and i are forming a business relationship." [2010/05/01 21:04] [Voice disguised] nods again, "So you're forming a business relationship with Ku'gan. What is the nature of this relationship?" [2010/05/01 21:04] Zaloth "Nature?" [2010/05/01 21:05] [Voice disguised] "What are the conditions and parameters of the business deal?" [2010/05/01 21:05] Zaloth "Well, we work together under one agenda, and that is to keep business transactions of various peoples running smoothly." [2010/05/01 21:06] Zaloth "He is a business man. I am a senator, our responsibilities are to work together as a team." [2010/05/01 21:07] [Voice disguised]: Senator? You mean you are a representative? [2010/05/01 21:07] Zaloth "I mean Politician." [2010/05/01 21:08] Zaloth "I just throw the term around because people look at me funny when i referr to myself as 'representative' and ask why i wasnt good enough when there is clearly no other representation." [2010/05/01 21:09] [Voice disguised] shakes his head, "There is a very important distinction. Instead of encouraging the spread of accurate information, by explaining the situation, you played into their misconception. Why didn't you try to inform them of what a representative is and does, and maintain that title?" [2010/05/01 21:10] Zaloth "Because people are not so intelligent." [2010/05/01 21:10] Zaloth "They dont care what they call me as long as im not taking away their business from them." [2010/05/01 21:10] [Voice disguised] "Alright. You said earlier you didn't want to be the next Huttilla. What did you mean by that?" [2010/05/01 21:11] Zaloth "Dead." [2010/05/01 21:11] Zaloth "I value my life." [2010/05/01 21:12] [Voice disguised] nods, "Do you realize why Huttilla was killed?" [2010/05/01 21:12] Zaloth "Because he messed with the wrong people." [2010/05/01 21:15] [Voice disguised]: Huttilla was involved in a kidnapping, which involved the Revenant Armada and a crime cartel. He threatened a young woman's life, and she defended herself. She killed him in self defense." [2010/05/01 21:16] Zaloth "I never said he was smart beyond business." [2010/05/01 21:16] Zaloth "I unlike him, know my boundries." [2010/05/01 21:16] [Voice disguised] nods slowly, "What are those boundaries?" [2010/05/01 21:17] Zaloth "Do as i'm told and do what is best for the people and not for myself." [21:18] [Voice disguised]: Do as you're told by whom? [21:19] Zaloth "Well, asked is probably a better term." [21:20] [Voice disguised]: Asked, by whom? [2010/05/01 21:27] Zaloth "I meet with Ku'gan every week befor the meeting and ask his input to make sure that i represent him accurately." [2010/05/01 21:28] [Voice disguised] "Every week? You realize Ku'gan is a military ally of the Revenant Armada, and has attacked the PGAF before?" [2010/05/01 21:30] Zaloth "Yes im aware of that. And i've told him that needs to stop." [2010/05/01 21:31] [Voice disguised] "You think that will work?" [2010/05/01 21:33] Zaloth "His boss is my boss." [2010/05/01 21:33] Zaloth "So yeah, it will work." [2010/05/01 21:34] Zaloth I made it a point to make friends with his boss." [2010/05/01 21:34] [Voice disguised]: Who is his boss? [2010/05/01 21:34] Zaloth "He works with the Black Sun." [2010/05/01 21:34] Zaloth "Under Cayce Urriah." [2010/05/01 21:35] Zaloth "She normally would be here with me but, she is out on business at present." [2010/05/01 21:36] [Voice disguised] nods slowly. "Alright. When you said Jedi who came here would die, who did you intend to be enforcing that declaration?" [2010/05/01 21:37] Zaloth "As i said, i was upset specifically with the Talus group for killing Huttilla, I don't think it's fair that they go without punishment. If I truly am representing Nar Shaddaa why did no one come to me when they found out the truth of what happened? I was completely out of the loop until i was informed of his death." [2010/05/01 21:38] [Voice disguised] lets out a sigh. "If I may give my personal opinion, representative, it is alarming that you have any connections with Huttilla, and would contest his death." [2010/05/01 21:40] Zaloth "He was a very good business man. I can't say i knew him 100 percent but we were working toward a common goal on our end of things and he was the one who was fully supportive of me going into the PGA in the first place." [2010/05/01 21:40] [Voice disguised]"That didn't make you suspicious? Huttilla has been a thorn in the side of the PGA for some time." [2010/05/01 21:41] Zaloth "No it did not. I thought we were working together toward a common goal as i said." [2010/05/01 21:42] [Voice disguised] shakes his head, "The Hutt clearly was not to be trusted, given his involvement in a malicious kidnapping and dealings with the Revenant Armada." [2010/05/01 21:47] Zaloth nods "Clearly." [2010/05/01 21:49] [Voice disguised] lets out another sigh. "Alright. I think I can conclude this investigation." [2010/05/01 21:49] Zaloth "I have a feeling we'll be seeing eachother again?" [2010/05/01 21:51] [Voice disguised] tilts his helmet. "I don't know. Good day, Representative." [2010/05/01 21:55] Zaloth nods "yes good day."

Rimzy's SpeechEdit


-Location: Coruscant-

An image of a thin woman with angular features appeared. Her hair was tied neatly upon her head, Looking directly into the camera she dipped her head politely, with projection of a rhythmic tone she spoke clearly "Greetings Citizens of the Republic. I come before you as Chancellor Rimzy Baudin. I've taken the position with the continuing of my vows to the Republic and it's beloved people. As Chancellor I thrive to promote stability, orginization, and unification throughout the Galaxy. I will continue the Republic's current efforts, endeavoring to end the Revenant threat. The Senate continus to grow in numbers, as alligned forces throughout the Galaxy join us an. Promoting our cause and our people. As Chancellor, and a Citizen of this Republic I ask for your support.For you as a citizen to shed light across this Reublic, let us shine throughout this Galaxy. It is your obligation and right to live successfully, free of forces opressing you. The recording showed Rimzy p ausing for a moment. Inclining her neck she spoke a again. "As Chancellor I'd like to announce, that this week's Senate meeting. I would like to invite the press, and various citizens. If you are a PGA Citizen, then you will be welcome in Senate Hall. Giving the chance to ask questions, provide ideas, and support your concern The first half of the Meeting, as I said will be open to the public. If you are interested, I have attached an open comm device.

Begin the DemolitionEdit

HoloRecording Location: Coruscant Audio/Visual

A beep of urgency emits from your communication device. Projectors across the galaxy engage. Chancellor Rimzy Baudin appears before you. Dipping her head politely, a small smirk appears across her face. "Greetings Republic citizens of the Galaxy. As Chancellor of the Republic, I bring the light of progression. Intelligence operatives have successfully cleared the Revenant Palace after their unannounced withdrawal from Coruscant. The building is currently under Republic control and the PGAF has successfully surrounded the building with energy shields. I come before you to announce the destruction of the previous Revenant Palace. The demolition date is not finalized, and will begin shortly. During this time, I advise citizens to continue to stay clear of the Palace District. Throughout this week there will be heavy PGAF activity in this district." she finished informatively. Providing a small smirk, she cleared her throat "There soon will be fireworks, let this demolition spread light across the city. Let this strengthen the light of this Republic." staring into the camera her eyes hardened. "Long live the Republic" she said passionately. The image of the Chancellor disappeared as the transmission ended.

Chapter 6Edit

Arrest of ViixEdit

[2010/04/21 19:32] Xerod Khandr stood. "What holonet recording is this!?" [2010/04/21 19:33] Hefistel Mirajkar shakes his head "Holo recordings are not hard evidence? Haven't you done any history lessons? Hundreds of years ago senators used to betray each other of staged and or fake holovids! There must be more proof!" [2010/04/21 19:33] XGreenMercenaryX Aeon: ((Repost))Marr Khenotski unhooks his energy sword's hilt from his belt, igniting it toward the ground, letting it rest 'safely' at his side. He takes careful steps behind the Bakuran Senator, raising his blade slightly and enunciating clearly, "Sir, by order of the Chief Commander, Chancellor of the People's Galactic Alliance, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit high treason against the Republic." [2010/04/21 19:33] Hefistel Mirajkar yells "It's a trap!" [2010/04/21 19:34] Larry Furlough 'For all we know, that evidence could be fake, Something the Chancellor just made up to 'test' her new power!' [2010/04/21 19:34] Alanthia Rae: "Surely we must be allowed to see this recording. How else might we know the truth of the matter? [2010/04/21 19:34] Rimzy Baudin waved her hand to the Dac Senator. "I understand, which is why I have not released this information into the Public. This member must be voted a Deliberate Non Citzen" [2010/04/21 19:35] Larry Furlough: 'Who else knows of this?' [2010/04/21 19:35] Larry Furlough: 'The tapes, your plans to arrest the Senator?' [2010/04/21 19:36] Rimzy Baudin turned to the Senator of Kashyyyk "Select PGA Marines, and of course the Senator himself. As well as the individual who brought me the recording." [2010/04/21 19:36] Larry Furlough: 'And this individual is?' [2010/04/21 19:37] Larry Furlough: the*)) [2010/04/21 19:37] Alanthia Rae places her hand to her chest speaking urgently "How can we declare one a non citizen without seeing any evidence of this crime?" [2010/04/21 19:38] Xerod Khandr sootd. "What recording is this!?" [2010/04/21 19:39] Rimzy Baudin waved an arm "There is an investigation in process. The information will be brought forwards when the trial is in place. However, as of now the Senator of Bakura will remain in PGA Custody. Turning to the PGAF marines, she waved a hand "Remove him" turning back to the Senate. "We will continue the discussion briefly, as soon as the Senator is removed from this Hall." [2010/04/21 19:40] XGreenMercenaryX Aeon: reached an arm back, snapping a finger toward the men behimd him and at his sides. He kept his blade ready as he commanded, "Men, grab 'im." [2010/04/21 19:41] Hefistel Mirajkar: "We must vote on this motion! How dare you!" [2010/04/21 19:41] Xerod Khandr chuckled shaking his head. "How corrupt this Republic you say is. " juming into the air Velak laughed. "Fools." [2010/04/21 19:41] Xerod Khandr spoke once more. "Arresting me means nothing, what a way to frame an innocent man." [2010/04/21 19:42] Larry Furlough took his seat, whispering to himself 'Why I keep my planet in this shamefull government, is a mystery' [2010/04/21 19:43] Sophia Naumova stood up to get a better view, moving towards the edge of his seating area. [2010/04/21 19:50] Larry Furlough stood from a hunched over state, and lifted his head slowly to face The Chancellor "Call this session to an end" [2010/04/21 19:57] XGreenMercenaryX Aeon: seeing the man trying to make a dash and jump off of the platform, he acts immediately. Reaching forward, Khenotski makes a snag toward the Senator's cape. "Becker, stun him!" [2010/04/21 20:03] UnlivedPhalanx Beck nods and draws his machinepistol with left hand and sets it to stun he raises his gun towards the Senator chest and pulls the trigger once feeling thats all that would be needed. [2010/04/21 20:05] PYRO Megadon raises his blaster quickly seting it to stun, taking his time to make sure that his shot is not a miss like Becker's and takes a single shot thinking to himself 'If i miss I won't hear the end of it' [2010/04/21 20:12] Rimzy Baudin waits for them to finish the arrest. [2010/04/21 20:15] Xerod Khandr is hit by the stun blast and collaspes along the edge slowly slipping off the side. [2010/04/21 20:17] Hefistel Mirajkar clasps the sides of his head "This is madness!" [2010/04/21 20:17] XGreenMercenaryX Aeon: points forward, "Okay, let's go retrieve him." stepping off the platform and initiating his gravpack, going under him to catch him over his shoulder. [2010/04/21 20:18] Ash Toros the delegate from the hapes cluster departs and picks up his sword on the way out. [2010/04/21 20:18] Rimzy Baudin collapsed her head, witnessing the Senators fall. Mumbling into the Mic she sighed ."Oh dear" [2010/04/21 20:18] Rimzy Baudin turned to the Senate. "This session is ended." she frowned [2010/04/21 20:19] Alanthia Rae gasps as the senator falls off of the platform "Is he alive?" [2010/04/21 20:20] UnlivedPhalanx Beck: nods and leaps over the side and activates his grav pack. [2010/04/21 20:20] Larry Furlough stood 'Chancellor Baudin, I wish to speek with you via comms later.' He then departed the room [2010/04/21 20:22] PYRO Megadon stands at the edge of the platform awating the other marines to bring the senetor back so that they could place him in restraints [2010/04/21 20:23] Alanthia Rae blinks looking to the center platform "Ended? Are we not to see this recording?" [2010/04/21 20:24] Hefistel Mirajkar gasps [2010/04/21 20:25] UnlivedPhalanx Beck floats slightly past Khenotski just under him and pushes Khenotski upward due to the senator on his shoulder and the grav pack making them pracically weightless. He push the two upward and repeats it two time to keep their mommentum up until they reach the balcony. [2010/04/21 20:26] XGreenMercenaryX Aeon: lands on one knee, heaving himself upward with the weight of the Senator over his shoulder, "That was frickin' close. Thanks for the lift." he nodded graciously to Becker. [2010/04/21 20:27] Rimzy Baudin turned to Alanthia "We can't show this recording consider it was taken without it's consent. The investigation will continue." she said before dipping her head and vacating [2010/04/21 20:29] PYRO Megadon slings his rifle as he takes a set of arm and leg restraints off his belt as he walks forward assisting green with the sentor "Nice catch, Sir." [2010/04/21 20:30] Alanthia Rae taken back by the sudden departure of the chancellor she sits down slowly, taking out her comm [2010/04/21 20:30] UnlivedPhalanx Beck nods to Khenotski. "Aye sir. Any time sir." he says landing swiftly and stands ready for next orders.

