Septus Standing Trial

Below is a Transcrip of part of the Great Trial of Lord / Darth Septus

[18:12] Luvbutton Moonsoo: make sure before we land it is safe

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[18:13] Andy Swashbuckler: stop

[18:14] Luvbutton Moonsoo: ths spot id for borelli

[18:14] Lord Septus shouts .. you are taking me agains my will !!!!!

[18:14] Luvbutton Moonsoo: all othe have to go around

[18:14] Luvbutton Moonsoo: andy

[18:15] Natirra Danick: ((greetings Decosta))

[18:15] Andy Swashbuckler: ((sorry

[18:15] antzz Michalski OOC: better

[18:15] UrZuric Kirkorian keeps silent with respect and sits down as he walks in.

[18:16] UrZuric Kirkorian feels the woman behind him is hurt a little and raises his hand to heal her.

[18:16] Force Combat Roleplaying System 2.8: UrZuric Kirkorian uses the Force (Heal other) on Shera Cuttita

[18:17] Shera Cuttita looks to the gound: thank you

[18:17] UrZuric Kirkorian nods in kindness.

[18:17] Lady Shade looks down at her notes then nods, "Court will come to order. Everyone be seated."

[18:18] Natirra Danick nods to Master Marksman....."I don't see her here often. and I is good to see her

[18:18] UrZuric Kirkorian bows in respect.

[18:18] UrZuric Kirkorian: to every one.

[18:18] Lady Shade: Will the Prosecution please step forward and present the charges?

[18:19] Lord Septus this should be good smiles

[18:20] Xotica Zarco stands to sit next to master Reich

[18:20] Nova Reich looks up ."breetings Gemni"

[18:20] Nova Reich: greetings*

[18:21] Xotica Zarco: greetings Master

[18:21] Lady Shade: Silence in the Court. That includes DWE.

[18:21] Robin Kira: Your Honor, the charges are, Grand Conspiracy, Multible Attempted Murders, Multible Jailbreaks and Numerous Cases of Resisting Arrest.

[18:21] Lord Septus ooohh .. grad conspiricy .. i like the sound of that one

[18:21] Lady Shade nods at the charges then looks to the Prisoner, "And who is representing the prisoner?"

[18:22] Robin Kira: Himself, your Honor.

[18:22] Lord Septus i will defend my self in this pathetic excuse for a "fairtrial"

[18:22] antzz Michalski: smiles

[18:22] Zero Upshaw shakes his head

[18:23] Lady Shade rasies an eyebrow, "I would caution against self-representation. Do you want a representative to assist you?"

[18:23] Lord Septus i think it is suggestive and accurate of the jedi to have a fair trail with all jedi sitting in the seats of administering the justice

[18:24] Lord Septus i see no jury

[18:24] Lord Septus i see no fair cross section of the galaxy judjing me

[18:24] Lord Septus i see a sham

[18:25] Robin Kira: A Jury is not needed in this case, Judge Shade will act as one, i believe we all trust in her ability to see things from an objective perspective.

[18:25] Lady Shade sighs, "Just so you know, I am neutral. Are you saying I will be unfair, Lord Septus?"

[18:25] Quarren Arlack waves to Vera

[18:26] Lord Septus i belive so .. one who is a known ally of the jedi clearly shows no true nuetrality

[18:26] Lady Shade chuckles, "We shall see then. Lord Septus, How do you plead?"

[18:26] hayden Enyo angerly glares at lord septus

[18:26] Lord Septus inderferent .. bows mockingly

[18:27] Lord Septus let your sham continue

[18:27] Lord Septus you will all be truly judged

[18:27] Lady Shade: I will take that as a plea of innocence.

[18:27] Nova Reich sighs flashing back to the last rial he was at

[18:27] Lord Septus you make what ever assumptions you wish ...

[18:28] Lady Shade looks around the courtroom. "Witnesses, please step forward." Looks over to Lord Septus. "I noticed many of your friends nearby, is there a reason they are not here to support you?"

[18:28] hayden Enyo twirls her fingers around her blaster [18:29] Lord Septus ahh yes not many of my brothers and sisters .. i would imagen they would not have been told of what is happening

[18:29] Lord Septus you hold this in suddeness and secresy

[18:29] Borelli Wachmann: *in secrecy

[18:30] Lord Septus im surrounded by the brainwashe... sorry trained jedi of the KOJ and there allies

[18:30] Lord Septus yes but please carry on .. this is most interesting

[18:30] Lady Shade nods and looks to the prosecution, "I assume you can prove you have made every effort to inform his supporters? I would like to see the documents, please."

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[18:30] hayden Enyo whispers: tehy should just end him * walk out of the room*

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[18:30] shandan Windlow: what the freak is going on

[18:31] shandan Windlow: greetings

[18:31] Quarren Arlack whispers : Shandan! Sit down next to me

[18:31] Quarren Arlack: whispers : Borelli's trial.

[18:31] Robin Kira: Very well you Honor, i believe they are all on order. Individual cases under the green tab.

[18:31] Robin Kira hands her the papers.

[18:32] Narika stares blankly at the ceiling as she ponders when last her brain might have been washed and if its gotten dirty again

[18:32] Lady Shade takes the papers, looks them over, then nods sharply, 'I will see to it that this is made available to any who wish to see them."

[18:32] Lord Septus ah yes easily forged papers .. Jedi name a sith you have contacted .. NAME THEM !

[18:32] Robin Kira nods his head respectfully.

[18:32] Lady Shade: Lord Septus, notices were sent.

[18:32] Lord Septus YOU CANT

[18:33] Lady Shade: First Witness.

[18:33] Lord Septus Pathetic

[18:33] Lord Septus If the sith new i was here they would show in force

[18:33] Lord Septus the Jedi once again showing there abilitys to lie

[18:33] Robin Kira: Your Honor, as an opening argument to the cases at hand i call Padawan Sephiroth Lowtide.

[18:33] Lord Septus NAME THE SITH

[18:34] Nova Reich seems to recall a seing rahter large group of sith sittign by the pond on his way over here

[18:34] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) ahem*

[18:34] Lord Septus NAME THE SITH CONTACTED .. NO .. YOU CANT !

[18:34] Robin Kira: Don't make us activate the sound proof feature on your standing Lord Septus. You will have your turn, your voice will be heared.

[18:35] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'does This one have a Legal Representation?'

[18:35] Robin Kira: Yes, Himself.

[18:35] Lord Septus i see 3 seats for judgement and yet only one is filled .. one by a Jedi ally

[18:35] Narika looks over her shoulder grinning, saying to herself...this is getting even better

[18:35] Lady Shade looks at the Sith entering and nods with respect, "He has chosen to represent himself. That can be altered."

[18:35] Zero Upshaw: He chose to represent himself

[18:35] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'very well...if he chosses to that is his own choice'

[18:35] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'if not'

[18:35] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'i will represent him'

[18:35] Lord Septus i see no cross segment of the galaxy to give a fir judgement .. i do see rows and rows of Jedi

[18:36] Lady Shade looks to Lord Septus, "Do you wish to change your decision of self-representation?"

[18:36] Zero Upshaw looks at Septus

[18:36] Natirra Danick nods to Mada

[18:36] Zero Upshaw: You have been made an offer Borelli...

[18:36] Madathlon Darkstone: Excuse me your honor

[18:36] shandan Windlow notices vera

[18:36] Zero Upshaw: By your own empress

[18:36] Lady Shade raises an eyebrow, "Yes, Mada?"

