Titan One is a fictional planet appearing in the ESCAPE movie.


Unknown when the planet was occupied by the Imperials, but it seems to have been around for some time. According to an Orientation video James watched before his arrival, it stated it was around before Order 66 was activated. At some point in the past, there was a heavy Imperial presence there, but due to unknown reasons there are only a few left. Hypt stated to James upon his arrival that people were able to leave Titan ONE on special missions, but it doesn't happen much anymore. When James asked why, Hypt replied it was a long story. Shuttles were used to bring people to and from the planet's surface, which implies people leaving and arriving in large groups.

The Space StationEdit

The Space Station that orbits the planet control's the communications between various stations on the surface as well as outer world communications. The shuttle would fly to the space station, drop the passengers off & another ship would take them to their destination. At some point after the crash of TatDath B17, the space station failed to broadcast to the surface and communications between stations became terrible. It is unknown what happened.

The SurfaceEdit

Lyder and Graziak woke up in the ocean & according to Malaki & Hypt, about 5 miles North of The Temple. Lyder was brought there on day 2. Malaki, the rebel spy who came to the planet, he was heading to the Temple, but bumped into Lyder on the way. In the movie, there will be a series of Security hatches that lead to underground tunnels that scatter for miles acorss a certain part of the planet. It is believed that another "tribe" of people live in the jungle, but have never been shown in the series. The exterior & surface of Titan ONE appear to look like Yavin 4 & some of the architecture appears to be Yavin-y. But Yavin is a seperate planet, although both Yavin 4 and Titan ONE orbit the same planet. Currently ony Yavin 4 orbits Dathomir, due to its movement.

Arrival to the planetEdit

Alot of people have found it hard to reach the surface with ease. Most end up crashing in the jungle, beach or ocean. Only experienced pilots end up landing with ease. Unless you enter under the correct coordinates, you could bounce to an unknown location or even time. The planet can be seen if you fly close enough, but close enough means you're about to enter the atmosphere.

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