Biography Edit

Ge'tal Verd known better as The Red Warrior is a smuggler, Mandalorian and Swoop High Commander.

Childhood Edit

Ge'tal was born on the planet Manda'yaim in 185 ABY to a Mandalorian Mother named Sky and a father named Melvin. He was raised by both his parents till the age of 2 his father disappeared after that leaving his mother to raise Ge'tal till he was about 6 years old. His mother Sky was slaved by a Sith Lord know as Ichabod. The Sith Lord and his wife took Ge'tal after they killed his mother and members of there Mandalorian clan.

Early life Edit

Red was taken to the Sith home world of Byss where is was tortured and tortured and forced to learn the ways of the force... however what they didn't know was that Ge'tal's mother was a Force user. For years and years the Sith Lord's tortured Ge'tal leaving him bloody, scared and bruised. It was one fruitful evening when Ge'tal saw Darth Ichablod's lightsaber laying on the table in open view. Ge'tal ran to the table, grabbed the saber, and went to look for Ichablod to kill him. The Sith Lord was fast asleep so Red raised the lightsaber and brought in down chopping the Sith Lord in half.....Ge'tal had finally escaped at the age of 15.

Teenage Edit

He traveled around the galaxy...Ge'tal traveled the galaxy for years. During this time Ge'tal worked for many different Crime Lords. When he was about 22 he started working for the Tenloss Criminal Syndicate where he met Owyn. He thought of Owyn as being a bit weird because of the jobs Owyn took to do. On his final mission for the Hutt, Ge'tal and Owyn were dispatched as mercenaries for a mysterious contact. Once on board the massive dreadnought that the two thought was their client's personal vessel, they were unceremoniously stripped naked and scanned along with the score of other mercenaries by the ship's automated medical robotics array. Without further ado, a DNA analysis revealed the two to have the same father.

For several months, Ge'tal and Owyn operated as agents for the Client, and never met or saw the man. The Reckoning, the dreadnought on which they traveled, would land on uncharted worlds, unearthing ancient technologies and laying claim to ancient ruins, attacking colonists, militaries, and others as needed to further its mysterious purposes. Eventually, Ge'tal and Owyn discover that the Reckoning IS the Client, a hyper-intelligent AI millenia old trying to resurrect the glory of it's former civilization. Putting two and two together, the *two* decide that the Reckoning will bring much death and destruction to the galaxy's sentient races (and also, they were probably not going to get paid). Because they were just two guys and they knew they could not trust anybody else, the two constructed a plan to destroy the dreadnought. Perfectly planned and executed, the two managed to place 21 stealth detonation charges at key points within the dreadnought. This alone would not be enough to destroy the ship, so the Ge'tal and Owyn set off the charges while the Reckoning was in the middle of a hyperspace jump, which was enough to disintegrate the massive ship. Ge'tal managed to make it to a ship synced to the hyperspace jump in the Reckoning's hangar bay, and found his way to a world on the Outer Rim. He has figured Owyn for dead until he heard that he was training to be a Jedi Knight on Yavin IV.

Adult Edit

After Ge'tel left he went back to his home planet of Manda'yaim to find his old hom e and to get his legacy back of Mandalorian Armor. He found the armor locked away behind a Mandalorian Iron safe...

Early Red

Early Red

He took the Red armor out and put it on becoming in basic...The Red Warrior....He left the planet being a new but tougher man then he was before hetravel to many places...killing many people along his way... Time went past Ge'tal then decided to start up his own Criminal group called The Swoop Pirates... they brought hell to many people's lives and suffering. They moved to Coruscant becoming a more vicious criminal group and attacking more people... But Red knew it wasn't right and started making more contact with his brother... Till a little lepi called Roger decided to talk to Red  and after talking to the Lepi Red heard his call to join NOJ...However it was around this time that Red realized that his safety was at risk...He ran to Tatooine where he hid out for a while.

Council 004

The Red Warrior sitting in a Swoops Council Meeting.

Stay on BakuraEdit

Ge'tal took on a new identity known as Ronet Korr... As the year went on Ronet Korr became a respected Senator... Even through a man named Frank The Spice dealer paid Red to kill Ronet several times. However Red blew up the Embassy, western tunnel and cantina trying to make it look like he tried to kill Ronet...

It was at this time Red decided to come out more and attack the jedi... He attacked the jedi with a long time sith friend named Lady Kitana... However it was at this time that he learnt that he had lost the election for Supreme Chancellor...