[18:37] Lord Septus i am honerd

[18:37] Madathlon Darkstone: My I have a few min witn my cklient

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[18:37] Madathlon Darkstone: Client*

[18:37] Zero Upshaw: I believe that means yes

[18:37] Shadow Trooper X stares towards his master

[18:37] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) looks for Borelli's agreement

[18:38] Lady Shade slowly raises an eyebrow, "Lord Septus, do you agree to his representation?"

[18:38] Lord Septus i agree to the empress

[18:38] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) nods and takes a seat

[18:39] Lady Shade smiles slighlty, "Empress, do you agree to present Lord Septus?"

[18:39] Zero Upshaw: (( should go in the front))

[18:39] Madathlon Darkstone: Your honor, Since I just stepped in, I ask for a few mins to review the charges and to speak in privite with him

[18:39] Zero Upshaw: ((you can't enter))

[18:40] Lady Shade looks at Mada, "Just so you know, any prisoner in my courtroom has rights. It is up to him and his declared council if they wish you there. Lord Septus, what do you say to Mada's request?"

[18:41] Lord Septus i agree

[18:41] Lady Shade nods, "You may join them."

[18:41] Madathlon Darkstone: OOC, how?

[18:42] Madathlon Darkstone: OOC what are the charges any way?

[18:44] antzz Michalski OOC: the charges are, Grand Conspiracy, Multible Attempted Murders, Multible Jailbreaks and Numerous Cases of Resisting Arrest.

[18:45] Madathlon Darkstone: Excuse me your honor, But there a error in his arrest and by law and Bind, Your officer have failed to Read him his rights and to properly chrage him, so with, you can NOt hold him or charge him now, I request a dissimale

[18:46] TheSlyder Johin accepted your inventory offer.

[18:46] Zero Upshaw: I object

[18:46] Madathlon Darkstone accepted your inventory offer.

[18:46] Robin Kira: Objection, he has been told his rights. I believe it was during his first arrests.

[18:46] Zero Upshaw: His rights were not able to be read to him as he was unconcious

[18:46] Madathlon Darkstone: Can you prove so?

[18:46] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'Mada is correct The law States EVERYTIME a suspect is arrested he must be mirandized'

[18:46] Zero Upshaw: they were however available at his request if he has asked for them after his awakening

[18:46] Zero Upshaw: We can

[18:46] Madathlon Darkstone: Then you could not hold or bind him

[18:47] Iria Tuqiri: To Station

[18:47] MassTrans Autoshuttle2: Ready for Launch, all abord! (Get seated then click the shuttle to start moving.

[18:47] Zero Upshaw: Vera was the one who is responsible for his unconciousness

[18:47] Zero Upshaw: We can

[18:47] Madathlon Darkstone: Your honor, if the officer failed there duty, my cliet rights have been volitated

[18:47] Zero Upshaw: As his crimes were prior

[18:47] Zero Upshaw: and sufficioent for an arrest

[18:48] Robin Kira: He was properly charged and told his rights, however, he has excaped numerous times so the original warrant was executed properly.

[18:48] Lady Shade raises an eyebrow, "Excuse me? At his request? Rights must be read. Please show proof that on his arrest AND when he was concious, those rights were read to him."

[18:48] TheSlyder Johin accepted your inventory offer.

[18:48] Madathlon Darkstone: And So wit, under charted 7 artacle 6a, no chrager are standing if his right where never stated

[18:48] Madathlon Darkstone accepted your inventory offer.

[18:48] TheSlyder Johin: s infact if he was not read his rights....the arresting officer may be charged with false detainment

[18:49] Lord Septus smiles

[18:49] Zach Hoxley: NO1

[18:49] Zach Hoxley: He needs to die!

[18:49] Zero Upshaw looks over at Robin

[18:49] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'please Remeber Sir, you ARE under oath'

[18:49] Zero Upshaw: then at the two apparent defendents

[18:49] Zach Hoxley: He's dangerous!

[18:49] Robin Kira: The original reading of rights are still pending, and very valid.

[18:49] Madathlon Darkstone: And your honor, he was here to repersent a treaty

[18:49] Zero Upshaw: Your honor

[18:49] Sephiroth Lowtide: Zach sush please

[18:49] Zero Upshaw: as I see it

[18:49] Zero Upshaw: sorry

[18:49] Lady Shade raises her voice, "Silence."

[18:49] Force Combat Roleplaying System 2.8: Nova Reich uses the Force (Heal Self) on Nova Reich

[18:49] Zero Upshaw: may I speak?

[18:50] Force Combat Roleplaying System 2.8: Nova Reich uses the Force (Heal Self) on Nova Reich

[18:50] Force Combat Roleplaying System 2.8: Mizzy Sideways uses the Force (Heal Self) on Mizzy Sideways

[18:50] Madathlon Darkstone: If you hold him, you allow this gross volaition to carry, then all who are invovled are in volitation and I will have to take this to the senant

[18:50] Zero Upshaw waits for an answer

[18:50] Lady Shade looks to the jedi and nods, "Approach the Bench."

[18:50] Force Combat Roleplaying System 2.8: Nova Reich uses the Force (Heal Self) on Nova Reich

[18:50] Kyrain Rhandt (Darth Reed) walks in, stands towards the back, and quietly watches

[18:50] Lady Shade: Council may also approach.

[18:51] Zero Upshaw: Your honor

[18:51] Zero Upshaw: may I speak?

[18:51] TheSlyder Johin accepted your inventory offer.

[18:51] Madathlon Darkstone accepted your inventory offer.

[18:51] Lady Shade nods, "You may speak?

[18:51] DeLynne Marksman: ((sorry no ? inteneded))

[18:51] Zero Upshaw: As I see it...Robin has previously stated an important fact

[18:51] Robin Kira: Here your Honor, are the cell tapes of the original arrest, with the rights very clearly said.

[18:52] Zero Upshaw: His rights were in fact read to him on his orriginal arrests several times...which was already more than enough

[18:52] Madathlon Darkstone: AS we know your honor, he must have his right read each time he arrested

[18:52] Zero Upshaw: due to jail breaks...prior to planed trials he had to be recaptured in ways

[18:52] Madathlon Darkstone: And he yet to be arranged for formal charges

[18:53] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'Your honor.....may I ask you a question......'

[18:53] Lady Shade smiles coldly, "I is not his previous arrests that concern me. It is his current arrest. Was his rights read to him on his CURRENT arrest when he was conscious."

[18:53] Zero Upshaw: a way...this is nothing but a reimprisonment

[18:53] Robin Kira: Not if he never showed up for the original hearing, which he did not, that made him a FUGITIVE and ANY rights read or said to him are still fully VALID.

[18:53] Madathlon Darkstone: HE still need his right read, its simple basic law

[18:53] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'Robin you were the arresting officer correct?'

[18:54] Robin Kira looks at the Judge, ignoring the others.

[18:54] Madathlon Darkstone: Woo wait a min, a aressint office can NOT be also the procuter, that a conflict of intrest

[18:54] Lord Septus smiles

[18:55] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) smiles that Mada picked up on it

[18:55] Robin Kira: The list of offences has increased, i was not the arresting officer.

[18:55] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'who was?'

[18:55] Robin Kira: That would be Master Moonsoo.

[18:55] Madathlon Darkstone: I still havnt seen a formor DC 22 filed for his first chrages

[18:55] Madathlon Darkstone: and he never been aranged

[18:55] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'may i bring into evidence'

[18:55] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'your honor'

[18:55] Luvbutton Moonsoo: yes i was aressting officer

[18:55] Mizzy Sideways: he always broken out

[18:56] Zero Upshaw: As for the forms Mada...

