The Pravus Academy == "Betrayal... betrayal is the first step toward mastering the Dark Side of the Force."

- Darth Pravus

The Pravus Academy was a Sith academy, opened by Lord, and Darth to the Sith Pravus Exonar. The Academy was first opened upon the first Hoth, which was destroyed within the first month. The Pravus Sith academy was then moved to Coruscant, right under the noses of the Jedi, where they least expected it. Originally, the Pravus Academy was a space station upon Hoth, the unruly weather of the planet it's self, was unconditional for the Sith to train, though many underwent trials upon the planet surface.

It is said that though Darth Pravus himself was supposedly killed by his Apprentice, whom claimed the mantle of Dark Lord, and Darth was never actually killed. Thus, deeming his Apprentice a failure. Pravus still walks the outer rims of Second Life, and will one day return.

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