Message to the Bakuran Citizens (Velax Viix)Edit

Transmission activated Source Location: Rhen Var Traceable: No Audio, and Visual

The Holoscreen activates. A familiar faced woman stared into the camera. her eyes flickered as she dipped her head. "Greetings" she said politely as a small breath escaped her. " I, Chancellor Rimzy Baudin come before our allied Bakuran Sector. Citizens of Bakura, I regret to inform you that your Senator has been detained, and is currently in a PGA Prison. Velax Viix has planned to assassinate the Senate and overthrow the PGA. He is charged with Conspiracy against the PGA Senate, Conspiracy against the PGA, Reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest. The date of his trial is pending." raising a brow her eyes hardened. "As a PGA citizen this is a great concern. As a Bakuran citizen this is also a concern. Like many of you I represent both parties. I will fight with you to restore this Republic, and make sure that such corruptive individuals are not entering our Governments. I ask that all Republic Supporters come together, let us weed out the corruption, let us seek democracy. Allowing you, as citizens to go on with your lives, without living in fear that your leaders will betray you." she said strongly, waving a dismissive hand. Her tone hardened as she brought her focus back to the camera. "The PGA will not rest until this investigation is finished and Velax Viix will be brought before the courts. Marines will continue to scan across the Bakuran Sector, looking for more information. I will be visiting your planet, my home. I plan to meet with citizens, and guide you through this difficult time." she bowed her head "To the Republic" she whispered.

  • End Transmission*

Rimzy's ResignationEdit

Location:Rhen Var Audio/Visual A beep of urgency projects throughout the Galaxy. A flicker of light appears, following by the visual projection of Chancellors Rimzy Baudin. Her face is ignited with relief. Narrowing her eyes into the camera, she dipped her head politely.

"Greetings Citizens of the Galaxy. I come before you to announce, that I have abdicated the position of Chancellor within the Peoples Galactic Alliance. I'm afraid that this very Governmental body have abandoned the true meaning of Democracy. Within my definition, this is not a Republic. It's merely a Bureaucratic state. Filled of politicians and systems aligned, to protect their individuals in power. I refuse to let the light of the people dim. Members of the PGA Senate are willing assume ignorance against their fellow politicians. These members are willing to assume blindness to the very law that they enforce upon their people. I'm afraid, I cannot stand for ignorance. This is a time of war, and these very leaders are willing to take the people down a path of destruction. Let us shine light for the people, and not the individuals in power. Let us glow with prosperity. Let sovereignty be protected across systems alike. Protecting diversity. Even with diversity, individuals can gather for a simplistic cause... The cause of progression. I come before you, claiming that I will not longer be associated with the Peoples Galactic Alliance. I will renounce my citizenship within the PGA. As an educated individual, I will start from my first days out of University. Working as a Diplomat. My first task, will to assist the Coruscanti people, to take back what belongs to them. Their planet, and their glorious cities. I stand beside you promoting, and insisting that you take back your government. Without the Reign of the Revenant, the PGA, or the Empire. People of Corustant, it is now time for you take back whats is rightfully yours. Citizens of the Galaxy, I can no longer work within the structure of the PGA. A reformation is a necessity, and sadly is beyond my reach in this Government body. It's vital state is flat-lined. Members of the Galaxy, I ask you to lend a hand in the new growth of Coruscant. Helping the Coruscanti people, is something that is within my grasp. It's within all our capability. Assist in the protection of their sovereignty, allow them to rise above, and speak for themselves." she said passionately, taking a small breath. She looked hard into the camera. "People of Coruscant, it's time." she trailed before the transmission flickered away.

  • End Transmission*

State of PGAEdit

Citizens of the People's Galactic Alliance, last night marks an event that will go down in history: the destruction of the imperial palace. For generations the Imperial Palace has been the center point of galactic dominance and oppression. The demolition of the palace is a symbol in and of itself. With the hasty retreat of the Revenant Armada to the dark corners of the galaxy, the dismantling of the facility that the powers of evil operated is a symbol of victory, freedom, and rebirth. Resources from the scrap of the destruction will be cleanly recycled into new material for newer and more effective uses for the people of Coruscant and citizens of the PGA everywhere. There has been reports of Kashyyyk possibly withdrawing from PGA membership. However I have taken large steps to revitalize the political public interest within Kashyyyk's own government, making necessary for a democratic reelection among the honorable citizens of Kashyyyk for another term within the PGA. The scandalous investigation regarding the senator of Bakura did not result in a fluctuation in their membership of any kind. In fact the people of Bakura are in the process of an election for a new senator to represent the loyal Alliance planet. With our galactic economy hitting an all-time high, our military programs stronger than ever, and the senate soundly recovering with strengthened relations between delegates, the People's Galactic Alliance is heading for a time of order, prosperity, and peace.

A Broadcast from KashyyykEdit

  • A wookie appeared, many recognize him from the earlier broadcast declaring Kashyyyk's withdrawl from the PGA*

"This is an address to the PGA, reguarding the ships in orbit above our planet... Little reason remains for you to stay here, and as such, we request that your prescense in the system be removed, save for few select vessles to protect your trade routes that pass through the system."

  • He paused*

"We have contacted the Empire, imploring them to assist should the PGA not agree to our terms... Currently the Imperial 2nd Assault Fleet is en route from Kuat, and we have cleared them to use force should it be deemed necessary. We are not a PGA system, please understand that, and leave our people out of your affairs."

  • The camera disengaged, leaving an image simply saying, in aubresh, "Standby for broadcast from Imperial Command*


Text Dispatch IncominG \Relay Tracking in progress... Stand by... Complete. \\Routing Transmission... Stand by... Complete. \\\Deep Core Relay 432.11:A... Active \\\\Message Begins...


This Dispatch is to notify you that you have 1 galactic standard Day and 11 Hours to withdraw combat fleet operations from the Kashyyyk system, excepting normal trade route protection and anti-piracy contingents along established hyperspace routes. The 2nd Assault Fleet has been dispatched, it is a strong space-superiority fleet with requisite planetary assault elements to remove any hostile presence the Kashyyyk government demands be removed. Your Republic claims to represent freedom, withdraw your occupation forces at once and grant Kashyyyk this freedom. If Republic forces do not withdraw prior to our arrival, a warning barrage will be fired, followed by an immediate demand to withdraw, and then no more warning will be given. Due warning has been given, withdraw at once. The Empire will grant such protection to any system wishing to declare it's independance, and will protect its economic interests therein. -MESSAGE ORIGINATES: Grand Moff V. Tarkin, Imperial SPCMD-


Text Dispatch Incoming \Relay Tracking in progress... Stand by... Complete. \\Routing Transmission... Stand by... Complete. \\\Deep Core Relay 432.11:A... Active \\\\Message Begins...


This Dispatch is to inform you that the Empire is *NOT* claiming control over the Kashyyyk system, the relief fleet sent will not be staying in theatre after operations cease, the Empire is committed to the protection of the galactic citizens and economy, and wishes only to repay its long past debts to the Wookiee peoples and to establish viable trade relationships. Fear not, we come to you under a banner of peace. No Imperial troops will make landfall, and no ships will enter the gravity well of Kashyyyk proper unless requested to do so by the Wookiee government. We hope this will alleviate any fears you may hold. -MESSAGE ORIGINATES: Grand Moff V. Tarkin, Imperial SPCMD-

Press Release from KaffaEdit

A Female voice presenting herself as Daana Kira on Kashyyyk announces a message from Kaffa . This is the record of an audio message is Shyriiwook with an heavy rain the background, the male wookie voice fade after few seconds and is covered by the female voice translating the content in Basic.

"The Wookiees have long since regarded our relationship with the Republic, and most recently the People's Galactic Alliance with great respect, such was the basis of our decision to join the PGA several years ago... The PGAF has asserted no control over our people, have made no intention known of subjecting our people to unrepresented rule..

.This has not historically been the case with the Empire... I was born in the mining facility on Peragus II, I was a pup, working hard labor... under the tyrannical whip of the Empire.. I refuse to allow those days to return....

I had retired from politics.. the battles on the Senate floor no longer appealed to this old Wook.. but I can see that my successors have a strongly different idealology then I.. but we can work together.. I implore the former Senator to meet his opponents, before more infighting occurs in our great tribe"

Grand Moff Tarkin Interview TranscriptEdit

Interview with the Grand Moff Vladimir Tarkin, VI (Karl Kleiber), by Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide for the Galactic News. ((quoted with the respective players agreements))

Daana Kira releases her glass on the table as she asks the first question "So you're commander in the Imperial Army, could you make us a summary of the current state of the Empire and their short run plan of progress?" Vladimir Tarkin says "The Empire currently is in probably the finest shape it's been in within a hundred years, a lot of new reforms to the bureaucratic process I've implemented have led to a rather prosperous era for us. I've made the markets a lot more friendly to free trade, got rid of quite a bit of the corruption clogging things, re-formed the military hierarchy with a more concise and clear cut purpose, and focused inwardly for a long time on the people of the Imperial sector and their welfare. As for our short term goals, the Empire is committed to galactic stability and the well-being of the citizens and the economic infrastructure, this is an Empire now led by regular folks, just like you, not some kings or Jedi or Sith masters, just us regular military folks. We've got all this might, we're going to try to make a difference out here and use it to create an environment where your freedom to succeed and prosper is not as a puppet under a dictatorial regime."

Rakiko Lowtide nods quite impresses by the man's description of the empire and adds a soft question to Daana's "What section of space does the empire currently control?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Currently the Imperial Sector consists of a large swathe through from the core to the outer rim, along the route taking one galactic north from Coruscant to Bastion and its outlying regions. Also several small sections of galactic west. Due to our highly advanced technological interests, the Empire also maintains a large presence at several sectors in the Deep Core, comprising the Deep Core Security zone, and extragalactic defence positions in the halo worlds."

Daana Kira motion her hand asking her next question "You said the Empire has changed, Wookiees told us they don't have forgotten the slavery they had to endure earlier when they were part of the first Empire. As you intervened in Kashyyyk, could you tell me how the Empire sees the Wookiees now... and by extension all non human species?" Vladimir Tarkin says "The Empire has since the time of Gilad Pellaeon forward, had no hostile intentions to non-humans of this galaxy. Our definition of "alien" shifted significantly upon actual contact with the Vong as well, as now we all seem like one big happy family... considering what lurks in the dark. We wish nothing but well upon the Wookiee people." Vladimir Tarkin says "Many non-humans serve within Imperial ranks today." Vladimir Tarkin laughs "My administrative assistant is a Cathar, and my best general is Iridonian."

Daana Kira nods slowly, rubbing her head-tail "So they could be imperial citizens like you and me?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Of course, you two can establish Imperial citizenship as can any non-human or any human merely by establishing residency on an Imperial world, or applying for a visa. Borders are not restricted and visas are not required for stays under 6 galactic standard months. These rules are non-discriminatory." Vladimir Tarkin says "The Empire wishes to encourage trade, not close its borders." Rakiko Lowtide nods "Good to know". Vladimir Tarkin says "This is not to say no member of the Empire may hold sentiment against a species not their own, probably some do, probably a good deal of those aren't humans, and that's because we're a cross section of galactic society, serving the common purpose of order and stability. We're not an ideological camp, we're not a religion, we're a nation, and a people, and an Empire. In this, we're neutral. We care for our people, and we care for other people, and we view other individuals and entities based upon actions."

Daana Kira grins "I'll see that. I'll like to visit more the Imperial space. Is the Imperial interested conflicting with other regional galactic government... Like we had a crisis with the People's Galactic Alliance for Kashyyyk for instance." Rakiko Lowtide agrees with Daana's question "Yes, what type of conflicts are the Empire engaged in and against who." Vladimir Tarkin says "The recognized government of Kashyyyk requested assistance, against an entity that has proved nothing but hostile to us. We were all too happy to acquiesce. We're always happy to lend a hand to the little guy getting pushed about, and our forces are quite capable of handling any of the big boys out there on a level field. As for us being at "WAR" with anyone right now, noone really, we're more focused inwardly on the strength of the people and planets under our care. Conquest is so 10ABY. We've found it best to focus our resources for the past some years on both civil and military buildup, it's worked out quite well. The Imperial sector is turning into a bright jewel where people enjoy opulent lives and vast freedoms. If in the future events bring us into conflict with anyone, the civilian population can rest assured we'll do our best to be precise and avoid use of superweapons on populated planets.'"

Daana Kira nods during he speaks and grins at the end "I hope superweapons would have no use anywhere.", she pauses and continues "I was half surprised to meet you on Nar Shaddaa, are you tracking all systems quitting the Alliance?" Vladimir Tarkin ashes his cigara and continues "No actually, the regional government had contacted us after the Republic apparently deemed them to be not quite "republic material"" He says making little quote symbols with his hands "And they, like we, have a duty to ensure the safety and economic prosperity of its citizens, thusly they wished diplomatic parlayance with the major powers of the galaxy. The Empire comes quickly when you say you need help, we're always happy to help people ensure that for their citizens too. The Empire doesn't judge people and find them unworthy, except by their actions. Whoever you may be, be a friend to us and we will be such to you. This Empire is committed to being a neutral party governed by logic and efficiency, for the sake of the future."