[18:56] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'that this is NOT the first time Master Monsoo has arrested with reading rights'

[18:56] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) hads you a datapad

[18:56] Zero Upshaw: they can all be reviewed in the criminal archives

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[18:56] Iria Tuqiri: Borelli Wachmann

[18:56] Zero Upshaw: but as his first crimes were already rather long ago

[18:57] Robin Kira: The rights are not needed to be read to a individual that never showed for the first hearing the original reading of his rights are still valid, what do you not understand regarding this fact?

[18:57] Zero Upshaw: The previous ones were put on lists

[18:57] Madathlon Darkstone: It dont matter, we live on set laws, offices and Jedi have to follow them, other wise we be salvages

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[18:57] Luvbutton Moonsoo: May i Your honor?

[18:58] Lady Shade slowly raises an eyebrow at the tone of the Jedi. "Would care to restate you concerns in a manner more respectful?"

[18:58] Madathlon Darkstone: Opon capture and bind, all person are to be reading the right of binding and his person right

[18:58] Iria Tuqiri: Yavin does not currently or at the time of any of his arrests, escapes, and re-arrests have a "mirana" law. So this particular argument is pointless.

[18:58] Luvbutton Moonsoo: !

[18:58] Madathlon Darkstone: The Senant does, and that trumps local laws

[18:58] Zero Upshaw: Mada

[18:58] Lady Shade looks at Master Luv and nods. "Go ahead."

[18:59] Luvbutton Moonsoo: we do not belong to any senate

[18:59] Robin Kira: I'm sorry your honor, but i believe they are only meaning to prospone this trial with their irrelevent questioning about his 'rights'.

[18:59] Zero Upshaw: I believe you are missregarding the fact that Robin is right

[18:59] Luvbutton Moonsoo: Thank you tyour Honor

[18:59] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'This Here is evidence that Mirandization has been abused you honor'

[18:59] Natirra Danick accepted your inventory offer.

[18:59] Luvbutton Moonsoo: i belive i can clear this up

[18:59] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'at this point the Defense requests a miss trial'

[18:59] Mizzy Sideways accepted your inventory offer.

[18:59] Dagon Firecaster accepted your inventory offer.

[18:59] antzz Michalski accepted your inventory offer.

[18:59] Zero Upshaw: The rights uppon escape from an arrest need not be reread

[18:59] Zach Hoxley: That tube over there is where they're keeping Borelli

[18:59] Iria Tuqiri: I would also counter, that the "senate" has never enforced such laws at times when we've been falsely arrested on other worlds.

[19:00] Luvbutton Moonsoo: first time borelli was arrested we took him to cells informed hin of rights and to get lawyer .The prosoner escaped .The next loogical course is to capture him and put him back into the original situation all laws have been followed

[19:01] Madathlon Darkstone: You honor has a choice to make

[19:02] Madathlon Darkstone: while you think on this, I suggest a racess

[19:03] Lady Shade pauses, looking at the Laws of Yavin on here data pad. "It appears that they are following their own laws. We will continue, however I will state my concern for the seeming lack of rights on Yavin."

[19:04] Robin Kira: Thank you your Honor.

[19:04] Mantis Grebe is Online

[19:04] Madathlon Darkstone: So if Yavin has no right, it has no laws then

[19:04] Luvbutton Moonsoo smiles

[19:04] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'Pardon me You honr'

[19:04] Madathlon Darkstone: Hince forth, he still cant be charged

[19:04] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'if thiere is no laws....what shall he be cahrged with?'

[19:04] Iria Tuqiri: A lack of miranda rights does not preclude the non-existence of law.

[19:04] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'Even the Sith have laws yet the Jedi do not?'

[19:05] Robin Kira gets a migraine.

[19:05] Lord Septus smiles ...

[19:05] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'the law is whatever you please no wonder you get destroyed all the time'

[19:05] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'perhaps we should have laws before we have a trail'

[19:05] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'its like going twilek dancing without a pole'

[19:05] Iria Tuqiri: That from the empress that ran from this place is utter defeat.

[19:05] Dagon Firecaster whispers who is that in that big glass thing

[19:05] Iria Tuqiri: in utter fefeat*

[19:05] Mizzy Sideways: /smiles

[19:05] Iria Tuqiri: defeat**

[19:06] Mizzy Sideways smiles

[19:06] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'what happened to you yesterday'

[19:06] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'can happen to you again'

[19:06] Madathlon Darkstone: And your Honor, that still dost cover his immunity while under the colours of a treaty

[19:06] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'I raped this planet as an Apprentice.......'

[19:06] Narika crosses her arms over her chest as she glances up over her shoulder smirking, saying in a soft tone "hello again recruiter"

[19:06] Deo Manga laughs

[19:06] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'congrats you got lucky 1 time'

[19:06] Deo's translator: / me laughs

[19:06] Lord Septus one that i was fostering with Zero before i was captured

[19:06] Robin Kira: This is irrelevant, Septus representatives are out of order, your Honor.

[19:07] Lady Shade looks at the Jedi then back to the defense council, "Unfortunately, the lack of detailed laws regarding criminal rights shows a gap in judgement. However, I will take that into strong consideration as the trial goes underway. Rights are everything to me. I would now caution both sides to temper their statements until I call for them. Understood?"

[19:07] Madathlon Darkstone nodes his head, Of course your honor

[19:07] Robin Kira: Yes your Honor.

[19:08] Lady Shade nods. "Then, lets take this one step at a time. First Witness."

[19:08] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) nods

[19:08] Robin Kira: Your Honor, i call Padawan Sephiroth Lowtide.

[19:09] shandan Windlow walks out for some air

[19:10] Robin Kira looks at the Judge, awaiting approval to proceed.

[19:10] Lady Shade nods, "Proceed."

[19:11] Robin Kira nods

[19:12] Robin Kira: Padawan Lowtide, what can you share with this Court, regarding the incident with Lord Septus in the Med Bay here in Yavin IV.

[19:12] Sephiroth Lowtide: Yes, Sir Robin

[19:13] Sephiroth Lowtide: I was in the medbay one day inside the bacta tank recovering froma fall and when i saw Septus walk into the medbay doors throught the tanks glass, Septus came up by my tank and ifnected the bactas fluid with his well know dealy Virus what he calls the SEPTUS Virus

[19:14] Lady Shade looks to Mada, "Please step back"

[19:14] Madathlon Darkstone: OOC I came close so I can hear him

[19:14] Sephiroth Lowtide: What this virus does is first just a bad cough then soon after that you will have blood coughed up and the last stage is bad case of nerve damge and soon death after wards

[19:15] Lady Shade looks back to Lowtide, "You look healthy to me."

[19:15] Robin Kira: And you eventually was treated, correct?

[19:15] Sephiroth Lowtide: yes i was treated but a real close call tho that virus nearly costed my life

[19:17] Robin Kira: The Septus Virus, your Honor. It was a conjured subrstance manufactured bu Lord Septus, in an attempt to poison the members of Kalway. This falls under the first charge.

[19:18] Madathlon Darkstone: Excuse me, I havnt question the witness

[19:18] Lady Shade nods, "Would the defense like to question him?"

[19:18] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'Yes we would'

[19:18] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'if I may?'

[19:18] Madathlon Darkstone: You should be leading the judge with unsupported facts

[19:18] Nova Reich: /afk

[19:18] Madathlon Darkstone: shouldnt***

[19:19] Robin Kira: Objection, cross-examinations are not at this point. This is the individual hearings from each eventual side.