Daana Kira turns her glass in her hand and comments "I see, what is the nature of the support you're proposing. They already have the Revenant Armada deployed, which is one of the cause of their withdrawal"" then she asks "do you think you can work altogether with them?" Rakiko Lowtide sips on his drink and looks at the man to watch his reaction to any of the questions. Vladimir Tarkin says "The Revenant aren't currently a threat to anyone, well at least for the moment... they've seemingly ceased all aggressive activities once withdrawing from Coruscant. Work WITH them? No. However, the Empire in such a time of galactic crisis, can not afford to use ideological lines to plot firing solutions. If they take aggressive action, we destroy them, if not, we leave them be. Same goes to any other group, we're coming out to stop any hostile forces aggression against peaceful worlds. Nothing else, now." Vladimir Tarkin says "At the end of the times of crisis we face now, that policy is subject to change. They have many crimes to answer for, as do many others, but for now.. the galaxy needs a peace-keeper."

Daana Kira puts her glass back on the table without having drunk and asks, fixing the commander sight "I have a more personal question, your Family is from Eriadu I've been told, what do you think about the last manifestation on this planet against the Empire, in which you were named?" Vladimir Tarkin says "I think it's a bloody joke is what, those people talking about the "anti-xeno" movement, well they're talking mostly ancient history and conjecture, the truth about the history of Eriadu is that the anti-alien sentiment there is due to the prevalence of raids from hostile alien species who would capture humans to take for... who knows what out there in the outer rim. I was a bit tilted myself when younger by being under constant attack from things I could not describe. I learned, serving with non-humans." Vladimir Tarkin says "I learned that basically, ya theres a lot of species who wish to eat me. Some in a more fun way than others. Just like humans, some are bad some are good, and species itself doesnt even define that. Life is far more complicated than to be that easy. The Eriadu people are fools, I've not been there in 40 years." Vladimir Tarkin says "Excuse me, I don't mean the PEOPLE of Eriadu, I mean the crazies in their propaganda department, talking about a man they never met who cares not to even visit their region of the galaxy. I hated that place growing up, I don't really want to move back."

Daana Kira nods "So for you these are misguided and obsolete rants, reused during of the current affairs?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Yes definitely, I've never met that man, he's not even been alive since I lived there, I never ruled the planet I just helped get rid of the nasty things eating our children in the night, and I left. Now someone with a grudge against history of my family long ago out there spreads fear and hate among the citizens to get them nice and afraid to keep control of them. And their PGA leashmasters wish them to use it to frighten more people, to further beat down and control citizens in the galaxy. Sad really."

Daana Kira puts her hand on her lap and leans back on her chair "I have a last question, I think, You told at the beginning the Empire gave a a sort of special role to the military. Could we consider there is two sort of citizen, the servicemen and the civilians? and is your own personal opinion on this matter, as officer, the same as the Empire official view?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Servicemen are citizens, and all citizens are at least potential servicemen. We view duty to ones community and service to the people's well being as the utmost priority and the greatest morality of all. Duty comes first over all, we're servants you see. We are not rulers, people who think they're rulers are fools, they're servants but only to their egos. Sure we don't masquerade under some democratic system, because we're a meritocratic system, performance and competence gains responsibility." Rakiko Lowtide nods "I hope all the imperial citizens agree with you". Vladimir Tarkin laughs a bit "Benefit of military dominance, the military is made up of common folk who don't like overbearing royalty much. I don't think the troops would tolerate it ever again, they seem to be quite happy doing things the sane way for once.

Daana Kira raises her hands over the table and motions one as she speak "All the Imperial Citizens have the duty to serve, like do the servicemen? How a military organization can deal with the freedom of the press?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Freedom of the press is a right in Imperial territory, we really don't care much for propaganda and lies, we're just not into such games. We tell our people the truth, and if they dont' like it that's fine. Only thing that is not tolerated in Imperial space is actually acting as an anti-government terrorist, we just don't have the interest in spending money on policing peoples thoughts, gotta protect against battle-fleets first. *Laughs*" Rakiko Lowtide smiles and chuckles

Rakiko Lowtide listens with interest as he doesn't have first hand knowledge of what happened on Imperial City. Vladimir Tarkin nods "Yes, indeed. Though with their withdrawal from there, and the PGA's destruction of the replacement structure the Armada paid for to replace the battle damage, the situation becomes less clear. Frankly Coruscant in general is looking more and more like a money pit each day that would be a detriment to Imperial economics to invest in, considering the awful frequency of people wanting to blow that planet up. I mean, how can we have a "galactic capital" that keeps getting blown up every few years anyway Vladimir Tarkin says "They'll have to answer for their crimes there, hopefully they'll decide to stop attacking other planets, and pay reparations to the victims in the galaxy, and surrender the war criminals who ordered the bombardment of the civilian facilities. For now though, we feel wasting assets to chastize them would be foolish and detrimental to galactic stability. Vladimir Tarkin says "Not that I wouldn't ENJOY chastizing them. I would. I can be extremely spiteful." Vladimir Tarkin says "Quote me on that part."

Daana Kira nods having a sad feeling for the billions of people living here "I understand you, commander, That's all we had to ask you."

Tetan Empress Xera Keto Interview TranscriptEdit

Her Imperial Majesty of the Tetan Empire, Xera Keto (Xenon Xaris) interviewed by Daana Kira, reporter at the Galactic News Network.

((posted with the agreement of the respective players))

The interview was made on the Headquarter of the Revenant Armada on Nar Shaddaa, several weeks after they withdrew from Galactic City.

          • Transcript *****
  • Daana Kira sits and crosses her legs as she prepares her first question "By Empire you mean the one of Empress Theta, not the one on Bastion ruled by the Moffs, I suppose, what are your relationships with it?
  • Xera Keto "Yes, I mean the Tetan Empire which was forged by Empress Teta during the unification wars many thousands of years ago, it's capital at times spoken of as Teta but we prefer it's proper title of Koros Major. The Empire on Bastion? Is that the one which Grand Moff Tarkin 6th leads?"
  • Daana Kira nods "Yes, that's this one, they were formerly on Coruscant before you went, They appear to have an animosity against yours, but what is your opinion on them?"
  • Xera Keto "I would assume they are displeased that the Revenant Armada was able to defeat the efforts of the Fel Empire, the People's Galactic Alliance and the Jedi to allow Coruscant to remain under the control of the People's Galactic Alliance. I do not know much of this current Empire, I have met this Grand Moff once and he seemed to be an intelligent man, yet the Empire has tried to remove the sovereignty of the Tetan Empire in an attempt to add it to it's fold. I do not know if this was the ploy of Grand Moff Tarkin, but we do know my former husband the former Emperor was working for the Imperials. That would be Gen Morane.."
  • Daana Kira motions her hand as she speaks "Don't you want to sit? We could stand as well, you know..." she pauses and continues "They refered your occupation of Coruscant and your depart, as crimes. What is the right word for your leave and why do you have quited Corruscant in this circumstances?"
  • Xera Keto smiles. "No, please, I noticed one of you was still standing.. I did not want to take the last chair, I am fine.. I spend most of my time seated and going over the matters of the Empire, my legs could use a change of pace. " nods. "There were many reason's we decided we needed to withdrawal from Coruscant. Some of them I am not able to mention right now, but I will mention a few of them. The terrorist like tactics of the People's Galactic Alliance had many any effort to restore civil order difficult at best. They did not stop at attacking us, their wrath was spread out to the citizen's which I had made many efforts to help, to stabilize their well being and prosperity. It was a great disappointment to the Tetan Empire, as we had thought that the PGAF's aggressive actions would not span beyond the Revenant Armada. We could have held Coruscant, but that as well as many things such as financial burden it has become has attributed to our decision to leave."
  • Daana Kira stands holding the back of the chair, not wanting to leave their guest standing, she says "So, the PGAF prevented you manage the city well and forced you to leave it with great damages? Would you be ready to forgive them and sign an agreement with the People's Galactic Alliance?", she adds after a short pause "Now or later..."
  • Xera Keto sighs softly. "The People's Galactic Alliance has never once sent a diplomat to the Tetan Empire. The only contact I've personally had with the PGAF is when I was assaulted in the throne room by a few of their soldiers, fortunately the Grand Admiral was nearby and made swift work of them. I have spoken to two Jedi though, but they did not come under the will of the PGA... I think at this point it would be difficult to reach a diplomatic solution to the war. The PGA is a confusing entity, with many agenda's. That is the problem with democracy, it is much more prone to corruption, confusion, and utter chaos. In the time I have been the Empress.. I believe there has been four Chancellor's? How many of them were actually voted in by the people they claim to serve? As far as I know, only the first.. It is a very confusing system of government, of which I can see little logic to."
  • Daana Kira crosses her arms and nods as she's listening "That can be confusing, but they are still here after so many leader change. And how is leaded your group, what is the relationship between the Revenant Armada and the Empire. Who's the overall leader?"
  • Xera Keto smiles, her features youthful, almost childlike, crystal blue eyes peering at the Togruta. "The Tetan Empire and the Revenant Armada work in coordination, each having their own task's to perform. As Empress it is my duty to look after the needs of all people and planet's placed under my care. The Grand Admiral as the leader of the Armada makes any military decision. It would be foolish of me to think I have any understanding of battlefield tactics. I have had many tutors on many subjects but I have no battlefield experience worth mentioning. The Empire is the political body, the Armada the military. In the end, if I should issue an order.." she pauses for a moment. "The Grand Admiral would comply, yet I seek not to interfere with the Military as much as can be helped.."
  • Daana Kira smiles at the empress back, staring her eyes a moment but her mouth speaking the rest of the time. She asks "I suppose this split is necessary by the times being. is the cohabitation with a military order easy? How are split the resources of the Empire? I suppose the civilians and the military powers would want individual have the greatest part of it"
  • Xera Keto nods. "Currently as we are in a time of war, much of our spending is military based. I also have undertaken many civil initiatives, such as funding for those who would open up free clinics, shelters, and other social programs to aid the commonwealth.. which is sizeable part of our spending as well, most of those efforts had been geared towards Coruscant. " she looks to the chair in which one of the Togruta's assistant's had been sitting, the one with the Naboo like attire, she would then blink seeing he was gone. "..As we had granted the gentleman who had been sitting there funds for a relief shelter" wrinkles her brow a bit perplexed that the man had been identified on this meeting as a reporter's assistant. "Fortunately the planets of the Empress Teta sector have been quite prosperous, we have been relatively peaceful since the days of Exar Kun. We did not isolate, but we did consolidate and focus on civil and economic matters for many many centuries. We've also made many trade agreement's to bolster our finances in order to pay for things such as my social agenda."
  • Daana Kira nods at the Empress, and looks at the chair as well. She's glad he isn't to explain her freshly hired assistant. She asks her "But the Revenant Armada is led by Sith, isn't it? and Sith are often associated with destructions and not with the good of the people. How can you be sure this ones are different and they will resign the full power to the civilian once the peace is restored?"
  • Xera Keto frowns. "I have not always agreed with some of he methods the Armada used. There was one man in particular, who I will mention was not a Sith." she lifts a hand, gesturing to the painting of the deceased Grand Marshal 'Preacher'. "His actions were the most violent of any in the Armada.. I always felt a deep sense of dread when I saw the man.. There such.. bitterness in his eyes... He was responsible for many of the acts of violence in which others have pointed to say we are evil.. Thankfully Lord Apparition here was able to end his reign of terror. Yet, he is still well respected by many of the troops, he was a brilliant commander who won many battles. We would not forget those who laid the foundation, those who gave much to serve.. even if we do not feel at ease with the methods they should use, and even if we must stop them ourselves. As far as force users go, they are like any other's, some good and some bad, being Sith alone does not make one evil just as being Jedi does not make one good they are more similiar then different in my eyes. Peace restored will be a long process, this could take my entire lifetime.. but should that ultimate peace be met, there will be no more wars to be fought.. there will be order.. and they would continue to support said order.."
  • Daana Kira smiles to shows she understand what the Empress said and asks her "If things are different now, do you have tried to explain it to the People's Galactic Alliance representative, You said they were confusing but they have now a chancellor and even if they don't have sent you a diplomat, you could send them one, couldn't you?"
  • Xera Keto "You raise a valid point, and it is something I had considered for some time.. yet my former Handmaiden.. before she lost favor with the Grand Admiral.. talked me out of such a course, believing that the PGA could not be reasoned with. Their chaos and large discrepancies between their actions and words further that. The Kasshyk matter, these reports I have heard of them dragging private citizen's off other planet's.. and I even heard they arrested a man for simply living on Nar Shaddaa. Make no mistake, the Armada does not claim to be the flag bearers of freedom, we do not claim to be ambitious in wiping out all evil's in the galaxy. As long as there are people there will always be those basic natures which more often that not lead to evil deeds.. We merely wish to bring order, structure.. honesty is often less pleasant then softly spoken lies, we are that cold hard truth.. Many may dislike our methods, and for good reason.. but we will not hide them.. Chaos must be purged, and order.. by any means.. extended to the entire galaxy, only then can the commonwealth truly prosper, and live without the constant fears of the things which chaos breeds.."
  • Xera Keto smiles. "I must attend to a matter though in a moment, but I am sure I or the Grand Admiral would be able to speak again if and when the need be present..."
  • Daana Kira bows as the Empress is telling she's leaving "Alright thank you for your time, your majesty. I had a last question related to Bakura and the presence of a Royal Highness in your headquarters, but the grand admiral may tell me more on this matter."
  • Xera Keto's crystal blue eyes would move to Cain then back to the reporter, she'd smile. "The Tetan Empire is not closed to having good relations to a planet such as Bakura. Though currently a member of the PGA, we greatly have respected the Grand Army and feel that they have been used as pawn's by the PGA.. Not that such is the position of the Bakuran you have mentioned, we discuss many diplomatic matters with many planets, and are not opposed to any guest who should wish to speak. We are not the monsters PGA and Empire propaganda may lead some to believe. Yes there are some who are very.. military like and can come off as rather rude, but that is what they do.. their task is to fight, not to be social. Thank you, and please be careful, Nar Shaddaa is a very violent planet, I do not dare leave the outpost area without guards..." she'd wave farewell as she headed off to the back-room.