[19:19] Madathlon Darkstone: My I now question the witness your honour?

[19:19] Walt Finesmith is Offline

[19:20] Lady Shade sighs, "Is the prosecution done with the witness? The defense will have an opportunity to question them when you are done."

[19:20] Robin Kira: Very well, i have no further questions, your Honor.

[19:20] Lady Shade looks to the defense and nods, "'go ahead."

[19:20] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'Who will go firstyour honor?'

[19:20] Madathlon Darkstone walks over to the witness

[19:20] Madathlon Darkstone: Young padawan

[19:20] Sephiroth Lowtide nods

[19:21] Madathlon Darkstone: what is your training invilving?

[19:21] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) thinks aparantly rover does....*sigh*

[19:21] Sephiroth Lowtide: invilving sir?

[19:21] TheSlyder Johin: ((jk lol))

[19:21] Madathlon Darkstone: involving*

[19:21] Luvbutton Moonsoo: (involving))

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[19:22] Sephiroth Lowtide: my training is more martal art with the saber as i have chosen the path Guardian

[19:22] Madathlon Darkstone: Very hard traing, But do you have any formor training in Bio engering?

[19:23] Robin Kira: Objection: Irrelevant.

[19:23] Sephiroth Lowtide: noi have not

[19:23] Madathlon Darkstone: As far as you know, are the bacta tank sealed in bmed bay?

[19:23] Lady Shade: Objection overruled. The defense may continue.

[19:24] Sephiroth Lowtide: yes far i know the bacta tank was sealed

[19:24] Madathlon Darkstone: And bacta it self is immune to all virus and desises right

[19:24] Sephiroth Lowtide: that i would not know but i assume so.

[19:25] Madathlon Darkstone: So no one then can infect it if it is immune

[19:25] Sephiroth Lowtide: well Septus could of fround a way around it be experimenting with is virus inside bacta's fluid

[19:25] Robin Kira: Objection: The virus was inserted through the air-intake valve, as it was airborne at the time.

[19:25] Madathlon Darkstone paces around a bit.

[19:26] Robin Kira: He's battering the witness your Honor, irrelevent questioning.

[19:26] Madathlon Darkstone: Your honor, did this padawan infact say it was infected

[19:26] Madathlon Darkstone: All I am doing is glening his knowledge and fact

[19:26] kristieee Bachem is Offline

[19:27] Robin Kira: His knowledge in bio-chemistry and maintenance of the Bacta Tanks in themselves, are not important, your Honor.

[19:27] Madathlon Darkstone: He said That the bacta was infected, But we all know it is immune

[19:27] Lady Shade looks to the prosecution, "You will have an opportunity to present testemony regarding bacta tanks and the methods used. Lowtide must defend his statements. It is the right of the accused."

[19:27] Robin Kira nods in silence.

[19:27] Iria Tuqiri: the bacta itself was not infected... the contaminant was suspended in the bacta solution.

[19:28] Madathlon Darkstone: Im just finding out what the padawan knowlege is for the fact

[19:28] Lady Shade: Silence from the Gallery. Only witness and representatives shall speak.

[19:29] Madathlon Darkstone: If he has one understanding, but the facts are diffrents, then as a witness, he is not, for what and how would he know the fact from the imagion?

[19:30] Lady Shade: Let's continue.

[19:30] Madathlon Darkstone: I sumit that his hi stress training left him dislungu and his memeory flawed from being in the tank

[19:31] Sephiroth Lowtide: if your excuse me Sir but at the time of this i just bearly was a padawan and havent had much of any traning

[19:31] Madathlon Darkstone: Padawan, what was the lord wearing that dat?

[19:31] Deo Manga: ((O-o))

[19:31] Deo's translator: ((Oo))

[19:31] Madathlon Darkstone: day*

[19:32] Dingdong Batz is Offline

[19:33] Madathlon Darkstone: come on young one, it is a simple question

[19:33] Madathlon Darkstone: what was he wearing?

[19:33] Sephiroth Lowtide: (9 sry was lagging ))

[19:33] Madathlon Darkstone: OOC, np

[19:33] Milkdud97 Yalin: /ao off

[19:34] Robin Kira: ((move away please))

[19:34] Sephiroth Lowtide: yes Septus was wearing a big bronze snake head helmet at the time and a dark cloak tht covered his robotic leg

[19:34] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) smiles

[19:34] Madathlon Darkstone: Anything else?

[19:35] Ash Warbaum is Online

[19:35] Sephiroth Lowtide: he had his saber at his hip thats all sir.

[19:35] Lady Shade: I would suggest the defense proceed. Unless either side can produce a picture, this is a dead arguement.

[19:35] Madathlon Darkstone: Your honor, I like to sumit his first aresst record, that stats his gear was siezed

[19:36] Madathlon Darkstone: He did not have his helment

[19:36] Zero Upshaw: Objection

[19:36] Zero Upshaw: at the timehe was on the surface he did have it

[19:36] Madathlon Darkstone: and as you see, he still doesnt have it

[19:36] Zero Upshaw: I took it off him later

[19:36] Zero Upshaw: on his arrest

[19:36] Madathlon Darkstone: Sorry , he couldnt have, he was unconsent

[19:37] Robin Kira gestures his hand at Upshaw, showing that he has it under control.

[19:37] Madathlon Darkstone: Im sorry to say, this witness memory isnt as clear as we like it to be and I request he be dismiss as a witness and his statment expunged from the record

[19:38] Natirra Danick looks surprized

[19:38] Lord Septus smiles

[19:38] Robin Kira: Your Honor, requesting we move on to my next witness.

[19:38] Mantis Grebe is Offline

[19:38] Robin Kira: They are connected.

[19:39] Madathlon Darkstone: maybe that one will have a better memeory? or will you remind her of the missing helment?

[19:39] Lady Shade nods, accepting the record, glancing it over, then looks up, considering the arguements. "I will welcome any pictures that can be found. Otherwise, I will consider the evidense as presented. If there are no other questions, lets move on."

[19:39] Robin Kira nods

[19:39] Madathlon Darkstone: Thank you your honor

[19:40] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'I ahve a question'

[19:40] Madathlon Darkstone: I am done with this young padawan

[19:40] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'your honor'

[19:40] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'just one'

[19:40] Lady Shade nods, "Go ahead."

[19:40] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'Greetings Apprentice'

[19:40] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'just one thing'

[19:40] Sephiroth Lowtide: Greetings

[19:41] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'did you ever see the Bacta infector suspect romove his helm?'

[19:41] Milkdud97 Yalin: /ao on

[19:41] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'during the time on the poisening'

[19:41] kristieee Bachem is Online

[19:41] Sephiroth Lowtide: no i did not see him remove he helmet,cause he walked off laughing and left

[19:41] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) says 'no further questions your honor'

[19:42] Vera Medier stares at Lord Septus

[19:42] Iria Tuqiri thinks to herself "not to mention galactic wide statements claiming responsibility for the act"

[19:42] Lady Shade raises an eyebrow at the admission, "Unless either side has something to add, next witness."

[19:42] Robin Kira: Then i call Padawan Natirra Danick, your Honor.

[19:43] Natirra Danick bows to all

[19:43] Sephiroth Lowtide turns and walks bk to his seat

[19:43] Natirra Danick places a folder and a box on the stand

[19:44] Natirra Danick: ((lag))

[19:44] MassTrans Autoshuttle2: Please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

[19:44] Robin Kira: Padawan Danick, is it true that we have instruments that record everything that happens with the equippment used? How ever small changes they may be?

[19:45] Natirra Danick: yes

[19:45] Robin Kira: Do you have the recordings from that days incident, from the Bacta Tank being manipulated?

[19:45] Natirra Danick: yes

[19:45] Natirra Danick: here in the folder

[19:46] Robin Kira holds out his hand.

[19:46] Natirra Danick hands over the folder

[19:46] Robin Kira hands the Judge the folder.

[19:46] Lady Shade accepts the folder, "Do you have a copy for the Defense?"

[19:46] Natirra Danick: yes

[19:46] Robin Kira: Yes of course.

[19:46] Robin Kira hands them a copy.

[19:47] Empress Primus (TheSlyder Johin) takws it

[19:47] Madathlon Darkstone takes them and looks thru them amiling

[19:47] TheSlyder Johin: ((me 2))

[19:47] Madathlon Darkstone shows emprss something and laughs

[19:47] Robin Kira: As you can see, from the comparison between this Bacta Tank, and another copy provided from a "untampered" one, spanding over a twenty-four hour cycle

[19:47] protester Snowpaw get up and walks away

[19:48] Robin Kira: The Tank in which Padawan Lowtide was recovering in, has some very unique changes in it's status.

[19:48] Robin Kira looks at Padawan Danick.

[19:49] Luvbutton Moonsoo: ((brb afk))

[19:49] Robin Kira: Is it true that you also have documented status of the virus in question analysed and brought?

[19:49] Nova Reich stretches and yoans lightly

[19:49] Robin Kira: Aswell as the remedy?

[19:49] Natirra Danick: yes. here in this box

[19:49] Natirra Danick: correct

[19:49] Robin Kira takes the box.

[19:49] Natirra Danick carefully hands the box over

[19:50] Narika shushes Nova

[19:50] Robin Kira presents the evidence.

[19:50] Lady Shade nods

[19:51] protester Snowpaw: what is happpingin there

[19:51] Robin Kira: Now i only have one more item which i would like to present to the Court, the actual recording of the man that tampered with the Bacta Tank. As you can see, he is identical to the man on trial here today.

[19:52] Lady Shade examines the recording looking for a helmet.

[19:52] Robin Kira: I will not deal in speculations, the man in that recording, his helmet is worn, the robotic leg. The robes.

[19:53] Robin Kira: I have no further questions or items to present from this Witness your Honor.

[19:53] Madathlon Darkstone slowly walks over to the witness

[19:53] Lady Shade nods, "Would the defense like to question her?"

[19:53] Madathlon Darkstone: Yes your honor

[19:53] Madathlon Darkstone: Hello padawan

[19:53] Natirra Danick: greetings

[19:54] Madathlon Darkstone: I hear your real good with machine like the bacta systems

[19:54] Natirra Danick: I have an understanding of them yes

[19:54] Madathlon Darkstone: I also understand you had other run in with his Lord

[19:55] Natirra Danick: yes

[19:55] Madathlon Darkstone: Some real nasty ones

[19:55] Natirra Danick nods

[19:55] Madathlon Darkstone: Please speak up

[19:55] Madathlon Darkstone: My hearing inst the best

[19:55] Natirra Danick: I am here for the contamination of thebacta tanks

[19:55] Madathlon Darkstone: But still, You and he had a long history

[19:56] Natirra Danick: no that long

[19:56] Lady Shade: I am not sure where this is leading, Defense, but make your point.

[19:56] Madathlon Darkstone show her the dats pad one more, you see this ficker here

[19:56] Natirra Danick: I do

[19:56] Madathlon Darkstone: and you notice the shift in the date codes

[19:57] Natirra Danick: If htere was a shift in the date codes I am not aware of how that can happen. These were fromthe mainframe

[19:57] Madathlon Darkstone: and the shift in the light sorce

[19:57] Robin Kira: Objection: Speculations.

[19:58] Natirra Danick: I have no knowledge of how to atler anything with this

[19:58] Madathlon Darkstone: Im not saying you do young one

[19:58] Natirra Danick opens myself tomada

[19:59] Lady Shade pauses, considering the objection, "I will take your objection into consideration, but I want to see where this goes."

[19:59] Madathlon Darkstone: But we can see that shift clearly

[19:59] Robin Kira nods in respect

[19:59] Iria Tuqiri: To Station

[19:59] MassTrans Autoshuttle2: Ready for Launch, all abord! (Get seated then click the shuttle to start moving.

[19:59] Madathlon Darkstone: beside you padawan, who else had access to this data?

[19:59] Natirra Danick: perhaps it was a shift onthe lighting of the outside light

[20:00] Natirra Danick: only the head of the medbay and Master Elswit

[20:00] Madathlon Darkstone: and how long after this suppostly happened did you recover it?

[20:01] Natirra Danick: It has been kept in the mainframe until itwas retreived some minutes ago

[20:01] Ash Warbaum is Offline

[20:01] Lady Shade looks up at the statement

[20:01] Madathlon Darkstone: So no one recovered it and secured it right afert this happened?

[20:01] Madathlon Darkstone: after*

[20:02] Natirra Danick: It is secured once the data is input into the system. That data wasput in the day that happened

[20:02] Madathlon Darkstone: But you just said, you just recieved this

[20:02] Madathlon Darkstone: Who gave it to you?

[20:03] Natirra Danick: Yes, Lady Zavarah had to release it to me before she arrived here at the courthouse

[20:03] dacosta666 Aabye is Online

[20:03] Madathlon Darkstone: IS lady Z a witness today?

[20:03] Lady Shade notes another person with access on her notes

[20:04] Narika smirks as she imagines seeing a glacier strike against the procecuter's ship and it slowly begin to sink

[20:04] Natirra Danick: The information was previously reviewed by the master

[20:05] Natirra Danick: the server has an untampered copy if you wish to review it

[20:05] Madathlon Darkstone: Your honor, I like this evdince surprss do to the lack of proper custy and striken from the report

[20:05] Madathlon Darkstone: This padawan did not secure it, and she did not recover it,, so for wit, she can not be a witness

[20:05] Kulu Krokus is Online

[20:06] Lady Shade chuckles lighlty, "You have to know by now what I am going to say. I will consider the evidence and the manner it was secured. Do you have any more questions for the Jedi?"

[20:06] Madathlon Darkstone: YEs your honor

[20:06] TheSlyder Johin accepted your inventory offer.

[20:06] Lady Shade: Go ahead.

[20:06] Madathlon Darkstone declined your inventory offer.

[20:07] Madathlon Darkstone: Padawan Natirra, do you like the defennt?

[20:07] Natirra Danick: I have no arguements with him

[20:07] Madathlon Darkstone: But do you like him

[20:07] Vera Medier submits to Darkstone how she likes Wachmann

[20:07] Natirra Danick: I have no feelings either way

[20:08] Lord Septus smiles ........ a good jedi ...

[20:08] Madathlon Darkstone: Now come on, your under outh,

[20:08] Natirra Danick: yes

[20:08] Madathlon Darkstone: Do you like him

[20:08] Lady Shade watches the Defense, "I do not like where this line of questioning is going. I will safely assume that the parties dislike each other. Next question.

[20:08] Natirra Danick: I don't love him if that is what you ask

[20:08] Lady Shade: I said next question. Or we can move to the next witness.

[20:09] Madathlon Darkstone: Would you like to see him punished for what he suppostly done to you in the past?

[20:09] Robin Kira: Objection.