PGAF Sergeant Gene Vaniva ReportageEdit

The reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met the Sergent Gene, from the People's Galactic Aliance Force during the forced extraction of the Doctor Korr from Nar Shaddaa.

At Bakura hospital, after the doctor was resting, they started the interview, asking about the PGA in general and its politic

PGAF Sergeant Gene, Bakura InterviewEdit

Interview of the PGA Segeant Gene, by Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide, at Bakura hospital, after the extraction of the Doctor Korr from Nar Shaddaa

  • Rakiko Lowtide: Why are you all so concerned about this PGA citizen? There must thousnds if not millions of PGA citizens that need help.

Daana Kira wags her hand "we're concerned as reporters, we bring the fact to the people. They should know what happens to them when they travels to the outter regions

  • Gene Vaniva looks to the pantoran. "Every member of the PGAF is charged with the duty to lay his life down for the PGA and its citizens. If I had to make a choice between the lives of many citizens, I would try to make the best one, but at this time this man needed my help at the moment I had the opportunity to help him. There are other members of the PGAF around the galaxy who do just as I do. As for how to become a PGA citizen, you must register to become a citizen, or become a member of the PGAF."

Gene Vaniva: I cannot help everyone all the time, but I will help whoever I can when I can, as I am able.

  • Rakiko Lowtide: Why would one register to be a citizen, if it restricts your movement in the galaxy?
  • Daana Kira motion her hand and nods concerned "would you also restrict the media from looking at the order side what happens?"
  • Gene Vaniva pauses for a moment as he considers his answer. "Only in times of war does it restrict movement, and currently the PGA is at war with the Revenant Armada. The Revenant Armada has tortured and killed PGA citizens, the behavior we would expect of an Enemy of the Republic. That is why PGA citizens are not permitted to approach EoR's- for their own safety. As protectors of PGA citizens, it is one of our duties as the PGAF to enforce that. The only limitation in this case that PGA citizens face is a limitation from subjecting themselves to great danger. As for the benefits... a guarantee of rights to freedom of speech and religion, freedom from slavery, oppression, and harm, and the guarantee of a fair trial in the event of an arrest, which is required to be law to be done only with just cause, all enforced by concrete laws, in addition to protection from hostile forces by a strong standing military... these are all the benefits of being a PGA citizen. The PGAF is obligated to answer the call of any citizen, and every citizen has the right to petition directly through the PGA for armed protection if there is a significant threat against them. Add in also the right to vote in the chancellorial elections and to submit proposals of legislation to the senate...
  • Gene Vaniva shrugs, "Individuals, planets, and systems see the benefits of freedom, protection, and representation. Those who are not PGA citizens, and not hostile to the PGA are considered deliberate non-citizens- right minded individuals who have willingly chosen not to be PGA citizens, as I presume you two to be. Even deliberate non-citizens, or DNCs, are recognized as having essential rights under the PGA, but they are not guaranteed protection, although the PGAF will often not discriminate between DNCs and PGA citizens if innocent lives are threatened. But DNCs have no say in how the PGA government is run, although they can do as they please wherever they like, so long as they are not causing harm to the PGA or its citizens. If you are not PGA citizens, going to EoRs is not an issue.
  • Gene Vaniva: If a PGA citizen wishes to be a reporter, they need to apply for special authorization. At least, if they wish to go to enemy territory, or a combat area.
  • Daana Kira rubs her head-tail "Well, that sounds good, but you forgot the right to be extracted from your business against your will." she looks at Rakiko and anwser to herslef "I'm citizen from Shili, well, i'm not sure that means anything for outside, and we're both working on Taris"
  • Gene Vaniva nods, "Being a citizen of a PGA planet does not automatically make you a PGA citizen. And the doctor has not been extracted from his business- if his property indeed predates the war, his ownership is protected by PGA law. However, he will need to operate through a third party to run the business on Nar Shaddaa, since he cannot go there himself."
  • Rakiko Lowtide nods "I'm a citizen of Pantora, but I don't owe any allegiance to any galactic organization, it tends to get in the way of our work"
  • Gene Vaniva nods, "Neither Shili, Taris, nor Pantora are PGA planets, but I understand your neutrality. Reporters wishing to address multiple sides of an issue should be objective."
  • Daana Kira explains her job to the trooper "Reporters can't request an authorization to practice, also they can't really request the protection of an army, they would be seen as enemies by the other side"

Gene Vaniva nods. "You are not PGA citizens, you don't need to worry about getting authorization to go to Nar Shaddaa."

  • Rakiko Lowtide: How come the previous Chancellor Baudin left office?
  • Gene Vaniva frowns. "Are you asking for my personal opinion?"
  • Rakiko Lowtide: If you want to give it *smiles*, but what was the reason publicly given?
  • Daana Kira chuckles "Any opinion is good to ear"
  • Gene Vaniva: Baudin alleged that the PGA was corrupt, the senate was corrupt, that the Senate did nothing to help the people and that none of the world were willing to act. However, I would add that in the context of a time of war, all of those planets are concerned for safety, stability, and security, and experience a time of great hardship. Conditions worsen. However, I attended many senate meetings. Most planets were contributing to the war effort, while working hard to maintain a stable economic situation across the galaxy. I have never seen a proposal for granting relief aid or supplies turned down. What I believe is that the Chancellor broke under pressure and stress. The PGA has recently found itself in control of most of a Coruscant that has been ravaged by war. The effort to rebuild will be long and difficult, and daunting, and will take all of the resources of the PGA and the security of the PGAF. As chancellor, Baudin could have worked to ensure this reconstruction. Instead, while stating the intention to rebuild Coruscant, she abdicated, running from both her power and responsibility. A new chancellor was immediately elected and is now working to take responsibility for the task that we now face and work to amend it as quickly as possible.
  • Rakiko Lowtide looks at the trooper "Did you fight any on Coruscant,and maybe you know how the Revenant Armada was forced to retreat?"
  • Daana Kira nods "I'm not sure about her reason, she would have more power to support the rebuilding as chancellor than civilian. She talked about corruption, but the doctor used the same word as well. Is it something wich is heart frequently?"
  • Gene Vaniva nods, "It is very easy to declare something corrupt, especially if you don't like an aspect of the system, and it is easier to declare it corrupt and attempt to abolish it than it is to try and fix it constructively. However, as I said, the constitution protects citizens' speech. Even PGA citizens can call the PGA whatever they like. The fact is, the PGA, and the PGAF will still fight for their right to do so. As for the Revenant, I have fought in a number of combat actions against them. I would say ninety per cent of them were successful. They mostly included rescue operations, defensive battles, and small skirmishes. I do not know the exact reason why they left Coruscant, but in my opinion, they simply couldn't hold their position any longer. We saw increasing signs that their forces were crumbling, as the PGAF held strong and refused to budge. And despite the fact that normal men and women like myself were fighting against those who were called 'Sith Lords', we gave no ground. The Revenant was trapped on the cusp of the core, unable to move freely past our forces to gain access to the trade routes and hyperlanes that full control of Coruscant would supply. Without access to these routes and trade lanes it suffocated until it was forced to retreat. They have been forced into a defensive position in the deep core, and it will be very difficult for them to expand from it now. The forces that did not return to the deep core seem to have fled to sanctuary provided by the Hutts in their sector, but they are relatively isolated from that position, with limited access to the vital trade lanes. They have simply starved and shriveled.

  • Daana Kira "Some people complaint of the instability of the PGA, like the former representative of Kashyyyk. Is anything done to make the alliance more stable. And this many change of chancellors or senator arrests will certainly play in favor of its enemies"
  • Gene Vaniva lowers his chin again, thinking before he responds, "The Kashyyyk senator acted well outside of his authority. He is trying to remove Kashyyyk from the PGA. He, alone, does not have the power to do that. Either people of the Kashyyyk system must vote to withdraw from the PGA, or the senate must vote Kashyyk out of the PGA for Kashyyyk to truly be removed. Niether condition has been fulfilled. Those of Kashyyyk have not given any show of support for their former senator and are working to elect a replacement for him. The PGA has lost leaders, several, over the past few years. But I think this is proof of the PGA's stability- that elements of the leadership are held accountable for their actions, that they can remove themselves or be removed, and the PGA as a whole can continue on with little difficulty. This is the second chancellor I have seen transition into office since the original general elections that occurred before I began serving. The transition has always been smooth."
  • Rakiko Lowtide looks at the man's uniform "What's your current rank sir?"
  • Gene Vaniva chuckles, "I have what we jokingly call an 'alien' rank. I am a sergeant. However, in the PGAF 'sergeant' has a different meaning than it does in some other militaries. A sergeant functions primarily as a teacher, trainer, and advisor. I also act as a recruiter if necessary. However, I do not hold a rank that is within the normal hierarchy of the PGAF. I can only give orders to recruits that I am training, or in special situations."
  • Daana Kira crosses her arms nodding "if the alliance can survive to those which created it, then we'll show it's stable. Is the PGA trying to recruit other planets and with which line of argument? Why would they follow the PGA rather than the Revenant Armada, do you think?"
  • Gene Vaniva raises a hand to his chin. "The PGA does not actively try to recruit planets to join. Any planet or system that joins must abide by and enforce adherence to the PGA's civil rights laws and recognize the authority of the senate. Decisions like these must be completely voluntary and self-determined, so the PGA typically will wait until a planet tries to join before it will consider bringing it into the fold. Joining the PGA means agreeing to put in a lot of work and some degree of restrictions, so it must be a choice, it cannot be forced on anyone or 'sold' to them. The PGA still maintains good relations with many planets that are not in the PGA, and respects worlds that choose not to join, but still contribute to the wellbeing of the galaxy. I'd say that is the principle difference between the Revenant and the PGA- respect. The PGA emphasizes free will and choice, tolerance, freedom, and protection. The Revenant Armada has unleashed plagues, made unprovoked attacks and invasions, worked to undermine aid and relief efforts, has tortured, murdered, enslaved people, forced organizations at gunpoint to do their will. I can understand if a world would join the Armada out of fear for retribution if they choose not to. But the PGA does not believe in such practices, and is opposed to a doctrine of rule through fear. The PGA is an alliance- a group of like-minded worlds comitted to protecting each other and those elsewhere in the galaxy that need their protection.
  • Gene Vaniva: A world doesn't necessarily need to join the PGA if they choose not to join the Revenant. However, they can still support the PGA through trade.
  • Daana Kira motions her arm, waging it a circular pattern a she speaks "Yes, they have invaded worlds, but outsider worlds, and it's the same as th PGA did, for example with Coruscant. However if I know little about their behavior on their controlled territories and think yours are honest, for the outside operation it doesn't look so different. Or maybe I'm wrong and you can correct me
  • Gene Vaniva smiles, "When the Revenant invaded Coruscant, they all but destroyed a legitimate sovereign government for the sole purpose of destroying them, and gaining a foothold into an invasion corridor. They caused severe harm to Coruscant and its citizens. Millions died. The Revenant invaded Coruscant for control. The forces of the PGA have invaded Coruscant twice. THe first time was when it was still the RLF, and it was in response to repeated attacks by the Imperial Remnant under Ardonis Commadore. Once that threat was removed, the PGA rebuilt Coruscant, fostered a local government, slowly transitioned power to that government, and then left Coruscant entirely under their control. The PGA did not invade Coruscant to control it, it invaded Coruscant because Coruscant's government had been attacking the RLF and its members. It did not invade to control- as soon as it was prudent, it handed over control to a local government. What is happening now is rather similar to what happened then. The PGA will rebuild, restabilize, and then hand control back to a local government."