[20:09] Madathlon Darkstone: retracted

[20:09] Vera Medier shakes her head

[20:09] Madathlon Darkstone: Im done

[20:09] Cherek Elswit is Online

[20:09] Lady Shade narrows her eyes in warning, then looks to the Jedi. "Next witness."

[20:10] Robin Kira: My next witness is Master Zero Upshaw.

[20:10] Zero Upshaw bows humbly

[20:11] Luvbutton Moonsoo accepted your inventory offer.

[20:12] Robin Kira: Master Upshaw, what can you tell me about the relevant Med Bay incident, more precise, how the cure was found.

[20:12] Zero Upshaw nods

[20:12] Zero Upshaw: Well...

[20:12] Dante Fearne is Offline

[20:12] Zero Upshaw: First of all....we never found the was given to us

[20:13] Zero Upshaw: After several attempts by our med bay staf to isolate the virus...and several falures

[20:13] Madathlon Darkstone: OOC Vedv, please step back

[20:13] Zero Upshaw: we were contacted by Lord Septus...

[20:13] Madathlon Darkstone: 2 witness shot down :D 1 more to go

[20:13] Madathlon Darkstone: Opps

[20:13] Zero Upshaw: He wanted one thing in exchange for a cure

[20:13] Vera Medier wonders if it is the same virus

[20:14] Sephiroth Lowtide: (( .... ))

[20:14] Nova Reich: ((chuckles))

[20:14] Madathlon Darkstone: OOC that was ment for OOC

[20:14] Zero Upshaw looks at the judge

[20:14] Robin Kira: ((*sighs*))

[20:14] Zero Upshaw: So, in a way that ads extortion to the charges

[20:14] Zavarah Zabelin is Offline

[20:14] Zero Upshaw: Now

[20:14] Bloodmyth Acropolis: ((one person who isnt legal representative wasting the courts time while the true one stands back silently *golf clap*))

[20:14] Zavarah Zabelin is Online

[20:15] Zero Upshaw: this condition was that a tracking device should be removed from one Peter

[20:15] Dante Fearne is Online

[20:15] Iria Tuqiri thinks that's an odd place for a tracking device

[20:15] Lady Shade makes a notation in her notes

[20:15] Thundercracker Bandit is Offline

[20:15] Kulu Krokus is Offline

[20:15] protester Snowpaw: zero is that you

[20:15] Zero Upshaw: This trackingdevice was a bionic device...made up of very little binonic probes

[20:16] Zero Upshaw: They were implanted with the agreement of peter

[20:16] Zavarah Zabelin: greetings

[20:16] Zero Upshaw: and are not able to be removed

[20:16] Zero Upshaw: which he did know at the time

[20:17] Zero Upshaw: Lord Septus did not know this

[20:18] Zero Upshaw: ans so we set up a little made up opperation...and took some of Peters blood...and a set of new bionic trackers

[20:18] Zero Upshaw: we handed this so Septus in exchange for the cure

[20:18] Lady Shade interrupts, "Are you saying you lied?"

[20:19] Lady Shade chuckles lightly, thinking no where in the Jedi code does it say you cannot lie.

[20:20] Zero Upshaw: To preserve life of all of get a cure for a deadly virus...I did not tell the whole trueth

[20:20] Zero Upshaw: Peter knew of this plot

[20:20] Lady Shade nods, "Go on. Sorry for the interruption."

[20:21] protester Snowpaw starts choking on blood but then stops

[20:21] Zero Upshaw: And he understood perfectly well that the device could not be removed

[20:22] Zero Upshaw: But had we not made this pretended operation...noone would have survived

[20:22] Zero Upshaw: as for the telling of trueth or lies

[20:22] Zero Upshaw: in the case of jedi

[20:22] Zero Upshaw: we do not lie to harm

[20:22] Kazuki8 Constantine is Offline

[20:23] Zero Upshaw: but in this case Septus asked for the tracking device withing Peter

[20:23] Zero Upshaw: and that is what I gave him

[20:23] Zero Upshaw: It was not the very one

[20:23] Zero Upshaw: but it was the same

[20:24] TheSlyder Johin: ((beg you pardon ill brb

[20:24] Vera Medier crosses her arms and looks at Borelli

[20:24] Zero Upshaw: Well, I think there is nothign wlse to add

[20:24] Zero Upshaw smiles

[20:25] Zero Upshaw: else*

[20:25] Lord Septus one of septus's eyes stares back at vera

[20:25] Robin Kira: Master Upshaw, what can you share with the court about the many jailbreaks from the one standing trial?

[20:25] Zero Upshaw: Hmm....firstly...they were always very violent

[20:25] Madathlon Darkstone: Objection

[20:26] Zero Upshaw: usually one or more Jedi were severely wounded...

[20:26] Madathlon Darkstone: we havnt exstablished that his forst impreent was legal in the fiorst place

[20:26] Madathlon Darkstone: first*

[20:27] Robin Kira looks at the Judge.

[20:27] Lady Shade considers the objection. "I will let it continue. But the Jedi needs to make your point quickly."

[20:27] Zero Upshaw nods

[20:27] Zero Upshaw: Aswell as often almost a battle developed out of this jailbreaks

[20:28] Zero Upshaw: In which Borelli himself was not present anymore

[20:28] Madathlon Darkstone: Objection, fact not in summion

[20:28] Zero Upshaw: having fled the scene leaving others to die for mhim

[20:29] Madathlon Darkstone: we know not if he fled or was taken

[20:29] Zero Upshaw: I know that he fled

[20:29] Zero Upshaw: as I pursuid him to the hangar several times

[20:29] Zero Upshaw: and saw him hijack several ships

[20:29] Zero Upshaw: meaning

[20:30] Zero Upshaw: one on every jailbreak

[20:30] Dante Fearne is Offline

[20:31] Vera Medier: This jailbreak you speak of was willfullly permitted by Zabelin

[20:31] Lady Shade chuckles, and looks to the Jedi, "The gallery will be silent."

[20:31] Zero Upshaw: It was not one

[20:31] Zero Upshaw: but many

[20:31] Zero Upshaw: I have so far counted 6

[20:31] Robin Kira: Master Upshaw

[20:31] Vera Medier crosses her arms, upset.

[20:32] Zero Upshaw nods

[20:32] Madathlon Darkstone: Sounds like your prison need updateing not being anle to hold a crippled Lord

[20:32] Lord Septus smiles

[20:32] Zero Upshaw: The reason he could escape was that a whole army of sith lords came to his rescue

[20:32] Zero Upshaw: as I said

[20:32] Vera Medier: The whole reason he was even captured was because of me!

[20:33] Madathlon Darkstone: So he was freed, not excaped, but freed

[20:33] Zero Upshaw: on several escapes the escape escalated into a battle

[20:33] Zero Upshaw: almost

[20:33] Zero Upshaw: It was an escape

[20:33] Vera Medier: No, it was no escape

[20:33] Zero Upshaw: Every time he chanted back..."No Jail will ever hold me"

[20:34] Zero Upshaw: "Or similar"

[20:34] Dante Fearne is Online

[20:34] Lady Shade sighs, "The Gallery will need to be quiet. Or you will need to leave."

[20:34] Zero Upshaw: We have recordings in fact

[20:34] Zero Upshaw: as the cellblock is fully equiped with security cameras

[20:34] Zero Upshaw: if you wish to see them

[20:34] Robin Kira: Master Upshaw, a few more questions, answering in yes of no to them will do, unless you feel the need to elaborate.

[20:35] Zero Upshaw: you are free to watch the server

[20:35] Zero Upshaw nods

[20:35] Robin Kira: Is it true that Lord Septus has made repeated attempts to kill members of this Order?

[20:35] Zero Upshaw: Yes

[20:35] Vera Medier: The only reason this whole trial occured was because I attacked Borelli.

[20:35] Robin Kira: And is it true that you are among them?

[20:36] Zero Upshaw: He has proven so very dramatically wiht his venom attack

[20:36] Zero Upshaw nods

[20:36] Zero Upshaw: once again

[20:36] Zero Upshaw: I can indicate the venom attack

[20:36] Zero Upshaw: and also have proof of duells in the cell block

[20:37] Zero Upshaw: there are untampered security recordings

[20:37] Zero Upshaw: on the servers

[20:37] Robin Kira: Is it also true that he was one a very respected and honorable Knight in this Order?

[20:37] Robin Kira: Master Upshaw?

[20:38] Zero Upshaw: He was until...for still unexplicable reasons he truned

[20:38] Robin Kira: Was he known as Sir Borelli at the time?

[20:38] Zero Upshaw: Indeed

[20:39] Robin Kira: Would you say that Lord Septus is someone that causes no threat to the Kalway Order?

[20:39] Zero Upshaw: On the contrary...he provoces conflicts between Sith and Jedi groups

[20:40] Zero Upshaw: orders*

[20:40] Robin Kira: Can you share with the court an example you witnessed personally about his easiness to resort to violence towards members of this Order?

[20:40] Madathlon Darkstone: objection

[20:40] Zero Upshaw: Indeed

[20:40] Robin Kira: Withdrawn

[20:40] Robin Kira: I'll rephrase

[20:41] Lord Septus mindtalks with a member of the gallery

[20:41] Robin Kira: Is it true that you have witnessed Lord Septus in the act of attempted murder?

[20:41] Zero Upshaw: I have...

[20:41] Zero Upshaw: Also on myself...

[20:42] Robin Kira: Share this particular incident with the Court.

[20:42] Dante Fearne is Offline

[20:42] Kyrain Rhandt (Darth Reed) thinks that it must not be fun to be kept in a cell for this long , then quietly chuckles.

[20:42] Wispy Loon is Offline

[20:42] Madathlon Darkstone: objection

[20:42] Madathlon Darkstone: This is a matter not in fron of this court

[20:42] Zero Upshaw: I was on a diplomatic mission to bespin...

[20:42] Madathlon Darkstone: and on a diffrent world

[20:42] Zero Upshaw: but it is

[20:43] Vera Medier: I call a mistrial! Mrr/ Wachmann: there's a lot of people dying over this

[20:43] Zero Upshaw: as it concerns in fact the entire order also

[20:43] Robin Kira: You Honor, Lord Septus is standing trial, and my witness has something to share. I believe it belongs exactly here.

[20:43] Madathlon Darkstone: Objection, Yavin can not chearce or use past charges from other worlds

[20:43] Madathlon Darkstone: Charge*

[20:43] UrZuric Kirkorian: me sits and listens quitly.

[20:44] Zero Upshaw: It is not a charge from another world

[20:44] Iria Tuqiri thinks it does show his character, if nothing else.

[20:44] Lady Shade: He is allowed to testify to what he has witnessed. But again, I will consider the location and circumstances. And I will point out that if the rules of other worlds do not apply on Yavin, then the actions taken on other worlds should not apply, either."

[20:44] Robin Kira: Master Upshaw.

[20:44] Robin Kira: Did this attempted Murder on your person, happen on Yavin IV?

[20:44] Madathlon Darkstone: Objection

[20:45] Madathlon Darkstone: all readt stated it was on bespin

[20:45] Zero Upshaw: no...but it was directly conected to happenings to affect Yavin [20:45] Robin Kira: Very well.

[20:45] Zero Upshaw: I was on a diplomatic mission to bespin...

[20:46] Zero Upshaw: I was to attempt to contact the authorities there as supposedly they has captured Boruelli...

[20:46] Lord Septus mindtalks with someone in the gallery

[20:47] Zero Upshaw: When I arrived there was no sign of anyone to greet me...nor any sign of Septus...still known as Borelli to me then

[20:47] Zero Upshaw: So I searched for any sign...

[20:48] Zero Upshaw: Finally I found the chancelor of Bespin...

[20:48] Zero Upshaw: I talked to him

[20:48] Zero Upshaw: but apperentlyhe had no knowledge of Borelli

[20:48] Zero Upshaw: then I foudn troopers to tlak to and neither did they

[20:50] Zero Upshaw: suddenly bombs went of everywhere...and Borelli meaning Septus came running in....he screamed that the KOJ...meaning also me was attacking the planet...apparently the chancelor was in league with him for he believed him [20:50] Zero Upshaw: and they took me out

[20:50] Zero Upshaw: and threw me into a cell

[20:51] Lady Shade wonders if the jedi tried to escape

[20:51] Iria Tuqiri wonders if his rights were read to him.

[20:51] Zero Upshaw: if not for my negotiation skills the plea for me would have been death and an attack on Yavin would have been launched

[20:51] Natirra Danick wonders about how they treated him

[20:52] Zero Upshaw: So much for his attempted assasination of me

[20:52] Robin Kira: Master Upshaw, one final question.

[20:53] Zero Upshaw nods

[20:53] Vera Medier: The main problem here is me, not Borellli.

[20:53] Robin Kira: Is it true that you witnessed your own Padawan being attacked by Lord Septus, only to after that Padawan fell, be engaged by Lord Septus yourself, in mortal combat, here on Yavin IV.

[20:53] Madathlon Darkstone: objection

[20:53] Vera Medier: Borellli had nothing to do with the grand deception that led to the capture to Moonsoo

[20:53] Vera Medier: That was me.

[20:53] Madathlon Darkstone: Siad padawan not here to testifie

[20:54] Zero Upshaw: That is true

[20:54] Vera Medier: Please. i am willing to confess.

[20:54] Lady Shade sighs, "Quickly make your point."

[20:54] Vera Medier: I caused this, deceiving my good friends...

[20:55] Robin Kira is Offline

[20:55] Kyrain Rhandt (Darth Reed) shakes his head and believes pleading guilty on your own behalf is not a right thing to do.

[20:55] Vera Medier: And Borelli had nothing to do with it

[20:55] Robin Kira is Online

[20:55] Robin Kira: I have no further questions your Honor.

[20:56] Vera Medier: The grand deception was the main event, in our attempt to overturn your power.

[20:56] Lady Shade nods, "Would the defense like to question him?"

[20:56] Madathlon Darkstone: Yes your honor

[20:56] Madathlon Darkstone: You said you decieved his lord on the surgy?

[20:56] Zero Upshaw looks at Mada..calmly and warmly

[20:57] Zero Upshaw: no...I did not decive him

[20:57] Zero Upshaw: I simply did not tell him the whole trueth

[20:57] Zero Upshaw: He asked for the device in Peter

[20:57] Zero Upshaw: and that is what he got

[20:57] Zero Upshaw: it simply was not the very one

[20:58] Madathlon Darkstone: So you recieved his cure, but he did not recieve what he neogated for

[20:58] Zero Upshaw: He did...

[20:58] Zero Upshaw: Though

[20:58] Zero Upshaw: I must add

[20:58] Madathlon Darkstone: No, you said he recieved one that wasnt the one he intended for

[20:58] Cherek Elswit wonders the relevance of that

[20:58] Zero Upshaw: had I been able to remove the device, I woudl also havve done that

[20:59] Madathlon Darkstone: Your honor, I like to trart this winten as hostal

[20:59] Zero Upshaw: What he intended for and what he asked for are two different things

[20:59] Zero Upshaw smiles

[20:59] Madathlon Darkstone: wintess*

[20:59] kristieee Bachem is Offline

[20:59] Lady Shade quirks an eyebrow the request. "What are your reasons?"