A week later, they continued the interview talking more precisely on the last news, like Kashyyyk or Nar Shaddaa

PGAF Sergeant Gene, Coruscant InterviewEdit

Sergeant Gene of the PGAF interviewed by Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide

Interview was held at the PGAF headquarters on Coruscant

  • Gene Vaniva nods, "This is the PGA base. Hello Ms. Kira, Mr. Lowtide. Come on inside."
  • Gene Vaniva: This used to be aholo film theater. It was abandoned when the Revenant invaded, and we adopted it as a temporary FOB. It's become home now, though."
  • Gene Vaniva: Go ahead and sit down.
  • Rakiko Lowtide: Thank you sir *readies his equipment first* You are ok, with recording devices aren't you?
  • Daana Kira grins "and this is the box office"
  • Gene Vaniva laughs, "No, we moved some VMEW-made prefab structures in to serve as rooms, and this office. It's sort of communal, we don't normally have much use for an office, we're usually on the move. And no, I don't have a problem with recording devices, all of the marines wear them at all times." He pats his helmet's visor to indicate what he meant before he pulls it off and sits down.
  • Daana Kira smiles and motion her hand "All right, Could you recall us, for the record, your position in the People's Galactic Alliance Forces?"
  • Gene Vaniva nods, "I'm a sergeant in the PGAF, although 'sergeant' has a different usage in the PGAF from its usage in many other militaries. A sergeant is what we call an 'outside' rank. It doesn't have a true place within the PGAF rank structure- I'm an advisor and instructor."
  • Daana Kira nods "is it a sort of superior officer rank? or just something aside of the rest of the structure?"
  • Gene Vaniva chuckles, "I'm not an officer, it's aside fromt he rest of the structure. The only people I can really 'order around' are the recruits I train. Otherwise I provide guidance in the form of recommendations.
  • Daana Kira nods a couple of time and says "Oh, I see, but I saw you on Alaris prime too, it wasn't only for the recruits, I bet. Can you tell me how this finished, is the PGAF still deployed on the System?"
  • Gene Vaniva nods, "We are. When we saw each other, I was primarily there to see if the Wookies truly wanted the empire in the system. As we both witnessed, they were in fairly strong disagreement with the whole thing. In cases where the majority of the people want the PGA's support, even in opposition to their government, we will lend that support. PGA stands for People's Galactic Alliance, for that is who we serve. Our forces haven't moved, and the Imperial fleet has yet to fire a shot, despite the passing of their mandated deadline some time ago."
  • Daana Kira motion her hand recalling the interview she had with the Grand Moff, she explains "So, the Empire claim they were here on the call of a ligitimate government, but the PGA point of view of this government overstep his prerogative decreeing they quited the PGA. Do you know if there is negotiation in progress to sort the case, I mean non aggressive ones."
  • Gene Vaniva sees some suspicious individuals pass by and bows his head. "Excuse me... please stay here." He stands up, putting his helmet on, and unslinging his rifle.

At this point the PGAF Sargent wen't out to investigate the suspicious men walking through the PGA building. After dealing with the individuals the reporters retired to bed, being allowed to sleep on PGA cots.

  • Gene Vaniva smiles, "Of course. So, where did we leave off last time?"
  • Rakiko Lowtide takes his seat and readies his camria whispering to it "Gene interview take two".
  • Rakiko Lowtide: I think you had just finished tellung us what the rank of Sgt. meant.
  • Gene Vaniva nods, "That's right. Do you have any more questions about that?"
  • Rakiko Lowtide: What would be the next rank for you if you are promoted?
  • Gene Vaniva shakes his head, "I'mnot really in the rank structure, so I can't really go up or down. I could get fired, or possibly a raise, I suppose. It's not a major issue for me."
  • Daana Kira nods "All right, I've some question about Nar Shaddaa. What do you think about the former representives statement, briefly she said the PGA refused the proposal of peace she was offering, while the Revenant Armada were at least agreeing to talk"
  • Gene Vaniva smirks, "Her proposal for peace was for the PGA to work alongside the Revenant Armada. We can't possibly trust them to enforce any accountability within their organization, or on the actions of their members as we do. Plus, their practices are simply unjustifiable by the standards of ethics, or even decency. It simply won't happen."
  • Daana Kira nods "so you think they are weakened enough and need to save time? but isn't refusing to talk a bad political move? I can show the PGA as the aggressor"
  • Rakiko Lowtide nods "I think that angle is already being used".
  • Gene Vaniva shakes his head, "We simply will not play into their hand. We're not making an aggressive moves- we're just refusing to treat them as if they are a legitimate, peaceful organization, which they are not, although they occasionally like to portray themselves that way. The fact is, however, that aggression is sometimes necessary, so long as it is justified, and not excessive. This mostly falls under cases where innocent lives are in danger- a responsible government would not comprise on their safety. A hard line needs to be drawn, and defended at all costs. We, in effect, are that line, and its defenders."
  • Daana Kira nods "i don't mean you're wrong fighting them, but the mean you're using can be counter productive at a political level. The Nar Shaddaa citizens look like to reject the PGA for instance, I believe. But I agree this place may be a bit special"
  • Rakiko Lowtide: It is kind of a thin line, but don't you think you could change the Revenent from the inside by working with them someplace like Nar Shadda?
  • Gene Vaniva shakes his head, "I met with the former Nar Shaddaa representative. She had expressed her opinion that her potential constituents were not intelligent enough to make the distinction between 'senator 'and 'representative.' So although representatives and senators are very different- representatives are appointed and cannot vote, while senators must be elected and can vote- she called herslef senator and deliberately encouraged the misconception that she was one. This is just an example of one of the problems we had in this situation.. but ultimately, Nar Shaddaa is firmly in Hutt Space. It would be a long shot for it to join the Republic, and if it did it would likely cause a military conflict, which would cost more lives. Even if there was popular support,t he Hutts would not relinquish the moon without retaliating, either against the PGA or the people of Nar Shaddaa itself."
  • Gene Vaniva leans forward, "There are a lot of factors involved, including innocent lives. In the end, it's best to let Nar Shaddaa go. We would cause more problems than resolving them if we tried to set downa footprint there. Besides, there didn't really seem to be much popular support for the PGA on the moon, so the PGA would have little reason to get involved anyway."
  • Daana Kira crosses her arms asking "Yes,misinterpretation can lead to more and more confusion. About Bakura now, the situation looks a bit troubled now. Do you know if the PGA follows what happens there with a special care, either bringing its support to a side or another or trying to reconcile all of them?"
  • Gene Vaniva looks at the desk for a few moments in thought before responding, "The primary concern is keeping the situation stable so that innocent people aren't harmed or affected. The situation is complicatd, and the divisions are not clear cut. We are taking special care with the situation, but I cannot say much besides that."
  • Rakiko Lowtide also inquires about Bakura and Gar specifically "It looks like the PGAF is taking over protection for the alliance. What are the clone troopers responsible for now, espicially since it seems so many are doing their own thing?"
  • Gene Vaniva looks up, "Their primary duty now is simply protecting Bakura as its local militia."
  • Daana Kira motions her hand "I hope too everything will end for the best for the people. Do you have contact with other regional entities other then the Empire or the Revenant Armada and the Hutt? I don't mean necessary aggressive contacts, military or trading alliances for instance
  • Gene Vaniva nods, his smile brightening somewhat. "We maintain very strong relations with the Banking Clan. They've been instrumental in a great number of efforts to provide relief aid and-" he pauses with a sigh when he notices another interloper he doesn't recognize. "Please excuse
  • Gene Vaniva sits back down, "I apologize again for the interruption. Where were we? Oh, the banking clan. Yes, we have a close alliance with them, they have been very supportive. They've also aided in a few investigations, as well."
  • Daana Kira gets her sit back and chuckles "This is a very busy place here", after a pause she adds "I understand, the banking clan has many interests in the galaxy. Do you know if the PGA has expansion plan? i don't mean military ones, it could be by negotiation too"
  • Gene Vaniva shrugs, "I think I mentioned before that the PGA is not interested in expansion for expansion's sake. If a planet or system wishes to join the PGA and are dedicated to doing so, the PGA will welcome them."

Reportage on the Battles of Alaris Prime and BakuraEdit

Here is a set of articles wrote about the attacks of Bakura and Alaris Prime, defended by the People's Galactic Alliance and attacked by the Galactic Empire, the systems remaining to the PGA afterwards.

The followings informations have been caught and published In character in the Galactic News Holonet Network. More details here:

Other articles are expected shortly later, enjoy.

    • Bakura under attack **

"Bakura, Medical Center: The Galactic Empire launched a serie of attacks against the PGA held systems, after a first assault on Alaris Prim, they raided on Bakura where the battle was raging around the Royal Place.

The Queen Ma’at Nephthys and people of her courts were heavily wounded. After hours of battle, the Imperials left the area leaving many casualties amongst the population and the defenders. Their objective is still unclear at this time as well as their loss."

-- Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide

    • Coruscant **

“Coruscant, PGAF headquarter: More details about the late assault on Bakura by the Galactic Empire Forces. According the PGAF Sergeant Gene, present at the battle, the objective was the capture of the Chancellor Ash Toros. The chancellor succeeded to escape in a spaceship after a long fight where the PGAF had to held alone against larger forces during one hour. He told this assault which wounded PGA civilians was unprovoked and made clear the Empire is starting an invasion plan.”

— Daana Kira

    • Alaris Prime **

"Kashyyyk system, Alaris Prime: The Empire attempted to land a large contingent on Alaris Prime and faced to the hostilities of the local Wookiee population. The Wookiees were outnumbered and had so many loss the witnesses talked about a massacre. The Imperial forces withdrew after the resistance was annihilated"

— Daana Kira

    • Bakura **

"Bakura, Royal Palace: The Queen of Bakura is recovering from her wounds of the last battle against the Imperials, in a statement pronounced by the Ambassador Moy Borsuk, she thanked her defenders and reasserting the current alliance of its system, while blaming the Empire for its unprovoked brutality.

There is still shadow on this issue. How was the Empire informed of the presence of the chancellor. Also an officer from the GAR refused the troops answer at the call of rescue. Individually, however, the troopers affirmed their attachment to the Monarchy and the Alliance."

— Daana Kira

    • Imperial Space Destroyer **

"Deep Core, ISD Relentless: The Empire minimizes the civilian losses during the battle of Alaris Prime. The Imperial forces would have landed to rescue their civilian staff and were forced to defend against the Wookiees people.

The Grand Moff Tarkin reported the fault of the Queen injuries to her own silliness for runing in the streets during combats. The PGA chancellor Ash Toros’s life would have been spared while he attempted to escape from his capture.

He also confirmed this attacks were the first wave of a general assault against the Alliance positions, which more details will be said in a incoming news."

— Daana Kira

Galactic News Press Review 6/3Edit


- Cain ‘Apparition’ Rozenkreuz Interview - Surface Marshal DeMarakesh Interview - A Second battle on Alaris Prime - Confusions on the front after few days of PGA-Empire war - Sinala Lirimaer Interview - Kaej Rael Interview - Darth Septus on the way to Yavin 4 - Mandalorian slaver captured on Bakura - Concern about the Grand Army - Toydaria proposes support to Kashyyyk

 Cain ‘Apparition’ Rozenkreuz Interview

On the holoscreen, a togruta, named Daana Kira explains she and her colleague Rakiko Lowtide interviewed the Count Apparition from the Tetan Empire in their base of Nar Shaddaa. She explains the count, usually dodging the media, only allowed a single picture at the end of the interview and apologizes for the static image.

She starts by summarising the discussion about the foreign policy of the Tetan Empire as told by the count. The Revenant Armada is still ready to defend the interest of the Empire. He confirmed he’s not currently engaged in the war newly declared by the Galactic Empire to the People’s Galactic Alliance and will more likely focus on diplomacy.

The count disregarded the Grand Moff Tarkin declaration about the Tetan Empire failed to the honour harming the civilians population, he presented on the contrary the imperial subjects happy of their status, even if on a stricter regime than some others. He considered the Grand Moff as a man with limited ambitions.

The Count also regretted the Republic exploited his wife, the former princess Tiernan from Bakura, called as traitor by her owns, also he confirmed the Revenant Armada is only the military wing of the Empire and has no control over the civilian power, the Tetan court.

The Tetan Empire, however had positive relationships with the systems of the Sith Empire, and had agreement with the Hutt space.

After presenting the foreign state of the Empoire, the reporter announces a record of the count describing the Court, and the static portaint of the Count apparition raises while his voice is heart.

“… The Tetan Court is a very interesting system. Each member is a noble that represents their territory that can be moons, planets, sections of planets and cities. We accept anyone of royal or noble station into our Court.

Though the Empress herself is in charge of leading the Court. Though our discussions can be at times very similar to the Senate, as we discuss trade between member planets and alliances, along with plans for the Empire itself along with what course of action we should take. Each noble presents the current situation of their territory which can range from the economy, any social problems, Job rates, expansion plans etc…

However Military affairs tend to not be involved as the Empress has her own strategists for that. Though I will say a Royal Court can be more suitable than a democratic Senate, as in the end we are an Empire and what the Empress says is law. In a system as such things are easier to discuss and it is easier to create plans and move forward instead of debate and debate the entire day and come to a draw.

The Tetan Court is all about prosperity and progressiveness.”

The newscaster then takes the speech again, explaining the count doesn’t foresee quick change in the Galactic situation but assure those coming from the Tetan empire will be peaceful. Then she announces a second and last record sample of the interview.

“The War may not have started out great, but we are changing the face the Republic had given us so many years ago. The Tetan Empire is the new face, not one that is murderous, but one that is tolerant, one that is wanting to help the civilians of other planets and create something that cannot be bribed with money or power. Sure this may not be a republic or a democracy and because of that some civil liberties may not be there, but we have leaders who care and will not abuse the responsibilities of their station.”

Then the newscaster hopes her emission was informative to the audience and thanks them to have listened, she stays quiet while the screen is progressively covered by the closing credits.