[20:59] Madathlon Darkstone: HE skites his meaning with his intent

[21:00] Vera Medier cries

[21:00] Madathlon Darkstone: My client offered to sell a cure

[21:00] Zero Upshaw: Well

[21:00] kristieee Bachem is Online

[21:00] Walt Finesmith is Online

[21:00] Madathlon Darkstone: and his payment was withhelp and replace with a fake

[21:00] UrZuric Kirkorian looks to Lord septus...such a pathetic worm of the sith...

[21:00] Deo Manga is Offline

[21:00] Zero Upshaw: then I have here the transmission I recived

[21:00] Madathlon Darkstone: held*

[21:00] Zero Upshaw: and I quote...

[21:01] Dark Lord Oblivion: Lord septus is a pathetic excusse of a sith.

[21:01] Cherek Elswit still wonders as to the relevance of that

[21:01] UrZuric Kirkorian shakes his head.

[21:01] Zero Upshaw: "I will give you the cure if you remove the trackign device that is in Peter"

[21:01] Lord Septus stares at oblivian

[21:01] Zero Upshaw: Nor did he say where I should remove it from

[21:01] Zero Upshaw: nor did he specify if it needs be the exact one in peter

[21:02] Madathlon Darkstone: But you know and understand he wanted peter freeded of said tracking deviced

[21:02] Zero Upshaw: so, I removed a set from a drawr

[21:02] Zero Upshaw smiles

[21:02] Lady Shade: Answer the question.

[21:02] Dark Lord Oblivion: you are not worthy to be called sith...

[21:02] Zero Upshaw: did I?

[21:02] Zero Upshaw: Well

[21:02] Zero Upshaw: I did

[21:02] Lady Shade: And the Sith in the Gallary will hold his tongue.

[21:02] Zero Upshaw: but I gave him what he wanted

[21:02] Madathlon Darkstone: You honor, as you can hear, this witness will flex the truth to fit his needs

[21:02] Zero Upshaw: a removed device

[21:03] Zero Upshaw: I am not

[21:03] Robin Kira: Objection: Irrelevant, Master Upshaw is not on trial for misleading Lord Septus.

[21:03] Madathlon Darkstone: he think this court is a marcky and has no intent to tell the fact of the truth, just his view of it

[21:03] Cherek Elswit grins at Robin

[21:03] Lady Shade: Council, you have both made your points, move on.

[21:03] Lady Shade: We need to finish.

[21:04] Snake Childs is Online

[21:04] Zavarah Zabelin listening with intent

[21:04] Marinedalek Tomorrow is Offline

[21:04] Madathlon Darkstone: Master Zero, can you sayhis lord recieved the intened payment for his cure?

[21:05] Madathlon Darkstone: Or just what you passed as payment

[21:05] Zero Upshaw: Perhaps not what he was thinking...but it was what he asked for

[21:05] Zero Upshaw: so...yes

[21:05] Cherek Elswit smiles

[21:05] Madathlon Darkstone: So you ammitly defrounded his lord

[21:05] PC101 Flow is Offline

[21:05] Lady Shade makes a note of the answer, "Move on. You have made your point."

[21:05] Zero Upshaw: I neither decepted him...nor lied

[21:06] Madathlon Darkstone: and now you come to this court with out clean hands

[21:06] Zero Upshaw: I simply did not tell him the trueth he wanted to hear

[21:06] Lady Shade: Both of you. I said move on.

[21:06] Madathlon Darkstone: So you tell the truth as you see it is needed

[21:06] Zero Upshaw sighs

[21:07] Zero Upshaw: Your honor...I believe I have proven that I have not done anything "wrong"

[21:07] Madathlon Darkstone: OC sorry lag

[21:07] Zero Upshaw: coudl you get him to move on?

[21:07] UrZuric Kirkorian graps lord septus with force shoke...

[21:07] Madathlon Darkstone: Tell me , was his lord a POW in your cell?

[21:07] Lady Shade says sharply. "Be careful how you address me."

[21:07] Dark Lord Oblivion: lifts him up choking him of the ground..

[21:08] Madathlon Darkstone: of*

[21:08] Lady Shade: Jedi. You will remove the person in the cell with Lord Septus.

[21:08] Zero Upshaw: no...he was a threat to civil life

[21:08] Lady Shade: NOW. Or this trial is over and he is free.

[21:08] Madathlon Darkstone: But you took him in a battle, correct

[21:08] Vera Medier: It was me, who was the threat

[21:09] Robin Kira: Someone remove the Padawan please.

[21:09] Zero Upshaw: No, that is not correct...

[21:09] Vera Medier: not Borelli

[21:09] Vera Medier: i was me

[21:09] Vera Medier: *it was me

[21:09] Lady Shade: The trial will halt until Lord Septus is safe.

[21:09] Lord Septus chockes .. help me .. the jedi attack me !

[21:09] Lady Shade: NOW

[21:09] Natirra Danick: Zuric out of there

[21:09] Lord Septus chokes

[21:09] Zero Upshaw: the first time he was arrested I believe he was threatning to kill someone

[21:09] Lord Septus get this one out

[21:09] Vera Medier: It was me, I was planning this all along

[21:09] Robin Kira sences something's not right.

[21:09] Lord Septus help me

[21:09] Lord Septus HELP ME

[21:09] Mizzy Sideways: some thing is not right

[21:10] Natirra Danick: dang it Zuric get of there now

[21:10] Lady Shade leans forward, "If this is how the jedi keep their prisoners safe, then this is over."

[21:10] UrZuric Kirkorian: /.2 grins......The empeor has returned

[21:10] Lord Septus chokes

[21:10] Cherek Elswit is Offline

[21:10] Lord Septus goes unconcious

[21:10] Vera Medier: No, this is all my fault

[21:10] Vera Medier: do not hurt them.

[21:10] Vera Medier: This is all me;.

[21:10] Cannot complete attachment. An attachment is pending for that spot.

[21:11] Lord Septus HELP ME ... THE JEDI ATTACK

[21:11] Dark Lord Oblivion: keeps choking lord septus as his eyes glow red.

[21:11] Vera Medier: Forget the trial, I admit to my sins

[21:11] Mizzy Sideways: a siit

[21:11] Lord Septus falls uncounsious under the padawans force choke

[21:11] Madathlon Darkstone: I demand a miss traail

[21:11] Madathlon Darkstone: and his release

[21:11] Zavarah Zabelin rolls eyes

[21:11] Robin Kira strokes his chin.

[21:11] Robin Kira sighs

[21:11] Vera Medier: No, no mis-trial

[21:12] Vera Medier: This is all me.

[21:12] Dark Lord Oblivion: Their will b no release...

[21:12] Mizzy Sideways: you

[21:12] Zero Upshaw: what on earth

[21:12] Vera Medier: Stop hurting everyone else. This is all my fault.

[21:12] Madathlon Darkstone: Your honor, you can see, the Jedi reather kill the procute him

[21:12] Lady Shade stands up and walks up to Master Moonsoo, "Is this how you protect prisoners?"

[21:13] Vera Medier: Just stop it and sentence me.

[21:13] Force Combat Roleplaying System 2.8: Mizzy Sideways uses the Force (Force Faint) on hirsus Umia

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