 Surface Marshal DeMarakesh Interview

Nar Shaddaa: During a short interview, the Surface Marshal DeMarakesh, from the Galactic Empire shifted the responsibility of the battle of Alaris Prime to the People’s Galactic Alliance as it would have provoked the population to reject the help of the Empire.

He hope a quick Imperial victory in this campaign and encourages the systems to join the Empire now. Let’s listen:

“The Empire will win, without a doubt. If the PGA continues to fight amongst themselves, the ‘war’ will be very short. We now encourage systems to leave the PGA and force their Forces off their worlds. If they don’t, the Empire will cause the PGA to retreat, and we will pay good on our promise to rebuild damaged buildings.”

Until now, he showed satisfied of the course of the war, the Imperial troops having reached their objectives in difficult conditions:

“I will remind you that the Bakurans suffered a heavy military loss as opposed to only two Imperials wounded in the fighting (…) Regardless of the outcome, the mission was a tactical success, and my men show that they can take on a force much larger than them and come out victorious and with few losses, if any.”

Before leaving the interview, he affirmed the miss of the Grand Army during the battle was unexpected, the GAR being loyal fighters, strong supporters of the PGA.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

A Second battle on Alaris Prime

“Kashyyyk System, Alaris Prime: Another battle between the Galactic Empire and the PGA. The Empire claims a victory for having destroyed the PGA heavy support and pushing the troops to the temple, then re-embarked with only few casualties. The Grand Moff Tarkin was himself wounded, but not critically. Each side announced having being able to hold against an enemy superior in number and equipment.

The Imperial Army deployed a great number of droids, led by the cyborg Servo Seven, presented as an imperial citizen, her idea of droid equal right being supported by the Empire.”

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Confusions on the front after few days of PGA-Empire war

“A group named Metus Imperia raided on Coruscant, and was dispersed by the defender still in alert. This attack was believed guided by the Galactic Empire, but the officials deny any connection with Metus Imperia. The group usually operates around Eriadu but sounds wanting to enlarge its field of action.

On Alaris Prime, unidentified armed groups wander controlling the citizens for unclear purposes, increasing the tension on this moon already hit by the war.”

— Daana Kira

 Sinala Lirimaer Interview

The reporter, a female Togruta named Daana Kira announces an interview she and her colleague Rakiko Lowtide had with Sinala Lirimaer, leader of the Servo Seven, the movement for the droid emancipation, and herself a human replica droid (HRD).

During the presentation, the reporter explains the Servo Seven is taking part of the current war against the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA) and Sinala is an imperial citizen. The Grand Moff had formerly explained he supported her movement.

The reporter then starts a short biography, Sinala was at the beginning ally of the PGA, until after a troubling affair, but the reporter doesn’t go in the details, where she was chased by the authorities, and had her body dismantled. She’s currently recovering with a backup body under the protection of the Imperial authorities. She has resentment against the PGA Chancellor, Ash Toros, for ordering the destruction of neutral droids, destruction she assimilates to a crime. The PGAF would have no choice but to execute his orders.

The reporter stops to talk to leave the voice of the cyborg explaining how she feels the action of the PGAF:

“There is much to say on what is going on. I could go on for hours about who has done what. I know only this, the PGAF attempted to destroy us, and the Empire has committed no such atrocities that any of my droids have seen. Even the Wookiees that were injured on Alaris Prime were working for the PGAF, one was present at my execution. Even then, they were treated for their wounds, and given every chance to cease fighting. The Empire only wants the PGAF, that is all they are after. Try to keep an open mind, and not be blinded by propaganda. Just remember, the evil Empire you think that Tarkin’s Empire still is today, once started out as the corrupt Republic that the PGAF supports today.”

To the droid owners, not wanting to lose their property, she pleads:

“(…) they are my brothers. Should someone own someone of your species who begs you for freedom, would you then consider yourself a thief, or someone looking out for your own kind? This is the way of the galaxy. It isn’t right… but until the attitudes change, I’ll take the blame.”

According Sinala, the free droids are united under Servo Seven, and their number is swelled after reprogramming droids abandoned after the Clone Wars. There is billions of droids across the galaxy, concludes the reporter, up to where this movement will go, time will tell.

 Kaej Rael Interview

During the interview, which was aired at on the Holonet, Kaej Rael explained the goal of the Metus Imperia:

“I see it as one governing body, prime military backing, none of this petty senate or representative freg.”

He confirmed the earlier attack against Galactic City, Coruscant, as they see the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA) as a “cancer”:

“We stand to offer assistance to underdeveloped systems, and any other systems that have unstable governing bodies, or inadequate military backing for defense. Systems under the People’s Galactic Alliance, for instance.”

Despite the name and their current campaign may give the rise to confusion, they denied being allied with the Galactic Empire, confirming the denial stated by the Grand Moff Tarkin. Kaej didn’t however exclude a later alliance.

They expect leading a system-hoping strategy against the PGA and are currently gathering support, either from personal adhering to their idea or from systems, like Toydaria which should back them.

Internally, the Metus Imperia is divided in specialized cells, autonomous in normal time, and accounting to the adjudicators, like Kaej Rael. He ended the interview by a warning to the PGA:

“Your days are numbered, so many have grown tired of your ways. Claiming to represent freedom, when you instead withhold it from systems wishing independence, and promising to defend those who join you, and instead allowing them to succumb to the forces threatening them. You’re a cancer that must be removed before you take the Galaxy down with you. I, and others, will make sure of this.”

After the end of the interview transmission, the newscaster concluded the transmission by wondering how the PGA will manage so many opponent from every parts.

Darth Septus on the way to Yavin 4

“Yavin 4, temple ruins: Our reporter Daana Kira discussed with Darth Septus, a Sith on the loose from Yavin 4 after his condemnation for murder attempts. He confided her his intent to recover the Sith sacred place of Yavin 4, he said stolen by the Jedi and affirmed the Sith in general were persecuted endlessly by the Jedi accused to limit and control the people’s power. Septus wasn’t present in person but with a hologram formerly placed here, and the meeting was disturbed by the arrival of Jedi.”

Mandalorian slaver captured on Bakura

Bakura: A mandalorian with an unknown identity, but whose the description was posted on the wall of the city was brought to the Grand Army authority by another one wanting to get the bounty place on this head. for some reason he was delivered cuffed but still equipped with his gears

According our information, the was accused to capture clones and resell them as labour slave

Concern about the Grand Army

Bakura: The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) is no longer an ISSR, Independent Security in Service to the Republic, a status addressed at the article 3 of the People Republic Alliance (PGA) constitution. The reason of this leave is still unknown but we’ll keep our viewer aware as soon we’ll have information.

Bakura, hosting the GAR headquarter, remains however within the PGA and its regular forces, the PGAF, are patrolling in the street to check for imperial activity because of the state of war between the Galactic Empire and the PGA.

Another concern is the rumor of clones in armour attacking the slums of Bakura, chasing the civilian living here and bombing the place. The Queen Ma’at Nephtys, away from her planet this last days, told our reporter her consternation and the Grand Army doesn’t have yet reacted in a sense or another.

Toydaria proposes support to Kashyyyk

Kashyyyk System, Alaris Prime: The general Klauutzo, from the Toydarian Royal Guard, was sent as emissary to the Kashyyyk system to propose the support from his King to the Wookiee people, severely affected by the War between the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA) and the Galactic Empire. An answer of the Wookiee elder is expected soon.

The General expressed there is no agreement between Toydaria and the Metus Imperia, denying Kaej Rael‘s affirmations.

Still on Alaris Prime, skirmishes happened between the PGAF and isolated soldiers in imperial uniform.

Galactic News Press Review 6/10Edit


  • The Sith Imperial fleet prepares the accommodations
  • Updates from Bakura
  • Who’s Who in the Galaxy – Sergeant Abrams
  • Possible Treaties with Kashyyyk
  • Ruusan evacuated
  • Consortium Rising
  • Bardon the Hutt leading the Nar Shaddaa Hutt Council
  • Mandalorian raid attempt on Bakura
  • The Unknown Jedi wins the Bespin Gladiator tournament
  • GAR and Bakura News
  • The Tetan Empire proposes to aid the Wookies of Alaris Prime


The Sith Imperial fleet prepares the accommodations

Byss Orbit, SSD Ravager: People of the Byss have started the preparations for their temporary relocation into ship of the Imperial Fleet. The medical lab has been moved in the Star Destroyer Ravager, and with it, the precious samples and data collected along the years by their medical staff.

On the ground, the towers which are believed very ancient but recently raised back, turned out to be too weak at the long run. The Emperor himself, Darth Validus has prepared a plan, still secret, to rebuild the area.

Ironically, the Sith from Byss and Jedi of Ruusan would likely be in orbit of their respective planet in the same time, the Jedi preparing to leave the ground due to the repeated quakes.

Updates from Bakura

Bakura: The Grand Army of the Republic Removal from the PGA was voted by the Federal Senate, based on troopers having been seen mistreating civilians.

Also, the slaver captured, and formerly reported as a Mandalorian, wouldn’t be one, according the bounty hunter having caught him, but just someone wearing a T-shaped helmet. His delivery to the GAR was actually delayed, awaiting negotiation with the PGAF which turned out unfruitful.

 Who’s Who in the Galaxy – Sergeant Abrams

We’ve interviewed heads of states and commanders of armies, but we need to look at those that make all things possible. Those filling the ranks and performing duties for their respective organizations to make sure things runs smoothly and efficiently. On Bakura we met one such trooper of GAR, 21st Marine Sergeant “Abrams”.

Sergeant Abrams was born through the cloning facility on Polis Masa and has served GAR for the past five years. Even though he was raised to serve the Grand Army, he came to realize on his own that it was honorable position and had a deep respect for the Republic and was glad to help defend it. After becoming a full-time trooper, Abrams joined the 21st Marine unit to be able to serve the Grand Army on distant missions, defending Republic planets and exploring new worlds.

He’s proud of his work and enjoys being the first deployed as a marine for the Republic, especially against those he considered barbaric and oppressive, sighting the Revenant and the Galactic Empire as examples. When not on a particular mission, Abrams spends time with his comrades on and off work as this creates an atmosphere of teamwork, but also strengthens the bonds between all the troopers of GAR. — Rakiko

Possible Treaties with Kashyyyk

“Another day, another fight on Alaris Prime. After viewing the aftermath of another skirmish on the moon, Daana and I met up with Spetbecca, a large towering Wookiee identifying himself as a representative to the Chieftain on Alaris Prime. He told us about his mission to forge an alliance between Kashyyyk and the Bakuran governement through Queen Ma’at Nephthys.

As interested as we were, Spetbecca’s time was short and we weren’t able to speak further on the matter with him at that moment. Later however as we visited Talus where some of the GAR injured had been transported we met up with Spetbecca. This time I was asked to translate for the massive Wookiee his terms to Shocktrooper Admiral Star. Spetbecca offered that the Queen meet with the Wookiee Chieftain and also if no treaty existed with GAR that a representative of the said organization would come to Alaris to enter into one.

This seems to be good news for the Grand Army of the Republic, especially upon the heels of them leaving the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA), which had left GAR’S status on galactic affairs in somewhat of a limbo. With a possible treaty with Kashyyyk, GAR’s position will be bolstered and their purpose as defenders not only of Bakura but also as intergalactic protectors and allies. We’ll be following GAR’s status closely and cover any other possible treaties they may enter to.”

— Rakiko

 Ruusan evacuated

Ruusan, Space Station: The Jedi finally left the ground of the planet Ruusan, which is currently unstable and caused important quakes in inhabited areas. The Jedi try to get used to their new home, a modular space station orbiting around the planet. They still don’t know how many time they will have to stay here and if they will return on Ruusan and where on the planet.

— Daana Kira

Consortium Rising

Nar Shaddaa, the land of political, economic, and military deals, both legitimate and not so much. This was the backdrop to a meeting Daana and I had with a large imposing rodian, Warlord Maroth, leader of the Consortium. He told us told a tail of ancient betrayal and deceit by the rebellion during the Galactic Civil War upon his ancestor Treezo. Treezo in turn founded the Consortium Alliance to one day right the wrongs that were visited upon him and others.

Presently, Maroth said it was time for the Consortium to take action against the PGA, to free and help the citizens under it’s jurisdiction, and right, by his opinion, the long standing corruption and oppression the child of the ancient rebellion had visited up on the galaxy. Only time will tell if the PGA can fight the growing number of enemies coming to visit at their doorstep.


Bardon the Hutt leading the Nar Shaddaa Hutt Council

Nar Shaddaa, Black Hole Cantina: Bardon the Hutt, newly arrived from Nal Hutta, led the Hutt Council, suggesting a new change in the Nar Shaddaa leadership. during this council, many local interest subject were addressed, like the new guard recruitment and the slave importation. — Daana Kira

Mandalorian raid attempt on Bakura

Bakura, Shuttle station: A group of Mandalorians, claiming themselves from the clan Kata, raided on Bakura heavily armed in the intent to loot weapons and medical supply.

A small group of troopers and some auxiliaries arrived on the place and blocked the street. After a warning sent by the mandalorians, the fight began without it was possible define who started it.

The regular troopers eventually managed to disperse the attackers which escaped without any loot. We don’t deplore any serious wound on each sides.

After the battle when everyone though the streets were safe again, an ambushed mandalorian popped out to assail an unarmed journalist covering the event and broke his equipment. The troopers and defenders still present on the scene almost no reacted, leaving the thug to escape unpunished.

— Daana Kira

The Unknown Jedi wins the Bespin Gladiator tournament

Bespin, New Tibanapolis: The tournament was won by a gladiator called “The Unknown Jedi”, wearing a jedi like outfit and a mandalorian style helmet he refused to take off to keep his privacy. He said to be actually a Jedi and showed proficiency in the usage of the Force. — Daana Kira

GAR and Bakura News

Bakura, Shuttle station: The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) leave from the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA) was actually initiated by the GAR itself in a letter sent to the Chancellor by the Admiral Star. The admiral is expected to publish further explanations in an incoming press release. Meanwhile, the Brigadier General Downz, invoked many reasons for this leave, and cited a lack of respect they felt from the Republic. However, he stated the Grand Army will continue to defend Bakura and otherwise ally worlds like Kashyyyk against the imperial intrusions.

Still in Bakura, the Grand Army is said by the citizens and the troopers themselves to be in charge of the police. There is however a movement coming from the slum protesting the troopers disrespect against the poor people and their goods. Each side reporting aggressions from the other.

Bakura again, a royal guard jumped from the top of the Palace, witnesses tried to slow down his fall, which may have saved his life. The reason of his act is still unknown, the man, an human with cybernetic parts, was still hospitalized.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

 The Tetan Empire proposes to aid the Wookies of Alaris Prime

Nar Shaddaa: Vidya Vyper, vicereine of the Tetan Court, took contact with the Wookiee leader of the moon Alaris Prime, in the process to provide medical supply to their victims of wars. Alaris Prime in the Kashyyyk system was the place of many recent encounters between the Galactic Empire and the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA) and their respective allies. The local Wookiees people mainly support the PGA but are severely hit by this crisis.

Darth Abyssus from the Revenant Armada, the military wing of the Tetan empire, stated they have no plan to send unrequested forces to this system. Home and the vicereine affirmed their will to respect the Wookiee sovereignty, the war being caused by other governments interests.

The Alaris prime case sounds to be recently the focus of many diplomatic attentions. Hopefully this would help for a pacific settlement of the situation.

— Daana Kira

      1. The End ###

Galactic News Press Review 6/18Edit


  • Toydaria join the PGA and agrees with Bakura
  • A mandalorian claims their leadership and askes for the unity
  • Vhe’tra’s Repair Shop on Nar Shaddaa
  • News from Bakura
  • Who’s Who – Ivy of the Buurenaar Mandalorian Clan
  • The Dark Side Cantina schedules one week opening
  • Bakura news updates
  • Vjun reorganisation
  • Byss surface unreachable
  • Most Mandalorians won’t recognize an unified leader now


Toydaria join the PGA and agrees with Bakura

Bakura: The governor Satto of the Toydaria Royal City, in the mid-rim, announced his King signed the membership in the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA) and was about to sign a treaty with Bakura. During his interview, the governor told their people traditions are closer to the PGA than the Galactic Empire, the current rival of this last one.

This alliances would allow the Toydarian people to improve their trade relationships and assure them a better protection. the PGA would have a foot near the Hutt Space.

The Senator to the PGA is Klauutzo, which was General of the Royal Guards and already used to diplomatic missions.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

A mandalorian claims their leadership and askes for the unity

The reporter explain she meet someone presenting himself as Mandalore, and claiming the unity of the Mandalorian. The Mandalore is the political and religious leader of the mandalorian, embodying the spirit of their people. He was a follower of the Church of Tyro, a traditionalist mandalorian secte, led by Tyro Gutter.

The journalist reports he said to have raised the abandoned Mandalore and many of the clan and bright them to victory by three times already and nobody challenged him yet for the title. the reporter recalls duels take an important place in the mandalorian leadership designation. The mandalorian themselves being warrior and many train or practice combat each day.

She announces a long quote of the mandalorian and the screen fade, displaying a man with a green armour, addressing to the people.

Among many of you, you’ve felt a yearning deep in your hearts and souls to live a simpler, better life. A life of honor, a life of strength and humility but also a life of value, to have your soul mean something in the end. this is the call of Manda you feel. To Earn your Name and Soul amoung your true people, to come unto us, some of you have ancestry amoung us you are un aware of others simply possess the fire in their hearts and a warriors spirit deep inside waiting to be unlocked and invigorated, whose blood is the Ore of a Warrior, waiting to be Forged into an instrument of Mandalorian will!

I say to these who feel this tug to glory, to honor, to find their true families, flock to us, give us your weak seeking to be strong, your tired looking to breathe anew, your hungry to be fed with the sustenance of life, your weary masses yearning to Be Free, to Be Strong, To Live! Oh To Live, Come to us, Flock to your true people, seek our training, embrace your hearts heritage and find worth anew as Mando’ade.

And to those who have not the warriors heart, Brace yourselves. Flee, run,or stand and fight,make peace with your gods, and prepare for the Dawn of a New Era in Galactic History, This is my Message, Aruetiise, Take what you have and fear to lose and hold fast, prepare, abandon what you have taken from us, For Our Numbers Swell, our Training Hones us, The Mandalorians Shall Rise Again!”

After a pause, leaving the viewer to catch the speech, the reporter explain the Mandalore position is however contested, including among the mandalorian and the sympathizer of the Church of Tyro. She explain during this interview, the Mandalore and another mandalorian challenged each other and would duel in a near future.

The reporter concludes by a question, is a mandalorian leader good for the galaxy and the mandalorians themselves, and wouldn’t an unity of this warrior be a threat too for the already unstable galaxy? She stops talking while the closing credits scrolls on the holoscreen.

Vhe’tra’s Repair Shop on Nar Shaddaa

Nothing like finding a good deal, though most of the time a good deal in the galaxy means getting something to halfway work and then spending a huge amount of time to find someone who charges an arm or flipper to get the other half working. That’s what I thought we would find on Nar Shaddaa but was pleasantly surprised to come across Vhe’tra’s Repair Shop and the very talented Vhe’tra.

A veteran of of the Fel navy, where he honed his mechanical skills and recieved extensive training in information systems , Vhe’tra also sports a talent and life long experience at fixing about anything. I for one can vouch for the man’s expertise as I had watched him on a previous visit repair and upgrade my personal comm unit well beyond stock specifications. Him and his staff seem to have carried this expertise over in fixing ships and vehicles, though I’m sure they could apply their skills to anything that needs repairs or upgrades. Vhe’tra himself sayed if there was something he didn’t know how to fix he would certainly find out how to do it as quickly as possible.

Vhe’tra told us how he had just recently opened the shop on Nar Shaddaa upon relocating to the moon and that Ringgold Enterprises, a shipping company, had backed him and they continue to have a positive relationship. He currently runs the shop with an assistant Dak, and another mechanic, Kethina, who seemed rather skilled in speeder repair.

So if you need something repaired, especially if it’s your ship, you can head on over to Vhe’tra’s Repair Shop across from the Space Port Cantina on the upper level of Nar Shaddaa not far from the main landing port and above the Hutt council’s meeting place. The owner seems ready and willing to work with his customers to come upon a price they can live with.

News from Bakura

Bakura: The Royal guards which threw himself from the top of the palace is slowly recovering from his wounds after having been treated by the Doctor Korr and the Grand Army healer staff. He doesn’t recall of his gesture.

Other news, a patrol of the Grand Army neutralized a hostile combat droid. When they were about to pick his data chip to understand its orders, an unnamed mandalorian popped in to steal this chips, many of the troopers were wounded and the mandalorian succeed to escape.

Who’s Who – Ivy of the Buurenaar Mandalorian Clan

In most of our dealings with the Mandalorian people we’ve found them aggressive, aloof, and on the aggressive side with outsiders, but those few dealings really don’t show the strengths of the Mandalorians; strong, hard-working and with a strong sense of family and honor. Countless wars and fighting for generations have tempered the Mandalorians to be weary of outsiders, but like any culture or group you really have to talk to each individual to understand their ways, as each person brings their own personality to the mix and almost no-one fits stereotypes attributed to the group at large. Luckily we found one such individual on Byss who was willing to share her proud story of belonging to a clan and also a few words of mando’a, their language, with us.

Ivy was adopted at an early age by a loosely knitted group of Mandalorians, mostly consisting of women. She related that this was a very chaotic time as many members had to take care of her because so many members were dying in the countless battles across the galaxy. Later on this groups though was offered a home with the Buurenaar clan which became Ivy’s clan. The leader, Deep Buurenaar, is a fidel ally of the Sith Emperor which granted them a home, on the capital world of Byss.

Ivy explained that honouring their clan and leader is cherished by Mandalorians. Because of this they are glad to trust in their leader and in her case has made her an ally of the Sith forces, protecting her leader’s allies and her home on Byss. To her the most important thing was her clan therefore she cared little for others who claimed to be great leader over all the Mandalorians, rather relying on her own family’s leader, and being proud of her position as a humble warrior.

At only seventeen years of age, the young Mandalorian has already earned the title of Ori’Verd, or Great Warrior, having fought in numerous battle for her clan and allies. Even though she is proud of her position, Ivy explained that there was numerous other members who belonged to clan who had other duties than being only a warrior, though at the heart of every Mandalorian, as I understand it, beats the soul of a warrior, members may pursue avenues such as medicine, mechanics, farming, etc.

Ivy was pleasant to talk with and as I can see an asset to her people and a reminder that you can judge an individual by your preconceived notions of the culture they belong to and if we all could learn this lesson it could bring some order back to a galaxy that has fallen into such chaos.

— Rakiko

The Dark Side Cantina schedules one week opening

Byss, Dark Side Cantina: The Dark Side Cantina in the SSD Ravager orbiting over the Sith Empire capital on Byss will provide activities during a full week. Amongst this activities, pazaak and fist fighting tournaments will be organized with several prices. The public will be able to watch the dancers performing, to listen the great music or to dance themselves alongside. They will also enjoy a large choice of fine drink prepared by expert bartenders.

The Sith authorities have allowed Zarbok, the manager, to open the establishment on a so long period. He expects to raise the interest of new faces for the cantina, both from Byss and all the Galaxy. He’s also hiring motivated and dedicated personnel to improve the panel entertainments offered to the public.

The schedule of this week will be published in a later announce.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Bakura news updates

Bakura: An unidentified man was arrested by the a group of Jedi and the royal guards as he wanted to talk to the Queen. The man is suspected to be a Sith against with the Bakura System takes the utmost care. He was delivered to the Grand Army of the Republic which hold him to a cell before he’ll be questioned. He only said he wanted to talk to the Queen to reporter her some trooper misbehaviour which he refused to detail for now.

About a former news on a mandalorian manhandling a trooper patrol for a droid chassis, An’ila Kad Socarras, the mandalorian, contacted the redaction. He explained that he but not the troopers broke that hostile droid, then when he was about to take it away, the GAR, failing at the honor according his words, attempted to stop him for they collect the droid datachip. His intent was to deliver it to Servo Seven, a droid emancipation movement.

Vjun reorganisation

Vjun, Bast Castle: Darth Tavious is now governor if Vjun, after the leave of the New Sith Dynasty (NSD) from this planet. This leave was paired with a financial crisis which is about to be solved. The former NSD castle was dismantled to clear the place to civilian dwellings and emphasis a less imposing, but still impressive castle, the Bast Castle. This castle is hosting a statue paying homage to Darth Vader, which lived on Vjun in the past time.

Darth Tavious is also leading the Galactic Dominion, a regime he’s planing to be extend across the Galaxy to keep it safe and secure. this regime is no more part of the Sith Empire as the NSD left. For now, few days after the announcement or its reorganisation, Vjun is already allied with Kamino, under the control of the Prophet of the Ruin, which will provide clones to defend the planet. The Galactic Dominion however doesn’t plan to use the military force to spread but use of the to negotiation.

Darth Tavious in his youth lived with the Jedi, but wasn’t interested by their teaching, he rather studied with the Sith as he was seeking for a greater power. On Vjun, he appeared as a pragmatic governor, thinking to the good of his planet and its people, time will tell on the success of Galactic Dominion.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Byss surface unreachable

Byss orbit, Dark Side Cantina: The shuttles on the SSD Ravager stay docked, not boarding passengers anymore for to the ground of Byss, capital of the Sith Empire. Since a while the inhabitants talked about renovating the ancient tower and the secret plan the Emperor Validus prepared for this place. Witnesses talked bout a growth of the lava activity, which may or not be correlated with the works.

Meanwhile the inhabitants are relocated on orbit, like on the SSD Ravager in which, the Dark Side Cantina opens all days, providing music and entertainment. Zarbok, the owner, told us he also plan in few time to branch out to Nar Shaddaa, with the agreement of Bardon the Hutt.

Most Mandalorians won’t recognize an unified leader now

Bakura: Ge’tal Verd, the Red Warrior, from the Kassar Clan stated the mandalorians didn’t recognize a leader and are not ready for it. This was confirmed by discussions with other mandalorians. Currently, the mandalorians are divided. One group he named the High Council, made by the clans Socarras, Ordo, Vau, Mereel, Karr and Skirata. The other group comprising all other clans, like Kata, Darasuum, Darshy’a, Ne’tra’orar and Ori’mareve. All this clans agreed to not have a Mandalore to appease the tension and avoid a civil war. The ones claiming the title would be have to face all of them, risking their life to support their claim, when meeting a mandalorian.

Ge’tal Verd is the last representative of the Kassar Clan, he became orphan early, and wear this red armour to honour his parents.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Galactic News Press Review 6/25Edit


  • The Great Alliance
  • Dantooine Guards and Jedi ready to shoot
  • The Twisting Twi’lek Cantina
  • Jedi on Bakura: The Order of Light
  • Tank exhibition on Bakura
  • H.U.T.T.LER and the Club Hutt
  • Nar Shaddaa News


Old issues of the H.U.T.T.LER magazine may be consulted on Mon Calamari

The Great Alliance

Bakura, Royal Palace: Since a while, Ma’at Nephtys, is forging an alliance with several world, inside the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA) and outside. She was proud to show the press the result of her diplomatic efforts with the group she named “Great Planetary Alliance”. Included in the alliance are the Dantooine Jedi Enclave of Dantooine, the Jedi Jewels Alliance of Bespin, the Onderon Jedi Order of Onderon, and the Monarchy of Toydaria.

Some are long-term ally, like Dantooine, where the queen negotiated an outpost there of the Grand Army of the Republic a while ago. Others like Toydaria joined the alliance when they started direct diplomatic relationships with Bakura.

On text of the treaty, signed few days ago, they Quen explained: “The purpose of the alliance is to expand trades among each others, keeping an open communication among the Governments and Orders, and promote cultural sharing of ideas. The main thing is to come to each other’s aid if they face impending threats. Nothing complicated as I believe this was also the original purpose when the first Alliance started.“

The treaty is still open to new members, but dark side nor criminal organisations wouldn’t be able to join.

This alliance produced a greater result to bind organisations together than many wars. Let’s hope it will concretise greater project for a more peaceful Galaxy.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Dantooine Guards and Jedi ready to shoot

Dantooine: The Grand Army of the Republic left its former base on Dantooine which is now redesigned to the colours of the Dantooine Guards. Who are this guards and what are their missions is still unknown. The reporters having tried to learn it, were violently turned away, and a Jedi seconded by troopers yelled he will “not hesitate to shoot” , even on unarmed civilians, apparently. The greatest caution is advised.

— Daana Kira

 The Twisting Twi’lek Cantina

We were investigating recent rumors of Sith activity beyond the outer rims, when we came across a cantina, “The Twisting Twi’lek Cantina”. Actually Daana found it, I was asleep in the cargo hold and when I awoke, I thought we had landed on Ryloth. As the name suggests, when I entered the cantina, there was a number of dancing girls with a particularly flashy Twi’lek dancer showing her talent near the bar. As I approached the bar I also noticed a number of pieces of artwork from Ryloth, which also had contributed to my confusion.

After being corrected on my assumptions, me and Daana were able to converse with the bartender, Velaria. Velaria explained that she had been contacted by a Lady Aslesh to help build and manage this particular cantina. Velaria had agreed and left her home and establishment on Ryloth to bring her talents to the administration of the cantina.

As we talked with the Twi’lek bartender we learned that Lady Aslesh, a native of Dathomir, had amassed a large force of at least ten large warships near this sector of space. She had the cantina commissioned to not only be a rest and relaxation center for her army and those of her allies but also to attract others that may help in her plans, such as bounty hunters, mercenaries, pilots, etc. Curiously, as Velaria shared with us, Lady Aslesh herself mainly used a room in the back of the cantina for meditation and personal business rather than joining in with the entertainment of the main bar and its accompanying rooms. This only added to the air of mystique surrounding the secretive Lady Aslesh, who even covered her face only allowing her Lekku to show.

Hopefully dear viewers we’ll be able to have obtain an interview with this Lady Aslesh, to determine her goals and what she has in store for the galaxy. Until then, feel free to visit this bar, get your fill of Twisting Twi’leks and partake in an atmosphere where anything goes… just remember to leave the offspring at home.

— Rakiko

 Jedi on Bakura: The Order of Light

We were surprised to find out that a Jedi order was being formed on Bakura, but were pleased when the Grand Master himself offered us an interview and first hand knowledge on the this new order.

Master Jedi Kekken first made it a point to explain that this order was to be ruled by "common sense and compassion" and not by the strict adherence to any laws that only saw things in black in white. As he pointed out, strict observance to any law without the temper of common sense can many times lead to the same results that the Jedi had vowed to overcome. Our conversation then ended at this time with him as the Bakuran Queen had a pressing matter to show us.

Upon our return to Bakura to continue the discussions with Master Kekken, we met him in the streets having a discussion with one claimed to be a Sith. As Kekken tried to change the man's path in life, a small argument erupted between the Master and troopers of Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) who had first failed to realize who the royal advisor was and thought he was harassing a citizen. Hopefully as the order is established these bumps between the powers on Bakura can be overcome.

After this, Master Kekken brought Daana and I to the temporary location for the order while the temple was under construction. Here he explained his views on the force, describing how the "darkside" was a corruption of the light of the force and that the followers of the "darkside" no matter how mis-guided or for what reasons they had for following this path would ultimately destroy everything in front of them. This was why it was the duty of the Jedi to either bring these lost souls back to the light or stop them in their tracks.

He went on describe how and why the lives of a relative few force-users could have such an affect on so many, namely the entire galaxy. He likened the struggle between followers of the light with followers of the dark to what would happen if two civilizations such as humans and twi'leks would suddenly enter into war. A war between two such powers would soon draw everyone else and spill over into the galaxy at large. Master Kekken's hope was that a Jedi who lived his life by compassion and common sense application to the law could turn or even stop the tide of destruction by the darksiders and bring peace to the galaxy.

Upon concluding the discussion about the order and the force, Master Kekken repeated and made some unsettling remarks about the Revenant Armada and their dealings with the Tetan Empire that Daana and me will have to look into more fully.

— Rakiko Lowtide and Daana Kira

Tank exhibition on Bakura

Bakura, shuttle station: An exhibition of tank prototypes was organized on Bakura. This new military engine is expected support harsh conditions, like underwater or without atmosphere during several hours or days, according the equipment and the crew. It’s equipped in standard to fire plasma rail at very high-speed especially designed to damage shield and armors, but it can also be armed for other projectiles, under the circumstances, like torpedoes. The tanks are tactical complement to the walkers and the Grand Army of the Republic showed it interested to acquire several of such engines.

— Daana Kira

H.U.T.T.LER and the Club Hutt

Mon Calamari, H.U.T.T.LER office: A new club is about to open on Mon Calamari water surface, led by an enthusiastic Hutt called Lord Jongars. He found the water enhances the ambiance of a club, and he installed the platform and its twirling spotlights under a force field to protect the area, while a spaceport will welcome the visitor from the Galaxy.The clubs has yet be tested with private parties, and the staff is ready to welcome the public, The Hutt himself especially enjoys the female twi’lek dancer show and expect to hire even more. He also need security officer to assist the security chief.

Lord Jongars and his partner Lady Blue are also the editors of the H.U.T.T.LER, a gentleman’s magazine, which after a short pause, will release a new issue on the same idea soon.

The H.U.T.T.LER offices are located in a former underwater Mon Calamari town, accessible from the club by a lift. The town which also contains rooms, offices, a medical bay and a mall, is worth the trip by themselves.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Nar Shaddaa News

Nar Shaddaa, Black Hole Cantina: during the audience he gave at the Black Hole Cantina, Bardon the Hutt, the leader of the Hutt Council expressed his will the moon remain to the Hutts and he wouldn’t allow any interference from the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA) which he perceives as dictators.

After the council, a party celebrated the new ownership by Zarbok of the upper cantina near the spaceport.

Nar Shaddaa, still, people reported skirmish in the streets, especially in the under-city. Actually several armed gangs were noticed provoking each other or the citizens.


To ThaliaEdit


This is your grandfather.

Anyway, I'm not going to waste time, so I'll get to the point. Velmor was, for a long time, the last bastion of anything approaching sanity and respectability in the galaxy. Now it ain't anymore. I don't fit in there, so I don't see a reason to stay.

I'm going to attempt to impart upon you some of my knowledge anyway. I'll make it easy to read, since I know all the kids these days have ADD and ADHD or whatever else other attention problems they get being raised on holo films and holo games.

1. Leadership conditionsEdit

Chancellor, banker, queen, janitor, all of these things are titles, and all of them serve one purpose: they explain what it is you do. "But grandpa Selkisto, janitor and queen-" first of all don't talk to me like that, I'm your elder. Second of all, titles like all of those, are completely and equally inconsequential. All they do is describe what you are or what you do. And if you do not do the job your title implies, and you do not do it well, then you have no business using it. That only works one way- if a janitor cleans the fresher and then also ends up saving a shuttle full of orphans, he went above and beyond- but he doesn't get a new title. He's still the janitor.

All of those titles belong on the same list, and in no particular order. Maybe alphabetical for convenience. But what I'm getting at is no one person is above or below any other. They just have different jobs. When your job is to be leader, it means you have more responsibility than most of the people on that list. And if there's no one in a leadership capacity above you, then you have even more responsibility. You're responsible not only for everyone your job supervises, but for making sure that you, the leader, are doing the job right.

First what this means is that your title is redundant. If you're doing your job right, then you won't need to swing it around to remind everyone that it's there. If you feel the need to always be introduced by that title, to spout it whenever you enter a room or meet someone, then you're probably compensating for not doing a good enough job that it all speaks for itself.

Second, when you're responsible for yourself, it's easy to lose perspective. You need people around you to help you keep perspective- but if you have a bunch of advisors and family members who have no responsibility other than to tell you what they think you should do, they're usually going to tell you what they think you want to hear. Which is useless.

That's why you make that job unpleasant. You open up recruitment for advisor when the perks are opulence, indulgence, and decadence, you'll have a line going around the planet. But if you make it a position where the only luxury they get is air to breathe, the food they make, and the clothes they bring, then you're going to only get the people who do it because they want to do it for its own sake.

Now the state of a leader is reflected by the state of the people they supervise. And those are represented most by the most disadvantaged among them. Who is the poorest, with the least advantages, and the least representation? That's who you emulate. If it means living in a shack with two shirts and one pair of pants, and eating just enough to keep yourself from getting weak, then that's what you do. This serves two functions:

One, it keeps your advisors from getting jealous of you in the whole matter of perspective. The people you work with will respect you more if they see you have to live the same conditions they do.

Two, it gives you a right to speak about the people you represent. Who is a glamorous supermodel, decked out in finery and napping half the day, going to relate to? The rich. How many people are that rich? Not many. Everyone else is alienated. Can you speak for them when they have nothing in common with you?


2. Leadership methodEdit

In the PGAF, we taught something that applies to basically everything any leader encounters in implimenting anything towards a specific agenda or goal: Analyze, organize, deputize, supervise.

First, analyze- collect information, study it, and draw relevant conclusions. This is not only an observation on the disposition of your obstacles and challenges, but the state of your own resources to overcome them. For example. An enemy force is defending the entrance hallway to their palace, and you need to eliminate them. They have a fortified position, a narrow entrance that will bottleneck invading forces, and more powerful units, but you have superiority in numbers, and they have no major exits. One, major thrust from the single entrance of all of your forces at once should be able to wedge them into a wall and overwhelm them.

Then you organize- determine who should do what, and when and where they do it. Same example. You have people with lightsabers, and a large group of blaster-users. You determine the saber-users should go in first, so they can screen the rear brought up by gunners who would be otherwise defenseless in the bottleneck. They'd move in synchronization, so the gunners back up the saberers, who protect the gunners in melee ranges.

Then you deputize- you put people in charge of the major components of the organized plan. That example, you'd choose a saberist to lead the saber charge, and a gunner or two to lead the gunner charge. If they already have their own hierarchies then you can choose them based on rank.

Finally, supervise- make sure everyone's working together to accomplish your goal. This is the easiest to explain but the hardest to do. Same example- move in with the assaulting units, make sure the saberists and gunners move together, the gunners don't break ranks until they've all entered, and make sure everyone is coordinating fire on their targets.

But it's still not over. In the aftermath you analyze again, see how you did, and see how you could have done better. Whether you succeeded or failed, this is arguably the most important step of the whole process, and determines your real mettle as a leader and a person.

The important thing is that all of these steps require the leader to be an active, aware, participant in every part of the agenda, and to do each step well. If you have bad analysis, your organization will be sloppy- if you have bad organization your deputies will be either under or overwhelmed in their duties, and if you fail to supervise properly then it's more than possible your deputies will fail.

But if there is a failure in any of those steps, no matter who it comes down to, you are the one that made the important decisions, so the axe of responsibility falls on your neck.

3. Leadership styleEdit

Let's say you faithfully follow the first two points of advice. You live a simple, sterile life surrounded by smart, motivated people in similar conditions. You are humble and let your own work and merits alone forge your authority. You take an active and invested role in each step of every agenda and goal you impliment- and you also take responsibility for it.

If you follow all of those, then the rest is really up to you. Your style determines how you will be perceived by those around you and how you will be remembered. You can be aggressive, or relaxed, or intimidating, or kind. You can speak softly, or loudly, wear an outfit preparing you for combat, or peace. But above all, be consistent. Don't be a firebreathing bitch one day and then a demure nymph the next. Choose one style and stick with it.

And oh yeah- don't be posting your little comments all over the news sites. Everything you say is an official statement of your office. If you waste it on beans, it'll be worth beans.

That's all I have to say,

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